Friday 16 March 2012

New location & St Patrick's day event

As promised, some good updates this week. If you've got some piles of cash stacking up, maybe this weeks updates can help with that.

New Location: Thermoden
The unknown city has now been unlocked, head to the portal to check it out.

Parch's weapon services
Wouldn't it be cool to have 2 weapons equipped? When you're a nice and strong rank 30 vampire & your strength is enough, Parch can unlock the ability for you to equip any two weapons. How cool is that? (Time to buy back your old weapons I think!) Of course it cannot be all good times, as all rubies and any critical bonus on your second equipped weapon wont have any effect in battle. (Else you'll be getting up to 80% critical chances!)

Weapon enhancing
You can pay to enhance your weapon even further, this makes for very interesting weapon boosting. Have a +500? Increase it!

Weapon renaming
That's right, there is now a place where you can change the name of your weapons to show off on the battle page. This comes at a price, of course.

There are couple other [currently] less interesting places there, you should go check it out and have a little browse :)

To accompany the above updates...
- The equipment page layout has been updated
- The battle pages have been updated to show current weapon being used (to show off your new custom named weapon) and your avatar.

I gave a little taste of the above image on our Facebook page  last night

St Patrick's Day event & special
It's that time of year again when (with good reason) have an excuse to enjoy my favourite alcoholic beverage - Guinness. Do you remember the guinness and green drink from last year? Well it's back! Check the bottom of the Dead City for more information. As always, the plasma special is up, get your cheap plasma nom nom. This event will last 1 week exactly. Everyone gets a free drink on me!

Jailed players
Jailed players do not currently show on the leaderboards (for obvious reasons) and they now no longer show on the pet leaderboards either.

Forum RP threads
Forum RP threads were deleted after a couple weeks of inactivity to help keep the forum cleaner, but due to the demand of this not to happen, it has been stopped.

Blood letter notification change
If you remember, a while back I changed the blood letter notifications so that it would disappear when you open a message, this is now optional, you'll find the new option to edit this on your account page. The default is back to how it used to be, just going onto the blood letter page to clear the notification.

Please give feedback & report bugs in the forum, thank you!



Duke Danse Macambre said...

Damn you Ash!

That new location is awesome, names,more power and second weapons..... *Drools*

I owe you a pint you swine. :D

Jehan said...

Awesome!!!! Now I want my 350's back

Lydea Mey said...

I absolutely LOVE the new additions & changes Ash. Never ceases to amaze me! Thank you so very much for spoiling us! Happy St Patty's Day!

Anonymous said...

Iiiiiii'm loving it....

Boudica Iceni Queen said...

Thanks for all the new goodies Ash! :) As always, you don't ever disappoint. Have a race as to who can drink the most Guinness? :D

Anonymous said...

Thx for the new updates. Really cool.

Gabriella said...

As always Ash You are AWESOME dear!!! How can anyone ever get bored with a game that is constantly improving!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Quez Kobayashi said...

i tried to hold my composure but I couldn't, and I had an orgasmic explosion halfway through this blog. Thank you Ash. <3

Anonymous said...

I love the weapons update and the new look of the current battle page. But... Why 15,000,000?

Anonymous said...

Thanks 4 all your hard work

Rizzy said...

Thank you Ash!!!!

Anonymous said...

good for getting rid of all the extra gold. Especially the weapon naming. I believe we were suggesting something like that years back. Cool

Anonymous said...

Amazing new stuff ... Luv it all !!! Sure wish I could login again to play with both my weapons, but I cant get in ... endless circle ... alas I should have a blast when I get there !!! :-) TYVM for all the hard work <333

Anonymous said...

wow that is so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!

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