Friday 31 December 2010

TOS Update, new staff layout, last call for candy & ReignOfBlood nominated for Browser Game 2010

First off I hope everyone had a good Christmas :) Now let the fun begin.

TOS changes
The TOS has been updated, no action is needed on your part, if you wish to read it again you can do by clicking here. I have also date stamped the TOS to show when it was last updated. You can discuss it here.

Staff changes
There are a few changes in the staff department, although it won't effect you, I thought I'd give you the heads up. Head over to the vampire council in the Dead City to check out the new staff layout.

Last call for candy canes
Candy canes, plasma special & all other Xmas features will be removed in the first couple days of the new year, so any candy you get, use them now!

ReignOfBlood Twitter
A new dedicated ReignOfBlood Twitter can be found @ follow if you haven't already :)

Browser Game Of The Year 2010
For those who were around last year should remember ReignOfBlood winning favourite RPG last year. We've been nominated to compete again this year! You'll see the links and instructions on the voting page. The Daily voting quest is updated to accommodate this event. If we win, free plasma & VIP for everyone! Click here for the direct voting link. Please note voting is logged, so if we win, only the people who voted will receive the VIP/Plasma win reward. It is not required to signup an account over there to have your vote count, just close the page after voting.

I'll see you in 2011 :)


Thursday 23 December 2010

Xmas Competition pictures!

Did you miss yesterdays blog with all the candy/plasma etc changes as we go through the final days until Christmas? Then click here to check out the blog. If you don't know about bloody Friday either, check that blog out now!

Competition pictures
As promised I am now posting some of the Christmas entries. Lots of festive fun! If you see yours here, you'll be getting some free candy!

The top prize: Shada Vei (219249)

Other cool ones (that may or may not followed all comp specs):

All the above get candy! If your submission was not posted on the blog, you still get a candy as a thanks for entering :)

Merry Christmas (Or happy holidays to some of you)


Tuesday 21 December 2010

Double blood friday & Final run up to Christmas!

Another successful Christmas celebration! So, Christmas is almost upon us. Here's the last changes and features before the big day.

- No more bad candy. The candy muncher is only pumping out tasty candy now.
- The plasma shop has hidden stashes of sugar! It is recommended you use any plasma 1 by 1 to get the most sugar as possible (Trading for AP only).
- A candy cane now only costs 150 grams of sugar instead of 200 grams!
- Recipe 3 in the candy maker now has a 100% success rate.
- Xmas gym #1 training = 1/10 chance of getting sugar, #2 training = 1/8 chance of getting sugar and #3  training = 1/5 chance of getting sugar.

All of the above will end on Boxing day (26th December) and will be returned to the normal rate. The Christmas features will be removed (with the plasma special) on 31st December.

December Competition
The December competition ends tomorrow, so get your final entries in quick!

Don't forgot you can buy Christmas gifts for other players and include your own personal message!

Double BLOOD Friday!
I've never done anything like this before, but I thought I should give it a go. To further Celebrate Christmas, on Christmas Eve (24th December) all battle blood will be DOUBLED for 22 hours! Starting midnight (game time) 24th December until 10pm that night, all blood you earn from battle will be DOUBLED! It's going to be a bloody good time! Spread the word... and prepare for war!


Saturday 18 December 2010

DOUBLE WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA ROUND 2 & Ultimate Game Card now available in New Zealand and other countries!

Ultimate Game Card in New Zealand!
It has been brought to my attention that EB Games in New Zealand are stocking the Ultimate Game Card! For all your New Zealanders the UGC section on the Buy VIP page has now opened up to you.

More Ultimate Game Card updates
Why is the UGC loved by so many people? There are plenty of reasons; unable to get a credit/debit card, fear of paying for stuff online, or if you simply do not want your husband or wife to know about your plasma addiction. Remember, during the special offer periods, you can pay for the packs at the same rate as Google/PayPal with an Ultimate Game Card (This includes Wallie too). The UGC is also accepted in more countries too...

