Sunday 26 July 2009

Win 2100 Microsoft points, $25 iTunes voucher or $25 voucher

For a limited time only I have added a $10 plasma pack. You get 6 plasma in each pack, so this is good for people who just want to spend a small amout on getting a few plasma. Another great reason to get this pack is each purchase gives you 1 entry into our competition to win either:

  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

You can enter has many times you as you like, for example if you buy 10 x $10 competition packs you get 6 plasma for each pack and 10 entries into the competition. Please note only the $10 competition pack will give you an entry into the competition.

The competition will end on the 15th August where my computer will randomly pick the winner. (more entries = higher chance of winning). Then the 2nd and 3rd place will be randomly chosen after to win $25 plasma packs.

More good news is that you can enter with all payment methods, Paypal, google, and all mobile payments.

If this turns out to be popular, I'll add things like this more regularly with better prizes, so if you like this idea, support RoB by entering and having a chance to win and the chance for better prizes in the future!

Good luck!

Q: If Someone else buys the pack, but has it sent to me, who gets the entry?
A: The person who the pack is bought for gets the entry.


Teeeeena said...

Awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :D <3

Anonymous said...

Hmm, limited time--will the $10 plasma still be available this Fri and Sat? Because that's when I get paid, lol.

DarkAsh said...

"The competition will end on the 15th August" :)

Anonymous said...

I hoped it was until 8/15, because in the post that date was only applied to the length of the comp, not necessarily the availability of the plasma packs. Thx :)

Anonymous said...

But aren't plasma pumpers evil? All the non donaters hate people that get plasma and give you money Ash. Don't you know that everyone that uses plasma suck and the only good players are the ones that play for free?

So you mean to say that even more money is to be given to you so the free players can more to bitch about? lol

Anonymous said...

Well i notice all these free players and complainers have no issue taking plasma from someone that bought it.. LOL ask around even the worst complainer takes plasma .

Guildythewicked said...

Well anonymous 1 and 2. First it's not FREE players that have issue with plasma pumpers. It's people who have VIP also, and have been playing for a long time, training and someone comes along and spends $1K and pumps up so much that all our training is for naught.
Yes we notice how the very biggest paypal hater has indeed taken free plasma, and used it for the very same thing he hated so much.
As we can not all afford to spend thousands of dollars on plasma packs, and as we have been working hard the long way. It gets tiring to be beaten by someone who buys their way to the top.
Silly that you are so amused but are not able to show who you are.

Anonymous said...

Personally I like working at it in the gym rather than using the plasma--I only have ever had the 1 plasma from one of the first quests/achievements I did, and I just used that to complete a quest. Meaning I've been holding onto it since I got it and only used it on the newest quest.

I may buy 1 plasma pack now simply because it's at a discount, but unless the price stays discounted, this may be it for me regarding plasma unless it comes with an achievement or quest completion again.

I really don't see a great use for spending that amount of money when it can be done through training essentially for free.

Anonymous said...

Although I can see myself becoming dependent on those plasma, lol.

Anonymous said...

Might I just add : This is meant to be a blog on Ash's new competition, not a discussion forum about plasma usage.

Excellent idea Ash, gets you some help running Rob as well as giving people a chance to win! heres hoping its me ;)

NemesisAlien said...

Apperantly my country no longer has the pay by mobile option... :(

Unknown said...

any way we can text buy via sms?


Anonymous said...

Does the winner get to choose which one of the offered items they want? Or is it winner takes all? Because I know that I wouldn't need 2100 points- itunes and amazon vouches though would be handy...hmmm

galahad gawain said...

Actually, that is my question as well. I do not know where to use the points as I don't have an xBox but the vouchers for iTunes and Amazon is cool. I also like the plasma pack offer. It is very expensive after all.

Though, I rarely win raffles. It is worth a try though and the competition plasma pack entry certainly helps completing some quests/achievements and ranking up a bit.

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