Monday 29 March 2010

Wallie Card bug fixed!

There was a bug with trying to buy with Wallie Card which is now fixed. Because of the new servers I have to use a different way to get the IP address of the incoming Wallie server to validate it, so that's been updated so it all works now.

I have now begun negotiations to get the prepaid card that's in every WalMart in the USA. More info on that as it progresses.

5 days left of the Easter special... and remember to login on the 2nd and 3rd of April to get free stuff and take part in a little suprise!

Have a good week,

Saturday 27 March 2010

Easter Special! Cheap plasma and VIP nom nom nom

Thanks for the interest in Chat Mod, the apps are now closed. We'll go through them and let you know if we decide to choose someone soon.

It's that time of the year again when the Easter bunny comes out and plays. I have added a Easter VIP/plasma special as always, head over to the Buy VIP page for more info. There will be an Easter hunt on the 2nd and 3rd of April (4th April is when the VIP/Plasma special will end). So make sure you are around to enjoy that. We'll be giving away some tasty treats. (You'll get a treat just by logging in on those two days). Paypal, Google Checkout & Wallie payments only.


Friday 26 March 2010

Easter Special & Chat mods wanted!

It's that time of the year again when the Easter bunny comes out and plays. I have added a Easter Vip/plasma special as always, head over to the Buy VIP page for more info. There will be an Easter hunt on the 2nd and 3rd of April (4th April is when the VIP/Plasma special will end). So make sure you are around to enjoy that. (Extra eggs will be added to the VIP packs on those days only). We'll be giving away some tasty treats. (You'll get a treat just by logging in on those two days). Paypal, Google Checkout & Wallie payments only.

Now, we're in the need of some more chat mods. I know doing this will result in the RoB-Bots inbox getting spammed, but we need to find people interested in the job.

Please do not apply if you don't meet ALL of these criteria:
- Over 100 days old
- Active for at least 3 hours in the chat every day.
- Understanding of the rules and the judgment needed to determine when they need enforcing and through what means.
- Friendly to players

We're looking for chat mods for general chat, and the 2 rp chats. Let us know which you want to assist in.

Apply by sending the RoB-Bot a blood letter with the title "Chat Mod App" (if you don't know how to do this, don't apply). An application anywhere else wont be counted or considered. You must tell us why you deserve to be mod and what you will bring to the game. The app should be at least 10 lines of the blood letter box long.

Thanks & enjoy!

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Getting this server explained...

Good evening.
I've had a lot of people say to me (during the problems last couple days)... "Just put the old server back, it was working so much better".

There is a reason why RoB has to run 3 apache servers now... before the apache server (even though it seemed fine) was running with 90% RAM and 95%  CPU being used. A 5% increase of more players on at the same time would make the server lock up and laaaaaaaaaaaag. This is why we needed new servers.

ReignOfBlood is now powered by this big ass SQL server, and 3 apache servers (one acting as a load balancer). It needed a lot of configuration blah blah to get working correctly. And now I think it's pretty much stable and there shouldnt be any more problems now *touches wood*.

I would like to take the opportunity to apologise for the ups and downs, but these things happen. It frustrates me more than anyone when things are not stable, and I'm happy that they are now.

Lets hope it continues and we can alll enjoy see the site grow.

It's coming to the end of the financial year and i've got a lovely pile of paper work to sort through. Anyone fancy being my secretary?

Some updates to come this week... stay tuned.

Downtime last night

It seems there was a few hours downtime last night (right after i went to bed which was the annoying thing). The load balancer just failed to be responsive.

We're working hard on getting them stable as soon as possible.

These are new servers so they need to be configured to get running as fast as possible for the needs of RoB. The only way to do that is to let them run live.... but I assure we are working all day to get it stable again.

Promocode: serverdown (valid for a couple days)


Sunday 21 March 2010

The � demon!

The most hated symbol I've ever seen. Why are you getting it? With the server switch it blasted the page encoding out of whack. Unfortunately, there is no server side fix for this. In order to get it out your usernames, you must head over the account page and update your username to what it should be.

So if your username is showing as [Twizz�]  is because there is a ™ there. Grabbing what your username should be.... [Twizz™], and pasting that back into the update username field then updating it will put it back to how it should be.

Thanks for all the feedback with the iROB idea, its definatly something we will start looking into later in the year.

Back to today - FINALLY the lottery has rolled over! Hopefully someone will win big again this week, good luck!


Friday 19 March 2010

iROB - Would you use it?

Just the thought of something called "iROB" makes me laugh. But anyway, so over the next few months or so (few being 3 to 12) a RoB iPhone/IPod Touch/iPad app will be developed. I just want to get a feel for how many people would be interested.

FREE - iRoB Lite (Can do  some of the basic in game activities from your iDevice)
$0.99(£0.59) -iRoB Full (All basic in game features & access to  free promocodes to be used by iROB Full users only).

There could also be an option to buy VIP Days/Plasma right from your iTunes account (Which means iTunes prepaid cards could be another way to get VIP/Plasma). That is just a maybe though. There would also be the possibility of moving into the android market and making an app for the android phones too.

Either comment this blog or discuss it in this forum thread.

Okay onto the next thing, the new servers are up, most of the problems have been ironed out as far as we can see, but if you are getting any errors, or still cannot access RoB please email me @

Thanks & Enjoy!

Thursday 18 March 2010

New servers & possible errors

We're on the new servers now, problems may crop up over the next couple days as they're tested out, if tweaks are needed they will be made asap.

New servers are up! If you can't get access please RESET YOUR ROUTER! (DNS cache needs clearing)

Spread the word!


