Thursday 17 December 2015

Christmas Event 2015

Xmas Event 2015

Seasonal Slot
This year's Christmas event will be focused around the brand new Seasonal Slot. On the equipment page, you'll see a new section where this seasonal slot is. In this slot you can equip seasonal equipment that can do a variety of things. To start it off, we're starting with santa hats. Who wouldn't want to wear a sexy santa hat?

To start, go to the HAT SHOP at Dead City. From there you can purchase one of the many hats. That hat can then be equipped into your seasonal slot. Afterwards, you can go to the Hat Upgrades shop to upgrade it even more with hat tokens you earn through the daily quests.

Christmas Tree

The Dead City Christmas Tree has been fully erected, and now giving out gifts every day! Claim a free turn bonus each day by visiting the tree.


The scratchcards are back! You again get 10 free spins per day, and can get premium spins with our special packs.

VIP & Plasma Special

A delicious christmas themed plasma special is now online, filled with plasma, scratches and collectibles. You can check out the deals here.

Market Update

I have added a new option to sell Reign Of Blood packs on the auction market. If a player wants to sell, for example, the $10 VIP Xmas special on the market, they can now do so. They enter the details, purchase the pack, and then others players can auction for it. For full information, check out the auction market page. And yes, the plasma xmas special packs can be bought and sold too.

Enjoy the event,

Thursday 10 December 2015

Forum & Search Updates

GG v GB v BG v BB 

The teams for Good Girls v Good Boys v Bad Girls v Bad Boys event have been finalised. You can view your teams and enter your chats now. The contest will start tonight at midnight.

Forum Updates

I have spent some time adjusting and upgrading the forum layouts slightly today. And I have updated all the forums (RP, coven, house etc) so they're all now on the same layout. You can now subscribe to threads on the family & relationship boards.

In regards to house forums, i've made it possible to have staff only boards, and the ability for both houses and coven staff to order their boards using the 'move to top' system.

There are some new subscriptions options too. An option to enable new house forum threads and posts, and also an option to enable new coven forum threads and post notifications. You can view and enable all these on your forum subscription page.

I have also added a new latest forum thread box on the left of the every page below the vote box. This gives people a quick look at the newest forum threads getting posted, with a quick link to view all latest threads and the latest posts. This can of course be hidden if you wish.

RP Section Updates

I've made a couple small changes to the RP pages also. They include a few small bug fixes, the ability to have links in your RP bio and the RP directory lists grouped into pages.

New Search Options

I have made some updates and changes to the search and browse pages (Battle > Browse Vampires Box) which are listed below.

- Search Vampires page layout updated
- Search Vampires page new option to search for numbers within ID's
- Browse Vampires page layout made much cleaner with new order options added
- Browse Vampire coven drop down now listed alphabetically and hides closed covens
- Browse Vampires page has been given a new option to search between ID's
- Coven Search has also been given an update look with extra order by options

And finally, a new quick search bar has been added to the bottom of the page. You can use this bar to quickly search players, forum threads and the FAQ.

Enjoy, and please report any bugs in these new features.

Sunday 6 December 2015

GG v GB v BG v BB

GG v GB v BG v BB 

Before we get into the madness of Christmas, we're going to have a little fatal four-way. The contest will begin Friday 11th of December, and last for 48 hours. What are the teams?

Good Girls v Good Boys v Bad Girls v Bad Boys

You must enter if you want to join this contest. You can do that by clicking here. The teams will be divided into 4 based on your Reign Of Blood character's gender and alignment.

The prizes will be delicious of course, and make sure you have entered by Wednesday 9th December.

Best of luck to all teams!

Friday 20 November 2015

Revisited: Awe

Fountain Of Awe

The Fountain Of Awe (accessible via the Portal) has just turned two years old. The Fountain Of Awe is a place where high ranked vampires can go and do special attacks on other vampires to gain a lot of more blood, and also a place to attack dead vampires. Today I'm happy to announce some changes and upgrades to Awe.

  • New Coven Exp "Extract Extra Coven Exp" section added
  • Rank check takes place before the battle to save some time
  • Made a few tweaks and improvements to layout
  • Brought the new battle look to the Awe spells
  • Option to choose ID as well as from enemy list option added
  • Enemy list no longer list enemies protected by Trik's potions
  • Attack of the dead no longer shows people in protection at all
  • Made it clear what Awe kills counts towards and what doesn't

New Awe section to earn a little extra coven exp


Friday 6 November 2015

700,000 Signups

700,000 Signups

We're one step forward to my goal of a million signups today. Last night we hit 700,000 signups! Here is a delicious promo code you can all enjoy: 700k

Mobile Event Challenge

The recently announced Mobile Event Challenge starts at midnight tonight! Login to Reign Of Blood mobile on your phone and get triple quest tokens for completing "The Battle" and "The NPC" daily quests. Complete both quests on all 5 days and you'll get extra quest tokens and a collectible. Login to Reign Of Blood and touch the Mobile Event Challenge notice on the top of the mobile homepage.

New Logged-In Page Setup

The majority of people do one of three things first when they first login to Reign Of Blood. Those three things are getting on with the daily quests or game activities (wheel spinning, praying etc), checking your notifications, or seeing who's on. So now when you login you'll see a new section to let you get to of those three things super quickly. There is also a new friends and coven members online pages, which you can get from clicking the number.

I have also updated the game updates section on the page when you login. It now shows the updates that have been posted since your last page load. So for example if you logged off last night, and I made 3 updates since then, only those 3 updates will show. This gives you quick access to what you've missed since you were last on. (If there are no new updates, it will simply list them all as before. And of course, clicking view all > will show you the full list as before.)

Enjoy the event,

Tuesday 3 November 2015

Mobile Dailies Challenge

Mobile Dailies Challenge

As you probably know, in early September I finally released a good usable version of Reign Of Blood for mobile devices. It has been met with rather high appraise, which is great. Since then I've been tweaking and fixing things as reports come on. My goal is to make Reign Of Blood has playable as possible on a mobile device. I spend around 1/4 of my browsing using my phone, so I'm getting a good idea of what works well, and what doesn't, and tweaking it along the way.

To help reach this goal, I've decided to run, for the first time, a mobile only challenge.

The challenge will last over 5 days, from Saturday 7th November until Wednesday 11th November. The challenge is completing certain daily quests on mobile.

Challenges & Rewards:

"The Battle" - Triple Quest Token Reward
"The NPC" - Triple Quest Token Reward

If you complete both daily quests on each of the 5 days, you'll be extra rewarded with a collectible and extra quest tokens. Click here for the forum thread with full information.

Click here to go to Reign Of Blood Mobile (mobile devices only)

Halloween Event Roundup

If you took part making your profile all Halloween-y, then you can go back to the Halloween profile page and claim a little reward for taking part.

