Friday 30 September 2011

Extra turns weekend & a pet change

Phantom Press 
First off, some bad news for some, the Phantom Press edition 9 is the final edition in this round of the PP. We'll be looking soon to find a fresh team of writers to continue as we give Kitty a break. We'll enjoy a hiatus and come back soon better than ever.

Extra turns weekend

Our Facebook fans have spoken, having a turn event this weekend is the winner! So, from now on until Sunday evening, everybody will get +10 turns an hour. Want an EXTRA +10 turns an hour? Buy the 5 plasma charity ($10) pack found on the buy VIP page. Although it'll tick over the end of the month, the proceeds will go to ActionAid still until I announce the new charity next week.

September Competition Winners
Thank you to everybody who took part, the plasma will be coming your way!

Pet changes
You can always tell when something is getting good when you have to make few changes to it. As we go into this new pet round, the changes:

- 10 minute protection has been reduced to 5 minutes!
- Pet leaderboard pet links now link to public profile again
- Delete players pets no longer come up with ()

The update
This new cool update will be ready to launch next week, can't wait to see what you guys think of it.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday 29 September 2011

Profile changes & upcoming new features

September Competition

Only a couple days left of the September competition. It's easy plasma. Click here to check it out.

Profile changes
Every now and then I do some general security updates, I have applied a new one which may have messed up the profiles of those who don't quite know what's going on. Basically I have stripped out being able to add comments to your CSS (you don't really need them). So if you have any /* comments */ in your code, remove it all including the comment, and your profile will be back working again.

New updates!
A pretty sweet new feature is in the works, I'm looking forward to it!

Enjoy what's left of the week

Friday 23 September 2011

RAHP weekend & new top vampires page

New top vampires page
As all of you already know, the top vampires page is slow and painful mess. Fear no more, I've made it a ton more better. Using the same "top vampires" link at the Dead City, you will now see a brand new leaderboard system.

Instead of loading everything at once (which is how it was before) it's now broken into categories and you can choose which leaderboard you'd like to view. It's a lot more tidy, faster & more customisable, as you can now set the player limit of each leaderboard.

New leaderboards added include:
- Bounty leaderboards
- Greenwood/SpringValley/VadenHill leaderboards
- Casino leaderboards

RAHP Weekend
It's time for another RAHP weekend! From now until Sunday night everybody will get revived at half past the hour too.


Wednesday 21 September 2011

Upcoming Wallie card changes

It's been brought to my attention that Wallie Card has sold out to PaySafeCard. I've not actually heard of PaySafe, but they promise to have even more outlets around the world to sell prepaid cards. I gave them a call, and have not yet been given a date of the swap. But they have told me all current Wallie Cards will work, and will continue to work after the switch. After the switch of course, wallie cards will be no longer available and you'll have to buy PaySafe cards. I'll update the page and announce it when the deal is done. As far as I'm told, Paysafe cards will actually work now through the Wallie system. (They both use the 16 digit pin system)

Doesn't make too much sense to me why they'd destroy the brand quite well known among games. Also some of you may not have known that the Ultimate Game Card actually got bought out by Visa a few months ago, but they're keeping the brand and cards the same. Who knows, they know better than me, of course.

10 days left of the Sep competition, it's really simple & a great easy way to earn a few plasma.

Mainly been working on bug fixes (more to come) and some other secret stuff.

More to come :)

Thursday 15 September 2011

Points competition winners & a few coven updates

Points competition winners
Thanks for taking part in the points competition last weekend, here are the winners:

1. [1000 points] AÓN Z€PHYR (279182)
2. [548 points] Rilee Rae Price (275708)
3. [399 points] Legion Sinclair (212997)
4. [312 points] Jason Deveroux Balthazar (514075)
5. [254 points] Zoey the Goddess Wolf (530165)

Your plasma is on the way!

So I've started to go through the suggestion forum, here we go...

Coven quest logging
When a player completes a coven quest, it is now placed into the coven news, this is so coven owners can get a brief overview of who's finishing them.

Online coven member search
On the coven search page, there is now an option to choose to only select players who are online.

