Sunday 27 January 2013

External Social Update & Boys Vs Girls Event

I'm glad many of you are enjoying the trading features. I even finding myself constantly checking the auctions and seeing how the bidding wars are going!

On a side note, you can also get to this blog by going to: (only if the server is up)

Socially Awesome
The internet over the past few years has got lot more social. Social networking sites and blogs have become a great way for people to stay in contact and updated on the sites and content they love. I like to keep the word of Reign Of Blood spread across many avenues as possible. Today, we're adding one more. For all the Tumblr lovers, I've added a Tumblr Reign Of Blood 'feed'. Just like all the other networks, all updates will be posted there too, but also little tid bits which aren't necessarily worth of a full blog post. (or if you're lazy)

So now, our full list of social networks are:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- Tumblr

If you use any of the above, likes and follows are appreciated! Keep in mind the most important feeds are of course the game updates page and this blog. The rest are just for fun and extra exposure to the contents posted on the game updates page and this blog.

More Quests
The quests added over the past few days are:

- Wheel Winner
- Wheel Winner II
- Wheel Winner III

Creacking down on cheating
There is always a small minority who try and ruin the fun for everyone else. It seems so especially when it comes to pets. We've jailed many people who've tried cheating the pets, do people think we don't pay much attention to them because they're a side game? I'd just like to let you know that I've setup even more logs on the pet battles, and any suspicious activity will be investigated.

Boys Vs Girls Event

It's time for another Boys Vs Girls event! Starting today (Sunday the 27th) at midnight (game time) the event will begin and continue for 1 week exactly. The scores and more information can be found at the Dead City. The winning team gets prizes of course!

Enjoy the week!

Tuesday 22 January 2013

Revisited: Trading

I've been working during the past week on an updated trading system (Which has taken longer than expected). For those are into the game economics, I can confirm that, to date, the 1% market fee alone has taken $625million+ out of the game. That just shows how much people love trading.

Trading & Services Ad Board
The majority of people who want to advertise selling something, post on the trading forum. To help gain more exposure I've created a ad board which is located at the Dead City. You simply pay a small fee to post whatever it is you're offering, whether you're selling an item, selling merc services, selling plasma etc you can post on the ad board. This will be the main hub for people wanting to trade and look for a good deal, as opposed to just watching the market and forum. Click here to check it out.

Auction House
People also use the forum to host auctions. These have to be moderated to make sure everything works out as it should. I've decided to agree and take away that work from our mods and ACT and create an automated 'eBay' style auction house. If you have something to sell, any items, plasma, or covens. You can pay a fee and host an auction! When the auction is live, other vampires can bid, and the top bidder when the bidding time ends, wins! Not all items are available for auction, for example, rubies. There are a select few items which will be "market only" if you intend on selling them. Click here to check it out.

Auction house works out cheaper selling your items, because the 1% fee is taken off your STARTING PRICE. Cool, huh?

What's for you?
You have something to sell but not sure which feature to use?

Market - If you want a set price for an item, use the market. Although if people don't want to pay that price, your item might not sell.

Auction House - Have a great item to sell? Use the auction house & let supply and demand profit you. This is the most secure way to auction off an item on Reign Of Blood.

Billboard - If you want to deal in private or have services to sell instead of game items, using the billboard is a good way to advertise this.

For my own curiosity sake, I have placed 5 plasma on an auction starting at $10,000. (That's works out at $2k each). I'm curious to see how high bidders bid for the plasma.

Please post bugs and feedback on this thread, thank you!

Wheel Of Death
You know how generous I am by giving you free turns every day you login? Well I've decided to make that a little more interactive. Just a small bit of fun, when you login, you get a chance to spin the 'Wheel Of Death' for a free daily turn bonus. Win or lose, you'll get free turns!

As promised, more quests have headed your way this past week!

- Market King
- Market King II
- Market King III
- Market King IV
- Lost Tower Axe
- Box Trick
- Box Trick II
- Box Trick III
- Want King
- Want King II
- Want King III

Quests will resume being added during this week!

What's next?
My next focus will be on the RP side of the game. If you have any ideas or changes you'd like to see, make sure you've posted your thoughts here.

Enjoy the week :)

Saturday 5 January 2013

New Quests!

2012 Roundup
2012 was a great year. For those who may have forgotten, here's a quick roundup of some of the new features & updates added to the game:

- The minions were introduced
- Achievements list 5 added
- Stats page completely redesigned
- New referral system
- Thermoden was introduced giving the ability to dual wield and more
- The ability to subscribe monthly to bundle packs
- Family houses were added as an alternative to warring covens
- A new version of the toolbar was released
- Boys Vs Girls (and other events) were introduced
- Daily quests were re-done and a new random daily
- RoB Mobile was redeveloped and released in ALPHA stage
- Tested out chat quiz nights
- Brand new "add to cart" payment system
- New direct credit/debit card payment option
- A brand new homepage layout
- And more events than ever! Several events over the months making our most active weeks ever.

What was your favourite part of 2012 on Reign Of Blood?

Happy 2013
I hope everyone enjoyed the Christmas event and had a great new year. As this is the first blog post of 2013, lets get this year started.

For those that do pay attention to the game updates page as you login, you'll notice I've been adding a few new quests this week. Quests are one of the biggest things asked for by the players, so I'm going to try hard to get a constant flow of quests flowing your way. I will attempt to continually release 1 new quest every single day. How's that?

The new quests so far (all rank25+) are:

- Lost Ruby
- Strange Trainer
- On Time
- On Time II
- On Time III
- On Time IV

Keep an eye on that game updates page for when more are added.

The Random Daily Quest
I've said several times I'd come back and revisit the daily quests, especially the newer random daily quests. So here are the changes I've made this week:

- Find 60 gems in the underground has been reduced to 30
- Quests must be completed and redeemed by 23:55 game time (instead of the old stated 00:00)
- Fixed the killing RoB-Bot bug that was happening to a very select few
- There has been some discussion about the lottery tickets one, and the answer is that you will be rewarded the quest if you have bought 100 tickets for that weeks draw. So if that quest comes up twice in one week, you don't then have to buy another 100. Sorry this wasn't more clear. The chance of this will be reduced anyway as more quests are added.
- The coven daily quest ONLY applies to the set 100 kills/50 Vadenhill quest, not the coven money one set by the owner. I've linked to the page exactly when this quest comes up to show which quests unlock this quest.
- 6 new daily quests have been added to the random daily quest. I'm not going to spoil what those 6 quests are, you'll have to wait and see what comes up.

New Duration Quest

Yes folks it is time for the next installment of ... The metal man. Metal man 5 quest is now live. When will this madness end?

Enjoy what's left of the weekend :)

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