Wednesday 30 December 2009

Xmas is over... 2010 please?

I hope you all had a good holiday & I hope you enjoyed the events here at Reign Of Blood. Your candy fix is now over (for now) I might have to open a rehab for all those who start getting the shakes =D

For the competition winners if you missed it are put here:

I had this pointed out to me a while ago...

How cute is that? People are actually trying to search Google for RoB Cheats xD (bet 90% of you will now go and do that to see what comes up, which is nothing by the way, there are no cheats for games like this).

If you haven't noticed I've put up a promo page on your 'home' pages, this will be used more in the future, mainly for new players but sometimes I'll give codes out for extra goodies. If you want to head over there and use the code "THEFIRSTCODE" you'll get a little treat.

I hope you all enjoy your new year celebrations, the updates will start on the 2nd (or 3rd depending how hungover I am).

Lets make 2010 better than the amazing 2009 we've just had!


Monday 28 December 2009

Xmas competition winners & plasma special/candy info!

You think you've seen it all until someone puts a picture on their profile of a Xmas tree, cuts my face from one of my pictures and sticks it as the angel at the top.

After lots of half naked chicks and seizure profiles, I have the winners. It took a while to go through and choose the winners due to all the issues etc that cropped up with it.  A big thank you to all who took part. 

There are lots of factors I looked into, it was really hard to choose because many of them were at the same quality. I had to throw in more factors to choose the winners.

Now remember, there are NO LOSERS in ReignOfBlood... but here are the people who DIDN'T lose:

1st: ~.Dentellai~Mistyque.~Koi (150 plasma)
2nd: Caislyn Struevre (50 plasma)
3rd: Dark Silent Night  (25 plasma)

I also did a SECRET competition on most entertaining Christmas name. From the moment i put mine as "Ashmas Tree" i logged all of the xmas names i liked.

The one that made me chuckle the most was: ReignDeer Of Blood (56502)
10 plasma for you ;)

The plasma special will end on gametime midnight 29th (Tomorrow). You have until this time to eat your candy as well! Thank you all again for taking part and hope you had a good Christmas, bring on 2010!!


Friday 25 December 2009

Plasma special info and notice for you all social networking fans!

I hope you've had a good Christmas (I know for some of you It's still going on)! You can show off what you got on the forum thread I created:

The plasma special will end on the 29th December, so if you have some left over xmas money or just feeling plasma hungry and want some on the cheap, get some now! (Also for people are addicted to candy). This same date is when the Candy Canes will be removed so make sure you all eat it by then. (Will be another reminder for this on the next blog when I make the profile contest winner announcement).

For an update on RoBs/my social networks:

ReignOfBlood/My Twitter:
ReignOfBlood Facebook Page:
ReignOfBlood Facebook Group:

I have made a fresh MYSPACE ReignOfBlood page. So please join it:

I have also made a MySpace account public to everyone (I use Facebook for my personal stuff). So you can feel free to add me to your Myspace if you want:

Thanks & enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Wednesday 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

This will be my last blog before Christmas, I'll be back on 27th where I will have the pleasure of going through hundreds of profiles to declare the winners of the Profile contest.

Just want to say a big thank you for all your support this year, and hope we can have enough great year next year. So Happy Christmas (or Happy Holidays as the Americans seems to like to say) to you all.

Oh, and I just did a check and NOBODY has found the 10th candy cane. After a few seconds of giggling to myself i figured some of you are prolly pulling your hair out, but before you pull too much I thought I'd be a nice (ha) and give you a small hint on where it is. And well, It's in the underground.

Have a great Christmas and I look forward to 2010 with you all!


Tuesday 22 December 2009


Hey guys, the server will be down for up to an hour because they're doing some software updates, sorry for any inconvenience.

They'll get it done ASAP.

Thanks for your patience!


Monday 21 December 2009

More Candy and thanks for support so far!

That's right, I have hidden 5 more candy canes around the site. Go get 'em! I also hear people are struggling with with 10th one? Good luck because you aint got long to find it and complete the quest ;)

To some peoples love and hate, I have doubled the amount of candy you get in the Xmas packs and added couple more plasma until the offer ends *hides*

Remember that we have been nominated for BEST RPG of 2009! Vote for us @ - To get the turn bonus from voting go onto the vote page. There has been some confusing the prize listed on their site about 3 candy, this is a new player offer, just to clear things up. If we win a prize will be given to everyone, so vote for us each day! It ends Jan 7th 2010 *crosses fingers*

Thanks for your support!


Saturday 19 December 2009

ReignOfBlood nominated for Best RPG of 2009!! Vote for us...

BBGSite has contacted me and notified me of ReignOfBlood being nominated for Best RPG of 2009! How exciting.

How do we win? Vote your asses off! Winning this would give a lot publicilty to the game and be an awesome achievement!

Vote for us @ - Just click the vote link on the right hand side (the yellow button with a present picture on it). This can be done once a day and I will shortly add it to the voting list.

It ends 7th January.

If we win I will give out prizes too ALL players! Lets win this =D


P.S Also got a new shortcut for our Facebook fan page:

Thursday 17 December 2009

Dropping a blog about my new site!


Hey guys, I was saying a while ago about a site I was in the middle of setting up, well it's finished! It won't be for everyone, but if you're really bored waiting for turns you can check it out and play some funky flash games. There is over 1600 at the moment, and I'm buying in around 500 more so there is plenty there.

Check it out at

I've also added a small link at the bottom of each page if you ever forget and fancy having a play over there.

Last thing, thanks to everyone who is entering the contest, it's going to take a longgggggg time going through them all but I'm looking forward to seeing your artistic skills.

I will be adding more CANDY CANES this weekend, I'll post a new blog when that happens.

Enjoy your weekend! (When it starts)


Monday 14 December 2009

Competition info & quest ideas!

2009 Christmas Competition 1 - Profile Contest

Okay for this years Xmas competition I decided to go for a profile contest. The person who creates the best Christmas themed profile (Which is not tacky) will win 150 plasma!! Click here to enter your profile into the contest. Ends December 27th where the winner will be declared shortly after.

I am going to allow players (such as yourselves) to suggest and discuss possible ideas for quests! This will help me come up with more original and fun quest ideas for you all to complete. The forum post can be found here.

At the end of the week I will be hiding more candy canes, so keep your eye out!


Thursday 10 December 2009

Christmas Has Come Early! Check it out.

Christmas has come early on RoB! The celebrations HAVE begun! So what's in store this year?

- Plasma/VIP special of course! And the santa hat icons in chat which come with that are back too.
- A Christmas Tree is the Dead City has appeared! Go there each day to collect a free gift.
- 4 Christmas quests.
- CANDY CANES. Get your sugar fix with candy canes. 10 are hidden around the site and more may be added ;)

Okay for this years Xmas competition I decided to go for a profile contest. The person who creates the least tacky, awesome profile that is all Christmas-y will win 150 plasma!! (Ends Xmas day) More information on where to submit your profile will come soon! So just start designing it now, on the next blog will be more details on how to submit.

Good luck!

Oh, and if the tree says you've been bad. You've been bad.


Wednesday 9 December 2009

Awesome stuff!

Thanks for all the great feedback for the layout idea, was surprised so many of you like it, just popped into my head. It'll take a lot of work changing it around but if it's wanted I'll definitely start doing that.

All the BIG updates are planned to be released throughout January (some of which are complete, I'm just holding out ;) ) The Xmas stuff will start at the end of the week which will include a plasma special as people keep asking me. I will also add new quests throughout December also.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Sunday 6 December 2009

Making ReignOfBlood more colourful.

Red is not my favourite colour. Even though I do like the black/red theme. I am aware this could be the case for other people too. Red does indeed fit the whole vampire theme but what if you wanted your RoB experience to be say... blue? Blue  is not really related to vampires, but if you wanted a blue layout because its more appealing to you (pushing the theme aside), would you want that?

Today i was playing around with some colours on the banner ads:

Pretty cool I think. What if you could change the colour (new layout only) of the layout in RoB to fit different colours which fit your taste? Of course red would be the default because we're vampires and love red after all. But do you think it would be worth me re-colouring the images to give you the option to change the colour of the layout?

I mean its nothing major, it could look tacky, but the option is there, and people love to customise.

Tell me your thoughts.


Friday 4 December 2009

November Competition winners

Thanks for everyone who posted their public profiles everywhere. Keep it up =D The 3 winners (35 plasma each) I have chosen are:

 - Odd Ball Ebony Rose (129183)
 - One Of The Four (45901)
 - LordBevan (118943)

And the 3 Facebook winners are: (25 plasma each)
  - Starwine (159099)
 - Pinch-of-Grinch (213752)
 - Eden Cælia Night (157815)

Thank you for taking part and keeping the competitions active each month. The december Christmas competition is currently being thought up and will be set up and announced within the next couple of days.


Thursday 3 December 2009

Plasma inflation.