During the event, 99,247 zombies were killed and 24,439 heads were traded. That's a whole lot of heads.

See you soon,

Monday 26 October 2015

Blood Thirst Results & More

Blood Thirst Competition

The Halloween themed Blood Thirst competition has now ended! The top score goes to TEAM BROOMSTICK. Congratulations to all the Broomstick players.

I hope you enjoyed the event once more, and you can go here to claim your prizes.

Testing New Back Links

Our most deliciously clickable back link

As you know, the above back link is on many pages. But they have one slight problem - browser caches. The links act like your browser's back button, but sometimes the page you go back to doesn't refresh the page. Meaning you could spend an AP, click back, and it won't look like you've spent it until you click away or fully refresh the page. So from today, I'm testing a new back button which grabs the last page you were on, and hard links to it. Hopefully this will cure some of these problems. Be sure to let me know if you have any issues with it. (This has been applied to mobile too.)

More Missions

There are 42 new coven related missions added. Go check 'em out.

More to come,

Saturday 17 October 2015

Halloween Event 2015

2 Week Halloween Event

This year the Halloween event will last a full 2 weeks. It starts right now and ends Sunday November 1st. And what's even better, this is the first time an event has come to mobile. So no matter what device you use, you can take part.

5 Team Killing Competition

It is time for another team competition. And as it's Halloween, we're going to theme it!

There will be 5 teams as always, the teams are:

Team Pumpkin
Team Cauldron
Team Broomstick
Team Bat

As always, you must manually enter to take part. Which you can do so at Dead City.

Fight The Horde!

Zombies have once again swarmed through our portal attempting to breach the Dead City! Help fight off the horde and rip off the heads of zombies that aren't too decomposed.

Profile Contest

When Halloween comes around, people love getting their profiles all suited up. You can join the Halloween profile contest on the Halloween profile page. Enter yours, and give thumbs up to other profiles that you like. There will be prizes given out at the end.

Also, Amayia Nyx D LaRouge is running her own Halloween profile contest, you can find information about the prizes and how to enter on the forum thread here.

AP Cauldron

Zelda, the witty witch has opened up her cauldron experiments to the citizens of the Dead City. If you have any spare AP hanging around, go check out the AP Cauldron and see what you get.

Trick Or Treat

The Trick Or Treat is back! If you dare, claim your daily Trick Or Treat and see what you get.

Halloween Special

And of course with every event, we host a delicious VIP and Plasma special. Check it out.

Enjoy the event,

Thursday 1 October 2015

Revisited: Mt. Tilia (Pets)

Mt. Tilia 

We start a brand new month today, and with each new month, comes a new round of pets. So today I'd like to announce a few new features and changes to the pets, which come into effect right now.

Updated Look

I have gone through all the pages and given the general look and feel a bit of an upgrade. You'll notice some better positioned back links and a better flow of the features.

QP Task Changes

I have altered some of the QP task milestones (pray I don't alter them any further), putting a little more emphasis and reward on level and added a new pet power category. This increases the total of QP you can earn a month to 36, up from 30.

Pet Turn Claiming Changes

I know some of you weren't a fan of the weird way you the pet turns worked, so I've changed it for the better. Each hour you get given +20 pet turns you can claim (no more full hour waits, on the top of the hour you'll be able to get another 20.) The same cap of ~240 remains.

What's even better, is there are now two ways to get a small turn bonus. Firstly, any hour you level your pet up in, you get an extra +3 turns for the next hour, totalling 23. Secondly, if you claimed your turns in the previous hour, you'll get an extra +1 turn for your next hour, totalling 21. Any hour that you level up your pet and claim turns, you will get 24 turns the next hour.

Pet Equipment Store

Two types of pet equipment has been added to the new Pet Store at Mt. Tilia. You can now purchase collars, which increase the rage and attack of your pet, and armour to increase its defence. These items are automatically equipped after purchase, and are paid for using Units, which is earned randomly by fighting other pets.

Training Changes

There are now 3 training options. Firstly, we have a new enhanced training option which allows you, for free, to train up to 20 turns per day getting better results. It works the same as your own personal motivation at the Dead City gym. Secondly, we have the option that was there before, train 1 turn and randomly get either +0.01 or + 0.02 per turn. Thirdly, a new option which gives +0.01 with a random chance to get a +0.03 per turn.

Custom Pet Avatar

As a little extra reward for those who play with the pets on a regular basis, you can now upload your own pet avatar when you have hit the milestone of 500 total level ups.

Battle Changes

A couple of noticeable changes have been made to battle, excluding the new units currency. Firstly, the wait to attack again after you lose has been reduced to 50 seconds.  And secondly, there is a new list pets below your power option.

Pet Hitlist Changes

The pet hitlist has had a few new features, too. It now shows the power and whether the pet is attackable or not. You can now also order the pets by name, level and power.

WP Rewards

Although it wasn't advertised, the top 10 pet levels of each month are rewarded with +1 WP. This is now permanent and advertised across Mt. Tilia.

FAQ & Settings Page

The help page has been updated into two distinct categories, your pet options and a help guide. The help guide has been completely re-written to show all the changes made today.

Other Changes

  • First place wins and level at the end of the the month get a collar collectible
  • Last month's top 10 wins and level leaderboard added
  • Pets now close when cooldown is active
  • Increased the size of the pet bio edit box
  • Mt. Tilia progress (wins, level, and wins today) added to home page
  • New comprehensive logging system to help catch botters

And what makes this so much better? It's all available on Reign Of Blood Mobile too.

I've started up a dedicated thread for feedback and bug reports right here.


Wednesday 23 September 2015

Crazies End

2 Week Crazies Event

I hope you liked the 2 week crazies event I ran for you over the last couple weeks. Today is the final day, so get all that extra stuff in while you can. I also would like to say I'm back 100% from my time off now, so give me a couple days to get up to date with everything and we'll get this ball rolling...


Friday 4 September 2015

Reign Of Blood MOBILE

Reign Of Blood Mobile

It is finally time for a decent and usable mobile version of Reign Of Blood. I proudly announce the open beta of Reign Of Blood Mobile. This will be quite a lengthy post on the journey of getting this done, so get comfy.

Why Now?

The general shift to mobile devices has become too obvious to ignore. People aren't keeping up buying new PC's, but are keeping up with phones. And after doing some analytical work on the traffic Reign Of Bood gets, a few months ago, I saw this.

I could no longer ignore the fact Reign Of Blood isn't mobile friendly. This time 6 months ago it was Desktop 65%, mobile 28% and tablet 6%. Which means people are using their mobiles more and more. And if you're a mobile user, you'll know it can be frustrating, or near impossible to play fully on a mobile device on the desktop version. So what happens? People don't bother.

