Tuesday 30 June 2009

Final call for the RoB sign competition (AKA free $250 plasma pack)

At midnight tonight the RoB sign competition will close. This is a final reminder to get your entries in today. There have been a few good ones so far :) thanks to everyone who has entered and to who will enter today.

The prize is a $250 plasma pack, so why NOT enter? The details are at the bottom of every RoB page.

Nothing really player side to update you on, all the updates are being worked on behind the scenes, i want them to be perfect before releasing! The servers are being chased up, which is good :)

Enjoy this peaceful week


Sunday 28 June 2009

Recent downtime...

Hey guys sorry about the recent downtime, some firewall screw up or something. I am in heated debates with the host about getting it sorted, as well as the new servers, and going to host a RoB server status site hosted else where which will be used to post updates if anything goes wrong. (using twitter at the moment because its free, but it's pretty crap so i'm going to make a personal status site).

I have given every 500 turns, sorry again, we try our best to get RoB accessible 24/7


Saturday 27 June 2009

200,000 sign ups and update on new host!

ReignOfBlood last night hit 200,000 sign ups! Wow, incredible. It wasn't that long ago we were at 100k, its amazing! Thanks to everyone who has supported it and told their friends etc :) Great stuff!

Update on the server issue, that are apparntly going to install one of the servers to help with the SQL load then add the 4th when it arrives in the a couple weeks. I can live with this, the game needs a little more power to grow at the moment, so this is a good temporary fix, so i hope it all goes okay!

Have a good weekend :)


Thursday 25 June 2009

Another obstical to RoBs production speed...

So i got an email just now saying that the hosting company has been sold. Great. As far as they're saying nothing will change, they are keeping the servers at the same data center, the IP will not change or anything else. They seem nice, eager to keep me as a client, so lets hope they continue that way and get all my current problems sorted.

The only pain at the moment with it is that ordered to 2 new expensive servers from the old guys, 1 has arrived, not sure on the other, and now they have been taken over. I'm not sure how that would work. But he said he's going to chase it up and get it sorted ASAP. So let's hope that it is sorted ASAP so i cant get on with the major updates!

There will be minimal downtime apparently over the next couple weeks at one point where they are doing improvements to the network, and then maybe more when the new servers are being installed.

lets see if these new guys deserve our custom eh?

On a game note, thanks to all the equipment name suggestions so far, some are pretty good! Keep them coming.

And one more thing, don't forget that the RoB sign competition ends on the 30th June! Not long left, click the link at the bottom of every page for all the info you need.

Have a good one :)


*Update* It seems that they cannot sell the company till my server issue is sorted, which is good news!

Wednesday 24 June 2009

Get involved with RoB's new feature and get free AP!

First of all a big thank you to everyone who donated last week during the special, with one of the servers yearly renewal coming up next month it has covered it beautifully, long live RoB!

Back to the game... with this new weapon and armour system in thought, i was sat there thinking up names for this new equipment, and thought, hey - you guys are playing the game, what would YOU like to hold when smashing your enemy into pieces? So I'm giving you all that chance. Help us come up with weapon and armour names AND get rewarded for it. Every idea we choose we will give the that player 1 AP.


Click the link above to give us your suggestions if you would like to get involved.

Enjoy the week :)


Sunday 21 June 2009

Plasma offer, not long left & update on the updates!

The plasma offer is only available until the 23rd, make sure you grab some cheap plasma whilst you have chance!

The big updates are slowly underway, there are a couple obstacles though, for the new chat system i need the new servers to be installed (they'll need more power) and Dark August to be well again (get well soon <3) to create the new weapon etc images. So things are going along a little more slowly that i hoped, for which i apologise.

I am bugging the crap out of the hosting company to get my new servers set up, apparently the last update was 1 of the 2 have arrived, I'm going to email again later and ask again. (Give um shit too!)

The site is currently running on 2 x quadcore 2.8ghz 8GB Ram servers (which amazes me RoB needs that much anyway) but it needs more! So 2 more servers of the same spec are being added to RoBs network. So RoB will have a nice little 4 server network & load balancer running the game, which is insane! With the 4 servers RoB will run much better, and at the moment RoB is hitting the full use out of the 2 servers so the 2 new ones were really needed, 1. To make RoB faster. 2. Allow more growth and more powerful features.

Thanks to everyone who helps support the game with purchase of the plasma & VIP packs, and for the non-vips playing too! Without you i wouldnt be able to buy new servers to get RoB to grow even more into an awesome gaming community.

Keep an eye on the game updates and this blog for all the stuff ive done ;)

Have a good one.


Tuesday 16 June 2009

Plasma special, limited time only!

I've had quite a few requests for a plasma special, so I've decided to a one for a week. There wont be another for a while so if you want some cheap plasma, get some this week!

In other news i finished one of my jobs, i have another on going but does not use much time. RoB updates will start coming in tomorrow, so make sure you keep an eye on the game updates page.