There has been lots of complaints about the sudden inflation with Plasma prices. I notice that now the cheapest price they're selling at is $740,000. I personally think Plasma is worth around $400,000-$500,000 at most.

Why is it inflating so much? It's doing this because the competition has increased in the game (which is a good thing). Players fighting over each other to get ahead, they would rather use any AP/Plasma they have rather than sell it.

BUT the inflation is down to YOU. If people are putting Plasma on at $700,000 and people are buying at $700,000 people will keep selling it at that  price, (and of course they'll always add a little extra on top each time they sell it). But if you could sell plasma at $700,000 why would you add some at $400,000? You'd be stupid too. So that's what's happening. If you want to stop the inflation, stop buying at high prices so sellers will be forced to drop the price. (Remember they lose 1% if they don't sell so they will rethink next time they add it).

Just thought I'd explain it, saves replying to many forum posts :)


Monday 30 November 2009

Christmas Preperations are underway!

That's right! I'm going to run something of the same context to Halloween as people seemed to really enjoy the buzz.  It'll prolly fun for 2-3 weeks and we'll take it from there. Of course I'll be adding new quests throughout December also and maybe a couple smaller new features.

2010 will be a BIG year for RoB. January is going to be where all the new MAJOR updates and new features will be added. And boy it's going to be tasty.

Also, for those who have been here a while (I mean over 2 years) you'll remember I had another website, and for some reason I let it die. But I'm bringing it back! Not a lot of people used it back then but it can give you something else to in between turns.

Enjoy the week

Sunday 29 November 2009

I had a crazyyyyy dream

Call me sad, call me pathetic.

I had this wacky dream last night where I woke up RoBs files/layout etc and database reverted like 2 and a half years ago and there was no recent backup. So everything that happened in the last 2 and a half years was GONE. Scary! Then i just reset my computer and it worked out again (which doesn't even make sense).

Is it sad that I'm actually dreaming about RoB? Haaaa. Now all of you touch wood this actually doesn't happen.

On another note, NOBODY has figured out Unknown Quest X yet. I find that very, very amusing.

OH, and congratulations to Saturn and Aftershock on their 1 year straight-gay RoB marriage.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend :)


Thursday 26 November 2009

Notice about reporting blood letters as SPAM

People are reporting stuff as spam that isn't spam... a lot of people are reporting spam when they get a blood letter like: (I have replaced a bad word with the word 'flower')

"I flower hate you, go die in hell you mother flower, im not taking your flower crap anymore!"

That is not spam. That is you having a fight with someone or someone just outright being an idiot and verbally abusing you. If that happens, DONT REPORT IT AS SPAM. It's not spam, its prolly just some guy on his monthly cycle. If you get messages like this, or lots of messages from a person that you don't want, hit the BLOCK USER button. Do not report it as spam.

It takes time to go through reported spam, and its a waste of our time doing it when people report stuff that isnt spam! Lots of problems can be solved by the sexy looking block button i built for you. It's free, so use it =D

Things that are considered spam:
 - Someone spamming other game/site links
-  Trying to sell you something (outside the game)
-  Trying to get you to signup, take part in something outside the game.

I have put a little reminder on the report spam page before you submit just incase you forget ;)

Oh, and more unknown quests have been added, not because I hate you. But because i love seeing loads of you buzzing around trying to figure them out.

Enjoy your weekend :)


Tuesday 24 November 2009

Random update

It's been like a week since I've posted so I thought I would again. I just got back from Cardiff (Wales), went up to see Rise Against so I haven't been here the last couple days. It seems people are liking the unknown quests so I'll prolly add a couple more today.

Lots of exciting stuff being worked on and what's even better, it's Christmas soon!!


Monday 16 November 2009

Quests Quests Quests

Lots of quests added today! Check them out...

- Laundering
- Royal Flush
- Unknown task I
- Unknown task II
- Unknown task III
- Unknown task IV
- Unknown task V

The big ass story quest has been started. I'll be working on that each day until its done. I'm sat down with a pen a paper (that still exists?) jotting down ideas. Thanks for all your input so far, i hope you'll be pleased with the result.


Saturday 14 November 2009

Competition extended and idea for story quests

A very good morning to you all.

First thing, the November competition has been extended due to the slow speed in which search engines etc index URLs on sites. Prolly for a week or two more.

A feature that has been quite heavily suggested is running quests which tells the story of how the Dead City came to be. I'm more than happy to do that. But, I want you to be part of it. I'm not the best story teller, but in my head I have a pretty good idea how I want the story to be set up. But with your input and ideas I can make it better! Head over to my forum post and give me your feedback. I'll be using little ideas here and there from people to make it a really interesting story and fun to experience via quests.

I'll be adding more regular quests on Monday, but for now I got a ton of paper work to sort out, I think i need a secretery!

Enjoy the weekend

Tuesday 10 November 2009

Daily quests & New VIP Payment structure

Good evening all.

First off, I have added Daily Quests. Which are quests that you can complete everyday for a small extra reward. Nothing amazing, but just that little extra to reward those who are active and login each day.

If you go to the VIP page you'll be prompted to choose your currency/country. The ones that are currently supported are:

United States ($)
United Kingdom (£)
Canada ($)
Australia ($)
New Zealand ($)
Europe (Euro)

If you do not fit into any of the listed countries/currencies, don't worry! Just choose 'other' and you'll be charged in USD as before. (Paypal will display how much the packs cost before you buy as before too). I will add more currencies in the future as they're used and requested.

Hope this makes it more convenient for some people. To see the payment terms click here, to get on the VIP and choose your country go to the VIP page.


EDIT: And oh yeah, I think I've found a replacement for Boku, but we'll see...

Sunday 8 November 2009

Poll on VIP/Plasma

I've been reading through some Paypal small print, and it seems like they do throw extra charges for buyers and sellers when it comes to converting money via PayPal. So i had the idea, and if it's liked i'll do it. Basically everyone will choose the country they're living in (it will be the main ones, USD$, GBP£, AUS$, EURO) before buying. And the prices will be displayed in that currency, that'll get around the extra buyer and seller paypal fees and make it more convenient to you as the prices are displayed as a set amount in your currency instead of fluctuating because of the exchange rates always changing. I'll be able to do this for all currencies.

This does not apply to Google Checkout as I can only charge in £ so it'll convert your currency nonetheless.

Let me know what you think


Friday 6 November 2009

I'm back, all is normal...

I'm back! I've added all the Google Checkout and mobile packs, thanks for the patience. Things will be back on track now. I have yet to go through my blood letters, I'll do that tomorrow as I need some sleep. I had a good time, even though the recession made things more expensive!

Don't forgot about the competition, click here for info!


Sunday 1 November 2009

NOVEMBER COMPETITION & halloween results.

Going to try something different this month. Not going to do something where you send in
entries etc, it's more of testing your use of the internet.

Competition 1 - Spread your public profile
You have the option to make your profile public, some of you don't want to do that, and that's fine. But for the people that do, this competition is for you. Basically I want you to post around the web, anywhere you can think of your public profile URL.  (Before you say anything, this is not a cheap trick to get you guys to advertise, there is another reason behind it which i might explain after the competition). For example, any site you're on where it requires you to put "Your website" in, put your RoB public profile. I will be crawling the web when it ends and the first 3 i stumble upon will win 35 plasma each. So the idea is to post it on quality sites. For example, if i searched ReignOfblood on myspace first and it brings up a list of people who have put it on there, I'd choose the number 1 result. I will be using many searching methods, so post on as many sites, forums etc as you wish. But please DO NOT SPAM. If i see you spamming it you'll be disqualified. Remember all for doing this, it might get more clicks, meaning you'd get referrals, meaning refpoints =  more QP & plasma (See referral page).

Competition 2 - Activity on Facebook
This one is for you Facebook lovers, basically i wanna see some activity on the group and fan page. SO on both pages I want you to show your love (or hate) for RoB by posting on both walls. Make sure you include your ID. The top 3 posts (from both group and fan page) that I like / find funny etc will win 25 plasma. For example you could post something like ... "I play RoB during the day and dream of it during the night cuz i'm that cool". That's stupid tbh but you get the idea.  But you can't post the same thing on both the fan page and the group. The links are too the right of this blog >>>

Both competitions will end November 10th.  Any questions please comment this and i'll reply, i'm here for the rest of today.

Good luck!

And last but not least, thank you for everything who took part in the final halloween hunt, these guys won a sparkling 5 plasma each.

Green pumpkin 1 - Erzsebet (178282)
Green pumpkin 2 - Lost Elana Skittle (83807)
Green pumpkin 3 - Blood-Luna (80314)
Green pumpkin 4 - Bella (192918)
Green pumpkin 5 - avantgarde (109004)
Green pumpkin 6 - NOT FOUND (I hid this one goooooooooooooooood)
Green pumpkin 7 - SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line (175390)
Green pumpkin 8 - LordBevan (118943)
Green pumpkin 9 - Alucard The Jackal (118943)
Green pumpkin 10 - Lorelei Drazdof (123174)

Onto A VIP notice, I'm afriad that Boku has to be taken off. The reason for this is because they've basically kicked me. This is the email...

