Sunday 12 August 2012


I'm so glad everyone has enjoyed the huge benefits and fun this event has created, below is overview of the event and the extra prize winners.

Weight lifting
The top 3 weight lifters get an extra free plasma each
- Kiworuso Darkhold (150525)
- Brock (416014)
- Charlotte Lolita (45459)

100m Sprint
The top 3 sprinters get an extra free plasma each
|ñƒ€®nãL †HÈ L¦¢H LørÐ (242222)
- Ryan Phuri Dae (534821)
- Panth Chantrieri (112802)

The top 3 bulls eye shooters get an extra free plasma each
- Faeya N. Gregoras (553919)
- LOVE (141818)
- Lesath ShadowLight (339349)

The top 3 players with the most ego get an extra 5 free plasma each
- Marc Phuri Dae (394334)
- Rock`s girl (165155)
- Archangel Michael Dilucul (95000)

The top 3 players with the highest level get an extra 3 free plasma each (Deja Vu)
- Marc Phuri Dae (394334)
- Rock`s girl (165155)
- Archangel Michael Dilucul (95000)
The top 3 players with the most wins get an extra free plasma each
- Lothar Blackfang (106438)
- wellingtonpoleti (593746)
- Marc Phuri Dae (394334)

All the Plasmlympic Gold from fencing has been given out, you have 3 days to use it before the page gets removed from the Dead City.

Hope you enjoyed this event! Please let me know in the comments below.

July Competition Winner
The total amount of NPC blood paid out until the start of last month was a cool: 306,099,741. That's a lot of blood!

Nobody got it exactly right, but the closest was  Bloodflame Diluculo (301884), who guessed 309,558,198. You win yourself 10 plasma, enjoy!

On a site note, why someone would guess 13,000,000,000,000,000,000 is beyond me (ignoring the fact I said its above 100million & below 1billion), what is that number, anyway?

August Competition
The August competition is in full swing, I'm start to see some nice profiles set up already! Want in? Click here for more information.

25th August downtime
I know this is a little in advance, and you'll get more warnings and more specific times when we get closer, but the game will be down for a few hours on the 25th August.

We are pleased to announce that on the 25th of August we will start migrating servers from our current data centre provider to a brand new, high specification facility in North London.

As this migration involves physically moving equipment, there will be some downtime involved whilst this takes place. We will of course be taking every possible step to minimise the disruption to our services. Currently we are anticipating approximately 2-3 hours of downtime whilst we migrate their services.

Enjoy the week :)


Kazimir De Pascal said...

Great event Ash, and try to work hard to move those computers, eh? ;)

Anonymous said...

What a fun event Plasmlytics has been, hopefully some of these components will appear again as weekend events ... a real thumbs up Ash this was a flat out winner !!! ... Happy to hear about being able to move the servers to a better facility too :-)

Tweetly Durkee said...

Great event Ash. Thanks so much for all you do to make things fun and interesting. RoB rocks!

Anonymous said...

Nice event Ash cant wait to see what the next one brings.

Gabriella said...

Agree! This was an AWESOME event Ash. I hate to see it go away especially the Fencing. I quite liked it :P Thanks for everything. Amazing as always. :D

Unknown said...

how about a records page?
Olympics every 4 years, would be nice to look back and see previous winners

Anonymous said...

The top 3 players with the most ego and highest level were always going to be the same since
each kill gave equal ego and exp. Also fencing
was too much like pet battles.

Tame~de~Avvorin-Pascal said...

Damn, I was quite enjoying those Training boosts and sweet Battle perks. Ranking was sweet during this time. Hope to see this again some time, or even tiny little perks pop up every now and again.

Thanks for the Event, DA.

Anonymous said...

awesome event i really enjoyed it. Hoe to see more like it in the future :) thanks for making this the coolest vampire game around :)

Boudica Night Tigress said...

The whole event was fun Ash! Thanks again for all the cleverness ... and great goodies! :)

DarthSpongebob (126464) said...

that number is 13 quintillion ash.
and i think its bullshit that you gave the three highest ego's and the three highest levels bonuses. because as levels are based on how much ego we got, that was mind blowingly obvious that it was gonna turn out that way. the only exception is when two people are on the same level but have different ego's (by 1000 or so) and then their level ranking is based on sorting. so yea that was kind of dumb of you other than that, great event

Anonymous said...

this was fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

really wish you would make an android app for this game just saying >.< sucks when im not home and have to do it from the browser on my phone

Anonymous said...

OH,ash! What a great event! I absolutely hearted it! Oh, ash, your gaMes are fantastic, and your ideas are unrivaled throughout the online role plaYing world! You are beautiful, ash, simply dreamy! What I wouldn't do to Get next tO you, aSH! So amazing!...Every event always thrilling! YOU're so clever! so smart! PleasE, hurry with the next event, my wittle heart can't wait anOther minute for the next exciting new game and Prizes! i Log in Everyday for the lateSt in rob news and gossip! I rUn to my aCer laptop religiously, Knowing that each day there will be an exciting message or announcement to be read, And Nothing beats the never enDing fun of KillIng leSSer plAyerS On the rob hunting groundS. <3<3<3<3<3<3 HEARTS FOR YOU!!!!!

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