Tuesday 16 March 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day! & new server info.

Happy St. Patricks Day!
I'll be enjoying plenty of the above this evening.

PromoCode: patrick10 (valid for today only)

On a side note, the new servers will be installed TOMORROW (today now game time) there may problems over the next day, so please bear with us!


Monday 15 March 2010

Server updates + RoB archives + random info.

Good morning all.
Just to let you know that during the course of this week the new servers will be installed. The site is very likely to go down for an unknown amount of time at an unknown time. (Convenient i know).  When I know more I'll let you know but it shouldn't be too long, but when the servers are up there may be some teething problems but we'll be watching them so we'll know what's going on right away.

I have added a game blog archive link on the Dead City. This features all of the blog posts i have written and all the in game announcements i made before i introduced the blog for all those interested on RoBs history. The first update dates way back to 27th April 2006. (Our 4th birthday is coming up). You can use this page to see if you've missed any blog posts.

Thanks for all the feedback with Vadenhill, it seems to be very liked and I'll let it run for a bit, make a few extra tweaks and then take it out of BETA. I wanted to take the Lottery out of BETA this week but it seems someone won it again, so when i know it can rollover fine it will be taken out of BETA. I've had suggestions to add a VadenHill gravemarket stock, I'm still thinking on this.

Some random info to get your teeth stuck into:

- A total of $43,391,239 has been taken out of the game from market fees.
- A total of 596,272 total blood has been drained VadenHill so far.

- I have made 1018 updates to the game (that I've recorded) since April 2006. That averages at just under 1 a day.
- There are 18,442 current male accounts and 18,619 female accounts.

Have a good week!

Thursday 11 March 2010

The envelope idea.... VADENHILL!

When you're over at Spring Valley hunting some tasty humans, you might have been thinking to yourself, why am I only getting one feed of these things?

Well that has changed! I welcome you to VADENHILL (The Blood Bank City), a brand new town founded in the world of ReignOfBlood. You must be at least rank 10 to enter Vadenhill and you can get to via the normal portal route.

Okay so what's it all about? MORE BLOOD!
Each vampire has a total of 25 available slots to harvest humans. When hunting in Spring Valley there is a small chance of you running into a really juicy human, at that point a message will come up saying you've captured the human. When you have your human you can head over to Vadenhill where you can place it in one of the 25 slots. It's completely free (at the moment) to harvest humans in one of your available slots.

How this works summary
- There is a random chance when hunting in Spring Valley that you can bring the human to Vadenhill to harvest. (You can hold up to 25 humans)
- When you have humans to harvest, simply choose an empty slot and harvest them.
- You get 25 feed attempts an hour to feed on the humans you have harvested.
- The 25 feeds an hour do NOT accumulate, so if you do not use them within the hour, they will not stack up.
- The "Juiciness" of each human decreases the more you feed off it.
- When the "Juiciness" hits 0, the human will automatically be taken off the slot and discarded.
- The amount of blood you get is based on your rank.

As with Spring Valley, this is another feature to reward those who are active. Doing 25 feeds every hour a day (i know that wouldn't happen because its impossible, damn need for sleep) you can gain 3/4 a rank per day from VadenHill alone!

I understand this wont be to everyone's taste, but It will be amazing for the Spring Valley junkies.

Let me know how you get on by posting in this forum thread


Monday 8 March 2010

Well what can I say?

The March competition was over pretty quickly, I guess I underestimate you? Ha. I will be releasing a new promo code on my twitter account in the next couple days, so if you use twitter, make sure you're following.

On a side note, anyone into UK politics? I found this funny gratified billboard today as i was going to town today, I had to take a pic:

It made me laugh quite a bit.

I will also probably do that $10 pack competition again this month (Where you win iTunes cards etc) as they seem to be popular and I haven't done one this year yet.

More to come!

Sunday 7 March 2010

March 2010 "hair pulling" competition (Take 2)

Footman645 (40487) has won, congrats.

 Well it seems it was too easy lmao. So i've made it a bit harder and given it another run.... good luck again! Below is the previous blog which still applies....

This months competition will have you "pulling your hair out". I've decided to take a more frustrating approach to a competition this month. Basically there are 5 gates you have to pass, the first person to get through all 5 gates gets 100 plasma!!

Sounds easy right? Nah.

At each gate you get a choice. You must pick a number between 1 and 8. If that number matches the random number generated after you submit your guess, you pass through that gate.

You must do that 5 times to get to the end, and if at any gate you get it wrong, you have to go all the way back to the beginning. (The random number is random with each guess, its not the same number all the way through (well it could be if thats the result of a random number))

Hahahaha, how badly do you want 100 plasma for free?

Click here or head over to the Competition section of the Dead City.

(Also, this is not what was on the envelope last week)

Good luck & enjoy,

EDIT: The number code is only on the first guess, if nobody gets through in a week I'll reduce it to 4 gates (75 plasma prize), then the week after to 3 gates (50 plasma prize) until somebody wins.

If someone wins this time that's it, I will not run it again. And to answer your question, yes I am enjoying this.

Thursday 4 March 2010

Double Points weekend!

ouble points on the "Points Offer 1" company this weekend only! You see an offer like this:

It says you get 52 points... when you complete it you'll actually get 104 points! This will go until Sunday night. Note, if you don't like the points offer, don't do them.

Okay, so this morning I got my pen and a spare envelope and thought of a really cool vampire feature I could add to RoB... did some scribbling... and I might actually go ahead and get it done.

The person who guesses what the feature will be will get a plasma xD


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