"Dear BOKU publisher,
We’re reviewing our publisher accounts and, due to the costs of servicing each account, are have no choice buy to close down partners with less than $1000 USD in monthly traffic to work with one of our payment solution provider partners.

Your account currently does not meet our minimum volume requirements and will be disabled as of November 30, 2009.  Any outstanding balances will be paid out in accordance with our terms and conditions.

How rude is that? Zaypay however will remain. Will find a replacement for Boku in the coming weeks.

As  I stated on the last blog I am going away tomorrow till Friday, so all manual VIP packs (Google Checkout) will be added on Friday.

Have a good week =D


Saturday 31 October 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Nom nom candy!

It's the last day of candy :( How will we cope? Make sure you eat all your candy by midnight tonight game time. The VIP/Plasma offer also ends at midnight so make sure you get all the extra VIP candy you want before the day ends.

Everyone has been given 3 free candy to munch on as its Halloween and all!

Lastly, the final green pumpkin is now in action. Click here for info, it's the same rules as the past week or so, find a green pumpkin, report it, and win! The first person to find each green pumpkin will get 5 plasma, there is a total of 10 hidden today. Gotta be quick though because a lot of people will be looking for them. Because of the volume of people searching they will come up at random places, so just because you went on a page and it wasn't there does not mean it isn't there! If you havn't taken place in the previous days hunt, this one you'll want to get involved with.

The Halloween quests will be taken off at midnight also.

On a side notice I am away for a little break between Monday and Friday
(Taking some holiday time =D) so all Google Checkout packs will be added when I get back on Friday.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!


Wednesday 28 October 2009

So close to halloween...

On the 31st October there will be 10 green pumpkins hidden around the site EACH giving 5 plasma each! For all those not taking part at the moment head over to the Halloween 2009 forum board to read up on how it works.

Remember also that ALL candy will have to be eaten by the end of the day on 31st October. If you do not eat it by then you will lose it :(

I decided to go PUMPKIN CRAZY. For the last 3 days of the offer, if you buy ANY vip/plasma pack from now on you'll get the Pumpkin icon next to your name in chat.

EVEN MORE - The top 3 candy munchers (listed on equipment page) will get EXTRA candy on HALLOWEEN! (So make sure you login and eat them). I will also give everyone who login on Halloween some extra candy too!

Have fun!


Sunday 25 October 2009

More upcoming halloween stuff and voting site changes.

I hope you're all enjoying the Halloween hunts and candy! Tomorrow I will be hiding more candy around the site, so keep your eyes peeled. The green pumpkin hunt is going well with lots of people taking part which is good, the green pumpkin hunt on October 31st will give 5 plasma per find. As well as that there will be even more candy given away for players logging in and playing on October 31st.

I am in the process of going through and removing some of the poor quality voting sites. A couple of voting site owners have got on my bad side so we wont be supporting them. But not to worry, extra turns will be added elsewhere and more better quality sites added. Vote sites that are overloaded with ads will benifit them more than us, the idea of us voting is to get more players for RoB isn't it? If they are OVERLOADED with ads very few people will see the actual sites voting because of being overwhelmed by ads. I am going through my analytics reports and finding out the quality voting sites. More turns will be added to the active ones as i take some away. So don't worry, you won't be losing out =D

Oh, and i've already thought up Novembers competition.


Wednesday 21 October 2009

Halloween event 2009! Halloween quests, plasma hunts, plasma special and loads more!

To kick off Halloween this year I've done a load of stuff which should be fun for you all!

Plasma Special
First thing, the usual plasma special - All purchases also gives you a pumpkin head next to your name in chat etc. Head over the the BUY VIP page to see what offers are running.

Halloween 2009 Quests
Before i have added Halloween quests and just left them there, this is different, you have until 1st November to complete them and at that date they're getting removed. Head over the the quest page to start them. More quests will be added throughout the week so make sure you check back every day.

Halloween Candy
At random places of the site are hidden pumpkins full of candy treats. The treats can be seen and eaten on your equipment page. There is VIP Candy on all Halloween packs which have slightly enhanced effects. Everyone is given 1 candy because i'm nice :)

Halloween 2009 Plasma Hunt
Every day until the 1st November i will be hiding 5 special green pumpkins around the site.  I have not done anything like this before so hopefully it'll work out. Basically at midnight (game time) I will hide 5 green pumpkins around the site, if you run into one of the pumpkins you must as quickly as you can go to that days forum post in the forum (will make a dedicated board) and post the FULL URL into a reply. The first person to post the URL of the pumpkins will win a plasma.  So if you're plasma hunting you'd want to keep the forum page open, search in a new tab that quickly copy the URL and post it. Further rules are posted in that forum. Every day at around midnight (game time) i'll make another thread on the board and it starts again. As i am on during the day i will update the thread post if any are left that day or not. (obviously i cant be on 24/7). Head over to the forum board for more info. This has started NOW. 5 green pumpkins are waiting to be found right now  for todays hunt.
1 plasma will be given to the first person who finds EACH pumpkin first (who posts it first). That`s a total of 5 free plasma a day for 5 quick posters!

I have started a big advertising campaign for this Halloween event also, so watch out for all the new players pouring in.

Have fun and have a great Halloween =D


Tuesday 20 October 2009

New Blog URL and $10 competition winners.

I have set up a dedicated domain for the RoB-Blog, it is :

Catchy, don't you think? This is a lot easier for you to remember if we have any downtime and you want to check the blog to see if I've made any announcements etc. Also changed the look a little, i've been playing some templates and they're all naff so i've just slighted edited this. It's the blog after all, you don't have to look at it much.

As for the competition, a big thank you to everyone who took part. The winners were chosen at random and they are:

1st - Erella (157800) - Ms points, itunes voucher or $250 plasma pack
2nd  - Trent D`Oreb (73679) - $100 plasma pack
3rd - Sekem (193152) - $50 plasma pack

I have also given everyone who took part an extra plasma. Thanks again.

Over the next couple of days the Halloween celebrations will begin! Lots of cool stuff to keep you all buzzing and running around for the week.

Post again very soon ;)


Monday 19 October 2009

Last chance with the $10 competition...

I'm just heading off to bed (4am, bad I know) but when i wake in a few hours i'll be removing the competition and declaring the winner!

Hopefully everyone is back with us yeah? Anyone else having problems accessing RoB?

Lots of fun stuff coming up....


Saturday 17 October 2009

Domain host screw up

For SOME reason the name-servers got changed back to their default from when they were bought, not quite sure why this happened, but it seems like every year it needs to be confirmed you still want it pointing here or something. I don't know yet, waiting on a reply. But what happened was when it got changed, around the world it started to cut out RoB and send you to the default IP (which it got changed to), i don't have hosting set up there (because i use them just for domain hosting) and thats why it went to a server not found page. Obviously over here in the UK it didn't update here yet, which is why it's been working here.

But all that is important is that it has been updated. And within the next 24 hours everyone who cannot access will be able to access again (obviously the quicker we sorted it the less people it would cut off)

Sorry for the mess up, it's no-ones fault and everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

It wont happen again :)


Current downtime for some members

Some members are having trouble getting access to the site. We are looking into the problem and finding out if its our end or ISPs end. It seems to be only effecting some people in the USA. We are running tests on the server overnight to verify if it is or is not us.

It might just naturally fix itself, but if it doesn't and you're still having trouble in 24 hours please comment this blog.

Please pass this message on to the people who cannot access to the site.

Thank you,

Friday 16 October 2009

Only a few days left of the $10 competition...

So get your entries in now, $10 a shot.

For more info (if you don't already know) :

I have this weekend COMPLETELY FREE. So expect to see some more updates over the weekend :)

One more thing... a RoB staff member is hosting a contest for all members of RoB to participate in to celebrate her birthday. First prize is 500k! Click here for information on how to enter and win.

There is also next months FREE official RoB competition coming up too!

Keep your eye on the updates :)


Saturday 10 October 2009

Reputation at last!!! And Co-op Quests.

A feature suggested a while ago was the idea of having Co-Op quests, i tried out a few ideas and see what i could get to work. Now, i have a system set up (and it took longer than i thought it would) of a way where to co-op quests could work.

If you do the 'find a vampire' quest it'll walk you through how it works and how to them. Reputation is earned for you helping someone else complete a co-op quest. It's not trade-able, has no other use AT THE MOMENT, it's currently just a status thing.

If it's liked and works well i'll add them as often as the regular quests!

Click here to post any bugs, your feedback and comments.

& don't forget, 10 days left of the $10 competition!


Friday 9 October 2009

VIP/Plasma price increase conclusion

I have finally just got off the phone with a VAT specialist and here is the result:

All non-EU players (so all you Americans and Canadians) are exempt from VAT, meaning you don't have to pay VAT at all.

All EU (Uk & Europe) players will be charged VAT.

