Monday 14 November 2011

New forum update, blood letter changes & more

Good afternoon vampires! I've spent my time today going through the suggestion forum and started implementing some features that you guys want!

Relationship Forum
[ Thread ] With complaints of the last forum posts flooded with marriage and family threads, I have decided it is indeed needed to have a dedicated forum board for the family finding needs. You'll find a link to this new forum board on the "other forums" section at the top of the main forum page.

Coven pages changes
[ Thread ] Coven stats & relic information are now fused into one page.  Your coven war tier & war information is also now also displayed on the coven stats page. The coven members page now has a quick blood letter option link.

Name colours
[ Thread ] When you change your chat font colour, or your chat name colour, the colour is now displayed on the confirmation page, so you don't have to go post something in the chat to see what it's changed to. I've also added a link to w3schools, which has a large variety of hex colour codes you can choose from.

Blood Letter updates
There have been a few blood letter suggestions, so here are the ideas I've deemed suitable:

- You can now delete items from your sent messages notification list
- Search sent blood letter notifications with subject or vampire ID
- You can now save message templates (up to 5)
- You can now quickly send a blood letter to anyone on your friends list
- (A blood letter link has been added to the coven members lists)

War loophole
It seems someone found a good loophole in the wars to annoys their enemy. How do you do this? By disbanding a coven whilst in a war! A bit extreme, but this loophole has been closed. If you want to ever disband your coven, you now have to wait until any active wars are over.

Lottery Jackpot
Saturday night saw Reign Of Blood's biggest lottery jackpot ever, reaching over $1billion. Congratulations to the winners, spend it wisely.

Wallie Card
Wallie, as of tomorrow, is not being sold anywhere anymore. I had a letter through the post with all the details. All current Wallie Cards are valid until January 2012, but here at Reign Of Blood we'll be removing Wallie completely in the next couple weeks.

We have a replacement lined up, a bigger prepaid card company (that sells in all the places Wallie does & then some). More info on that soon.

Blog link changes
All links on this blog now open in a new window/tab. I didn't realise they didn't before, and I know that can be annoying, but they all now open in a new tab :)

Big update?
There are several updates already coded that are linked to the new upcoming big update, which is a bit frustrating! It's a lot more work than i thought, but I'm dedicating a lot of my time at the moment (as well as these other smaller updates) and getting it done as fast as I can. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Enjoy your week!


Gabriella said...

*thumbs up* :-)

Apophis said...

Rock on!

Tweetly Insane said...

As always Ash RoB and you ROCK!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the changes Ash especially the ones having to do with the covens specifically. Makes life a million times easier and wars a bit more fun as well...knowing there is no easy way out.

I also love the bloodletter changes...having all those sent bloodletters just sitting there gets quite annoying at times...

Thanks for all the hard work Ash! We all love you for it!!

Anonymous said...

Ash, You Legend!

I'm well happy about being able to delete the sent box!

But, when I click on the Blog link, I have always been sent to a new tab?

Oh, and when I try to delete my outbox, some are not deleting, since the player has been deleted, so there are loads of lines of 'Read 31.02.92 (Randomdate)'

Is there a way to get rid of this? I dont mind though, since I can't see what I've sent :)

Anonymous said...

excellente <3

tommy said...

good to see that suggestions are noted and sometimes implemented... thanks bro

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Awesome Ash! Thanks for the templates especially! :) Looking forward to the "big update" you're rolling out; and as always, thanks for all your hard work to make the game better! :D

DeathWish said...

Been a Coven Owner now for almost 3 years and I just wanted to say that all the coven updates are very very nice and this latest one looks very slick and is extremely convenient, Thank you Ash

Vladina said...

Yeah for Bls directly from Friends List !!!

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