Brazil, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Macau, Malaysia, Philipines, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Syria, Taiwan & Turkey.

Of course we don't have too many players from these countries, but if you are situated in any of these countries and want to take advantage of the UGC then please blood letter me.

It's the time for giving
With Christmas just around the corner, people have been taking full advantage of the new VIP/Plasma gifting system. Didn't know there was so much love ;)

December Competition
Just 4 days until the competition closes, make sure you get your entries in by the 22nd! Click here for info.

Because it's the Christmas period, I'm feeling extra nice so I'm going to run another double weekend, I know how much you all love them.

- Double turns (Non VIP members get 28 turns/ hour, VIPs get 38/hour)
- Double points (On all points companies located here)
- Double bank interest
- Double chance of finding sugar in battles and training at the xmas gym

Enjoy the weekend,

Wednesday 15 December 2010

New VIP/Plasma gifting system

"VIP attacking"
This term gets thrown around a lot. Even though a majority of people won't see the point in it, it can be amusing to some. VIP "attacking"  (the polite way of saying it) is where you buy someone else VIP and they don't know who it comes from! I know some covens buy their players VIP packs for competitions etc. All you get is a news confirmation of the pack being added. I've had several blood letters over the past year thanking me for the free VIP. I just say "you're welcome" (I apologise for taking credit). Although I have no plan taking off this feature, because a lot of people use it and love to buy other people VIP or plasma. But, I've had something suggested to me which I decided to implement.

VIP/Plasma gifts
Want to get your in-game spouses/friends a Christmas present? Well now you can! On the Buy VIP/Plasma you will see a gift code section. You can go to that page, choose which pack you want to gift, choose the ID of the player you want to gift it too & add a personal message! When payment is complete, they will receive a blood letter with your personal message and gift code where they can go to the Buy VIP/Plasma page and redeem the purchase you made for them. It's that simple!

This gives people a way to buy other packs and take full credit for them, as well as adding a personal touch to it.

This is currently only available for the Xmas packs, if it's popular I'll open it up to the other packs too after the December events are over. This service is available with Paypal only at this time. If you want this service by using the Google/Wallie/UG cards, then please blood letter me and I can set it up manually for you. You'll find all the information you need on the gift code page.

December Competition
The December competition ends on the 22nd December. Make sure you get your entries in over the next week.

More updates this weekend!


Saturday 11 December 2010

DOUBLE WEEKEND EXTRAVAGANZA & getting the Christmas party started!

 Let's get the Christmas spirit rolling, shall we?

Candy canes
If you haven't already noticed, you'll find the candy cane muncher is back in action on your equipment page. Any candy canes you find can be consumed there in exchange for goodies! You can also find a link in the Dead City Christmas section.

QOTD candy
As always you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a free candy cane just by answering the question of the day, you can do this every day!

Xmas Gym
Santa's gym is now open for business! Get your Christmas workout bonuses through the December period. The VIP bonus to get to x0.03 is available to everyone during this December period! Extra bonuses are available to people who decide to get an Xmas VIP/Plasma pack (more info below). Please note that using the Xmas gym does not contribute to any of the quests or achievements you have active that require training.

Candy Maker
New this year is the CANDY MAKER. You can find the candy maker at the Dead City in the Christmas section. Any sugar stashes you find around the site can be taken to the Candy Maker to turn any found sugar into delicious candy canes!

Random Gym Sugar
You also have a chance of finding sugar in Santa's gym.  They come up a random when you're training! (VIP members have a chance to receive higher sugar amounts) In order to successfully grab the most sugar, you should probably  train your turns 1 at a time.

Random Battle Sugar
Same principle as the gym, the battle ground seems to have random stashes of sugar too :)

Daily quests with Xmas treats
Complete the regular daily quests to earn EXTRA sugar to make more candy! (Not including the QOTD quest)

VIP/Plasma special
Of course there is a VIP/Plasma special with extra candy for those who love a mega sugar rush. See the BUY VIP/PLASMA page for information on the offers :) Buying any of the special only packs gives you access to better training at the Christmas gym, go to the Dead City Christmas gym for more information.

