Tuesday 24 February 2009

Get your ReignOfBlood Merch & a new competition!!!

A big thanks to Dark August night for setiing up the merch store! It is now open for business!

You can view the store by clicking here

 A temp link has been added onto the side stats bar for now, but it will not stay there, don't worry. But a link also has been added at the bottom of the page which will always stay there.

Competition time!!!
It's been a while since we've had some sort of competition on RoB. Unfortunately this one will cost you
a few dollars. To celebrate the release of the RoB Merch i decided to do this:

- Buy a ReignOfBlood sticker (which can be found here)
- Stick it in any public place.
- Take a picture and send it to us!

- The winner (and the 2 runners up) will be chosen by me for the MOST ORIGINAL public place the sticker is stuck.
- If you are in the picture also, you get 10% extra plasma from whichever pack you win. (If you do this, you must send a picture of both just the sticker AND one with you in it)
- All pictures must be submitted by 14th April 2009 (it may seem like a long way off, but by the time you buy them and they get to you and you get the picture done, it gives enough time for people not living in the US)

Now the good part.... PRIZES
1st prize = $250 Plasma pack
2nd prize = $100 Plasma pack
3rd prize = $50 plasma pack

It will be decided on originaly of placement and the place (Pulling it off with lots of people will help a bit (which would make it more original), but any public place is acceptable).

SEND PICS TO: reignofblood.net@gmail.com with the subject "pic comp".

What's the reason for this? Get people into buying some awesome Merch and having stickers spread in random places (always wanted to see this happen).

So good luck, and post in the forum if you have any questions or ideas.


On a seperate note, as you can see the coven shop is pretty empty, if you want your own coven merch then please blood letter dark august night to submit your designs.

Enjoy =]


Extra rules & questions answered:
"You can send in one photo of one sticker in one location. Max 3 entries per person"

Friday 13 February 2009

RoB Update / RoB merch update (including coven design possibilities)

At the moment I've got a ton of University work to do, and that's pretty much using up my time. For the next couple weeks or so you won't see any major updates, i'm sorry about this. As said from previous posts, there is plenty of cool stuff coming up, so check back often.

Dark August night is going to take care of all the Merch stuff & designs whilst i'm busy. She'll be setting up the shop and doing the designs for the merch. She says that she will have it ready within in the 2 weeks, so that will be something to look forward to it. If you want to see examples of some of the stuff, view the previous blog post.

It's been suggested that each coven would like customized RoB merch too. For example, the RoB Tee but with their coven on it, or their own tee with own custom design! Please note that all designs must have "http://reignofblood.net" clearly on there somewhere.

Please only the coven owners or co-owners submit stuff to be made else her inbox will be spammed with crap. If you have an idea or design please pass it to your coven leader first.

Basically how it will work, is there will be a RoB shop, with all of the RoB merch in it, and then a seperate shop (linked together) with all the customized merch for anyone to buy also.

*PERSONAL DESIGNS WILL COME AT A LATER DATE, going to test out the main and coven designs first*

Good idea no?

Send designs to Dark August's blood letter inbox by clicking here.

A big thanks to Dark August night for setting up some great clothing for you all ;)

Enjoy your week =]


Tuesday 10 February 2009

First look at ReignOfBlood Merch =D

With the time and effort from me & the artistic skill from Dark August Night we have started creating a very basic RoB Merch line... it's not ready for release yet as work is still needed and still experimenting with different companies and such.

I'm still waiting on a black tee (it's coming from USA so could be a week or so), but this is what i've got so far...

Pretty cool stuff!

Also, remember you don't have long to get your valentines day pack, get some cheap plasma whilst it lasts =] Ends 15th Feb.

Have fun ;)



Black Tshirt has arrived, the pic is below. Gonna get some more designs made up then slowly build up a shop then release it, if you are good at designing and want to contribute, blood letter me in game =]

Saturday 7 February 2009

Valentines day VIP offer & some other random stuff.

I've added a couple Valentines days packs up, basically its extra plasma + plasma for your in game hubby or wife. Cute huh? Maybe you should go treat them! Going to add in that everyone who buys one gets a heart next to their and their partners name in chat too, awwww.

Thanks to Dark August's art work, i ordered a mousemat and a tee, the tee failed because the image was too dark but that's been fixed and the next one is on its way, as for the mousemat, i'm using it right now: 


I think it's pretty cool :P

On a completely unrelated note, i was crawling through Google, searching around where RoB was posted and came across this Youtube video someone made about RoB... i was really shocked and excited that someone did something like this. It's kind of a review video and talked about what they thought about the game etc, i always like to hear feedback, good or bad. So i've rewarded (the creator of the vid) Selena Valkyrie (89492) with 10 plasma!

Enjoy the weekend =]


Wednesday 4 February 2009

Roll on February... So much to talk about!

The new server is in place, and i think everyone can notice a speed in the page loads, which is great! Just to future proof it a bit more i have orded 4GB more RAM for the SQL server to help with it a bit more, that'll be put in at the end of the week probably.

As for game stuff, as promised the new enemy and friends list will be done,  i have had a lot of people ask me about it so i now know that is wanted by quite a few people.

The next thing is alignment, what the hell do you do with now?!  Absolutely nothing. But that is going to change. Haunted Whispers has come up with a pretty good base idea on what to do with it... and i like it. So you have that to look foward too =]

Also each of these blog posts now link direct to the blog post so you can easily make a comment below.

Back to the server, now there are more free room i have started some advertising campaigns, so you will say a nice flow of new members over the next week.

Inactives... at the moment i only delete inactives manually every now and then, i will be at some point setting up an automated system, where it will email you a warning after say, 2 months of not logging in, and then email weekly for a couple more weeks until it deletes your account. (Time frames are not set they are just an example). It's not liked (as i've experienced) but we need to keep the server free to allow new members in. This same system will be made for blood letters and news/coven news as well, as those are the main things that fill the server up.

I have a load of coursework to do, so i think i should get started. Enjoy your week and hope you look foward to the updates =]

Have a good one!


Sunday 1 February 2009

New server installed!

New server has been installed and running... should notice some decrease in page loads. Please comment this blog and let me know if you notice a difference!

Have fun.


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