The Goal

The goal of Reign Of Blood Mobile is create a mobile version of the game which works on as many mobile and tablet browsers as possible, is as fast as possible, with using as little data as possible. The reason it took so long to get this going is because you can't just shrink down all the current pages into a little screen, doesn't work, each page needs to be reformatted for the new size. A lot of work, but well worth it for sure.

The Interface

I gave you a sneak peak last week on what the main home page looks like, and here it is again. This is screen you'll come to when you login. Keep in mind that designing for a mobile interface, there will be some navigational differences to make the game possible on a smaller screen. So your home page is essentially the main hub to all other features and pages.

On a few pages i've added some hidden sections, when you see those little down arrow icons next to "More Stats", you can click that link to show extra content, as you see here.

The structure of the layout is fixed, meaning you can't zoom in. Which makes playing a lot easier so when you double the tap the screen, it doesn't annoyingly zoom you in. You can see the battle pages below fit perfectly and make it super easy to attack, go back and attack again.

The battle shows and you can easily to see the outcome, and use back buttons on the top and the bottom for easy navigation back to where you were (more on that in a bit.)

And finally just to show you, an example of the daily quests page.

Navigational Flow

One of the main things I focused on, as well as making it look acceptable on a smaller screen, is the general flow of the game. You play a bit differently using mobile instead a mouse, so the general flow has to change. In regards specifically to vampire battles. The way to do your battles on mobile is different so I did several things to make it "flow" as well as possible. There is always the heal option at the top of each page (notifications too), and the back button is smart and takes you back to where you were. If you were on the 'vampire below my power' page, it'll know that and take you back there, if you were on your enemy list, it would know and take you back there, even after you 'finish them' and heal. I have also made the top Reign Of Blood logo and link back to your home navigation screen.

Notes & Restrictions 

This is currently an unfinished beta product. And there are some restrictions and exclusions at this time. These include:
- HTML is turned off on all pages
- Desktop access to it is blocked
- Not new player friendly at the moment, no tutorial
- You can't signup on mobile
- No image uploading (yet!)
- Only Paypal accepted payment method for packs
- No links to standard quests yet

Getting To It

Like last time, if you didn't know the URL of where mobile was, you wouldn't even know about it. After the beta (or when we have a stable beta) I will put a script on the homepage which detects your browser, if you're on a mobile, it'll show you the mobile interface, and will of course give you the option to login to the mobile site, or the regular desktop site. That'll be pretty sweet.

For now though, for those who want to help test (on mobile devices only):

Go to:

There will be a link at the bottom of the page to make suggestions, report bugs and give feedback. The thread you can also find here.

This is still a work in progress, although 90% of the game is currently on it. I intend to continue to improve and work on it as feedback comes in. Thank you for patience, and thank you to those who will help make this better.

P.S. The AP Rage event is active on mobile too.


Friday 28 August 2015

Big Reveal & AP Rage Event

The Big Reveal: Reign Of Blood Mobile v2

I've been working hard the last few months on the brand new Reign Of Blood Mobile site. It's almost ready for open beta for those eager to get into it. I'm aiming for a stable enough release some time next week. You can have a sneak preview screenshot below:

AP Rage Event

The end of August is always a fun time. Not only am I celebrating my 27th Birthday, it is home to the  AP Rage event. Although actually wasn't planned this year, it seems people have been expecting and preparing for it.  I'd hate to dissapoint.

The AP Rage event will start on Monday 31st August and end Sunday 6th September. You'll find a link to the AP Rage information page at Dead City.

Game Wide AP Extra Rewards

The total of all AP spent during this event will be tallied. If all players hit the below milestones, extra rewards will be given to all that took part (and traded at least 25AP) after the event.

10,000 total AP used: 3 QP
25,000 total AP used: Free Potion Credit
50,000 total AP used: Special 2 Week September Event For All
100,000 total AP used: Collectible

VIP & Plasma Special

Of course with every AP Rage event, we get a delicious VIP & Plasma sale to go with it. Get some bargain AP before the Monday event begins. Click here to see the packs.

General Notice

They'll be loads more info regarding the mobile site, as well as the story behind it all in a blog post next week when the beta begins. I shall be taking a couple weeks off in September to give my eyes a bit of a rest. I'll still be popping on to do my usual checks and answer blood letters of course.

Enjoy the  weekend,

Monday 24 August 2015

Activity Lottery Results

Activity Lottery Results

The Activity Lottery is now over! Thanks to everyone who took part and the randomly picked winners based on tickets earned are listed below. I look forward to the next event.

First Prize: Octavia Apocalypse (696542)
Second Prize: Dreamweaver (248485)
Third Prize: Bubblegum Silence Candy™ (570523)
Fourth Prize: Lily Anvari (632470)
Fifth Prize: Reaper Apocalypse (696543)
6th-10th Prize: Michael (522259), Lady Scarlet Bellemore (695961), Misha Keates (208044), BloodGoD (493052), CMP (162131)
11th-20th Prize: Atar of Mesopotamia (258957),  Z£þH¥®~AoN INVI©TUŠ (279182), Katsumoto Grimaldi (694016), War (137469), Mrs. Queenie Dark (218258), Shadow Stalker (126135), Panth Hatemachine (112802), Dess. (681614), Naraku Simatzu Kisuke (592808), WarCloud De Locura (375195)
21st-25th Prize: Princess Amelia Petrovic (697534), DragonsLight (695628), Feral Whispers (565736), Jessica Rabbit (135259), DragonsSoul (696478)

Everyone who took part will get a free QP regardless of position. If you're one of the people listed above, congratulations, your prizes have been added. To find out exactly what you won, see the prize table on the Activity Lottery page.

Big Reveal Friday

This Friday I will reveal what I've been working on, and give you some general details about what stage it is at, and when you get to play with it. I can't wait to show you.

Enjoy the week,

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Activity Feed Lottery

Activity Feed Lottery

After the huge success for the concept of the last event, Blood Thirst, I've come up with another type new event I think you'll enjoy taking part in as well.

Over 150 people visit the Activity feed each day, and this weekend you'll get your chance to star in it, and have the chance to win some delicious prizes.

Starting Friday 21st August and ending on midnight Sunday 23rd August, all your personal Activity Feed posts will give you one ticket into our Mega Activity Lottery.

This lottery will produce 25 winners, and the more tickets you have, the more chance you have of placing higher.

Click here to see the Mega Activity Lottery page via Dead City.

That Thing

Progress on this thing is going well, I'm hoping to have a big reveal maybe early next week, depending on how much I power through the rest of this week. Can't wait to show you.

Enjoy the weekend ahead,

Saturday 8 August 2015

Double Sunday

Double Sunday

Thanks to all who indulged in the Midweek Madness this week. All you midweek murderers, and everyone else, can enjoy double turns, double coven exp & double blood tomorrow (Sunday 9th).


