Thursday 8 September 2011

VIP+ special & points competition [this weekend only]

Good afternoon vampires.

Yummy VIP+
Give your VIP+ a boost this weekend. This weekend  get 45 VIP+ days for the price of 30! (Or equivalent % difference depending on currency) This offer ends on Sunday night, so head over to the VIP+ page to check it out. (Not including mobile first, but includes all the pre-paid cards).

Points competition
I'm feeling generous this weekend, so I've decided to run a points competition. It's pretty simple, from now until Sunday night whoever earns the most points will win extra free PLASMA. Here are the prizes:

1st place: 25 plasma
2nd place: 15 plasma
3rd place: 10 plasma
4th place: 5 plasma
5th place: 2 plasma

The top 5 points earners will also get a rare collectible!

If you head over to the Dead City, you'll see a link at the bottom which links to how many points you've earned this weekend, and to the offers where you can earn points. Please note buying points off the market does not add to your total for this competition. All 4 points companies , and each of the options on the points page  to earn points are eligible for this competition.

Enjoy the weekend =D


Wolfpack said...

Ash, how can we resist your marketing & sales pitch with such bargains? i clicked this link and i will probably set aside my principles and buy some vip+ too. damn you, evil man. :P

Erik_Night said...

First haha. yes.

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