Thursday 30 August 2012

Ash's Birthday Celebration

Birthday e-celebrations
Today I'm celebrating my 24th birthday, and as I'm not really doing anything for it until the weekend, I thought we could have a little e-party here on RoB.

- Special Plasma packs up until Sunday night
- Double blood for everyone until Sunday night
- Double turns to anyone who buys a special plasma pack until Sunday night
- Access to the massive birthday cake in Dead City

September Competition
As the August competition comes to a close tomorrow, the September competition is now posted.

This months competition is to dust off your writing skills. Each competition entry must be an article written in the style of the ol' Phantom Press' newsworthy section. Pick a current issue, update or goings on, and write at least a 3 paragraph article about it. Click here for full entry details.

If you missed the blog post a few days ago about the further updates to the daily quests, please click here to catch up.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Saturday 25 August 2012

Further Daily Quest Updates

Downtime Results
The server move was successful. The game was down only 2 and a half hours out of the 3 hour estimate, which is good news. We're now sitting in the new North London data center. Promo code: 25thdowntime for the two hourly resets missed.

August Competition Final Reminder
This is the final reminder for you to update your profile layouts to enter the August competition. Please remember to post on this thread if you'd like to be judged, if you do not post, you will not be considered. The judging will taking place between the 31st August and the 4th September. Make sure you have your profile up during this entire time.

Daily Quest Changes
Thank you for the constructive feedback that was posted on the new daily quest updates.  I've taken all the feedback into account and have made the following changes and bug fixes, I hope you're pleased.

Bug fixes:
  • The NPC's quest now counts how many NPC credits you have used today, rather than just checking if you have 0 credits to complete the quest.
  • The 'daily' quest now shows how many other daily quests you've completed so far today (should have to start with).
  • Fixed the issue with the random coven quest not completing.

Updates & Changes:
  • The Hunt quest now requires 100 humans, down from 125
  • The Feed quest now requires 80 feeds, down from 100
  • The $earcher quest now requires $1,250, down from $2,000
  • The Pet quest now requires 200 wins, down from 300

The 'Daily' Quest changes:
Because of the new daily quest task additions, I made it so you only have to complete 7 out of the 9 daily quests in order to get the extra bonus. After reading the feedback, I have come up with a good solution to the general issue.

The 'Daily' quest now has 5 different tiers of rewards.

- Complete 5 out of the 9 quests to receive a reward
- Complete 6 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward
- Complete 7 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward again
- Complete 8 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward again
- Complete 9 out of the 9 quests to receive a slightly larger reward again

I hope you're happy with the changes, please give further feedback on the same thread (and any bugs of course).


Friday 24 August 2012

Downtime 25th August [Final reminder]

I posted last week about some downtime that will occur this weekend. I can confirm that the downtime will start tomorrow (25th August) sometime between 10am (UK game time) and 3pm (UK game time) and will last up to 3 hours.

Our servers are being moved from their current location to a new data center in North London. The server IP addresses etc will not be changed, so as soon as we get them plugged into their new home, everything should connect back up.

Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates when the servers are down.


Saturday 18 August 2012

Revisited: Daily Quests & 600,000 signups!

600,000 signups!
We have hit the awesome milestone of 600,000 total signups! I never thought we'd hit 10,000, let alone 100,000 and then half a million! We're well on our way to a million signups and can't wait until we get there. Thanks everybody for playing! Promo code: 600k

Revisited: Daily Quests
The daily quests are used by so many players every single day, now I think it's time for a little shake up! Below are the listed changes to the daily quests:

[NEW] Quest Of the Day
Not to be confused with the Question Of The Day, the Quest Of the Day has 7 random tasks that change every day at the midnight reset (more can be added over time). The tasks can be anything from killing to collecting gems in the underground. I think this is a cool new exciting way to have at least one unknown task to complete each day. The Quest Of The Day will be named 'the random daily' on the quest log.

The QOTD daily quest has been removed. Due the 'lack of effort' required and the 1 in 4 chance of getting an extra reward as it is, seems just like a waste of space on the page, so it's been removed (plus I don't want to add to the confusion of the new quest of the day feature).

[UPDATE] 3 New Daily Quests Added
I've added 3 new daily quests into the mix, pet wins today, NPC credits used today, and money earned in Greenwood. Named: The Pet, The NPC's and The $earcher, respectively.

This brings the list of daily quests to: The Random Daily, The Battle, The Battle II, The NPC's, The Hunt, The Feed, The $earcher, The Pet and The Voter.

