Sunday 30 December 2012

Thank you for 2012

Thank You For 2012
As another year comes to a close, I'd like to take this chance to thank all our players for playing and supporting Reign Of Blood over the past year(s). 2012 has been another great year for RoB, and I look forward to that power continuing. I'm really excited about next year.

Another thank you to all our staff members who work keeping the game play fair, and the community running smoothly, to leave me with the time to continue developing the game for all our players.
Xmas Events
The Xmas events and plasma special will end on the 2nd Jan. So you have a couple more days to enjoy the goodies and the special deals.

What To Expect In 2013?
I recently put out a quick poll for players to give a bit of feedback on what they'd like to see next on RoB. I've sat down the last couple days and written out the next 3 month plan with ideas/changes from my head, and ideas made in the suggestion forum, and the feedback from the poll. (Yes, I read every reply).

I've got a pretty good overall feel of the direction to take, and how much time to allocate to different tasks, and I think you will all be pleased with the majority of updates over the next few months.

Some of the future features/updates include more RP features, continued development on our mobile site, explaining and fulfilling empty parts of current features, smoothing out any glitches, and lots more.

2013 is going to be an even better year for RoB, I'll make sure of it.

Enjoy the rest of the year!

Monday 24 December 2012

Merry Christmas

We Survived

Well who would have guessed that the world wasn't going to end on Friday? I'm kind of lost on what to do now, as I was expecting to perish [/sarcasm] I hope you all enjoyed the day event, activity was sky high! The free collectible and 2 QP has given to all vampires that survived the day.

Merry Christmas
This will be the final blog before Christmas, so I wish you all a merry christmas. I have given everyone 3 free candy canes.

December Competition
Some good entries for the Dead City Christmas song/rap. I've posted my favourites below, hope you enjoy them! (I've given out the prizes and candy canes to other ones I liked but didn't post)

Lucas Grimm (Fallen) (136635)

To all my little homies, down in the snow
Let string up some kittens, around dead city, yo.
I`m a badass vamp, with a whole lot a zest
Santa`s coming to town bitches, who would have guessed?

Whether you`re naughty or nice, everyone`s gonna be screwed,
The apocalypse is coming, wait, who is this dude?
He`s got a snow white robe, and he`s madder than hell,
"to hell with you all, your soul`s I will sell"

Now Santa was pissed, he was decking the halls,
"To hell with you Jesus, I`ll have your balls."
He cursed and he swore, and he kicked some son-of-god ass,
Mrs. Clause would be sad, she`d just been invited to mass.

So he adorned his foot upon his face
Santa was screaming, "how`s this taste?"
He begged and he cried, while all the kids cheered,
"To hell with the end of the world, Armageddon out here."

He ran and he fell, on his way back to dad,
Giving the world a new religion, maybe even a fad.
"Go home and cry", said Santa with glee,
I`ve had a lot to drink, and now I must pee.

He went to the urinal, to give it some juice,
when he thought to himself, "where was that noose?"
Sad and depressed, he drank and he drank,
until it was closing time, then his hopes sank.

He stumbled outside, and threw up in a bush,
he brought out his pipe, with a little purple kush.
Smoking and toking, as he laughed and he coughed,
he looked at his waist line, and suddenly went soft.

I`m a fat piece of crap, boy am I`m out of shape,
maybe next year I`ll dawn a new guise, a cowl and a cape.
Snuffing his joint, and getting his sack,
mrs. clause was complaining, he said "get off my back"

Hopping in his sleigh, and calling the reindeer by name,
he whipped them all soundly, as they stared down in shame.
Loopy on doopy, on tiny on Jim,
on bitey, on Janice, on Phyllis Diller and Kim.

He swerved and he hiccupped, as he flew out of sight,
Merry Christmas y`all, I got f***ed up tonight.

Damon Salvatore (616163)

`Stalking in a Vampire Wonderland`

Sleigh those things, are you listening,
Underground, gems are glistening
A terrible sight,
No juicy humans tonight,
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

Gone away are the wise ones,
Here to stay are the covens
We declare a little war,
Win cause our power is more,
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

In Spring Valley we can kidnap humans,
Then have them all for tasty midnight snacks
They`ll say: Are you insane?
We`ll say: No man,
But we`d love to suck you dry
When you fall down.

Later on, we`ll aspire,
To gain the rank, of top vampire
The blood`s never enough,
Being human is tough,
Walking in a vampire wonderland.

In Vadenhill we can harvest humans,
And dine on blood we`ve brought from other towns.
We`ll have lots of fun slaughtering humans,
Until the hunters try to knock us down.

Mortal blows, ain`t it thrilling,
Ripping out spines; now thats chilling
We`ll frolic and play, with blood on our face,
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

Stalking in a vampire wonderland.
Stalking in a vampire wonderland.

Emalie Sweeney (51671)

Dashing through the blood in a one strike open kill
Over the hearts we`ll go, laughing to the thrill.
Bodies on bodies we`ll sing, making people die.
Oh what fun is to play, RoB tonight.
Ooo jingle kill jingle kill murder them now.
Open up the chest and bite down.
Jingle kill jingle kill I will win somehow!

Cutting off each head, taking out a jugular.
Oh no she beat me at the kill after all.
I revive, I revive, I got VIP.
I just need to Heal Maaagically!
Jingle kill Jingle Kill I will win next one.
I will use my 10 minute power and my Sword of Avalon.
Jingle kill jingle kill I will rip off your head.
When it is done I will be a level 10!

Have a good week & a great Christmas :)

Thursday 20 December 2012

End Of The World Day Event

Christmas Event
If you missed the blog about the Christmas event and specials, click here to get up to date. Also remember that the December competition ends in a few days.