BUT there is better news, you have to have $x revenue before you have to start to charge VAT. And that limit is made up on ONLY VATable revenue (i.e UK and Europe). As 90% of people who play and pay for RoB are American i am nowhereeeeeeeeee near that limit meaning no1 will have to pay VAT until RoB gets like 10 times bigger (Which wont happen anytime soon but when it hits this limit it will be UK+Europe people only who pay VAT, but when that time comes i'll work out a way where you get extra stuff to make up for the VAT you pay. but don't worry now!).

Sweet huh? All this legal crap gives me a headache.

oh reputation? Hmmm


Wednesday 7 October 2009

Spam notice / link posting in blood letters

I have come across a load of spam and link posting via blood letters. When i do my next scan i'll be jailing accounts, there is no need for it. I have recorded all those who have been and they're being kept an eye on.

Just a heads up ^_^


EDIT: Sites like myspace, photo bucket, xat etc and in game links (for coven info etc) is fine. Just OUTSIDE sites that are not like the just listed. & i do not go through reading peoples blood letters, please don't misinterpret it as that. I simply search through blood letters with URLs etc that has been reported as spam and do other checks on blood letters with URLs in them to check they're okay. I do not sit and read through your mail, they are private, don't worry!

Monday 5 October 2009

New layout tweaks update & other updates.

We have taken aboard all of the feedback of the new layout, overall it was positive which is great! Over the next few days we will be making tweaks to make sure all the pages are correct, make a fix for the profiles and try to cut some off the header. Dark Is going to re-work the top image a little so it's not as large on lower resolution users. If you have any other issues with the layout, things not aligning properly please blood letter me a screen shot.

If you don't like the layout feel free to go back to the original by going to the accounts page and activating RoB-Lite.

Please be patient as we continue to tweak the layout and make it perfect!

To read into the other updates today, public profiles, the new competition, click here.


New layout, public profiles, RoB-Lite and the comeback of the $10 competition!

It's time to start rolling out the start of this months updates...

New in-game layout! Dark August has created a matching in-game layout from the homepage, pretty nice huh? But don't worry! If you're on of those people who don't like it, that's okay, because you can switch to RoB-Lite. Which is the old layout basically, this is also suitable for mobile devices and people with low connection speeds. it's totally up to you. Some like the old, some will love the new.

Public profiles are just a little thing that people requested a while back, basically if you go the account options page you'll see a new link there about setting them up. Just choose a name for your public profile and voila! You can show your friends your Rob profile without them having to login. Of course on that page the green link at the top has your referral link in it, so showing people your link will get you refpoints if they sign up. The profile URL look something like: (that's mine of course)

Due to the popularity of the last $10 competition, i have increased the stakes. The winner will receive either:

- $250 plasma pack
- 4200 Microsoft points
- $50 (£25) Amazon Voucher
- $50 (£25) iTunes Voucher

2nd and 3rd place will get extra plasma too!

All you have to do is buy a $10 plasma competition pack to get 1 entry (you also get 6 plasma). Navigate the buy VIP page to get yours. ENDS 20th October

Please report any bugs with these new updates here.

Thank you & enjoy!

Friday 2 October 2009

It's been a mental week!

This week has been the most action packed with not much output, how annoying! For those taking part in the VIP/Plasma discussion it does seem that'll only be Europeans who have to pay VAT. Which is better than everyone! But have to see a VAT specialist next week to get a final answer on this.

Dark August has made an improved in game layout which is finished BUT I am also go to make RoB-Lite version, which will basically be as it is now, just a little lighter for those who will detest the new layout and more friendly for mobile devices, i'll be doing the tests on my iPhone.

October is going to be a BUSY MONTH! So much going to happen and new features added! It's going to be good.


Sunday 27 September 2009

Can you get your head around this?

I'm struggling too... but it's almost complete =]

For the VIP discussion please continue posting your views here


VIP/Plasma pack increase discussion

Had a talk with my new accountant and seems that I have to start charging sales tax for all vip/plasma packs. Which is a huge pain in the ass. But governments suck right?

Sales tax (in the UK) is 15-20%. (My accountant has yet to get back to me about whether non-UK people don`t have to pay this because they are not located in this country, but I`m not going to hold my breath, but if this is true i prolly wont make any changes)

So a few things i could do about this because i don`t really want you guys to feel ripped off.

- 1. Just put on the 15-20% tax and leave things as they are.
- 2. Add the 20% tax on and increase the vip days/plasma in the packs by 10-20%
- 3. Put on the 20% tax and have a 1 in 3 chance of winning extra days/plasma (similar thing to what the mobile company orange is doing in the UK for each topup you make).

I`m open to discussion, until i get a call back from my accountant i cant really do anything. But every purchase made now (as tax isn`t added) the site is gonna lose 15-20% of. But i don`t want to do anything till a)you guys are happy with a result and b) the accountant confirms the situation.

Please give any feedback or suggestions on my forum post. Click here to view the post.


Thursday 24 September 2009

New homepage layout!

If you're thinking to yourself, what new homepage layout? Gently slap yourself. (I say gently because i don't encourage violence... much)... but Dark August has made a beautiful new layout for us, looks good no? Should get a lot more people who visit the sign to create an account!

Lots to come!

Tuesday 22 September 2009

Few changes and delay in new feature....

First thing is that I have reduced the bar prices by around 30-35% in an attempt to stable the market a little, we'll see how it turns out.

Thanks for all the feedback for Spring Valley, mainly positive which is good, the main fault being the amount of times you die, which is fairness is needed to make it more strategic. BUT i have decreased your chance of getting killed by up to 25%. As for the non VIP cost of traveling and healing, an upcoming feature will *help* with this, so stay tuned.

Today i wanted to present you with an awesome new feature, BUT it turns out it's more complicated that i thought and going to take longer to do. Booo. So i'll have it worked out and done over the next few days and post a new blog with the info.

As some of you have noticed 'Reputation' has popped up! It's so funny seeing everyone go crazy about it. All I'm going to say is that its related to this new feature. Maybe i shouldn't tease you so much?

Have a good week


Wednesday 16 September 2009

The New Spring Valley v2!

The long awaited Spring Valley upgrade is now in working motion. For the past while each player got 5 free hunts a day. They could use these hunts to hunt humans in the town 'Spring Valley' just off our borders. NOW as the human civilization is growing I thought i should take off the 5 cap and let you hunt humans more freely, and that's exactly what i have done.

The new features of Spring Valley:

- New house images
- STAMINA is used for hunts.
- 1 hunt uses 1 stamina (whether it's a successful hunt or not)
- You get 1 stamina every 2minutes as long as you're ALIVE and located in SPRING VALLEY.
- There is a 300 cap for stamina.
- Hunting SKILL added (stats on home page).
- Your hunting SKILL increases every time you have a successful hunt.
- The higher your skill your chance of draining BONUS blood increases.
- A ranks page to show the top hunters.

As well as the 4 rank 1 quests that has been added (quite long winded ones too) which links with the new Spring Valley. (Harlot the hunter I, II, III & IV).

I'm hoping this feature will reward active players and give you something else to do waiting for the hourly reset.

This feature is in BETA so changes COULD happen over the next couple weeks depends on how it runs and the feedback received.

Feedback/comments etc can be posted here

Enjoy :)


Edit: I have updated the start hunt skill at 1. So if you had less than 1, you'd now have 1. & there was a typo saying you got 0.01 but you get 0.1 (it was adding correctly just wasn't displaying correctly)

Sunday 13 September 2009

Announcement regarding voting & upcoming feature upgrade.

I've spent the last few days working on a major upgrade of a well used feature in Reign Of Blood and currently in the process of testing it out. To put it simply, it's a way to reward those who are active and hopefully give something useful to do in between turns. It'll come out in BETA and have a week test run to see how it goes. If it takes off i can add more similar things which will give the active people plenty of things to do whilst waiting for turns, but wont be a major hinder to those who just spend a few minutes on the game. But obviously the more time you spend on the site & the more you work you do on your account should be rewarded, right? More on this in a few days.

As you can tell I've added a couple more quests, there are more to come. I'll keep adding them.

Now onto voting. I have added the 6 (and 1 more, totaling to 7) non turn bonus voting sites into turn bonus voting sites, meaning you now get turns for them! All voting like have been reduced to 4 turns BUT the extra sites make up for the loss, so don't worry about that.

But over the next 6 weeks (till the end of October) if i see a dramatic increase in RoBs place over the voting sites I will increase the turns (which is even more daily turns). But again that's up to all of you.

Hope you had a good weekend :)


Thursday 10 September 2009

New voting system, new marketplace & quests

Some of you will like this blog, some won't. Here goes anyway...

We'll start with the new voting system, instead of making them coming up one at a time i decided to simply leave the list there but put a timer on them. Last night I set it at 10 seconds, a lot of complaints charged in so I decreased it 5 seconds. Before the rant of hate for this decision, please read below (it's nothing new).

