Sunday 27 January 2013

External Social Update & Boys Vs Girls Event

I'm glad many of you are enjoying the trading features. I even finding myself constantly checking the auctions and seeing how the bidding wars are going!

On a side note, you can also get to this blog by going to: (only if the server is up)

Socially Awesome
The internet over the past few years has got lot more social. Social networking sites and blogs have become a great way for people to stay in contact and updated on the sites and content they love. I like to keep the word of Reign Of Blood spread across many avenues as possible. Today, we're adding one more. For all the Tumblr lovers, I've added a Tumblr Reign Of Blood 'feed'. Just like all the other networks, all updates will be posted there too, but also little tid bits which aren't necessarily worth of a full blog post. (or if you're lazy)

So now, our full list of social networks are:

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Google+
- Tumblr

If you use any of the above, likes and follows are appreciated! Keep in mind the most important feeds are of course the game updates page and this blog. The rest are just for fun and extra exposure to the contents posted on the game updates page and this blog.

More Quests
The quests added over the past few days are:

- Wheel Winner
- Wheel Winner II
- Wheel Winner III

Creacking down on cheating
There is always a small minority who try and ruin the fun for everyone else. It seems so especially when it comes to pets. We've jailed many people who've tried cheating the pets, do people think we don't pay much attention to them because they're a side game? I'd just like to let you know that I've setup even more logs on the pet battles, and any suspicious activity will be investigated.

Boys Vs Girls Event

It's time for another Boys Vs Girls event! Starting today (Sunday the 27th) at midnight (game time) the event will begin and continue for 1 week exactly. The scores and more information can be found at the Dead City. The winning team gets prizes of course!

Enjoy the week!


Anonymous said...

Nice event! And good to hear that you'll be clamping down more on Pet Cheating - it seems to have got quite bad and makes it virtually impossible for proper 'react and click' players to have a fair chance sometimes, as the cheats are so much quicker.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for monitoring pets,somethings were fishy...
How about throwing in a doubles event to sweeten the pot?

Boudica Night Tigress said...

Thanks Ash, for all the new quests, and most of all, for keeping up on the cheaters!!! *growls* Sad that "some" just can't handle having to work for a rank, or a quest, or whatever ... and result to cheating in order to consider themselves "top." Well ... jail them all. I've got lots of tomatoes!!! *grinning* Thanks also to the Staff who work so hard to assist in catching the buggers! :)

† Zombie ™† said...

Awesome, I'm in for the treats of the event. *licks her lips and glares at them boys* Better be prepared for a good fight.

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