I'm making good progress on what I'm doing. I'm planning to have an open beta by the end of the month, so for the ones that'll want it, can have a play for a few weeks as I continue to work on it. I really look forward to getting this out there.


Thursday 23 July 2015

Blood Thirst 3 Results

A big congratulations to the red and yellow team for getting joint first. Second place was white, third place green, and last place the blues.

Thank you to all that took part, I hope you enjoyed it once again and you can go claim your rewards right here.

I've been working on my "something huge". I'd say I'm about 3/4 the way through before its ready enough to launch for early testing. It's been a lot of fun for me to make a test.

Enjoy the weekend ahead,

Wednesday 15 July 2015

Blood Thirst 3

Blood Thirst Competition Event #3

I think it's time we had another much loved Blood Thirst competition. Just as before, all players will be randomly put into teams and fight for wins and blood to win prizes. You must enter yourself if you wish to take part, and you must enter before Sunday. The teams will be made up Sunday, and the 3 day competition will begin Monday 20th July.

Click here to visit the Dead City's Blood Thirst 3 page to enter.

Good luck & enjoy,

Wednesday 1 July 2015

RAHP Begins

RAHP On Inactive (RAHPOI?)

Starting July 3rd RAHP On The Inactive will be enabled.  Long Live RAHP!


Friday 3rd July RAHP On The Inactive will begin. Click here to view the countdown page. For those who donated to the cause this month, you can go to the countdown page to claim your goodies.

RAHP Special

To celebrate the launch of RAHP, and 7 day VIP/Plasma special has been launched! Click here to check them out. Offers end 7th July.

Metal Man 8

Grim is back needing more metal. When will this madness end?

Account Page Overhaul

The account page is a page that has bugged me for some time now. Mainly because of how out of date it all was. So I will very shortly upload the new account page with a new look, and hopefully a better navigation.

Working On Something Huge

You might have noticed that there has been less volume of updates over the last month, and for good reason. I've spent the last month working on something pretty huge. It's a lot of work. And something that should have probably been done a long time ago. I know at least 43% of you want it. It will probably take another month of solid work. I'm having a lot of fun with it myself, but can't wait to show you all.

Enjoy the week,

Wednesday 24 June 2015


"We want RAHP, we want RAHP"... the chants have begun.

Click here to sound off your chant.

Sunday 14 June 2015

New Missions & Co-op Quests

New Missions

A whole bunch of new standard missions have been added. These include:

  • Coffin Raid Missions
  • Rage Stone Upgrade Count Missions
  • PvP Wins With Rage Stone Equipped Missions
  • Collectibles Missions
  • Alignment Missions
  • Reputation Missions

And a few new plasma missions too.  These include:

  • Spend Plasma Today Missions
  • AP Used Today Missions
  • Get Drunk Missions

New Co-op Quests

15 new co-op quests have been added. These include:

  • Rank 30 - QP Addicts I-V
  • Rank 40 - Kill By Day I-V
  • Rank 50 - Werewolf Slayer I-III, Plasma Lover, The Gambler

RAHP Extended

We'll extend RAHP until Thursday the 18th. You lucky devils. To take full advantage, grab yourself a special RAHP pack.

Enjoy the week ahead,

Monday 8 June 2015

Double Blood Wednesday

RAHP On Inactives

I'm glad many of you are enjoying the extra blood the RAHP on the inactives is giving. We will continue to let this run for another week, and we'll have a vote on the future.

Double Wednesday

This Wednesday 10th June everyone can enjoy, with RAHP active, double blood all day.

Forum Reaction

I know not everyone likes to post on the forum. A lot of people follow what goes on but never posts.  Remember, if you don't like saying something in public, you can send me a blood letter for any feedback or ideas, I read them all. However, in light of this, and taking the idea from this blog, I have added a new reactions section to each thread (which are different depending on the board), for people to be able to give a quick feedback reaction to what was posted.

Other Updates

Here are some other updates today if you've missed them:

  • Coven Conflict box defaults at the top (but below notification box), but can be changed to back to bottom of your account page
  • Coven Relic Shop now shows current relic stats
  • Increased the chance of getting potion credits & plasma from a coven raid by 20%. Also increased the money cap by about 30%.
  • Now a chance to get a potion credit and plasma even if the coven you raid has none
  • Coven Conflict box now defaults at the top of the left sidebar, but there is an account page option to move it back down if you don't want it there
  • You can now remove RP characters from RP, house & coven forum threads
  • New QOTD page look, and now shows question from yesterday

Enjoy the week,

Monday 1 June 2015

RAHP For Inactive & Coven Updates

Finish Them & NPC Updates

If you haven't read the recent blog post about the new finish them feature & NPC updates, don't feel bad, get caught up with it here before reading on today's update blog.

RAHP Inactives

For the next 2 weeks, starting right now, we're going to do a new RAHP test. People come, people go, its only natural, but in the day to day running of RoB, I cater for the people playing, and them only. What do people want? More blood! And what better to use those who no longer can be with us for that extra blood? I think it's a fantastic idea.

So, starting from today the RAHP will be active (Revive At Half Past) for all players who have not logged in for at least a month. Go get that extra blood!

The last day of this will be June 14th, when we'll rendezvous and discuss. For full details and the small print on this little experiment, visit the DC event page.

Coven Conflict Tweaks

Firstly, the Top Covens page has been updated to now show all the leaderboards relating to raids, skirmishes, invasions and the war of covens.

Secondly, the coven ranking page has been updated to include all the same information on the contribution of your own members in the coven conflict features.

Thirdly, the Coven Wheel Of Death now pays out both tokens to earn, and tokens that can be spent now. The tokens you receive after spinning will be clearly marked which is which.

Fourthly, I have tweaked the prices in the Coven Token Shop, and added in the option to buy a Coven Relic. But, I also increased the payout of tokens of skirmishes and invasions.

Raid Tweaks

In regards to the Raids specifically, I have changed the wait times a bit. If you declare a raid in the first 15 minutes of an hour, then the raid will start at the end of that hour. If you declare after the 15 minutes, it will start the hour afterwards.  (For example, if you declare at 9:43, the raid will start at 11:00, if you declare at 14:05, the raid will start at 15:00.)

I have also, for the time being, reduced the raid duration to 2 hours down from 3.

There has been a little confusion in regards to the first kill(s) bonus +10 raid exp. The math (their active member count/10). If they had less than 10 active members, it would be in the negative, so you wouldn't get any kills at +10. Today I have changed it so if that is the case, everyone gets one +10 hit.

And finally, I'd like to do a little something to help with failing raids. I've been told it sucks to lose and get nothing. Sure, of course, but I don't want it to be a turn off. So now, as long as at some point during the raid you hit your required exp, you will receive a few tokens.