I'm running another double weekend! What does this mean?

- Double turns (Non VIP members get 28 turns/ hour, VIPs get 38/hour)
- Double points (On all points companies located here)
- Double bank interest

This double weekend will end Monday morning! (P.S turn caps are not increased)

More Christmas stuff to come next week, too!


Thursday 9 December 2010

More Christmas stuff...

First off I've had a lot of people contact me wanting some ReignOfBlood pens after I posted my December competition example. I only actually have 2. In the new year I might get some more made and run small contests for those all want one a chance to get one.

Candy canes are back
The candy muncher is back on your equipment page. The advent calendar and the Xmas tree now has a chance of giving out candy too. Quests to get candy will be coming soon also. Oh and shhh but you all get 2 candy free!

Christmas section
You should keep your eye on the "Christmas" section of the Dead City. All new Christmas features will be added there. I'm hoping to get a good chunk of festive stuff going on this year.

Christmas gym
Some festive training can only be good, right? The doors are not quite ready to be open, but you shall see the "closed" sign come down pretty soon.

December Competition
December competition is off to a good start, already had a few good entries, I look forward to seeing what the rest of you can come up with :) Remember I will be showcasing the entries on the 22nd December, so make sure you get it in by then! Click here to read up about it if you haven't already.

Hourly resets
It also seems that stopping stamina has made the top of hour resets not lock up anymore! I'll cross my fingers this doesn't jinx it.

I have something awesome  for you guys planned for the weekend too.


Sunday 5 December 2010

Novemeber competition winners, December competition, slight SpringValley update & more xmas stuff!

Reset messups
We've been working hard trying to sort out the problem with some hourly resets not going through. We know the problem, we're experimenting with different methods and fixes, unfortunately it can't just be tested in the test lab. One of the problems we've come across is the Spring Valley updates take place at the same time as the revive reset. As the servers are much faster  now these queries are "bumping into each other" causing them to lock. So, on the hourly reset you do NOT get stamina. You'll get it every 2 minutes apart from the top of hour. Hopefully this will help.

Christmas tree
The Christmas tree has opened in the Dead City. You can head there every day to get a free gift (if you're lucky).

Strongest vampire page updated
I have updated the strongest vampire page. By default is now shows the strongest players in your rank. There are also a lot more customisable options for you to check out. Some quite cool info there, it's easier if you just go check it out rather than me try to explain it. This also opens up a brand new tool of finding victims.

November Competition winner:
Congrats to Yuai(42168) for producing the best poster. Thank you to †Lilly Morice Hellshade† (100611), Mrs LJ™ (123174), Bex? (283954) & Spotted Elephant (292043) who's poster I really liked also, you get some extra plasma. A plasma has been passed to the rest of you for submitting (that followed all the rules). Pics of my favourites will be taken when I get around to printing them. Thanks to everyone who entered for taking part.

December Competition:
Win 50 plasma in time for Christmas by winning the December competition. Design or create a RoB themed item for a Christmas tree. It can be anything from a clay mold of your ID to a piece of a paper with your own made up RoB logo hanging from your tree. The possibilities are endless. Entries must be in by the 21st December. The winning entry will win 50 plasma & I will choose more to display on the site on the 22nd (these will win extra plasma too). Click here for more info and an example.

I've had lots of request to do more FreeMadGames competitions, maybe soon :)

Enjoy what's left of the weekend,

Tuesday 30 November 2010

Christmas is coming...

I love Christmas. Christmas is one of my favourite holidays of the year.  The one thing I do dislike about Christmas is it gets earlier and earlier every year. Half way through November I could go into town, walk into shops and they'll be playing Christmas music. I'd walk into a supermarket and they'll have an entire isle already dedicated to Christmas stock, it's crazy!

Anyone moving on, I have created an advent calendar for you all. Every day you can go get a free treat until Christmas. Just head over to the Dead City and check it out! More Christmas stuff will be coming your way over the next couple weeks.