I add voting sites where you all can vote to help get RoB more players. In return for your vote i give you x amount of turns. As only Apex and DoG have incentive set up voting (meaning they have coded a script to work with my site so when you vote it adds the turns then) I think that 5 seconds is FAIR for 5 turns (more for some). They are NOT *FREE* turns, they are rewards for your support in the game. Simple as that. This block will help stop people just opening them all up and then closing (i know some people open them all up and then vote, and for those guys, i apologise for having to do it this way, but you have to agree this way is better than just having the sites appear one at a time which is what i was going to do originally). The idea is you open then 1 at a time, vote, then close. Then move onto the next. I agree that you could just open one up, leave it, and then move onto the next. But that would be boring and in my opinion i might as well vote.

5 seconds = 5+turns = fair.

As i said before, the majority of people who will complain about this are those people who just get the turns and don't vote.

Okay moving on... I have done some work on the market, to stop people posting stupid offers and to keep the market active I have made the following changes:

- Your listing is deleted (and everything returned) after 14 days of not being sold. (All current listings will start as if they were posted now). This will help keep the lowest prices on the market by getting rid of the ones that are not selling.
- You are only allowed 3 of each type of listings at any one time . (i.e. 3 plasma, 3 ap, 3 weps, 3 armour).
- To stop stupid listings there is a 1% transaction fee for all listings. So if you want to sell 1 plasma for $500,000 then you will have to pay a non refundable fee of $5000 when you make the listing. If you remove the listing from the market, you will not get your $5000 back, if you do not sell it after 14 days you will not get your $5000 back.
- Deleted all the deleted players listings

This will keep the market much cleaner and active :)

And the last thing being QUESTS, the start for the rank 5 quests has began, I have added 3 small quests to start off with.

have fun :)


EDIT: And FYI today is exactly 1 year since I posted my first RoB blog. wow =]

Tuesday 8 September 2009

To the future!

A good afternoon to you all. Thought I'd blog just to let you know what's going on.

I have been playing with these voting sites, some have reported some don't work, funnily enough i tried them out and they all worked fine, I then must come to the conclusion that you're trying to vote right after reset? I think the reset times of the site and their site isn't matching, so I've put them all on resetting at the same time so you shouldn't have a problem anymore, leave it for a couple days and if you're still having problems, let me know.

As for the new voting *system* I have thought of another (but similar) way to go about it. So I'll probably spend tomorrow getting that coded up.

As for everything else, well, there is lots. Please remember if you have any suggestions please do put it in the suggestion forum, even if I don't reply, I do read them. From the current standing people in general are wanting:

- Market place tidied up
- Blood letter past messages showing up
- forum & coven forum updates
- & most popular... MORE QUESTS!

I am adding quests regularly, probably have a couple more on tomorrow. But from now on I'm going to level the quests so new players are not bombarded with all these quests. So the current lot would be rank 1, then 10 or so more for rank 5s etc etc BUT saying that, I am running out of places to have quests... ;)

Due to the interesting feedback with the coven invite update I have allowed people to use blood letters to invite people to covens. It is just comment invites which are now not allowed (because they do spam up profiles). BUT if you are reported as spam x amount of times in an x amount of time then your coven will lose the ability to be able to do it and caught doing so will not end pretty. But as long as you don't spam people you have nothing to worry about.

Last thing is I wanna get the Facebook page booming with fans, so if you have not joined yet, please do =) CLICK HERE!

Keep an eye on the updates page this week =]


*edit* below you will now see a "reaction" link, so click after reading so I can see your reaction :)

Monday 7 September 2009

TOS has been updated & coven invites tweak

The coven invite system has been slightly improved and now a total of 1000 characters is allowed with each invite. Thus doing this the TOS about coven invite spam has been updated: (under Coven invites/spam)

Also, on the online vampires page I have added a newest vampire list, and newest covenless vampire list (link also available from the coven invite page).


Sunday 6 September 2009

Ash is back! Things are back to normal...

The muse gig was AMAZING. To read my full story and pics/vids check out my post on my HALES BYTES site.

I have an exam tomorrow and then after that things are back to normal and the updates will start, with regard to the voting, I think i will implement that system previously discussed, i'll do a lot of testing and tweaking with each vote site because i know each one is different. I'll let you know during the week the progress.


Thursday 3 September 2009

Going away for a few days notice.

This notice is mainly for the Google Checkout VIP users, I am going to see Muse Friday night at Teignmouth & camping there tonight to get the front spot (sad i know). Then I have Paint balling all day Saturday, so I will not be back online until Saturday night. So all Google Checkout/Phone payments (everything that has to be done manually) will be done saturday night/Sunday.

Thanks && have a great weekend :)

I will =]


Wednesday 2 September 2009

Some software tweaks, things should be faster...

Had the host guys take a look at the software of the server and do some tweaks to see if they can speed things up, they took some time doing so and things should be running a little faster. From the feedback so far from chat things are faster and hourly resets run quicker too.

Is it faster for you?


Saturday 29 August 2009

New voting system idea & plasma special to run to the end of the month.

Due to people not getting paid till the end of the month or the 1st of Sep (had several BLs) I've decided to leave the special on until the 1st September.

On another note, thank you for all the happy birthday comments :) Even though it's not until tomorrow lol!

Anyway, I was thinking about how to solve the voting problem we're having. I am not a fan of taking the bonus away from you guys or reducing it, I'm generally not a nasty person. But I have thought of another idea that might *help*.

Having one vote site appear at a time. So the first one would come up, you would click the vote link, it'll open in a new window you would then complete the vote (thus adding your turns). You close the window, which brings you back to RoB. Where it will refresh 5-10 seconds after you clicked the link to bring up the next one. (refreshing it manually will not speed it up because I'll put a PHP timer on it). And so on and so on. Yes it'll take longer, but you either sit there bored and wait or just vote. If you don't like it, you don't get the turns. That's totally up to you :) But those turns are for voting for RoB not just free for nothing.

To sum it up, the people who ACTUALLY spend the time and voting will NOT have a problem with this because the time it takes would be no different whatsoever. The people who WILL complain about this are the people who DONT complete their vote people they just click it to get the turns. So with that in mind, i'd like you feedback on it =D

I will enjoy my birthday, and thanks again for all the birthday wishes.
Have a good weekend =]


Friday 28 August 2009

My 21st birthday Celebration on RoB & Plasma special!

My 21st birthday on Sunday the 30th will be celebrated on RoB all weekend! Throughout the weekend I'll be hiding plasma on some pages, not going to give any clues though :) They will randomly pop-up so it's not really worth going around looking for them, just play a lot and you might get lucky ;)

As well as this I have launched a plasma special which lasts until Monday.

Let the celebration begin :)

Have a good drunk weekend, I know i will =]


Edit : Plasma offer ends monday 31st :)

Wednesday 26 August 2009

TURN VOTING BONUS NOTICE! & plasma special coming up!

Over the last month or so RoB has dropped a bit on the voting sites. This is not because of people quitting the game, overall activity has actually increased. So this means people are getting lazy and not completing their vote.

I give the turn bonus IN RETURN for you completing the vote. If things don't change by this time next month (i.e. people don't start completing the vote) i will REDUCE the amount of turns you get from it. For over 130 turns for 30 seconds of your time going through entering captchas and confirming buttons etc is a damn good deal. If people want to abuse it, then I'll reduce the reward. Simple.

&& on better news, it's my 21st birthday this weekend, so to kick off the weekend celebration there will be random stuff happening and a plasma special all weekend. More info on that when friday comes ;)

Have fun

Sunday 23 August 2009


The new server HAS been installed. There was only about an hour downtime, going to keep an eye on the speed etc, but it should be faster. Going to start some more advertising now to get some fresh blood in. Anyone notice any faster speeds or is it about the same?

Comment this :)


Thank you to everyone who applied for QOTD staff. There were SO many entries, over 150. I could not narrow it down because its just too many. So i went through narrowed it down to 50 & then let fate decide. So your new QOTD staff are:

Duke Danse Macambre (85239)
Arhat (146154)
Goddess Peitho Bluemoon (164737)
Nammers (150132)

Congrats you 3 :) Of course this is a trial period, we'll see how you get on over the next few weeks and make any changes if needed.

If you 3 are reading this (which you should :P) send me a blood letter on how to set things up.

Thanks again for everyone wanting to help, your time will come =]


Wednesday 19 August 2009

New server update

It has been reported that the new big ass server has arrived and is due for installtion on Sunday 23rd August at around 3pm game time.

There will be some downtime as things are transferred etc

But i will let you know closer to the time =]


Monday 17 August 2009

Is Reign Of Blood shutting down?

No it is NOT. I am getting some blood letters asking me if it's being shut down. I don't know who it's coming from but it is NOT true.

If Reign Of Blood is going to be shut down i WILL POST IT HERE or SOMEWHERE on the site. Do not believe pathetic rumours. It's never going to happen ;)

In other news for those who have yet to realise I've added the entry link on all RoB pages, I'm giving you all a chance to enter each week. If it does well enough I could run it daily so more money is won, i will also run competitions that if a RoB user wins they could win some in game goodies too, thanks for your support with that!