I hope you enjoy these changes, and as always, report any problems please.

Thursday 28 May 2015

Finish Them & NPC Updates

It's All Going On

There is so much going on in the background in the moment, so many awesome things currently under construction, and I can't wait to roll them all out to you. You won't have to wait too long, as it starts here, today.

New Battle look

First of all, I'm happy to present a brand new battle page look. The battle page has pretty much been the way it was since the beginning of all time, but today that changes.

It's been given a bold new look, with bigger text for you to quickly absorb the information that is most read at the end of a battle. There is also a full breakdown of what blood comes from what boosts, so you can easily see where the blood sources are coming from. There is a ? link at the end, and that will take you to the new battle boosts page which explains all those sources.


For those that enjoy getting the most blood possible from your enemies, you'll like this neat new little feature. I've always wanted to do something like this, but never quite worked out how to do it exactly. But today I can happily announce the new 'Finish Them' feature. At the end of a PvP battle, you'll see a new [Finish Them] link. Clicking on this link will give you one more very quick bite out your opponent to get the last few drops. It's not a huge amount, but it's a completely free extra little boost.

NPC Updates

It's been a while since I've touched the NPC Werewolf Arena. Here are some updates:

  • New look, includes the updated battle breakdown section like the regular battles have. It now clearly shows which rank you're currently listing, as well as other various layout tweaks
  • You now get a small amount of coven exp for each NPC battle
  • NPC Blood triks potion "+25% NPC Blood Boost XL".
  • New more in depth stats and potion section at the top of the NPC page
  • 2 NPC bosses added for a good extra bit of blood when you get 100 and 300 NPC wins today. They only cost 1 turn to attack
  • Fixed a few NPC leaderboard glitches
  • Default rank listing option added
  • NPC wins added to your today's stats section

I hope you like these updates, lots more to come.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Blood Thirst Results

The Blood Thirst results are now final!

Congratulations to the Red Team for coming first place. Overall it was a pretty good contest. Did you prefer it this time or the previous time? I think allowing NPC's really increased the participation of the event.

Thanks for all who took part, and you can click here to claim your prizes.


Tuesday 12 May 2015

Blood Thirst Event (Take 2)

Due to this event being so well received in March, I thought it was time we did it again. But this time, we'll make a few changes.

There will be 5 colour coded teams again, and the two main tallies, wins and blood.

This time, i'm adding in more areas where you can earn the blood. Your team can earn Win points by battling other vampires (PvP rank 5+). Your team can earn blood points by battling other vampires (PvP rank 5+), the blood from battling NPC's, and the blood from the Fountain Of Awe (excluding attack on the dead).

And finally, the event will run for 3 days, instead of 2. Head to the Dead City and find the green "Blood Thirst" link to enter.

For those who took part last time, you know how delicious those prizes are. Signup by Friday to be entered. The teams will be worked out on Saturday, and the 3 day event will start on Sunday.

Click here for more information and to enter!


Friday 8 May 2015

New Missions, Co-Op Quests & Much More

Underground Level 2 Tweaks

I have made a couple changes to the underground level 2 today, mainly regarding silver.

  • A raid on someone's empty coffers now yields 1 silver by collecting nearby scraps
  • A raid that takes your 3 turns, now counts towards achievement etc totals
  • Increased the silver you can find per search by an average of 15%
  • 2 New Trik's Potion (Standard and XL) to find more silver shards in UG2

New Missions

A new category of missions have been added: Plasma missions.. Plasma missions are missions you unlock with plasma and get a QP reward at the end.

48 standard new missions have also been added for your completion today.

Homepage Section

With all the new additions of missions, quests & achievements etc etc its getting to be a bit messy getting to them, and getting to them quickly. So I have redesigned the quests/achievements box on your homepage to give quicker access to some of the most used features in this area. Included in this is a new quick link to just view your daily quests.

New Co-Op Quests

There are 10 brand new co-op quests now available for your completion.

Forum Notifications

Today I have also overhauled the forum subscription feature. Subscribing to threads does make it a little easier to come back and check the threads you want to follow, but today I'm making it a little more easier. As well as updating the look of your subscription pages, I have included all the forum subscriptions on one page, so you have easy access to everything. Most importantly, I have added a brand new notification. Whenever one of your subscribed threads gets a post, you get notified right away. You can thank this new awesome SSD filled server to allow me to do this now.

WP Lite Follow Up

Thanks for the generally positive on WP Lite. I know many of you are now glad that the WP achievements/missions are no longer on your "never going to happen" personal list. I've had a few questions about them I'd like to announce here for everyone to know.

Earning & spending WP Lite will never be on any achievement list or mission. The idea of WP Lite is for people to be able to earn WP, which already have its own achievements & missions. There will not be any list that will require the use of spending WP Lite. I know some people seem to be hoarding it just incase, but there is no need, it wont ever happen. The only achievements going forward will include the use of WP. I have added a WP Lite trade count, for information purposes only (listed on the misc stats page).

Enjoy the weekend ahead,

Friday 1 May 2015

WP Lite & Market Updates

Birthday AP Rage

I'm glad many of you are liking and taking part in the AP Rage event. It's great seeing people juicing up and getting their kills in. It'll last all week! While that is going on, I do have some new updates and features for you. Happy Birthday again, RoB!

WP & WP Lite

Getting WP can be hard. Placing in the top 10 each day can tricky if you can't get online in the last couple hours of the day to keep your spot. I am completely smypathetic with the pain of working all day, and being pushed to #11 at the last minute. I have made some changes to the way WP works in order to further expand the reward to reach more people, without destroying its reward power for getting to the top 10 each day, especially now there is achievement/mission requirements for it.

Introducing WP Lite. WP Lite can be earned (explained more below) and then traded into WP.

4 WP Lite = 1 WP

Earning WP

  • 1x WP - Top 10 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 1x WP - Top 10 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 1x WP - Top 10 Pet Levels Total Each Month

Earning WP Lite

  • 2x WP Lite - #11-#20 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - #11-#20 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #21-#30 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #21-#30 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Spring Valley Hunts Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Spring Valley Hunts Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Vadenhill Feeds Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Vadenhill Feeds Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Greenwood Cash$ Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Greenwood Cash$ Each Day

The above payouts are subject to change, I will probably continue to tweak it as I watch how the payouts are made each day over the next couple weeks. The WP Shop in Dead City is where WP can be spent, and WP Lite can be traded. The WP Shop has always been updated to include all these ways you can earn WP now.

New Auction Market Feature

One of the most off putting things, especially for new players, is the prices of the market. The prices are set to supply and demand - and it should be, but it can discouraging for players unable to buy VIP/Plasma as it sucks up all their money to do so. Today I have made a little change to help that.