The November competition results will be posted soon, as well as a competition for December.

Some of you may have noticed that some TOH's (hourly resets) haven't been going through. We have found the problem, and working on different fixes to get around it. So please be patient as we sort it out. To make up for some of the lost turns, you can go ahead and use promo code : tohbeingsilly

More coming up!

Take care,

Sunday 28 November 2010

Few changes and chance to win 5 FREE PLASMA TONIGHT!!

Before you say anything, I know it's a Sunday, how dare I work on a Sunday? But I've made a few small changes, here they are...

MP changes
I've had several reports of people with odd amounts of MP which is annoying as all the powers are a multiple of 0 or 5. I have added an option to "Clear" your MP if this ever happens. You can find this on the vampire powers page.

Equipment ranking changes
Thanks to Mayne for pointing out the amount of kills needed to get your weapon skill maxed out. A mistake on my part made the expmax add 500 each time, it shouldn't do this. The expmax should be 500 each time I.E not increase each time you level up. As everyone who battles has been effected by this, I won't take any action making numbers up.

Top Vampires page
I have extended the top vampires (hall of fame) frame to more is displayed on the page. I have also made it so jailed members no longer appear on the top vampires statistics.

November competition
Just 2 more days of the competition, get your entries in quick!

Competition closed!

Enjoy what's left of the weekend,

Wednesday 24 November 2010

NEW SERVER & thanksgiving special

New Server
First of all, I am very pleased to say the new server is installed. Already the resets run so much better. An investment paying off I hope. As this server is running a fresh install of MySQL, it will take some tweaking to get the performance just right for the way RoB uses it. So it should still get a little bit better as the results are monitored and tweaks are made.

Thanksgiving & Black Friday Plasma & VIP Special
We don't celebrate Thanksgiving over here, but I know "Black Friday" is becoming quite an international thing these days, so I've decided to run a simple 2 day VIP & plasma sale for everyone.  The offer is 20% extra on all regular VIP & plasma packs. This will end Friday night. (Paypal & Google checkout only. Want to buy with Wallie or UGC? Contact me first for details.)

November Competition
Just under a week left to enter the competition. I've had a couple questions about it, and you are allowed to submit as many as you want (in one blood letter), our favourite of yours will be put forward towards the prize. I hope to see lots more entries before the end :) Read about it here

Missed the blog posted yesterday about the new accomplishment medals? You can give that a read here.

Hope you guys enjoy!


Accomplishment medals & achievement changes

Good evening vampires,

Accomplishments have been added to game. They are non rewarded milestones in the game to show off to other people. The quote direct from the page:
"When you hit certain milestones in the game, you unlock medals as shown below. These medals show the accomplishments and milestones you've reached in the game. The medals are also located on your profile for other vampires to admire your progress."
A lot of you will be shocked with what is required on the top accomplishments, but keep in mind, I've made this very future proof.

The medals you unlock completing the accomplishments show up on the top of your profile. Hover over the medals on other players profiles to see what milestones they've hit. You can view your complete and un-complete accomplishments via your home stats page. The medals are coloured, they change colour from RED to WHITE the higher you go.

Achievement changes
Some of you may have noticed the achievements pages have been down the last couple of hours. As you can now see, they have just had a bit of a face-lift. A gold trophy now appears next to the one that you've completed, and a gray trophy next to the ones you haven't. There has been 1 change to an achievement on list 2. The 50 link click achievement has been reduced to 25 links clicks for some of the reasons listed on this thread. I know the people who have got this would think it's unfair because they had to get to 50 to get the achievement, I understand that, so I've thrown everyone who has already completed list 2, 3 free QP as slight compensation.

A big thanks to Sirus_Bladewing (266460) for creating the images!

New Server
I've received information that the server could be installed tomorrow afternoon. No set in stone confirmation yet, but I'll post on the site if this is the case. WOO!


