Thursday 1 September 2011

Blog updates, pet updates & round 3 begins

Birthday celebration over
Thanks to everyone who celebrated the RoB e-party with me. I hope you enjoyed the presents and the AP rage boost perks, they were pretty cool. I've decided to let the plasma special run until the end of the week. Would you like to see something like this again? The AP boosts will keep going though until tomorrow midnight reset.

Blog updates
I've made a few updates to the blogs.

- You can now post a blog and have it PRIVATE, PUBLIC or FRIENDS ONLY.
- Changed the layout a bit
- Edited the order of the blog comments
- Made a blog directory, giving people more browsing options.
- Fixed a bunch of bugs, including deleted user mess ups

Pet round 3
Pets round 3 is up and running! Here are some changes for this round:

- 33.3% the QP rewards trophies are now based on level, the other 66.6% is based on wins. This is to even out the people just slaying level 1s.
- The top cap wins needed has been reduced.
- Pet leaderboard now shows top pets from previous rounds & amounts are formatted.
- Reduced the wait time for you to attack again to 1 minute.
- Increased the protection from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
- Jump to [level] box added to pet battle arena
- Fixed a bug that told winners they got more plasma than they actually got (what you got is correct)
- If there is a tie on the top level at the end of the round, whoever has the most BLOOD will be put ahead [this was implemented just before the round reset]

Keep the feedback coming :)

Pet betting
Pet betting shop has been closed. There are very few features after releasing I dislike enough to discontinue. The "most win" winner (mega congrats on that one bet) and the "highest level" bets will be paid out manually soon.

New Charity
I have decided we are going to support ACTION AID again this month. I'm so pleased with the work they do and how they've appreciated our past donation, we're going to support them again this month.

Competition update coming soon...

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Tomas Mandon said...


Anonymous said...

... And I was just going to place a pet bet... Oh well. Updates look good; I really like the power awards!

Isobel Lynn Bellator said...

Yay!!! You're the absolute best, Ashie darling! <3

† The Unknown Bitch ™ † said...

Looks good Ash.


Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Awesome changes to the pet rounds Ash! It's been great fun, and a extra perk to leveling our vamps! Love it! e-Celebration was great, hope your birthday was just as awesome! Thanks as always! :)

Eyeball Stealer said...

Nice Changes :P

Anonymous said...

Loved the Blood Rage and would be very interested in this again.

Anonymous said...

-- Made a blog directory, giving people more browsing options.

I logged online via my phone today and freaked cause the order was changed, lol, glad to see this isn't a bug. Nice updates; looking forward to testing them out.

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