Enjoy the cheap plasma and have a good week :)



The servers are running slow. WHY? Because we have again hit the limits lol. The 2 more Quadcore servers are on order, im pestering them everyday to get an update on them, apparently 1 has arrived, they are just waiting on the other then they will install them and everything will be much better. But till then it may be slightly slow at busy times, for this I'm sorry! It annoys me as much as it does you, thanks for your patience.

Friday 12 June 2009

Overall catch-up blog and the need for more staff!

Yeah i bet as soon as you saw "the need for staff" you thought you'd give this a click, even if you do not read the blog every time i post (Which you should because it'll keep you up to date with what goes on in the world of RoB!)


It seems forever since I've posted a blog, maybe I just have no life? I'm sat here eating some lunch, thinking to myself how much i have planned to do (whilst look over my white board) and trying to put it in some sort of order.

In progess is...
- The new weapon/armour system with the 'add-ons'
- Something secret
- A new chat system & more chats

The weapon thing has been previously discussed, the secret thing obviously won't be, and as for the chats, due to the fact the RP chat is getting more and more busy these days I'm going to add some more, maybe theme them? Give me your feedback on that.

I have been accused with focusing too much on the social side of the game rather than the game itself because of the new social hype on the internet, but i intend to focus more on the game features and more on improving the social side in equal proportions. Got to try my best to keep everyone happy & find more attractions to the game for new players.

As for staff, i will soon be re-doing the staff, changing things around, adding some, taking some off etc etc. AFTER THE ABOVE UPDATES ... What i will be looking for SOON is :

- Chat mods
- Forum mods
- QOTD posting staff
- Chillout section mods
- Helpers

If you think you would be interested in one of those slots, you can start thinking up ideas on how you would make yourself stand out against others.

Please DO NOT waste our time by applying now, it will be IGNORED. Get that? IGNORED. Bet someone will still decide to message me about it lol. I will post a blog when I am ready to accept apps, but for now I'm just giving you time to think about it and time to plan your application. Staff specifications will be always released closer to the time. Also, if any of the current staff ask me "Am i being removed?" NOTHING is planned yet. Don't worry about it, if you're doing a good job, then why would I remove you?

Sweetonlinegames guy has yet to get back to me, I'll give him a while longer until i remove him.

I've currently got a small job at the moment doing some web design, that will take me up to the weekend, then next week I'll continue on the weapon system and a few smaller updates to keep people buzzing.

Remember the sign competition is closing on the 30th of june, so make sure you get your entries in, only a couple weeks left! And there has been some good ones so far. (Link can be found at the bottom of all RoBs ingame pages)

Have a good weeekend :)

P.S Wanna know all the little updates and stuff I'm up to? Follow my Twitter feed. http://twitter.com/darkashnet

Sunday 7 June 2009

Weekend is over, it's a new week.....

So i took the weekend off, went camping with some friends, was a good laugh. Rained the entire time, got very wet. But I'm home now, back in my comfy bed. Now i have finished Uni I have a couple jobs (Websites) to do to earn myself some extra cash, so now my online 'life' will consist of doing some other website stuff and focusing on RoB updates. As I've already told you i have a big whiteboard full of things that need to be done on RoB, i will start pushing my way through them this week! I wanna keep updates as regular as i can now to keep the flow and the interest of the game at a maximum.

Some of you guys have really taken to the new mobile payments which is good, it's a pain that it's more expensive i know! The mobile payments are only really for people who just want some VIP days ($5 pack) and maybe the adventurous ones might charge $25 to their phone to get their hands on a couple plasma. I tried to set up mobile payments for the expensive packs, they wouldn't let me, probably for the best because charging $250 to your phone is a bit extreme lol. If you have that money to spend, you should have a credit/debit card. Hopefully it will be a way to help those people frustrated that cant get VIP but don't have the means of using Paypal or cards.

Just to let you know that i do know that sweetonlinegames voting site has not been working for a while, i have contacted the webmaster, if i don't hear something back soon i'll hunt another one to replace it.

Have a good one!


Thursday 4 June 2009

Mobile payments & new VIP page!

I have found a couple companies that seem to be good for mobile payments. Mobillcash & Zaypay. If one is not available to you, the other might be lol. It's hard to find a company that supports everyone, so I've chosen the best 2. If your country is not supported we are sorry, there is nothing we can do. You might also find that certain amount are only available in some countries too. It's a pain but that extra option is there for people who want VIP and don't have access to a credit card.

The whole VIP page has been updated with extra information about the payments, currencies etc, should be more clear now!

have a good one

Monday 1 June 2009

New weapon/armour system discussion.

The weapon system needs to change... but of course i want your feedback before i do anything drastic and annoy everyone, of course.


Click the above link to go to the discussion forum, if you have an idea or comment, please post. Spam will not be tolerated though, i don't want to have to spend hours searching through the crap to get to the decent opinions.

As well as that another feature is in progress, but the weapons needs to be sorted out first before that can be done! Exciting!


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