Wednesday 30 May 2012

Revisited: Vadenhill (Plasma Lottery Week)

Lottery Error
For some reason on saturday night, the lottery didnt draw! So Monday morning after it was brought to my attention I did the draw manually, and then it ran itself this morning again! Hopefully it'll lay off the vodka and work properly this Saturday onwards, apologies for the mess up. Enjoy promo code: drunklotto

Plasma Lottery Week
This weekend there will be a plasma lottery, where 10 lucky winners will receive extra free plasma! You can get plasma lottery entries from buying any of the plasma packs this week, including today's rare pack that you'll see on the top of all the pages.

Custom to-do list

You've seen the link when you first login about the daily to-dos? There is now an open space where you can input your own daily to-dos. On that page is listed all the to-dos I have specified, but now add your own to this page with ease. Kind of works just like your notepad, be good for jotting things for easier access.

Vadenhill is a feature that has been with us for some time now, originally built for people to earn more blood and give further incentive to Spring Valley. It's actively used because it gains a lot of extra blood, and even more so now as it's part of one of the achievements lists. To date Vadenhill has paid out a total of 282,019,650 blood. Certainly worth a bit of effort, don't you think? Just imagine  how many ranks have been gained from all that blood.

Juiciness changes
Every human has a default juiciness of 10, but now VIP players will get a randomly juiciness between 10 and 12, and VIP+ members will get a a random juiciness between 10 and 15 per harvested human. This abolishes the x/10 juiciness stat, it will now just display how juicy the human is.

All the other changes

- Taken Vadenhill out of BETA finally
- Moved all links to the bottom of the page out of the way
- Reworded the introduction at the top of the page
- New top table to show your Vadenhill stats
- Added a "feed again" link after a feed.
- Small background image added to slots with human harvested

Quest Idea Staff
The applications are still open for a quest idea staff position, we've had quite a few apps so far, and the deadline for this staff position will be this Sunday. Click here for more information on how to apply.

Enjoy the rest of the week :)

Monday 21 May 2012

Revisited: Potions

Potions Revisited
Can you believe we've had Trik's potions for almost a year now? How time flies. So this week I've been working on updating the potions, and here are the changes:

New Potions
  •  1 hour double weapon experience (IG$ & Credit)
  •  1 hour double armour experience (IG$ & Credit)
  •  1 hour double minion exp (IG$ & Credit)
  •  x2 chance for minion attack (IG$ & Credit)
  •  +25 NPC credits (IG$ & Credit)

Potion Page Updates
  • I have tidied up the page just a little. Fixed a small layout bug that was appearing to those using Internet Explorer.
  • Your bought potions are now grouped, it will require an extra click to activate them however.
  • Added larger potion credit pack with a further discount, as I see people buying the current packs in larger quantities. 
  • Added a larger 12 potion pack for 10 potion credits.
  • The prices of the IG$ potions are currently staying at $15,000.
  • Your total amount of potions consumed is now displayed.

Hope you like the changes, enjoy the rest of the weekend :)

Monday 14 May 2012

Thank you for the feedback

The poll
So I sat down last night and read all the poll results and comments (yeah it did take a while), and would like to thank everyone who gave feedback. It's given me a good idea what direction to take over the next few months now. But I am very happy the majority of players are happy with the current pace and quality of the work I'm doing here.

Have a suggestion?
A lot of people were making suggestions in their comment, although it was there for feedback not suggestions, there were ideas suggested that aren't even on the suggestion forum board. If you want to see your idea in the game, don't be shy, the suggestion forum is at your disposal.

Quest idea creator
This is not anything to do with the story quests, but I'd like someone to come up with neat quest ideas for the regular quests. It was suggested in the poll I have someone to do this so I can more focus on developing (as well my imagination skills aren't really anything worth showing off). If you'd like this simple job that doesn't take much time, please send a blood letter to the RoB Bot with 3 example quest ideas (remember they shouldn't be over complicated) and why you deserve the position. Thanks in advance for the interest.

Remember the toolbar is now available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Download it right here.

Enjoy the week :)

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Toolbar now available for Chrome & loads more

Toolbar goes Chrome!
Finally the Reign Of Blood toolbar is now available for Chrome. Head right here to download it right now! (By the looks of it, it's just Chrome for Windows)

Competition extension
The April Facebook image competition has been extended this month. Feel free to enter as many images as you want, but there can only be one winner!

Server downtime
With the new wave of 502s yesterday we took the server down for a small while to do some updates, when bringing it back up however, the DNS cache was misbehaving which meant some players couldn't login for a couple hours. For that I apologise and give the promo code: 7thmaydown

Thanks for all the feedback and bug reports on the new houses feature. I'm glad they're liked as much as they are, as they were surprisingly more work that I originally anticipated. I have annihilated all reported bugs, and I thank you for the patience with that. Please report any more and feel free to keep making suggestions. A worrying question that has popped up by some if you run out of VIP. You will not be kicked from your house 2 and 3, you will simply be unable to access them & they will not show on your profile or lists until you're VIP again.

Lottery last weekend
We saw another MASSIVE lottery win last week after 2 rollovers. $770mil+ shared between 3 lucky players, congratulations & enjoy it.

A few game stat updates
A couple things I would like to share with you all, as I know some are very interested in this sort of thing. Our 6th birthday weekend was our most active weekend EVER. That's crazy. I'm also very happy to report that Thermoden has taken over 5 BILLION out of the game to date. $5,475,000,000 to be exact. That's way beyond the success I thought it would achieve when making it.

Enjoy the week :)

Tuesday 1 May 2012

Birthday celebration is over

Thanks for everyone who took part in the birthday event and left RoB a birthday message on the board! Here are just some of my favourite birthday messages:

"Congrats on 6 years of success! Often imitated, but never duplicated... that`s you and RoB <3"

"Happy b-day RoB bot you silly mechanical woman pleaser"

"RoB.. you`re becoming quite the old hag. Happy Birthday, though."

"Happy 6th b-day and thank you Ash for not doing your school work!!"

"Happy 6 years rob<33 It`s been amazing and can`t wait to see what the next 6 years bring<3"
"Six years ago, Ash gave life to an idea that would some day become an empire. Here`s to six more years of addiction to one of the best games on the net! Happy Rob-day!"

"I have seen the past 3 years fly by as RoB has grown by leaps and bounds. Happy Birthday to a great game and best wishes for another 6 to come."

Ahh there are to many I like, go read them all here.

I hope you enjoyed the crazy event, and thanks again for all your continuing support, both financially and just playing the game! Let's get those next 6 years started.

More to come, stay tuned.


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