Thursday 15 September 2011

Points competition winners & a few coven updates

Points competition winners
Thanks for taking part in the points competition last weekend, here are the winners:

1. [1000 points] AÓN Z€PHYR (279182)
2. [548 points] Rilee Rae Price (275708)
3. [399 points] Legion Sinclair (212997)
4. [312 points] Jason Deveroux Balthazar (514075)
5. [254 points] Zoey the Goddess Wolf (530165)

Your plasma is on the way!

So I've started to go through the suggestion forum, here we go...

Coven quest logging
When a player completes a coven quest, it is now placed into the coven news, this is so coven owners can get a brief overview of who's finishing them.

Online coven member search
On the coven search page, there is now an option to choose to only select players who are online.

Active covenless vamps
A list of active covenless vampires are now listed on the online players page.

Coven rankings
You can now choose up to 500 player limit on the coven rankings page.

Coven co-owners
Coven co-owners now have access to the following. Please note, if you don't trust your co-owner enough with these powers, best you remove them ASAP ;)

- View Inactive Members
- Coven member Killing Options
- Edit hitlist panel
- Edit Quest
- Coven Status

Enjoy the weekend :)


Echo said...

Thanks for everything Ash. We all appreciate the work you put into this.

Sirocco said...

Hey Ash. I'm glad you finally found the time to sort through the suggestions forum (there's a lot in there) and I'm happy to see additions and enhancements to the game. Once again, thank you so very much for all that you do for us. It makes playing RoB much more addicting and harder to give up and walk away from. Darn you! :P

Anonymous said...

Awesome coven updates! As always thanks Ash

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