The power of the market is always with those with lots of cash. The little guy can't compete easily with that. But now they can use the most valuable asset to their disposal, AP.

I had a conversation with a couple new players that have come to me with their struggles in the market, and after talking it over elsewhere, put forward the idea of using the most powerful currency they have to offer, AP.  Not everyone will go for it, and it is completely optional, but it depends how you value what you want in the game.

So, I have setup a new auction market section where players can list AP to be bought with Plasma instead of money, and people to list plasma to be sold for AP. VIP Credits too. This a great way for sellers to get something other than money from their currencies, and also allows newer players, and players you can't make purchases, to acquire these currencies without breaking their bank. And you never know, it may bring prices down a bit in the process. I have also created new subscription options for these new listings pages, so if you want to subscribe to these too, you can go ahead and save that option.

I hope you like these updates, more to come.

Sunday 26 April 2015

Reign Of Blood's 9th Birthday

New Server Update

I'm glad many of you are loving the speed of the new servers. I can't even believe how fast they are. Good stuff. The majority of the errors have been ironed out, which is great. Thanks to everyone who helped report the problems. If anything else crops up that I've missed, be sure to report it.

Happy Birthday

9 years down...
Monday the 27th of April will mark 9 years of Reign Of Blood. 9 years. That's a long time. You don't see many games last this long, and the ones that do, you won't see the owner/development team (me!) login each day to work on it over all this time. As always thanks to you all for letting me keep this going for so long, and I can't wait to see wait to see what the many future years bring. Happy Birthday Reign Of Blood.

AP Rage Event

Many have come to expect the AP rage event around birthday celebrations, so I would hate to disappoint. Starting from Monday (27th) and lasting all the way through Sunday, the AP rage event will be active. And what's even better, we have the super fast server to do this on.  There is of course a delicious plasma special for those that need some cheap plasma.

Enjoy the event, and happy birthday RoB!

Thursday 23 April 2015

Reign Of Blood On SSD's

New Server

There is nothing quite like the smell of a fresh server. Breathe in that fresh air. The new server was successfully installed with no hiccups (so far)! There was a couple delays with setting up the IP addresses etc, but we're all good now. I know not everyone has logged back in yet, but the new SSD drives seemed to have improved page loads quite a bit!!

Thank you for your patience. I have started up a new forum thread for you to give any feedback on the new servers and to report any problems or glitches that I've missed.

Possible glitches that will be resolved in the next 24 hours that need not be reported:
- Profile pictures, avatars (all uploadable content) may appear broken or not existing
- Some people unable to reach the site due to the IP of the server changing, be patient

Promocode: newserver2015

Thanks & enjoy.

Tuesday 21 April 2015

New Server [Downtime]

New Server 

I have been told new server is just about ready. In light of this awesome news, we will be scheduling some downtime to begin the transfer onto the spanking new bit of kit.

Reign Of Blood will be taken offline at 10am (game time) Thursday 23rd April.

The transfer will take anywhere between 2 and 4 hours. So prepare for up to 4 hours of downtime. If everything goes smoothly, it will hopefully be much less than that.

I can't wait to feel RoB  on SSD's.


Thursday 16 April 2015

Double Weekend For All

Free Double Weekend

This weekend, from Saturday 00:01 until Sunday 23:59 enjoy 48 hours of:

  • Double Blood
  • Double Turns
  • Double Coven Exp

Let the bloodbath commence!


Thursday 2 April 2015

Easter Baby Egg Event

Easter Baby Egg Event

This years 8 day Easter event is now available in its comfortable Dead City location. Complete quests to get baby eggs from the big giant golden eggs. The quests begin at midnight tonight. Complete the quests each day to earn gold coins, which can traded for baby eggs, which can be turned into POWER. There will be 8 days of quests, and the quests will vary each day.

There is also a delicious Easter special too, of course.


Wednesday 25 March 2015

List 9, New Power Relic & More

Achievements List 9

While the Coven Conflict is going on, here's list 9 as promised. You'll be able to access it from your home page or any of the other achievements list for those who dare challenge it. There are a couple secrets which will get revealed in the next few months.

Coven Achievements List 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5

I've noticed quite a few people would love an achievements list for your covens, and today I can announce that's exactly what I've done. Achievements list 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 for covens is now live for your completing pleasure. You can access the list on your coven pages.

Some of the tasks on these lists require things you didn't have access to before. The variables that are required that you don't know, have been added to the coven stats page. I have also added a new section on the activity feed to show coven achievement completions too.

New Coven Power Relic

The Coven Power Relics are great. It gives covens a little something to fight for every now and then. Each of the 3 relics are pretty desirable, but I want to add in another even more desirable one to heat up the competition even more. Introducing the new Ultimate Boost Relic. It gives +10% coven exp and +10% blood. This gives us a total of 4 Coven Power Relics for your enjoyment.


I have reached out to some of the still active applicants of the writing jobs I released a few months ago. I'm excited to get the ball rolling on these projects. If you didn't apply and want to contribute to the writing project and have a lot of time to give to it, you can send me a blood letter, be quick, though.


Saturday 21 March 2015

Coven Conflict Full Run

Coven Conflict

Working progress, i like it. All the below systems will be open for play on Monday 23rd for a full week. Overall changes include:

  • New look coven conflict page
  • Coven conflict links added to the coven page
  • Left box now appears for raids, skirmishes and invasions
  • Dedicated vampire lists added where exp pays only for active hits


Here are the changes to raids and another an overview of the feature:

  • Your first kills (their active member count/10) will yield + 10 raid exp (up from 5)
  • Every kill after will yield the same + 3 raid exp, zaps remain + 2 raid exp
  • Your score can no longer go into negatives (so only have to work back up from 0)
  • Only active players (within a month) give off raid exp
  • Quick link added to the coven member attack list page

I will keep a close eye on making sure the raids complete when they should. If you're in a raid that didn't end when it should, be sure to let me know ASAP so I can clear it manually and look into why.


One change and one addition to the skirmishes at the moment. The divide by active members formula at the end of each round now counts members logged on the past 3 days, rather than a few weeks. Which will reduce the division amount, so having a few lingering inactive don't count as much as against your coven score, and will encourage everyone online to contribute to increase the score.

I have also added a coven tier list page so you can see a full list of covens and all the tiers.


Due to no complaints on the invasion side, it's currently staying as is.

Token Shop

The token shop is open for business! Instead of just going ahead with this on my own, I'd like everyone who is in a coven, owns a coven, runs a coven to pitch it on what they think the token shop boosts should cost. I've started a thread to discuss this subject.

An extra enhancement to a current conflict feature and leaderboards to come soon. To give feedback etc for this particular update, please use this thread.

New Server

The new server arrived a couple days ago, and we'll most probably get plugged in and transferred sometime early next week. I will keep you in the loop of when that will happen, keep an eye on the game updates or our Facebook page.


