Friday 13 February 2009

RoB Update / RoB merch update (including coven design possibilities)

At the moment I've got a ton of University work to do, and that's pretty much using up my time. For the next couple weeks or so you won't see any major updates, i'm sorry about this. As said from previous posts, there is plenty of cool stuff coming up, so check back often.

Dark August night is going to take care of all the Merch stuff & designs whilst i'm busy. She'll be setting up the shop and doing the designs for the merch. She says that she will have it ready within in the 2 weeks, so that will be something to look forward to it. If you want to see examples of some of the stuff, view the previous blog post.

It's been suggested that each coven would like customized RoB merch too. For example, the RoB Tee but with their coven on it, or their own tee with own custom design! Please note that all designs must have "" clearly on there somewhere.

Please only the coven owners or co-owners submit stuff to be made else her inbox will be spammed with crap. If you have an idea or design please pass it to your coven leader first.

Basically how it will work, is there will be a RoB shop, with all of the RoB merch in it, and then a seperate shop (linked together) with all the customized merch for anyone to buy also.

*PERSONAL DESIGNS WILL COME AT A LATER DATE, going to test out the main and coven designs first*

Good idea no?

Send designs to Dark August's blood letter inbox by clicking here.

A big thanks to Dark August night for setting up some great clothing for you all ;)

Enjoy your week =]



Anonymous said...

This just keeps getting better and better.^^

Anonymous said...

omg the merch is here!! Ash you rock!! ^_^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

kewl merch :P

Anonymous said...

nice merch

Anonymous said...

I <3 Dark August :]]
In other news, I think personalized coven stuff is a great idea :D Keep up the good work Ash ^_^ Oh, n Dark too :]

trinity said...

love it cant wait to see the coven shirts

Anonymous said...

hey love the game. its hella brilliant

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