Monday 28 November 2011

Charity donations to date ($1338 raised!)

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought any of charity packs or Trik's potions since our charity campaign started. Although even kindness has obstacles, I think overall it's good to help out others in need, even if we're playing as blood sucking vampires.

2012 will be a different year
I have no plan on stopping charity support, but next year we're going to do things a bit differently. Instead of a different charity every month, we're going to take the whole years pot of money and let the players who added to the pot choose the top 5 charities it should equally go to. It will be a lot easier to organise and run, and will give you the chance of having a say of who we support. I hope you agree with this change.

How much have we raised?
We have a raised a total of $1348 (£885)

Action Aid [ Fundraising page ]
£250 + £120

British Red Cross

Cancer Research  [ Fundraising page ]

Help For Heroes [ Recent donated image ]
£80 + £50

Save the Children 

WWF (tiger)  

Here's what some of our players say about our charity support:

"And R.O.B is definitely setting the standard, paving the way, leading by example by donating to various charities"

"It`s an honor to be apart of such a diverse and generous online community that is willing to give to the various charitable organizations"

"I've never played a game with the owner who cares about the world around them"

"My aunt died of cancer last year and it made me so happy that the online game I play was supporting a breast cancer charity"

"This makes me even more proud to be a ROB player"

December Charity
Decembers charity, and the final month of the year, will be WWF again. They have a new snow winter pack, which goes to support penguins, snow leopards & polar bears. I want to raise the $200 (£125) needed for this donation.

Thanks again for all your support!



Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Add my voice Ash to those who are proud to play a game of vampires who have hearts and care about others around them! Next year will be awesome! :)

Apophis said...

Great work Ash and to all who donated. I am sure that it is much appreciated.

Guildythewicked said...

Must save the snow leopards. :)

Tweetly Insane said...

Wonderful idea again Ash! I love this game and the people here more evry day. I also buy the charity packs and think it's a great thing that a gamers site cares so much!

Cassie Blake said...

We must always do our part to help those around us who need our support. It's good that an online game like this is donating to charity. It makes me proud to be here. Great work Ash :D

Anonymous said...

Glad to be part of the caring Vampire community :)


Gabriella said...

I can't wait til next year either. When I came back after a long 8 month leave it warmed my heart to see that the game went in the direction it did. It does make you proud to be a RoB player.
Everyone who has helped out I think your awesome and have hearts of gold.

Azly said...

Save the Penguins! >:0 . I'll donate to that. qq

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