PS - No matter what people say, the site cannot get sued and shut down because a member does not get on with the staff :)

Keep on laughing :)

Sunday 16 August 2009

$10 competition results

Thank you to all who entered, by random 3 players were picked.

Winner : Erella (157800)
2nd: Dreamwalker (212720)
3rd: ~Songmage~Krystal~ (187760)

$25 pack has been added to the 2nd and 3rd place and will now contact Erella for her to choose the prize she wants.

Many thanks for making this competition a success. I will soon run another one with tons more prizes.

&& remember to checkout and enter this week if you have not already! Will let all know next week the winner and give you the opportunity to guess again.

Thanks guys!


Friday 14 August 2009

My new site, win free cash $$$. Would like your support :)

It's a little site i just made, very basically, you choose a number, enter your email and submit! Then each week the pot of money is won by one person. It's no scam (I don't scam people), the money comes from the ads on the site.

So by increasing the money to win, tell your friends (option to do so afterward).

You can view how it works in full detail on the about page.

You can enter each week and someone WILL win the pot. Then the pot is reset.

The more people who enter = the more people on the site = more money from the ads = more money in the pot = more money for you to win.

It's pretty simple, and would like your simple support to use it each week (so bookmark it =]). We don't sell your email, or spam it or anything like that to make money. I don't run scam websites like that its totally legit, you have my word :)

As i said view the site for more info, and if I can get this to take off and get people using it each week I'll run RoB related competition with it as well.

So please support it and check it and let me know what you think :)


As well as this site and hales bytes, I'll add a link section on the site somewhere to remind people of what i'm up to. Thank you for your support, and I hope you all take part :)


Thursday 13 August 2009

Last call for the shop voucher plasma special.

First off thank you to everyone supporting me and my Hales Bytes website, it's getting quite a few people a day on it which is good :)

I will be taking the competition off on the 16th not the 15th because it's my brothers 18th birthday party on the 15th so if I'm still alive on the Sunday after I will take it off, and then and release another little site I've been working on today (that's how small) that i want your support with also. I will then also give you an update on RoB stuff and my personal upcoming events and how everything is going to work over the August period.

Until Sunday, enjoy ;)


Monday 10 August 2009

My personal site just launched, i want your support :)

I have today launched my personal site, which has the same name of my company which ReignOfBlood runs off, HALES BYTES.

It's basically a place where I will daily post interesting technology/internet news, game news, game reviews, gadget reviews etc etc. Don't worry though, it will not interfere with the time i spend on RoB ;)

I would appreciate your support in my growing an active user base there. All i ask is you add it to the social networks you use (go onto the site and look at the right hand side of the page) and check back to the site each day.

Thanks to all that support me :)


Wednesday 5 August 2009

QOTD staff wanted.

Hello again,
To keep RoB the best service going in online gaming, one feature that i made, the QOTD, is not being posted on time & sometimes not at all. That is nobodies fault, it's not any of the staffs actual job to sort that out.

So i want to change that, I would like 2 or 3 people who can :

- Post a QOTD within 1 hour (preferably right after) the midnight reset.
- Post a range of easy to hard questions that are not easily Google-able.
- Who will not fight with each other who posts the QOTD when, discuss with the other chosen QOTD staff and agree who posts when, and let the other know if you cant one day etc etc you get the idea.

Of course people over my side of the world (England), midnight can be a bit silly to stay up and post the QOTD, but main reset in America for example is around 6-7pm so this will be more suited to them.

You must over 1 month old as well. To apply simply send a blood letter to the RoB-Bot (2) with the subject "QOTD STAFF". (If you do not know how to do that then you are not right for the job). All non serious applications will be ignored. Tell me why i should hire you over everyone else. Any questions feel free to comment this blog and I'll reply, do not send any questions to my blood letters, it would be easier for me to just come on here and reply to comments instead of sorting through more blood letters.

Good luck & thanks!


Friday 31 July 2009

What's underway & coming up

The new weapon and armour system is well underway, if you've been following us on Twitter or Facebook you would have seen some previews on what's coming up! Not following us?


Remember - The competition, you have just over 2 weeks left to enter in and win either:
  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

For more info:

Thanks for your all your support and lets look forward to a faster more popular ReignOfBlood.


Wednesday 29 July 2009

At last... an update on the new servers. & don't forget about the competition!

So I've been talking with the new hosts and have finally got a result on the new server. Basically the money I spent in like April on some new servers had a bit of a cock up. Then the company sold to another and it just went to a big mess. They new guys basically can't get the servers I paid for back from the old guys to give to me because of some wierd issues I don't know about. But anyway the new guy has been playing around with some settings on servers they already have with RoBs database and he was saying with the setup I've paid for (4 servers working together) the way RoB is going its not very cost efficient because it will only allow so much growth before hitting the limits again.

So he priced up one of those big web servers for RoBs database to sit on as well as one of the Quadcores to run apache. He discounted me what I've paid so far (thank god) against the new server, the spec for those interested is:

Two quad core 2.13GHz processors, 24GB of RAM, 4x73GB 2.5 inch 10,000rpm SAS disks in hardware RAID10

As you can see a lot more power, and allows a lot growth and MUCH FASTER PAGE VIEWS, which is my main concern. It's going to be installed in 2-3 weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it.

As for cost, let's just say it cost me quite a few thousand dollars to get and will be that to run each year. So I appreciate anyone helping out by buying VIP/plasma and entering the current competition.

On the competition note, you have just over 2 weeks left to enter in and win either:
  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

For more info:

Thanks for your all your support and lets look forward to a faster more popular ReignOfBlood.


Sunday 26 July 2009

Win 2100 Microsoft points, $25 iTunes voucher or $25 voucher

For a limited time only I have added a $10 plasma pack. You get 6 plasma in each pack, so this is good for people who just want to spend a small amout on getting a few plasma. Another great reason to get this pack is each purchase gives you 1 entry into our competition to win either:

  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

You can enter has many times you as you like, for example if you buy 10 x $10 competition packs you get 6 plasma for each pack and 10 entries into the competition. Please note only the $10 competition pack will give you an entry into the competition.

The competition will end on the 15th August where my computer will randomly pick the winner. (more entries = higher chance of winning). Then the 2nd and 3rd place will be randomly chosen after to win $25 plasma packs.

More good news is that you can enter with all payment methods, Paypal, google, and all mobile payments.

If this turns out to be popular, I'll add things like this more regularly with better prizes, so if you like this idea, support RoB by entering and having a chance to win and the chance for better prizes in the future!

Good luck!

Q: If Someone else buys the pack, but has it sent to me, who gets the entry?
A: The person who the pack is bought for gets the entry.

Saturday 25 July 2009

New quests & upcoming features

Good evening,
As most of you would have noticed I've pretty much been adding quests every single day the past week, I hope you have enjoyed them and I also hope that a couple were a challenge. Would you like to see regular quests added? Because I could easily spend a bit of time each day making some up, for production of 2 or 3 a week maybe.

Dark August has pretty much finished the new equipment system images so that's going to be my next focus as well as the little normal updates here and there.

Also a question to you all, how many of you have an xbox360 and play online? Just comment this blog i want to get a feel of people who do for a future project I have in mind.


Sunday 19 July 2009

Quests Quests Quests

I haven't added new quests in a while now, so i decided to reorganise the Quest log, theme it & give it a tidier layout. I have split up the old quests into "Quest list 1" and all the new quests into "Quest list 2".

There is a total of 8 new quests so far, I plan to add more regularly as quests seem to be the thing people want these days.

Hope you like :)


Wednesday 15 July 2009

RoB Sign competition results! Who won?!

I'll get straight to the point, upon reviewing the results i picked 3 out of the top voted 7 to win the $250 prize. And here they are...

THIRD PLACE ($50 plasma pack)

Namine (150132)
I chose this as third because it's completely different than the others. She took that twilight dude, which keeps it themed, made RoB out of the message on the mag and added her own little message. Thanks Nam ;)

SECOND PLACE ($100 plasma pack)

VampyreKane (188735)
I chose this as second because lets face it, what's better than a GROUP of people showing their love for RoB? Not quite sure what the dude in the middle is about though. Thanks!

FIRST PLACE ($250 plasma pack)

Yuai (42168)
I just saw this and went "Wow". It's dark, fits in with the mood and theme of the site, the message not written on just plain paper. A lot of thought it appears went into this picture, and is my favourite. Thank you!

What you guys didn't know also is that the winner gets a place on my office wall...

I have also given everyone who got to the voting stage 5 plasma for entering. Thank you for your support through the competition, I will set up a new one soon :)

Thanks again!

Friday 10 July 2009

Next couple weeks...