[UPDATE] The 'Daily' Daily Quest Update
It would be insane to have a daily quest that meant you had to do ALL of the daily quests, because of the different locations you have to be in to earn the energy to do those tasks, would be impossible to do. So to make things a little more possible, you can choose to complete any 7 out of the 9 daily quests to earn the daily quest reward.

Please post all bugs and feedback comments here (or comment this blog post. All numbers are subject to evaluation and change.

Question Of The Day
As noted above with the removal of the QOTD daily quest, as a compromise (because I'm such a nice guy), you all have a small chance to win a QP by getting the correct QOTD answer for that day for free!

Suicide stuff
There was a little bit of an uproar with a silent update I did a few weeks ago regarding the suicides which I forgot to mention before. It was just a routine security update to help fill some holes that people abuse, suicide being one of them. An alternative cap based feature that helps stop abuse was uploaded instead of the one that I actually wanted. I created two versions and uploaded the wrong one. Soon after noticing the forum thread I checked it out and uploaded the non-capped (more hidden) security feature. More recently it has been reported that the text on the suicide page indicated you could not fight again until the next hourly reset when you suicide, I have now rectified the text to make the feature more clear.

Double Points
Earn double points all weekend on all of our point offers.  All 4 points companies are offering double points until Sunday night (game time). Points are great for earnings some free VIP and plasma, you can also sell points on the market, currently valued at around $30,000 each! These new companies also have really quick simple offers, like watching videos, it's really easy and a great way to earn some in-game stuff which costs you nothing.

On a side note, I have had a few bls asking if I'm ever going to reset everyone back to rank 1 again, and i say, NEVER!

One more thing - You'll notice that across all the coven pages, equipment worth is now displayed next to the current weapon information :)

Enjoy the weekend :)

Sunday 12 August 2012


I'm so glad everyone has enjoyed the huge benefits and fun this event has created, below is overview of the event and the extra prize winners.

Weight lifting
The top 3 weight lifters get an extra free plasma each
- Kiworuso Darkhold (150525)
- Brock (416014)
- Charlotte Lolita (45459)

100m Sprint
The top 3 sprinters get an extra free plasma each
|ñƒ€®nãL †HÈ L¦¢H LørÐ (242222)
- Ryan Phuri Dae (534821)
- Panth Chantrieri (112802)

The top 3 bulls eye shooters get an extra free plasma each
- Faeya N. Gregoras (553919)
- LOVE (141818)
- Lesath ShadowLight (339349)

The top 3 players with the most ego get an extra 5 free plasma each
- Marc Phuri Dae (394334)
- Rock`s girl (165155)
- Archangel Michael Dilucul (95000)

The top 3 players with the highest level get an extra 3 free plasma each (Deja Vu)
- Marc Phuri Dae (394334)
- Rock`s girl (165155)
- Archangel Michael Dilucul (95000)
The top 3 players with the most wins get an extra free plasma each
- Lothar Blackfang (106438)
- wellingtonpoleti (593746)
- Marc Phuri Dae (394334)

All the Plasmlympic Gold from fencing has been given out, you have 3 days to use it before the page gets removed from the Dead City.

Hope you enjoyed this event! Please let me know in the comments below.

July Competition Winner
The total amount of NPC blood paid out until the start of last month was a cool: 306,099,741. That's a lot of blood!

Nobody got it exactly right, but the closest was  Bloodflame Diluculo (301884), who guessed 309,558,198. You win yourself 10 plasma, enjoy!

On a site note, why someone would guess 13,000,000,000,000,000,000 is beyond me (ignoring the fact I said its above 100million & below 1billion), what is that number, anyway?

August Competition
The August competition is in full swing, I'm start to see some nice profiles set up already! Want in? Click here for more information.

25th August downtime
I know this is a little in advance, and you'll get more warnings and more specific times when we get closer, but the game will be down for a few hours on the 25th August.

We are pleased to announce that on the 25th of August we will start migrating servers from our current data centre provider to a brand new, high specification facility in North London.

As this migration involves physically moving equipment, there will be some downtime involved whilst this takes place. We will of course be taking every possible step to minimise the disruption to our services. Currently we are anticipating approximately 2-3 hours of downtime whilst we migrate their services.

Enjoy the week :)

Friday 10 August 2012

Plasmlympic Event Final Reminder

I'm so happy everyone is enjoying this event, this is just a quick post to let you know that the entire event will end on Sunday (2 days time) evening. This includes all the event features and the plasma special.

The gold will be given on Sunday evening for the milestones everybody has hit with the fencing feature, but you will have only 3 days after the event on Sunday to claim and use them.

Good luck & enjoy the rest of the event!

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