Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas Event 2015

Xmas Event 2015

Seasonal Slot
This year's Christmas event will be focused around the brand new Seasonal Slot. On the equipment page, you'll see a new section where this seasonal slot is. In this slot you can equip seasonal equipment that can do a variety of things. To start it off, we're starting with santa hats. Who wouldn't want to wear a sexy santa hat?

To start, go to the HAT SHOP at Dead City. From there you can purchase one of the many hats. That hat can then be equipped into your seasonal slot. Afterwards, you can go to the Hat Upgrades shop to upgrade it even more with hat tokens you earn through the daily quests.

Christmas Tree

The Dead City Christmas Tree has been fully erected, and now giving out gifts every day! Claim a free turn bonus each day by visiting the tree.


The scratchcards are back! You again get 10 free spins per day, and can get premium spins with our special packs.

VIP & Plasma Special

A delicious christmas themed plasma special is now online, filled with plasma, scratches and collectibles. You can check out the deals here.

Market Update

I have added a new option to sell Reign Of Blood packs on the auction market. If a player wants to sell, for example, the $10 VIP Xmas special on the market, they can now do so. They enter the details, purchase the pack, and then others players can auction for it. For full information, check out the auction market page. And yes, the plasma xmas special packs can be bought and sold too.

Enjoy the event,

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Forum & Search Updates

GG v GB v BG v BB 

The teams for Good Girls v Good Boys v Bad Girls v Bad Boys event have been finalised. You can view your teams and enter your chats now. The contest will start tonight at midnight.

Forum Updates

I have spent some time adjusting and upgrading the forum layouts slightly today. And I have updated all the forums (RP, coven, house etc) so they're all now on the same layout. You can now subscribe to threads on the family & relationship boards.

In regards to house forums, i've made it possible to have staff only boards, and the ability for both houses and coven staff to order their boards using the 'move to top' system.

There are some new subscriptions options too. An option to enable new house forum threads and posts, and also an option to enable new coven forum threads and post notifications. You can view and enable all these on your forum subscription page.

I have also added a new latest forum thread box on the left of the every page below the vote box. This gives people a quick look at the newest forum threads getting posted, with a quick link to view all latest threads and the latest posts. This can of course be hidden if you wish.

RP Section Updates

I've made a couple small changes to the RP pages also. They include a few small bug fixes, the ability to have links in your RP bio and the RP directory lists grouped into pages.

New Search Options

I have made some updates and changes to the search and browse pages (Battle > Browse Vampires Box) which are listed below.

- Search Vampires page layout updated
- Search Vampires page new option to search for numbers within ID's
- Browse Vampires page layout made much cleaner with new order options added
- Browse Vampire coven drop down now listed alphabetically and hides closed covens
- Browse Vampires page has been given a new option to search between ID's
- Coven Search has also been given an update look with extra order by options

And finally, a new quick search bar has been added to the bottom of the page. You can use this bar to quickly search players, forum threads and the FAQ.

Enjoy, and please report any bugs in these new features.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

GG v GB v BG v BB

GG v GB v BG v BB 

Before we get into the madness of Christmas, we're going to have a little fatal four-way. The contest will begin Friday 11th of December, and last for 48 hours. What are the teams?

Good Girls v Good Boys v Bad Girls v Bad Boys

You must enter if you want to join this contest. You can do that by clicking here. The teams will be divided into 4 based on your Reign Of Blood character's gender and alignment.

The prizes will be delicious of course, and make sure you have entered by Wednesday 9th December.

Best of luck to all teams!

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