I have today moved into my new apartment. I will be setting up broadband tomorrow, and usually takes around 2-3 weeks before its set up, which is extremely annoying. I will be coming back to this place (my student accommodation) because I'm paid here til the end of the July to use the internet. Which means RoB will not come to a stand still! I will be on only a limited amount of time during the two weeks. I've got a big job coming up too so im going to be busy busy busy. I'll make sure I'm on daily to deal with the usual requests and add the Google Checkout VIP etc. Dark August is working hard on the weapon and armour names (from the suggestion thread) and images still!

Other than that, I'll keep you updated, have fun :)

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Gravemarket upgraded!!

That is right, RoB now has a new improved gravemarket. There are 7 total ReignOfBlood companies where you can invest your money in, which are:

- Ghost town
- Dead City
- Spring Valley
- Demeters
- Rob Dungeon
- Lottery
- Plasma

You will now be thinking about what is happened to your old stocks? Don't worry! The amount of stocks you had bought in the previous gravemarket has been transferred to the Ghost town stock, which has started on the price that was currently displaying on the old one. Which is $2.

What's changed?
- Obviously it's more in depth as there are 7 different stocks you can buy.
- They reset every 6 hours instead of daily (not set in stone)
- You can own 15,000 stocks total in each company. (Of course the ghost town one will be higher if you had over 15,000 stocks previously, this will not change, it will just sit there saying 50000/15000, this just means you cannot buy anymore)
- You can only sell a TOTAL of 5000 shares a day.
- The gravemarket pages shows the last 7 updates for each company. (Most recent at the top)
- Quick and easy buy and sell system.

I'll let it run for a couple weeks, if the loss or profit is TOO high i'll reduce the numbers and maybe make it update less or more as i see fit. It is BETA so things *could* change. The new one is always completely random, it is not based on anything, it has the same chance of going up as it does going down, so it's up to you to use common sense in where to invest money.

Hope you like it :)


Some crazy stuff happening on RoB earlier (more good news)!

I'm upset I was asleep when all the crazy stuff was happening, the host emailed me saying he would be setting up the 2nd server, but i was asleep so could not close the site. Basically after it was installed there was duplicate entries which pretty much screwed it up and make RoB go crazy for a while. I hope you enjoyed it, but it's all fixed now. We are now also apparently running of 3 servers, I'll check again at peak times to make sure its taking effect, let's hope it does....

Also for those who missed the last blog, i reset RoBs daily reset manually because it didn't go off at midnight because of downtime.


No daily reset today

There was no main reset today because the guys were working on the server, i didn't realise until i just woke up from some kid screaming outside, checked my email and said they began work at 11pm. Read in the forums it didn't happen so I've ran a manual reset now. Of course around that time i was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'll post again when the server is ready, shouldn't be anymore downtime.


Thursday 2 July 2009

Sign Competition results & possible downtime soon.

Okay. Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who submitted something for the competition, indeed an interesting selection of signs. There were some illegal or 100% photoshopped signs, which of course as the rules states, are not allowed. (Please don't message me or comment this saying you were not sure etc, it's closed now, the rules were there and could easily message me if you didn't understand, there will be another competition soon you can try =]). So it got boiled down to about 21 entries. Now, I am not sure if I should just choose the top 3, or stick them all on a page and let you guys vote for the best? The only problem with that is people trying to cheat it. Let me know your feedback on this blog and I'll think about the action i want to take. I wanna give the $250 plasma pack to someone who deserves it!

Good news on the server! Until MY servers actually get sorted with the old hosts they have put a spare in to help with the loads until mine are ready (same spec). The hardware is installed and they're spending tomorrow (as far as i know) sorting the software out and doing what they have to do to share the SQL load between 2 servers instead of 1. (The new server will do this also, but with 3!)

There will be some downtime when this happens, maybe an hour, maybe 2. Can't even give you a date or time at the moment, but when i know i'll post it here and flag this blog as updated.

Have fun =]

*Update* The downtime has happened, wasn't too bad? Took a second backup of everything. Crazy time in the Xat chat though. The 2nd server will be set up in the morning which will not require anymore downtime as far as I'm told. I'll update you again when i have more news.

Tuesday 30 June 2009

Final call for the RoB sign competition (AKA free $250 plasma pack)

At midnight tonight the RoB sign competition will close. This is a final reminder to get your entries in today. There have been a few good ones so far :) thanks to everyone who has entered and to who will enter today.

The prize is a $250 plasma pack, so why NOT enter? The details are at the bottom of every RoB page.

Nothing really player side to update you on, all the updates are being worked on behind the scenes, i want them to be perfect before releasing! The servers are being chased up, which is good :)

Enjoy this peaceful week


Sunday 28 June 2009

Recent downtime...

Hey guys sorry about the recent downtime, some firewall screw up or something. I am in heated debates with the host about getting it sorted, as well as the new servers, and going to host a RoB server status site hosted else where which will be used to post updates if anything goes wrong. (using twitter at the moment because its free, but it's pretty crap so i'm going to make a personal status site).

I have given every 500 turns, sorry again, we try our best to get RoB accessible 24/7


Saturday 27 June 2009

200,000 sign ups and update on new host!

ReignOfBlood last night hit 200,000 sign ups! Wow, incredible. It wasn't that long ago we were at 100k, its amazing! Thanks to everyone who has supported it and told their friends etc :) Great stuff!

Update on the server issue, that are apparntly going to install one of the servers to help with the SQL load then add the 4th when it arrives in the a couple weeks. I can live with this, the game needs a little more power to grow at the moment, so this is a good temporary fix, so i hope it all goes okay!

Have a good weekend :)


Thursday 25 June 2009

Another obstical to RoBs production speed...

So i got an email just now saying that the hosting company has been sold. Great. As far as they're saying nothing will change, they are keeping the servers at the same data center, the IP will not change or anything else. They seem nice, eager to keep me as a client, so lets hope they continue that way and get all my current problems sorted.

The only pain at the moment with it is that ordered to 2 new expensive servers from the old guys, 1 has arrived, not sure on the other, and now they have been taken over. I'm not sure how that would work. But he said he's going to chase it up and get it sorted ASAP. So let's hope that it is sorted ASAP so i cant get on with the major updates!

There will be minimal downtime apparently over the next couple weeks at one point where they are doing improvements to the network, and then maybe more when the new servers are being installed.

lets see if these new guys deserve our custom eh?

On a game note, thanks to all the equipment name suggestions so far, some are pretty good! Keep them coming.

And one more thing, don't forget that the RoB sign competition ends on the 30th June! Not long left, click the link at the bottom of every page for all the info you need.

Have a good one :)


*Update* It seems that they cannot sell the company till my server issue is sorted, which is good news!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Get involved with RoB's new feature and get free AP!

First of all a big thank you to everyone who donated last week during the special, with one of the servers yearly renewal coming up next month it has covered it beautifully, long live RoB!

Back to the game... with this new weapon and armour system in thought, i was sat there thinking up names for this new equipment, and thought, hey - you guys are playing the game, what would YOU like to hold when smashing your enemy into pieces? So I'm giving you all that chance. Help us come up with weapon and armour names AND get rewarded for it. Every idea we choose we will give the that player 1 AP.

Click the link above to give us your suggestions if you would like to get involved.

Enjoy the week :)


Sunday 21 June 2009

Plasma offer, not long left & update on the updates!

The plasma offer is only available until the 23rd, make sure you grab some cheap plasma whilst you have chance!

The big updates are slowly underway, there are a couple obstacles though, for the new chat system i need the new servers to be installed (they'll need more power) and Dark August to be well again (get well soon <3) to create the new weapon etc images. So things are going along a little more slowly that i hoped, for which i apologise.

I am bugging the crap out of the hosting company to get my new servers set up, apparently the last update was 1 of the 2 have arrived, I'm going to email again later and ask again. (Give um shit too!)

The site is currently running on 2 x quadcore 2.8ghz 8GB Ram servers (which amazes me RoB needs that much anyway) but it needs more! So 2 more servers of the same spec are being added to RoBs network. So RoB will have a nice little 4 server network & load balancer running the game, which is insane! With the 4 servers RoB will run much better, and at the moment RoB is hitting the full use out of the 2 servers so the 2 new ones were really needed, 1. To make RoB faster. 2. Allow more growth and more powerful features.

Thanks to everyone who helps support the game with purchase of the plasma & VIP packs, and for the non-vips playing too! Without you i wouldnt be able to buy new servers to get RoB to grow even more into an awesome gaming community.

Keep an eye on the game updates and this blog for all the stuff ive done ;)

Have a good one.


Tuesday 16 June 2009

Plasma special, limited time only!

I've had quite a few requests for a plasma special, so I've decided to a one for a week. There wont be another for a while so if you want some cheap plasma, get some this week!

In other news i finished one of my jobs, i have another on going but does not use much time. RoB updates will start coming in tomorrow, so make sure you keep an eye on the game updates page.

Enjoy the cheap plasma and have a good week :)



The servers are running slow. WHY? Because we have again hit the limits lol. The 2 more Quadcore servers are on order, im pestering them everyday to get an update on them, apparently 1 has arrived, they are just waiting on the other then they will install them and everything will be much better. But till then it may be slightly slow at busy times, for this I'm sorry! It annoys me as much as it does you, thanks for your patience.