Monday 22 November 2010

Promo code for downtime

It's always fun waking up to a Facebook page full of raging fans wanting their fix back. Now we're back, I thought I'd be nice enough to issue a promo code for some of the lost turns.

Code: novdowntime (Go to this page to use)

You have until Wednesday night to use it :)

Shouldn't be too long now to the new servers. Will update you when I know more.


Saturday 20 November 2010

New weapon ranking system

Good evening,

An idea was brought forward a while ago about an equipment ranking system. I've had it written on my to-do so I thought I'd give it a go.  It's nothing major, it just gives those who actively battle a bit more of a free stat boost from your skill using a particular weapon or armour.

The basics
- Battling other vampires gives your equipment exp. 1 exp for attacking a rank lower than you, 2 exp for attacking the same rank as you, and 3 exp for attacking a higher ranked vampire.
- Every time you level the equipment up it gives + 1 damage or + 1 defence boost. (Depending on if the weapon levels or the armour)
- Weapon and armour have different exp bars, although they will be identical if you keep the same equipment equipped as you get the same exp for both.
- There is a maximum cap of level 50 for each equipment.

The negative effect
- Each piece of equipment is unique, I.E no two sticks are the same. The damage or defence boost from a particular equipment stays active as long as the equipment is in your possession. You sell or give away your equipment your bond with that equipment will be lost and the the equipment will be reset back to 1. This is because this is designed to give you an extra stat boost for actively using the equipment, not for adding extra sell value to it.

If this is well received, there are many ways to expand this in the future.

You will also see a slight layout update to the equipment page too.

Hope you like. Please report any bugs.


Thursday 18 November 2010

Server update & couple other small things

Good evening vampires of the Dead City,


Just a quick update on the server. I was informed recently that there is a delay unfortunately, I don't know the reason, but as a "gesture of goodwill"  they have doubled the RAM in the server for FREE. I paid for 32GB and they're giving us 64GB. I'm happy waiting another week or so and getting that free upgrade. The delivery date is set to 24th November. Give it another few days after that for transporting it to the data center, getting it ready for installation etc. So hopefully we'll be up and running at the start of December.  Believe me, I want this baby installed as fast as you guys do.

Some of you have been asking about specs, I am more than happy to tell you the basic specs as its you fine people that help pay to be able to have these upgrades! This spec is the for the SQL server (which is being replaced), this does not include the 3 Apache servers which are running fine.

Current SQL server spec:

2x4x2.13GHz processors  (8 cores total ~ 12GHz total power)
4x73GB 10,000RPM SAS disks

New SQL server spec:
4x 12-core 2.2GHz processors (48 cores total ~ 105GHz total power)
32GB 64GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
4x73GB 6Gbps 15,000RPM SAS disks

Pretty beefy huh? If the write speeds that become a problem in the future (even though they're pricey at the moment) I do have the option trade in the SAS discs and get some SSDs.

Somebody has finally found all 30 screws! Still a long way off? Don't punish yourself, some people are more lucky than others. Look out for next weeks Bloody Herald to get this guys thoughts.

The 5th Bloody Herald edition will be posted in the morning (I have it all ready now). You've been spoiled having 2 a week, it won't be like that every week. Another big thanks to the writer, you're doing an awesome job!

Novemeber Competition
Not had many entries yet to the November competition, for 100 plasma, it's surely worth a shot! I may even choose a couple winners if there are some good ones. But I love having a huge selection to choose from, you've only got a couple more weeks to get your entries in. Have any questions about it? let me know! Check out the latest competition page for more information.

This week we passed 444.444 total accounts. Pretty cool huh? No promo code for this though. At 500k? Maybe.

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Tuesday 9 November 2010

UGC in Canada, Pre-Paid card offers, server info & November competition

UGC for Canadians and pre-paid card offers
It has been brought to my attention that the Ultimate Game Card pre-paid card is appearing more commonly around Canada now. Maybe because their competitor Wallie is flooding it? Anyway, because of this, you Canadians will see two options for pre-paid cards, Wallie & the Ultimate Game Cards. You're so lucky.