Active covenless vamps
A list of active covenless vampires are now listed on the online players page.

Coven rankings
You can now choose up to 500 player limit on the coven rankings page.

Coven co-owners
Coven co-owners now have access to the following. Please note, if you don't trust your co-owner enough with these powers, best you remove them ASAP ;)

- View Inactive Members
- Coven member Killing Options
- Edit hitlist panel
- Edit Quest
- Coven Status

Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday 8 September 2011

VIP+ special & points competition [this weekend only]

Good afternoon vampires.

Yummy VIP+
Give your VIP+ a boost this weekend. This weekend  get 45 VIP+ days for the price of 30! (Or equivalent % difference depending on currency) This offer ends on Sunday night, so head over to the VIP+ page to check it out. (Not including mobile first, but includes all the pre-paid cards).

Points competition
I'm feeling generous this weekend, so I've decided to run a points competition. It's pretty simple, from now until Sunday night whoever earns the most points will win extra free PLASMA. Here are the prizes:

1st place: 25 plasma
2nd place: 15 plasma
3rd place: 10 plasma
4th place: 5 plasma
5th place: 2 plasma

The top 5 points earners will also get a rare collectible!

If you head over to the Dead City, you'll see a link at the bottom which links to how many points you've earned this weekend, and to the offers where you can earn points. Please note buying points off the market does not add to your total for this competition. All 4 points companies , and each of the options on the points page  to earn points are eligible for this competition.

Enjoy the weekend =D

Tuesday 6 September 2011

August competition results & September competition information

August competition winner
Until July 31st, how much total blood has the new NPC arena paid out? The correct answer is 16,839,007. (Total to today is 48,654,555!)

Nobody got it exactly, so the 25 plasma goes to: Bayomorf (536854) for guessing 16,657,912. (Good to see a new player win something)

September competition
This month's competition is a bit different. I want you to review RoB in a creative/interesting way. Basically, the task is to post a blog (not on RoB) about your thoughts of RoB, but be creative/interesting as you can (being creative isn't compulsory) & then just stick your link at the end of it. The top 5 blogs that are submitted will get 10 plasma each, but everyone who qualifies will get 1 plasma just for posting.

For the full rules and more information how to submit, head to the competition page.

Enjoy the week!

Thursday 1 September 2011

Blog updates, pet updates & round 3 begins

Birthday celebration over
Thanks to everyone who celebrated the RoB e-party with me. I hope you enjoyed the presents and the AP rage boost perks, they were pretty cool. I've decided to let the plasma special run until the end of the week. Would you like to see something like this again? The AP boosts will keep going though until tomorrow midnight reset.

Blog updates
I've made a few updates to the blogs.

- You can now post a blog and have it PRIVATE, PUBLIC or FRIENDS ONLY.
- Changed the layout a bit
- Edited the order of the blog comments
- Made a blog directory, giving people more browsing options.
- Fixed a bunch of bugs, including deleted user mess ups

Pet round 3
Pets round 3 is up and running! Here are some changes for this round:

- 33.3% the QP rewards trophies are now based on level, the other 66.6% is based on wins. This is to even out the people just slaying level 1s.
- The top cap wins needed has been reduced.
- Pet leaderboard now shows top pets from previous rounds & amounts are formatted.
- Reduced the wait time for you to attack again to 1 minute.
- Increased the protection from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
- Jump to [level] box added to pet battle arena
- Fixed a bug that told winners they got more plasma than they actually got (what you got is correct)
- If there is a tie on the top level at the end of the round, whoever has the most BLOOD will be put ahead [this was implemented just before the round reset]

Keep the feedback coming :)

Pet betting
Pet betting shop has been closed. There are very few features after releasing I dislike enough to discontinue. The "most win" winner (mega congrats on that one bet) and the "highest level" bets will be paid out manually soon.

New Charity
I have decided we are going to support ACTION AID again this month. I'm so pleased with the work they do and how they've appreciated our past donation, we're going to support them again this month.

Competition update coming soon...

Enjoy the rest of the week!

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