Friday 12 June 2009

Overall catch-up blog and the need for more staff!

Yeah i bet as soon as you saw "the need for staff" you thought you'd give this a click, even if you do not read the blog every time i post (Which you should because it'll keep you up to date with what goes on in the world of RoB!)


It seems forever since I've posted a blog, maybe I just have no life? I'm sat here eating some lunch, thinking to myself how much i have planned to do (whilst look over my white board) and trying to put it in some sort of order.

In progess is...
- The new weapon/armour system with the 'add-ons'
- Something secret
- A new chat system & more chats

The weapon thing has been previously discussed, the secret thing obviously won't be, and as for the chats, due to the fact the RP chat is getting more and more busy these days I'm going to add some more, maybe theme them? Give me your feedback on that.

I have been accused with focusing too much on the social side of the game rather than the game itself because of the new social hype on the internet, but i intend to focus more on the game features and more on improving the social side in equal proportions. Got to try my best to keep everyone happy & find more attractions to the game for new players.

As for staff, i will soon be re-doing the staff, changing things around, adding some, taking some off etc etc. AFTER THE ABOVE UPDATES ... What i will be looking for SOON is :

- Chat mods
- Forum mods
- QOTD posting staff
- Chillout section mods
- Helpers

If you think you would be interested in one of those slots, you can start thinking up ideas on how you would make yourself stand out against others.

Please DO NOT waste our time by applying now, it will be IGNORED. Get that? IGNORED. Bet someone will still decide to message me about it lol. I will post a blog when I am ready to accept apps, but for now I'm just giving you time to think about it and time to plan your application. Staff specifications will be always released closer to the time. Also, if any of the current staff ask me "Am i being removed?" NOTHING is planned yet. Don't worry about it, if you're doing a good job, then why would I remove you?

Sweetonlinegames guy has yet to get back to me, I'll give him a while longer until i remove him.

I've currently got a small job at the moment doing some web design, that will take me up to the weekend, then next week I'll continue on the weapon system and a few smaller updates to keep people buzzing.

Remember the sign competition is closing on the 30th of june, so make sure you get your entries in, only a couple weeks left! And there has been some good ones so far. (Link can be found at the bottom of all RoBs ingame pages)

Have a good weeekend :)

P.S Wanna know all the little updates and stuff I'm up to? Follow my Twitter feed.

Sunday 7 June 2009

Weekend is over, it's a new week.....

So i took the weekend off, went camping with some friends, was a good laugh. Rained the entire time, got very wet. But I'm home now, back in my comfy bed. Now i have finished Uni I have a couple jobs (Websites) to do to earn myself some extra cash, so now my online 'life' will consist of doing some other website stuff and focusing on RoB updates. As I've already told you i have a big whiteboard full of things that need to be done on RoB, i will start pushing my way through them this week! I wanna keep updates as regular as i can now to keep the flow and the interest of the game at a maximum.

Some of you guys have really taken to the new mobile payments which is good, it's a pain that it's more expensive i know! The mobile payments are only really for people who just want some VIP days ($5 pack) and maybe the adventurous ones might charge $25 to their phone to get their hands on a couple plasma. I tried to set up mobile payments for the expensive packs, they wouldn't let me, probably for the best because charging $250 to your phone is a bit extreme lol. If you have that money to spend, you should have a credit/debit card. Hopefully it will be a way to help those people frustrated that cant get VIP but don't have the means of using Paypal or cards.

Just to let you know that i do know that sweetonlinegames voting site has not been working for a while, i have contacted the webmaster, if i don't hear something back soon i'll hunt another one to replace it.

Have a good one!


Thursday 4 June 2009

Mobile payments & new VIP page!

I have found a couple companies that seem to be good for mobile payments. Mobillcash & Zaypay. If one is not available to you, the other might be lol. It's hard to find a company that supports everyone, so I've chosen the best 2. If your country is not supported we are sorry, there is nothing we can do. You might also find that certain amount are only available in some countries too. It's a pain but that extra option is there for people who want VIP and don't have access to a credit card.

The whole VIP page has been updated with extra information about the payments, currencies etc, should be more clear now!

have a good one

Monday 1 June 2009

New weapon/armour system discussion.

The weapon system needs to change... but of course i want your feedback before i do anything drastic and annoy everyone, of course.

Click the above link to go to the discussion forum, if you have an idea or comment, please post. Spam will not be tolerated though, i don't want to have to spend hours searching through the crap to get to the decent opinions.

As well as that another feature is in progress, but the weapons needs to be sorted out first before that can be done! Exciting!


Friday 29 May 2009

The ongoing improvement to RoBs look!

I today also posted a blog about the reason behind the new login and exploring more VIP payment option which can be found here:

The reason for stating the above is because not many people come online each day and i have a new blog to post.

Onto now...

Dark August has kindly made a new top header image and background. It is now the default to all new members, and you can go into your account options and:

'"Change header image" > Default
"Background options" > Default

Change the above to get this new layout! Or can you can simply keep what you have got if you're happy with it. We understand everyone has different tastes, which is why we give you the option to chose what layouts you want to use!

It looks like:

(Click to enlarge)

A new navigation is also being tested to help navigation easier and at the same time allow more quick access to the main features of the game.

Hope you like it!


New login explanation & exploring new payment options for VIP.

Some people are not liking the "click here to continue" link when you login. Now, i wouldn't on purpose do things to annoy you, there is a reason behind it. I was over my friends uncles last week doing a bit of work on his website, i spontaneously (how naughty) decided to login and check RoB. I logged-in as normal, and a page came up saying "This page has expired" O.o, i refreshed the page and it worked fine. Tried logging-in again and it happened again.

It seems like *some* versions of interet explorer (Urgh) don't like the re-directs. As people are still set in their ways and using Internet explorer i had to take action... I've had emails saying that can't login, it turns out it was this problem. So now there is no re-direct anymore, just a simple confirm click which takes you into the site. What's funny is, i really didnt think 1 more click would matter. The amount of complaints i got from having to click one more time to get into a CLICKING links game i just found amusing lol.

I've also had a few emails with the request to add more VIP payment options. I am exploring two new options, mobile payments and surveys. Mobile payments i've had before but the fees are huge which means the most cost for you, so they were not that popular, but I'm searching around for more companies and seeing what is offered. For the older players you'll remember the points system, where you fill out surveys and get points rewards, (which you trade for vip days/plasma) if i can find a decent company with plenty of surveys for all countries, i might bring it back.

It's all talk though, my research could fail and find nothing, but for those frustrated that cannot get VIP because they don't have a credit, i am trying to find a solution for you.

Well on a personal note, I'm currently up in Birmingham with my Dad, going back home to Plymouth tomorrow, then on Sunday I'm going to crack on with the next update.

Enjoy your weekend!


Monday 25 May 2009

--New Competition-- & join us on twitter!

I've opened a Twitter feed for RoB, seeing as the whole world seems to be using it, I'll be posting on there smaller updates and just random what I'm doing that arn't worth posting a blog or update about. << Click and follow :)

Don't forget to join our Myspace/Facebook pages too, just check the bottom of each RoB page for all the links to all out external stuff.

Onto the Competition...
This competition is about creating a sign showing your love for RoB, in exchange for a juicy plasma prize of course! I want to make a page full of signs which can be viewed by all members, would be pretty awesome to have i think :)

For full info please visit :

Good luck :)


Sunday 24 May 2009

Covens are now open and improved!

The new covens are now open! I have spent the last week re-coding the back-end-code of the covens, making them faster and more efficient, a couple new features i have thrown in:

  • Staff page - A page where you can view all the coven members that have coven staff powers.
  • Invite option - Instead of people spamming bls and comments (which will become a bannable offense) i have made a custom invite feature where any coven member can invite any member of the game to join the coven they're in. It's done on a separate page so its not as annoying as getting a blood letter or comment invite when they're not wanted.
  • Item return - If and when you get kicked from a coven any lent items will be returned to the coven.
  • More orgasnised - Everything is now orgasnised into groups, so you can find what you want quickly and easily.
  • New update - The coven welcome message is now the coven announcment section, where coven staff can post any updates to the coven.
  • Accept vampires - Coven staff can now see how many people have applied to the coven instead of it just saying 'new'
  • General information page has been added to give people an overview on how covens work and what they are.
  • Relic prices have been increased.
  • New staff code - because of the way i have re-coded the covens, all staff had to be reset, so coven owners will have to set their staff again, sorry! (coven rank, list names & colours still remain though). Co-owners need to be set again aswell.
I think that's everything.....anyway, now everything else has just been tidied up and the back-end code made more effient. they should run much better now.

Any bugs please post in the bug forum. Click here

Now my little sis wants to go cinema to watch Night in the museum 2, fun stuff lol

Have a good one.


The level advance is not there because it's now done automatically. When a member battles and wins when the exp is over the max, the coven will level.

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