Friday 28 August 2015

Big Reveal & AP Rage Event

The Big Reveal: Reign Of Blood Mobile v2

I've been working hard the last few months on the brand new Reign Of Blood Mobile site. It's almost ready for open beta for those eager to get into it. I'm aiming for a stable enough release some time next week. You can have a sneak preview screenshot below:

AP Rage Event

The end of August is always a fun time. Not only am I celebrating my 27th Birthday, it is home to the  AP Rage event. Although actually wasn't planned this year, it seems people have been expecting and preparing for it.  I'd hate to dissapoint.

The AP Rage event will start on Monday 31st August and end Sunday 6th September. You'll find a link to the AP Rage information page at Dead City.

Game Wide AP Extra Rewards

The total of all AP spent during this event will be tallied. If all players hit the below milestones, extra rewards will be given to all that took part (and traded at least 25AP) after the event.

10,000 total AP used: 3 QP
25,000 total AP used: Free Potion Credit
50,000 total AP used: Special 2 Week September Event For All
100,000 total AP used: Collectible

VIP & Plasma Special

Of course with every AP Rage event, we get a delicious VIP & Plasma sale to go with it. Get some bargain AP before the Monday event begins. Click here to see the packs.

General Notice

They'll be loads more info regarding the mobile site, as well as the story behind it all in a blog post next week when the beta begins. I shall be taking a couple weeks off in September to give my eyes a bit of a rest. I'll still be popping on to do my usual checks and answer blood letters of course.

Enjoy the  weekend,

Monday 24 August 2015

Activity Lottery Results

Activity Lottery Results

The Activity Lottery is now over! Thanks to everyone who took part and the randomly picked winners based on tickets earned are listed below. I look forward to the next event.

First Prize: Octavia Apocalypse (696542)
Second Prize: Dreamweaver (248485)
Third Prize: Bubblegum Silence Candy™ (570523)
Fourth Prize: Lily Anvari (632470)
Fifth Prize: Reaper Apocalypse (696543)
6th-10th Prize: Michael (522259), Lady Scarlet Bellemore (695961), Misha Keates (208044), BloodGoD (493052), CMP (162131)
11th-20th Prize: Atar of Mesopotamia (258957),  Z£þH¥®~AoN INVI©TUŠ (279182), Katsumoto Grimaldi (694016), War (137469), Mrs. Queenie Dark (218258), Shadow Stalker (126135), Panth Hatemachine (112802), Dess. (681614), Naraku Simatzu Kisuke (592808), WarCloud De Locura (375195)
21st-25th Prize: Princess Amelia Petrovic (697534), DragonsLight (695628), Feral Whispers (565736), Jessica Rabbit (135259), DragonsSoul (696478)

Everyone who took part will get a free QP regardless of position. If you're one of the people listed above, congratulations, your prizes have been added. To find out exactly what you won, see the prize table on the Activity Lottery page.

Big Reveal Friday

This Friday I will reveal what I've been working on, and give you some general details about what stage it is at, and when you get to play with it. I can't wait to show you.

Enjoy the week,

Wednesday 19 August 2015

Activity Feed Lottery

Activity Feed Lottery

After the huge success for the concept of the last event, Blood Thirst, I've come up with another type new event I think you'll enjoy taking part in as well.

Over 150 people visit the Activity feed each day, and this weekend you'll get your chance to star in it, and have the chance to win some delicious prizes.

Starting Friday 21st August and ending on midnight Sunday 23rd August, all your personal Activity Feed posts will give you one ticket into our Mega Activity Lottery.

This lottery will produce 25 winners, and the more tickets you have, the more chance you have of placing higher.

Click here to see the Mega Activity Lottery page via Dead City.

That Thing

Progress on this thing is going well, I'm hoping to have a big reveal maybe early next week, depending on how much I power through the rest of this week. Can't wait to show you.

Enjoy the weekend ahead,

Saturday 8 August 2015

Double Sunday

Double Sunday

Thanks to all who indulged in the Midweek Madness this week. All you midweek murderers, and everyone else, can enjoy double turns, double coven exp & double blood tomorrow (Sunday 9th).


I'm making good progress on what I'm doing. I'm planning to have an open beta by the end of the month, so for the ones that'll want it, can have a play for a few weeks as I continue to work on it. I really look forward to getting this out there.


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