Thursday 28 May 2015

Finish Them & NPC Updates

It's All Going On

There is so much going on in the background in the moment, so many awesome things currently under construction, and I can't wait to roll them all out to you. You won't have to wait too long, as it starts here, today.

New Battle look

First of all, I'm happy to present a brand new battle page look. The battle page has pretty much been the way it was since the beginning of all time, but today that changes.

It's been given a bold new look, with bigger text for you to quickly absorb the information that is most read at the end of a battle. There is also a full breakdown of what blood comes from what boosts, so you can easily see where the blood sources are coming from. There is a ? link at the end, and that will take you to the new battle boosts page which explains all those sources.


For those that enjoy getting the most blood possible from your enemies, you'll like this neat new little feature. I've always wanted to do something like this, but never quite worked out how to do it exactly. But today I can happily announce the new 'Finish Them' feature. At the end of a PvP battle, you'll see a new [Finish Them] link. Clicking on this link will give you one more very quick bite out your opponent to get the last few drops. It's not a huge amount, but it's a completely free extra little boost.

NPC Updates

It's been a while since I've touched the NPC Werewolf Arena. Here are some updates:

  • New look, includes the updated battle breakdown section like the regular battles have. It now clearly shows which rank you're currently listing, as well as other various layout tweaks
  • You now get a small amount of coven exp for each NPC battle
  • NPC Blood triks potion "+25% NPC Blood Boost XL".
  • New more in depth stats and potion section at the top of the NPC page
  • 2 NPC bosses added for a good extra bit of blood when you get 100 and 300 NPC wins today. They only cost 1 turn to attack
  • Fixed a few NPC leaderboard glitches
  • Default rank listing option added
  • NPC wins added to your today's stats section

I hope you like these updates, lots more to come.

Wednesday 20 May 2015

Blood Thirst Results

The Blood Thirst results are now final!

Congratulations to the Red Team for coming first place. Overall it was a pretty good contest. Did you prefer it this time or the previous time? I think allowing NPC's really increased the participation of the event.

Thanks for all who took part, and you can click here to claim your prizes.


Tuesday 12 May 2015

Blood Thirst Event (Take 2)

Due to this event being so well received in March, I thought it was time we did it again. But this time, we'll make a few changes.

There will be 5 colour coded teams again, and the two main tallies, wins and blood.

This time, i'm adding in more areas where you can earn the blood. Your team can earn Win points by battling other vampires (PvP rank 5+). Your team can earn blood points by battling other vampires (PvP rank 5+), the blood from battling NPC's, and the blood from the Fountain Of Awe (excluding attack on the dead).

And finally, the event will run for 3 days, instead of 2. Head to the Dead City and find the green "Blood Thirst" link to enter.

For those who took part last time, you know how delicious those prizes are. Signup by Friday to be entered. The teams will be worked out on Saturday, and the 3 day event will start on Sunday.

Click here for more information and to enter!


Friday 8 May 2015

New Missions, Co-Op Quests & Much More

Underground Level 2 Tweaks

I have made a couple changes to the underground level 2 today, mainly regarding silver.

  • A raid on someone's empty coffers now yields 1 silver by collecting nearby scraps
  • A raid that takes your 3 turns, now counts towards achievement etc totals
  • Increased the silver you can find per search by an average of 15%
  • 2 New Trik's Potion (Standard and XL) to find more silver shards in UG2

New Missions

A new category of missions have been added: Plasma missions.. Plasma missions are missions you unlock with plasma and get a QP reward at the end.

48 standard new missions have also been added for your completion today.

Homepage Section

With all the new additions of missions, quests & achievements etc etc its getting to be a bit messy getting to them, and getting to them quickly. So I have redesigned the quests/achievements box on your homepage to give quicker access to some of the most used features in this area. Included in this is a new quick link to just view your daily quests.

New Co-Op Quests

There are 10 brand new co-op quests now available for your completion.

Forum Notifications

Today I have also overhauled the forum subscription feature. Subscribing to threads does make it a little easier to come back and check the threads you want to follow, but today I'm making it a little more easier. As well as updating the look of your subscription pages, I have included all the forum subscriptions on one page, so you have easy access to everything. Most importantly, I have added a brand new notification. Whenever one of your subscribed threads gets a post, you get notified right away. You can thank this new awesome SSD filled server to allow me to do this now.

WP Lite Follow Up

Thanks for the generally positive on WP Lite. I know many of you are now glad that the WP achievements/missions are no longer on your "never going to happen" personal list. I've had a few questions about them I'd like to announce here for everyone to know.

Earning & spending WP Lite will never be on any achievement list or mission. The idea of WP Lite is for people to be able to earn WP, which already have its own achievements & missions. There will not be any list that will require the use of spending WP Lite. I know some people seem to be hoarding it just incase, but there is no need, it wont ever happen. The only achievements going forward will include the use of WP. I have added a WP Lite trade count, for information purposes only (listed on the misc stats page).

Enjoy the weekend ahead,

Friday 1 May 2015

WP Lite & Market Updates

Birthday AP Rage

I'm glad many of you are liking and taking part in the AP Rage event. It's great seeing people juicing up and getting their kills in. It'll last all week! While that is going on, I do have some new updates and features for you. Happy Birthday again, RoB!

WP & WP Lite

Getting WP can be hard. Placing in the top 10 each day can tricky if you can't get online in the last couple hours of the day to keep your spot. I am completely smypathetic with the pain of working all day, and being pushed to #11 at the last minute. I have made some changes to the way WP works in order to further expand the reward to reach more people, without destroying its reward power for getting to the top 10 each day, especially now there is achievement/mission requirements for it.

Introducing WP Lite. WP Lite can be earned (explained more below) and then traded into WP.

4 WP Lite = 1 WP

Earning WP

  • 1x WP - Top 10 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 1x WP - Top 10 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 1x WP - Top 10 Pet Levels Total Each Month

Earning WP Lite

  • 2x WP Lite - #11-#20 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - #11-#20 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #21-#30 PvP Wins Total Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #21-#30 PvP Blood Total Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Spring Valley Hunts Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Spring Valley Hunts Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Vadenhill Feeds Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Vadenhill Feeds Each Day
  • 2x WP Lite - Top 5 Greenwood Cash$ Each Day
  • 1x WP Lite - #6-#10 Top Greenwood Cash$ Each Day

The above payouts are subject to change, I will probably continue to tweak it as I watch how the payouts are made each day over the next couple weeks. The WP Shop in Dead City is where WP can be spent, and WP Lite can be traded. The WP Shop has always been updated to include all these ways you can earn WP now.

New Auction Market Feature

One of the most off putting things, especially for new players, is the prices of the market. The prices are set to supply and demand - and it should be, but it can discouraging for players unable to buy VIP/Plasma as it sucks up all their money to do so. Today I have made a little change to help that.

The power of the market is always with those with lots of cash. The little guy can't compete easily with that. But now they can use the most valuable asset to their disposal, AP.

I had a conversation with a couple new players that have come to me with their struggles in the market, and after talking it over elsewhere, put forward the idea of using the most powerful currency they have to offer, AP.  Not everyone will go for it, and it is completely optional, but it depends how you value what you want in the game.

So, I have setup a new auction market section where players can list AP to be bought with Plasma instead of money, and people to list plasma to be sold for AP. VIP Credits too. This a great way for sellers to get something other than money from their currencies, and also allows newer players, and players you can't make purchases, to acquire these currencies without breaking their bank. And you never know, it may bring prices down a bit in the process. I have also created new subscription options for these new listings pages, so if you want to subscribe to these too, you can go ahead and save that option.

I hope you like these updates, more to come.

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