Friday 31 December 2010

TOS Update, new staff layout, last call for candy & ReignOfBlood nominated for Browser Game 2010

First off I hope everyone had a good Christmas :) Now let the fun begin.

TOS changes
The TOS has been updated, no action is needed on your part, if you wish to read it again you can do by clicking here. I have also date stamped the TOS to show when it was last updated. You can discuss it here.

Staff changes
There are a few changes in the staff department, although it won't effect you, I thought I'd give you the heads up. Head over to the vampire council in the Dead City to check out the new staff layout.

Last call for candy canes
Candy canes, plasma special & all other Xmas features will be removed in the first couple days of the new year, so any candy you get, use them now!

ReignOfBlood Twitter
A new dedicated ReignOfBlood Twitter can be found @ follow if you haven't already :)

Browser Game Of The Year 2010
For those who were around last year should remember ReignOfBlood winning favourite RPG last year. We've been nominated to compete again this year! You'll see the links and instructions on the voting page. The Daily voting quest is updated to accommodate this event. If we win, free plasma & VIP for everyone! Click here for the direct voting link. Please note voting is logged, so if we win, only the people who voted will receive the VIP/Plasma win reward. It is not required to signup an account over there to have your vote count, just close the page after voting.

I'll see you in 2011 :)


Thursday 23 December 2010

Xmas Competition pictures!

Did you miss yesterdays blog with all the candy/plasma etc changes as we go through the final days until Christmas? Then click here to check out the blog. If you don't know about bloody Friday either, check that blog out now!

Competition pictures
As promised I am now posting some of the Christmas entries. Lots of festive fun! If you see yours here, you'll be getting some free candy!

The top prize: Shada Vei (219249)

Other cool ones (that may or may not followed all comp specs):

All the above get candy! If your submission was not posted on the blog, you still get a candy as a thanks for entering :)

Merry Christmas (Or happy holidays to some of you)


Tuesday 21 December 2010

Double blood friday & Final run up to Christmas!

Another successful Christmas celebration! So, Christmas is almost upon us. Here's the last changes and features before the big day.

- No more bad candy. The candy muncher is only pumping out tasty candy now.
- The plasma shop has hidden stashes of sugar! It is recommended you use any plasma 1 by 1 to get the most sugar as possible (Trading for AP only).
- A candy cane now only costs 150 grams of sugar instead of 200 grams!
- Recipe 3 in the candy maker now has a 100% success rate.
- Xmas gym #1 training = 1/10 chance of getting sugar, #2 training = 1/8 chance of getting sugar and #3  training = 1/5 chance of getting sugar.

All of the above will end on Boxing day (26th December) and will be returned to the normal rate. The Christmas features will be removed (with the plasma special) on 31st December.

December Competition
The December competition ends tomorrow, so get your final entries in quick!

Don't forgot you can buy Christmas gifts for other players and include your own personal message!

Double BLOOD Friday!
I've never done anything like this before, but I thought I should give it a go. To further Celebrate Christmas, on Christmas Eve (24th December) all battle blood will be DOUBLED for 22 hours! Starting midnight (game time) 24th December until 10pm that night, all blood you earn from battle will be DOUBLED! It's going to be a bloody good time! Spread the word... and prepare for war!


Saturday 18 December 2010

DOUBLE WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA ROUND 2 & Ultimate Game Card now available in New Zealand and other countries!

Ultimate Game Card in New Zealand!
It has been brought to my attention that EB Games in New Zealand are stocking the Ultimate Game Card! For all your New Zealanders the UGC section on the Buy VIP page has now opened up to you.

More Ultimate Game Card updates
Why is the UGC loved by so many people? There are plenty of reasons; unable to get a credit/debit card, fear of paying for stuff online, or if you simply do not want your husband or wife to know about your plasma addiction. Remember, during the special offer periods, you can pay for the packs at the same rate as Google/PayPal with an Ultimate Game Card (This includes Wallie too). The UGC is also accepted in more countries too...

Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Philipines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan & Turkey.

Of course we don't have too many players from these countries, but if you are situated in any of these countries and want to take advantage of the UGC then please blood letter me.

It's the time for giving
With Christmas just around the corner, people have been taking full advantage of the new VIP/Plasma gifting system. Didn't know there was so much love ;)

December Competition
Just 4 days until the competition closes, make sure you get your entries in by the 22nd! Click here for info.

Because it's the Christmas period, I'm feeling extra nice so I'm going to run another double weekend, I know how much you all love them.

- Double turns (Non VIP members get 28 turns/ hour, VIPs get 38/hour)
- Double points (On all points companies located here)
- Double bank interest
- Double chance of finding sugar in battles and training at the xmas gym

Enjoy the weekend,

Wednesday 15 December 2010

New VIP/Plasma gifting system

"VIP attacking"
This term gets thrown around a lot. Even though a majority of people won't see the point in it, it can be amusing to some. VIP "attacking"  (the polite way of saying it) is where you buy someone else VIP and they don't know who it comes from! I know some covens buy their players VIP packs for competitions etc. All you get is a news confirmation of the pack being added. I've had several blood letters over the past year thanking me for the free VIP. I just say "you're welcome" (I apologise for taking credit). Although I have no plan taking off this feature, because a lot of people use it and love to buy other people VIP or plasma. But, I've had something suggested to me which I decided to implement.

VIP/Plasma gifts
Want to get your in-game spouses/friends a Christmas present? Well now you can! On the Buy VIP/Plasma you will see a gift code section. You can go to that page, choose which pack you want to gift, choose the ID of the player you want to gift it too & add a personal message! When payment is complete, they will receive a blood letter with your personal message and gift code where they can go to the Buy VIP/Plasma page and redeem the purchase you made for them. It's that simple!