End Of The World Event

So, on the 21st December 2012  the world is due to end (well, not really) so if our doom really is pending, why not go out with a bang?

Today only, enjoy:
- Double Turns
- Double PvP Blood
- Double Minion Exp
- Double Coven Exp
- Exclusive rare pack available for purchase with collectible, xmas goodies, as well as +5 EXTRA turns an hour for the day. (Only 100 available)

^ The above will begin tonight (Thursday 20th Dec 23:59 game time)
Edit: This event is now active.

If we all survive through to Saturday, you get to login and get a free collectible, a QP, and a few extra scratches on me.

In other related news, sun exposure will be at the highest today, so it's advised that all vampires put a really thick layer of suncream on.

See you on the other side :)

Tuesday 18 December 2012

Christmas Event

Christmas 2012 Event
Well it's that time of year again! Are you ready?

Dead City Xmas Scratcher
Say hello to Dead City's Xmas themed scratchcard! Every vampire gets 10 free scratches every day you login during this event. The scratches don't stack, so make sure you login each day for a chance to win some free stuff.

The lactose intolerant vampires just took a gasp at the "eggnog" heading, but fear not! Vampsant's shop has opened up at the Dead City, where he is creating eggnog for the masses. He is getting such large orders over the festive period, he needs vampires like yourself to go get him the ingredients he needs. He will reward something more usable in return for your efforts.

Candy Canes
We simply cannot have a Christmas on Reign Of Blood without candy canes. Candy canes can be eaten to give you a nicely sugary stat boost. Get your hands on candy canes by making Eggnog!

You all get 2 free candy canes on me :)

VIP & Plasma Special
The VIP & plasma special is now up and running! Enjoy a bargain over this festive period. Each pack comes with extra free festive goodies & premium spins at the scratchcard place.

Thermoden Updates
Thanks to the people who gave constructive feedback for the shields. I've taken the constructive criticism in and decided to make a couple changes. First off, if you've already unlocked the ability to have a second weapon, the fee to unlock the shield is reduced to just $5million (from $15million). If you've already paid to unlock the shield, the difference will now be returned to you.

Secondly, people have given feedback on the steep prices of the shields. That's simply because of the premium of the much higher block%. The top shields give more block% than any basic weapon (not including adding rubies because they have no effect in slot 2) than any weapons critical% total. So at the Thermoden Shield Warehouse, there are now two sets of shields, one list that adds purely defence, and the other list (including the premium) adds defence and block%.

I said in the previous blog that shields were available to sell back at the resell store, it turns out, I forgot to update that part. This has no been done. You can now also buy and sell shields on the market.

You can continue to give feedback on this thread.

Game Age Errors
Some of you may have noticed game age etc not updating at the end of the day. This is due to the pure volume of things getting updated, and as more people play, it creates even more stress on the servers. I'm working on spreading out the resets to reduce the chances of queries not executing, sorry for any inconvenience.

December Competition
Remember the December competition is up. I want you to write a Chrstmas song about the Dead City. Click here for more information. I will showcase a bunch on the Christmas Eve blog, the winner gets 20 plasma. But for everyone song I do showcase, the writer will get a free plasma too!

End Of The World Event
Login this Friday for some extra goodies in a special one-of-a-kind end of the world event. More info to come :)

Have a good week :)

Tuesday 11 December 2012

New Thermoden Shields!

Thermoden Summary
I introduced Thermoden back in March, (doesn't time fly?) and to my surprise, it's reason for creation has far succeeded my predictions.  Thermoden was created to give, at a nice cost, weapon upgrades, the ability to equip and second weapon, and equipment renaming. To date, to my amazement, Thermoden has taken $11,450,000,000 out of the game economy (To compare, that's around 1/4 of the total money in game at the moment!!)  Which is indeed still impressive as I've seen games in their trillions. So to expand this success, here are some new updates based on your suggestions...

I'm sure you've noticed that empty unused slot on the equipment page? Well, that slot will is available for shield equipping.

Shield Warehouse
Parch has been working hard behind the scenes in order to get a bunch of shields made at the warehouse, and thats where he puts them on sale. The shield warehouse shop is now open at Thermoden. Parch, a resident of Thermoden, is currently the only vampire with the skills to make such equipment. There will not be a shield shop opening at Dead City.

Parch has no use of the shields after you buy them, but you can sell them to the Dead City reseller store for half their value.

As with the second weapon, you need to pay a fee to unlock the ability to equipment a shield, and you can only equip a shield if you have not got a second weapon equipped. (Works both ways, if you have a second weapon equipped, you cannot equip a shield at the same time.)

The defence tests on your homepage will now also take your shield defence into account, and finally, shields have the same exp and level up system as the weapons and armour.

Parch's Unlock Store
The unlock store now has the option for you to pay to unlock the use of a shield.

Parch's Shield Enhancement
You've learned the ability to use a shield, you've bought a shiny new shield, and you want to give it a one time upgrade? Well you can at the shield enhancement store.

Parch's Rename Store
You can also rename your shield, just like with your weapon and armour.

Covens & Battles
Don't panic! Shields can be donated to covens. I've opened up a nice little slot for them in your coven's armoury. The top of the battle pages also now shows your shield if you have one (instead of your second weapon).

I hope you enjoy the Thermoden updates, and enjoy finding out whether 2 defence equipment works out better for you over dual weapons. For those that can afford such luxuries, will you be using a shield, or second weapon? Fire off your comments and thoughts on this thread.

December Competition
As it's the month of December, this months competition ought to be Christmas themed, right? Excellent! The task this month is to write a Christmas song/rap about the Dead City. Can be anything you like! Entries must be in by the 20th December, and the winner will have their song posted on the blog and win 20 plasma! Click here for more information.

Have a good week,

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