Tuesday 30 August 2011

Last few presents & AP rage further explanation

More presents
3 more presents have been hidden around the site! Go find them and head over to my shack in the Dead City to get some juicy AP.

More presents in plasma packs!
Today only - get an extra few presents in each of the special packs!

Pet round end
So the 2nd round of the pets will be ending in a couple days. Which means any unclaimed QP from last month WILL be lost if you don't collect them. Stay tuned for updates.

August competition
August competition ends in a couple days too, make sure you get your guesses in.

AP rage boosts
In regards to the AP boosts... you're NOT trading your AP for the boosts, you are still using the AP increasing your stats and getting the boosts for FREE! There is just a couple days left on the AP rage, I'm glad so many are enjoying it :)

Don't worry, I'm not going to be working much more today, promise :D Oh, and thanks for the Birthday messages here, here and most of all, here :)

Enjoy the rest of the week,


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Ash!

Sirocco said...

Ash, working for us even on your birthday is totally unacceptable. Thank you for thinking of us even when you should be thinking of yourself. Now, please log off and step outside into the sunshine. I promise you will not sparkle! Have fun, live it up and enjoy, you deserve it! Thank you again for all that you do for us. <333

Anonymous said...

Hope you get a birthday gift as least as good as the one you've given us :-) This has been awesome !!!

tommy said...

get over yourself dude. you had a birthday, woot. surprise! we all have birthdays. are you 13? anyway, hope you had a good one. <3 tommy

Anonymous said...

Fame, success, riches and harems... Happy Birthday mate!!!

Shardy said...

Happy Birthday Ash,, go have fun an party ,,woooo


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