Friday 13 March 2015

Coven Conflict: Invasions

Coven Conflict: Invasions

The Invasion part of the coven conflict system is now open for public testing. It is, at its core, the same as the old coven battles, with a few changes. Here are some of them:

- Interface has been updated to fit in with the new coven systems
- Invasion tier has been added to all relevant pages, this is separate to skirmish tier
- Hourly round bonuses now boost final exp by +3%
- Hourly round wins now boost coven exp payout by +1% per hour round win. When defending, your coven can actually earn coven exp just by winning rounds
- A few hour wait added before the invasion begins
- Zapping now earns invasion exp
- The rounds last from top of hour to top of hour, instead of half past
- You no longer have to wait until the end of the day for the invasions to finish, it checks every half an hour
- Banners no longer appear at the top of the battle pages, a new box on the left appears

There are a couple more changes I'd like to make, like the exp payouts, but I want to get this out there and tested before I go in and tweak.

Coven Wheel Changes

As you have probably noticed, the coven wheel is currently taking a little break. There is good reason for this. It was causing a few bugs with the war, and I've completely changed my mind about how to use this giveaway feature. It will remain down until next week, but don't worry, it'll be worth the wait.

Coven Conflict Overview

I will leave Invasions open for around 5-6 days, and then next week will work my ass off finishing off and making final tweaks to the whole coven conflict system. Bringing them altogether and doing a week of everything being open and available. And yes, that includes opening up the token shop and one more surprise feature.

For comments and bug reports on these new Invasions, please use this forum thread.

New Server Update

The server order has been placed and it should be arriving within a week. Super excited to see how RoB runs on SSD's. I'll update you when it arrives and there is a set date for install and transferring of files.

St. Patrick's Day Mini-Event

Starting from today you can enjoy the St. Patrick's mini-event. It will run for one week, and there is of course a delicious VIP/Plasma special to go along with it. Head to the Dead City to find out more.

Oh, and you can all have a drink on me.


Sunday 8 March 2015

Blood Thirst Results

Blood Thirst Results

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Blood Thirst Competition. It was a lot of fun. And the overall positive response from it was great to see as well. Here are the winning teams, and the top players who contributed the most towards their teams.

The Winner(s)

Tie First Place: White & Green Team (9 points each)
Second Place: Red Team (6 points)
Third Place: Yellow Team (4 points)
Fourth Place: Blue Team (2 points)

The Top Wins

Position 1 
Team Green (42,282 Wins)

Position 2 
Team White (40,307 Wins)

Position 3 
Team Red (38,944 Wins)

Position 4 
Team Yellow (37,681 Wins)

Position 5 
Team Blue (21,756 Wins)

The Top Blood

Position 1 
Team White (7,577,487 Blood)

Position 2 
Team Green (7,170,267 Blood)

Position 3 
Team Red (5,848,088 Blood)

Position 4 
Team Yellow (5,293,251 Blood)

Position 5 
Team Blue (4,349,576 Blood)

Top Player Wins

[Team Green] King Sassy (645468) got 2842 wins
[Team Yellow] Chestii Morbide (439725) got 2640 wins
[Team Red] vonhof glitch master (90159) got 2629 wins
[Team Red] RavenRouge (466509) got 2584 wins
[Team White] Alexis Romanov Drakon (390348) got 2557 wins
[Team White] Brennan Rego Malik (602429) got 2536 wins
[Team White] Lady Vladina LR Phuri Dae (477343) got 2499 wins
[Team Green] Angelique (676509) got 2494 wins
[Team Green] Lyla LaVey (331357) got 2491 wins
[Team Red] Reokan (73133) got 2452 wins

Top Player Blood

[Team Green] Morganika Bellator (93008) got 1823047 blood
[Team White] Brennan Rego Malik (602429) got 1743976 blood
[Team White] Ylenia Dalca (60993) got 1404737 blood
[Team Red] Reokan (73133) got 1328711 blood
[Team Blue] Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258) got 909614 blood
[Team Yellow] Revalth Phuri Dae-LR (523102) got 902926 blood
[Team White] Brock Keates (416014) got 767242 blood
[Team Yellow] Michael (522259) got 679589 blood
[Team Green] Jocelyn Shamrock Nex (586647) got 659150 blood
[Team White] Lady Vladina LR Phuri Dae (477343) got 638568 blood

As you can see, it was pretty close.  It was insane seeing the battle lists so empty! The days activity was huge. We will have to do this again soon.

If you head back to the Blood Thirst page you can now collect your prizes.


Thursday 5 March 2015

Blood Thirst Competition

New Server

I've been doing some thinking, some research and some chatting to my hosting tech guys about the future of Reign Of Blood's servers. We mingled over the usage, the power consumed at resets and came to the conclusion it was time for an upgrade. Long story short, we worked out some of the bottleneck comes from the I/O speed of the hard disks. So instead of keeping on adding more and more servers to our network, we're going to do something radical.

I have ordered, a rather beautiful, new server for Reign Of Blood. And it's quite a beast. It'll have top of the line SSD drives, a lot of RAM and super fast Intel server grade processors. It'll be about twice as fast as the one we have now, which was also part of it, our servers are getting onto being 4 years old now. There will be some downtime in a week or two as we make the transfer, but I'll know more information closer to the time, this is just a heads up!

Blood Thirst Competition

The time for Blood Thirst is almost here! I have just gone though and sorted all the vampires who have entered into 5 teams. Head to the Blood Thirst page at Dead City to see which team you are in. I have also added a special temporary chat, where you can talk to just your team mates.

The competition will start counting kills and blood from midnight game time tonight, for a whole 48 hours. To find the full scoring information, head over to the Blood Thirst page.

I hope you enjoy the competition.


Monday 2 March 2015

Blood Thirst Team up

Blood Thirst Team Up Competition

I've decided to try out a new concept for an event type feature. And that has resulted in this new Blood Thirst Team Up. Basically, there are 5 coloured teams, and those 5 teams will compete with each other over a 2 day period this weekend.

The teams will be sorted & balanced by power. And this will happen on Thursday evening. The fight will begin Thursday night midnight until Saturday evening midnight (the entire 48 hour period of Friday and Saturday).

In order to take part in this competition, you must manually enter. You can do that by heading to the Dead City page and clicking the new green link, or by clicking here. And you must to do before the teams are sorted on Thursday evening. Keep an eye on the game updates page on Thursday for the exact end time. You will not be able to enter after the teams have been sorted.

All the players that enter will be broken down into 5 coloured teams. Then on Friday and Saturday, the vampire wins and blood earned will be totalled and ranked. (Full information on the above linked page.)

Prizes will be given to the winning time, and there will also be runner up prizes. The prizes will also be based on how much you contribute, so don't expect to just enter and get lots of free stuff ;) There will be a collectible within the prizes too!

