About Reign Of Blood

Reign Of Blood is one of the top voted vampire themed text RPGs on the internet. Founded in 2006, is one of the very few games that have been running strong for over 5 years.

Why is Reign Of Blood so successful?
- Regular updates
- Monthly competitions
- Active community
- Owner that cares for the game and players

About the game
Set in a vampire world, you are transformed into a lone-wolf vampire fighter on a journey to make a name for yourself. Whether that be power, richness or authority, your personal goals can be reached. Complete quests & achievements, train, fight & explore various locations. Join a coven and have the option to take part in site wide coven wars. There are many features to accommodate the hardcore fighters, all the way to players  who just like to roleplay.

Other vampire games will come and go, but Reign Of Blood has, and will always be,  the one of the most loved and played. If you're looking for a fun free vampire game that gets regular updates and not left in the dark, join Reign Of Blood.

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