This gives people a way to buy other packs and take full credit for them, as well as adding a personal touch to it.

This is currently only available for the Xmas packs, if it's popular I'll open it up to the other packs too after the December events are over. This service is available with Paypal only at this time. If you want this service by using the Google/Wallie/UG cards, then please blood letter me and I can set it up manually for you. You'll find all the information you need on the gift code page.

December Competition
The December competition ends on the 22nd December. Make sure you get your entries in over the next week.

More updates this weekend!


Saturday 11 December 2010

DOUBLE WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA & getting the Christmas party started!

 Let's get the Christmas spirit rolling, shall we?

Candy canes
If you haven't already noticed, you'll find the candy cane muncher is back in action on your equipment page. Any candy canes you find can be consumed there in exchange for goodies! You can also find a link in the Dead City Christmas section.

QOTD candy
As always you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a free candy cane just by answering the question of the day, you can do this every day!

Xmas Gym
Santa's gym is now open for business! Get your Christmas workout bonuses through the December period. The VIP bonus to get to x0.03 is available to everyone during this December period! Extra bonuses are available to people who decide to get an Xmas VIP/Plasma pack (more info below). Please note that using the Xmas gym does not contribute to any of the quests or achievements you have active that require training.

Candy Maker
New this year is the CANDY MAKER. You can find the candy maker at the Dead City in the Christmas section. Any sugar stashes you find around the site can be taken to the Candy Maker to turn any found sugar into delicious candy canes!

Random Gym Sugar
You also have a chance of finding sugar in Santa's gym.  They come up a random when you're training! (VIP members have a chance to receive higher sugar amounts) In order to successfully grab the most sugar, you should probably  train your turns 1 at a time.

Random Battle Sugar
Same principle as the gym, the battle ground seems to have random stashes of sugar too :)

Daily quests with Xmas treats
Complete the regular daily quests to earn EXTRA sugar to make more candy! (Not including the QOTD quest)

VIP/Plasma special
Of course there is a VIP/Plasma special with extra candy for those who love a mega sugar rush. See the BUY VIP/PLASMA page for information on the offers :) Buying any of the special only packs gives you access to better training at the Christmas gym, go to the Dead City Christmas gym for more information.

I'm running another double weekend! What does this mean?

- Double turns (Non VIP members get 28 turns/ hour, VIPs get 38/hour)
- Double points (On all points companies located here)
- Double bank interest

This double weekend will end Monday morning! (P.S turn caps are not increased)

More Christmas stuff to come next week, too!


Thursday 9 December 2010

More Christmas stuff...

First off I've had a lot of people contact me wanting some ReignOfBlood pens after I posted my December competition example. I only actually have 2. In the new year I might get some more made and run small contests for those all want one a chance to get one.

Candy canes are back
The candy muncher is back on your equipment page. The advent calendar and the Xmas tree now has a chance of giving out candy too. Quests to get candy will be coming soon also. Oh and shhh but you all get 2 candy free!

Christmas section
You should keep your eye on the "Christmas" section of the Dead City. All new Christmas features will be added there. I'm hoping to get a good chunk of festive stuff going on this year.

Christmas gym
Some festive training can only be good, right? The doors are not quite ready to be open, but you shall see the "closed" sign come down pretty soon.

December Competition
December competition is off to a good start, already had a few good entries, I look forward to seeing what the rest of you can come up with :) Remember I will be showcasing the entries on the 22nd December, so make sure you get it in by then! Click here to read up about it if you haven't already.

Hourly resets
It also seems that stopping stamina has made the top of hour resets not lock up anymore! I'll cross my fingers this doesn't jinx it.

I have something awesome  for you guys planned for the weekend too.


Sunday 5 December 2010

Novemeber competition winners, December competition, slight SpringValley update & more xmas stuff!

Reset messups
We've been working hard trying to sort out the problem with some hourly resets not going through. We know the problem, we're experimenting with different methods and fixes, unfortunately it can't just be tested in the test lab. One of the problems we've come across is the Spring Valley updates take place at the same time as the revive reset. As the servers are much faster  now these queries are "bumping into each other" causing them to lock. So, on the hourly reset you do NOT get stamina. You'll get it every 2 minutes apart from the top of hour. Hopefully this will help.

Christmas tree
The Christmas tree has opened in the Dead City. You can head there every day to get a free gift (if you're lucky).

Strongest vampire page updated
I have updated the strongest vampire page. By default is now shows the strongest players in your rank. There are also a lot more customisable options for you to check out. Some quite cool info there, it's easier if you just go check it out rather than me try to explain it. This also opens up a brand new tool of finding victims.

November Competition winner:
Congrats to Yuai(42168) for producing the best poster. Thank you to †Lilly Morice Hellshade† (100611), Mrs LJ™ (123174), Bex? (283954) & Spotted Elephant (292043) who's poster I really liked also, you get some extra plasma. A plasma has been passed to the rest of you for submitting (that followed all the rules). Pics of my favourites will be taken when I get around to printing them. Thanks to everyone who entered for taking part.

December Competition:
Win 50 plasma in time for Christmas by winning the December competition. Design or create a RoB themed item for a Christmas tree. It can be anything from a clay mold of your ID to a piece of a paper with your own made up RoB logo hanging from your tree. The possibilities are endless. Entries must be in by the 21st December. The winning entry will win 50 plasma & I will choose more to display on the site on the 22nd (these will win extra plasma too). Click here for more info and an example.

I've had lots of request to do more FreeMadGames competitions, maybe soon :)

Enjoy what's left of the weekend,

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