I look forward to it, and good luck!

Friday 27 February 2015

Market Overhaul & Double Sunday

Free Double Sunday/Monday

You wanted it, you got it. From 10am Sunday until Monday night, enjoy:

- Double Turns
- Double Blood
- Double Coven Exp

Brand New Contest

Staring from the 1st of March, you'll be able to enter a never seen before mass killing competition. On the 1st, you'll see a new section open at Dead City. More info to come.

Market Overhaul

The Dead City Market and Auction house have now been merged into the Auction Market. Instead of having separate places, they are now as one. When you want to sell something, your options are:

- List it as an auction
- List it as an action with a "buy it now" price
- List as a single item listing so you can sell one-by-one at set price (not for all options)

This gives a variety of different options depending on what you want, and brings all the trading into one area, instead of splitting it into many. The wants market will remain, but its look as been updated, and I've added VIP credits into it. You can now have up to 20 auctions. VIP & Potion Credits fee have both been reduced to a flat $5k fee per credit. The Auction Market now has a page where you can see all your listings in once place. To help stop future abuse, AP is now auction only. Any errors? Please let me know :)

Coven Conflict

After a few hiccups, it looks like we're on the right track. There have been a few suggested changes to be made, but please give your feedback after taking part on this thread.

Looking forward to it,

Tuesday 24 February 2015

Coven Conflict: Skirmish

Coven Conflict: Skirmish

In my mission to create a variety of coven war flavours, phase 4 of this new coven conflict system is a re-branding of the much loved (and not so loved) V2 round based war system, but coded from scratch  with some tweaks. Once a week you can launch a skirmish on another coven for coven exp and tokens. Win more of the 24 hour long rounds than your enemy to win the skirmish. Earn skirmish exp by attacking or zapping the enemy coven.


As per the majority request, the rounds have been reduced from 48 hours to 24. I am keen to meet in the middle and have them at 36, but we'll see how we get on.

Win the most rounds in a skirmish and the skirmish is a success. If you are successful, you will gain coven exp and tokens. The coven exp you get is based on the level of the coven you have launched a skirmish on, and how many rounds you won. If the enemy coven fights back and wins some of the rounds, your coven exp will be reduced. The tiers have also be altered a little, you'll find the new tiers on the skirmish page linked below.


People thought that losing coven exp, or rather the amount, was a little too much. I somewhat agree. So I've made a change, similar to above, to help that. The coven exp loss of a skirmish is fixed, but you can offset this by winning rounds. Both covens get coven exp round bonuses, the attacker only gets the exp if they win, but even if they win, the defender can earn coven exp too. For every round you win, you will offset some of the fixed loss of coven exp for losing the skirmish (as well as reducing their coven exp reward). If you win enough of the rounds, it can even go into profit and earn you coven exp.


For full information about the Skirmishes, you can check out the new Skirmish page. Or by going to Dead City > Conflict Control > Skirmishes.

Just like with the raids, you have this week to give this a test and give any feedback. The discussion will be held of this forum thread. Please give feedback after playing a skirmish, and ask any questions, report any bugs etc, thank you.


Thursday 19 February 2015

Valentine's Event Roundup

Valentines Event

Other love filled event has passed. With so much love (and some hate), how did we do? 71% of you voted that you love Valentines. 29% of you voted you hated it!

Most Loved

[ 28000 ] Loved Savage Sugar Lips PD-LR (648620)
[ 21700 ] Loved Ryssa Fidela (179328)
[ 6105 ] Loved Karina Ornoff-Nex™ (82837)
[ 4250 ] Loved prettyhatemachine (164945)
[ 2925 ] Loved Death of silence (570523)
[ 2855 ] Loved Joceychu Gnocchi Nex (586647)
[ 2459 ] Loved Dizzi Sainte (215182)
[ 2192 ] Loved Jonathan Ettore Nex™ (411454)
[ 2151 ] Loved Dr. James Ornoff-Nex (599384)
[ 1862 ] Loved Dimitril Aerinil (203351)
[ 1830 ] Loved Natsume Lilith Nightlord (384590)

People spent a total of $1,002,330,000 on giving love. That's a lot of green.

Top Couples

The top 20 couples are listed below. First place 30 QP, 5 plasma & 3 WP each, second place gets 20 QP, 4 plasma & 2 WP each, and everyone else gets 10 QP, 3 plasma & 1 WP each.

[ 922 Hearts ] Mikkala (311519) and Macabress (176585) 

[ 907 Hearts ] Tiny (500687) and vonhof glitch master (90159) 

[ 902 Hearts ] Revalth Phuri Dae-LR (523102) and Savage Sugar Lips PD-LR (648620) 

[ 893 Hearts ] Queenie Happy Lil Killer (218258) and DarkMessiah (9908) 

[ 861 Hearts ] Kikayah de Strauss (679748) and Lily Anvari (632470) 

[ 838 Hearts ] Riddles (618064) and Cole Ethan Deyanira (345551) 

[ 796 Hearts ] †TS†CaliX Phuri Dae† (491221) and †Payne LaRouge Phuri Dae† (283916) 

[ 728 Hearts ] makilak (648041) and Angelique (676509) 

[ 694 Hearts ] Brunette D`Spartan² (646032) and Demetreus D`Spartan² (612013) 

[ 591 Hearts ] Roz McClellan ^v^ QS (283088) and Alegna McClellan (520460) 

[ 574 Hearts ] Kitana (588334) and The Notorious Ruffian (242222) 

[ 557 Hearts ] Shawn `Knox` Breach™ (245670) and Sunshine<3 i="" nbsp="">

[ 515 Hearts ] ~Mad Vlad LaVey ~ CdA ~ (463334) and Lyla LaVey (331357) 

[ 502 Hearts ] Ylenia Dalca (60993) and DK...Dark Knight (483649) 

[ 499 Hearts ] Chestii Morbide (439725) and Atar of Mesopotamia (258957) 

[ 479 Hearts ] Rosaleen (369059) and *~=(XerO_ErroR)=~* (691134) 

[ 432 Hearts ] Zandra Hatemachine (476518) and Panth Hatemachine (112802) 

[ 429 Hearts ] Nathan Duval (691281) and Alicia De Winter (691240) 

[ 426 Hearts ] .L o c k e. (201632) and °**°CoNTroL°**° (129755) 

[ 419 Hearts ] Little Bleeder (683322) and This Charming Man (684362) 

Leaderboard WP

Click here to see the the Valentines event leaderboard. The top 10 of each of the leaderboards has earned themselves 5QP & 2 WP each.

If you ripped more than 20 hearts during this event, click here for a little prize.

I hope you enjoyed the event. The next one is just around the corner!

More to come,

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