Thursday 20 December 2012

End Of The World Day Event

Christmas Event
If you missed the blog about the Christmas event and specials, click here to get up to date. Also remember that the December competition ends in a few days.

End Of The World Event

So, on the 21st December 2012  the world is due to end (well, not really) so if our doom really is pending, why not go out with a bang?

Today only, enjoy:
- Double Turns
- Double PvP Blood
- Double Minion Exp
- Double Coven Exp
- Exclusive rare pack available for purchase with collectible, xmas goodies, as well as +5 EXTRA turns an hour for the day. (Only 100 available)

^ The above will begin tonight (Thursday 20th Dec 23:59 game time)
Edit: This event is now active.

If we all survive through to Saturday, you get to login and get a free collectible, a QP, and a few extra scratches on me.

In other related news, sun exposure will be at the highest today, so it's advised that all vampires put a really thick layer of suncream on.

See you on the other side :)


Bouidica Night Tigress said...

Thanks for all the goodies to go out with Ash! lol If I see ya on the other side, am willing to bet you'll still ROCK! lmao

Anonymous said...

hahaha! Fantastic...thanks Ash XD

Anonymous said...

Awesome!! Thanks Ash!

605396 said...

Lol at sun exposure chart :D Like the event, great stuff!

BabG said...

aww. very awesome . Ty.

Nemesis~Rahl~Whispers said...

Wow, almost like you're all moving to Australia or something....

I hope it doesn't end on time ... I have 2 days left for the 100 day marriage achievement LOL :)

Awesome Work Ash, thanks.

Deamon Whispers said...

Fuqing EPIC ASH the world is Ending and you still giving goodies to go out in Style. Awesome

Anonymous said...

Awesome Ash does it again !!! TYVM :-)

Anonymous said...

tell me that on the 22nd, we'll have a piss up and watch the shower the next day. :D

Gabriella said...

LOL always making me smile Ash. If its not from being nice and giving out epic goodies, it's the funny chit u do to make us all laugh. If it all comes to an end, see ya on the other side with bells to rock hell with. :P

Shardy said...

woooo... and a thank you .. Ash a Marry Christmas hug...

Anonymous said...

Well 11:11 ante meridiam has past in all time zones and we are still alive lol, which don't surpise me much cause people are ignorant, apocalypse doesn't stand for end but for revelation. And its coming peeps even the pope said so;)
Happy Day 0 folks ;)

Anonymous said...

"If we all survive through to Saturday, you get to login and get a free collectible, a QP, and a few extra scratches on me."

Did I miss this or was it delayed?
I was online plenty Friday and Saturday.

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