Friday 24 February 2017

War Of Covens V2: Coming Soon

As announced last month, I have begun to spend some time revisiting the Coven Conflict system. The first system I am going to tackle is the War Of Covens.  I can announce today, after working on it for over a couple weeks, and will test over the next week, it'll be publicly available to you all on the 6th March 2017.

For years, the covens of the Dead City have been fighting and warring for advancement and supremacy. But soon, all that changes. A brand new weekly war system will soon come to pass. New strategies, new methods, new battleground. The new War Of Covens v2 feature will be arriving on 6th March 2017. Visit to view the information page.

I look forward to you trying it out.

Sunday 19 February 2017

Another Fallen

It has been brought to my attention that we have once again lost another member of our community, and another staff member at that. Anti always spoke his mind, and I find it fitting that his final duty on Reign Of Blood was laying the smackdown regarding the use of naughty words.

He will be missed, for sure. In his honour, Monday 20th will be double day for all. Double PvP blood, double turns, double coven exp.

The War Of Covens V2 are coming soon, so stay tuned.

Thursday 16 February 2017

Valentine's Event Roundup

Valentine's Event Roundup

Now that Valentine's is finally over, let's take a look over the top of players of the event. But first, the love/hate results are in. 73% of you love Valentines, and 27% hate it. There is more love this year than last year. Are you guys getting soft?

There was a total of 21,122 hearts ripped over the event.

This year I introduced a way to give love multiple times at once, and that has resulted in a lot of love being given. There was a total of 196,948 loves given.

For those who are good at math, you've already realised that is a lot of money. A total of $1,969,480,000 was spent this year giving love. Quite a chunk of change.

Free Reward For Taking Part

If you collected over 25 hearts during the event, you can grab yourself a free collectible.
Click here to redeem your free collectible.

The Reigning Couple Winners

The Reigning Couple contest winners has been finalised. First place gets 30 QP, 5 plasma & 3 WP each, second place gets 20 QP, 4 plasma & 2 WP each, the rest of the top 20 get 10 QP, 3 plasma & 1 WP each.

To view the full list of results, visit the Reigning Couples page.

The rose trading will stay up for another day or so.
I hope you enjoyed the event.

Tuesday 7 February 2017

Valentines Event 2017

Valentines Event 2017

Valentine's is here once more. And always I have a love filled event for you all to enjoy.

The Reigning Couple

The Reigning Couple is back once again. Grab a partner and rip hearts together. The top couples of the event will get some free roses. The hearts will be counted from 11th to the 15th of February. Head over to the Dead City to find a partner and enter.

Seasonal Equipment

The heart lockets are back this year, head to Dead City to grab one and complete your daily quests to enhance them.

Rip Those Hearts

Ripped a heart from a vampire in your PvP battles? Awesome. Go trade 'em for roses.

Give Love

Go onto another vampire's profile and give them all the love you desire. Even easier now!

Annual Love/Hate Vote

The big vote is on. Do you love or hate Valentines? Cast your vote for a free prize.

VIP & Plasma Special

And of course a delicious VIP & Plasma special is now online too.

The event will run from 8th February until the 15th February.


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