On the subject of Pre-Paid cards. As I said in the previous blog Wallie are running a special for all US & Canadian Wallie card purchases gets 10% extra. Now the Ultimate game card company are doing a competition too.

On the subject of payments, remember we've got a new awesome mobile phone payment company. Really easy to use and adds your stuff right away, it's been a real hit. VIP starts at just $2.

Server information
 I've been getting lots of questions about the new server, and quite frankly, I didn't want to give much info on it until it came close to it being installed. I've got a estimated installation date, the 20th November. There will be *some* downtime during the installation. At this point in time I don't have a clue how long. Who would love to know the monster spec of the thing?

The Bloody Herald
In-case you haven't noticed The R-Paper has been re-named to the "Bloody Herald". Much more fitting right? I've talked to the writer and we plan to release an edition every Monday. So you will see at least 1 edition a week. Some weeks you may be lucky and get 2 a week, if that's the case the 2nd edition of the week will be uploaded around Thursday. A big thank you to the writer for the great work so far.

November competition
Not going to go all out this month with an awesome competition. It's quite simple really, some of you may remember this:

Pinned up beautifully on my office wall. Now, there's a space for another. That's where you come in! Want to be on a poster on my wall & earn some plasma? This is your chance!

The winner will receive 100 plasma. Prizes will be given to all valid entries too.

The rules:
- Must submit to the RoB-Bot by 30th November. Subject "Nov Comp".
- Picture does not have to have you in it, although preferred.
- It can be all photoshopped, but ALL must be your own images. Images just stolen off google and used will not be entered.
- Needs to be dark and in the theme of RoB.
- Needs to be of the same quality as the one above.
- No anime
- Must be very high resolution, it does not matter if the file size is huge

I hope to find a good enough one to go on my wall :) Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Keep a copy of the image on your computer, don't delete it.


Friday 5 November 2010

VIP page layout & options update, R-Paper & new server info [updated]

Afternoon everyone,

I'm getting this question a lot "What do I do with my Pumpkins?" There is only one thing you can do with them, sell them! Just click the sell link. There is no use keeping them now, as it just clogs up your inventory for things coming up.

Some new changes to the VIP
- Slightly updated the look of the VIP page
- Equipment packs have been added to the Wallie Card packs and the Ultimate Game card packs.
- You can now buy Wallie packs for other people by changing the ID

New Mobile Company
I've been approached by a mobile phone company which has a much bigger reach than Zaypay. You'll see a new section at the bottom of the VIP page which has specific mobile packs. What's even better about this mobile company, all packs are added automatically! Zaypay will (for now) still be used for the equipment pack and VIP+. You can change the ID on mobile packs and buy for other people too. For people who choose "other" as their country, there will be no set packs (yet). This company supports a lot of countries, if you want to make a purchase, there is a link to contact me, make sure you include your country and what pack you want to buy.

Wallie Card for Canadians
Wallie have released their pre-paid cards in Canada!  They are available in ExxonMobil, Canadian Tire Stores and Pioneer. Go to the VIP page and then click on the Wallie Card to search for store locations near you.

Non UK/US/CA/EU/NZ/AU players
For the players that choose "other" as their country on the VIP page, you would have had all your packs charged in USD$. It now changed so you're charged in GBP£. As we are based in the UK all payments get converted into UK pounds anyway, so instead of paying with your currency to USD to GBP we just cut out the USD part. This will help stop your purchase being as expensive if the USD isn't doing so well (against your currency and ours).

New Server
Thank you for all your support over the Halloween special, the new server has been ordered and due for installation at the end of the month, there will be a few hours downtime of course, but more on that closer to the time.

R-Paper bot
The R-Paper bot is now in action! The name will be changed when the next issue is ready (we've already decided on the name). It's basically just for people interested on what's going on with the game. I post all the important things on this blog, the R-Paper will include less important things, rumours, interviews etc etc. It's worthwhile keeping up to date with it. It's not compulsory and you will not lose out on any important information if you do not.

Wallie Card update
Wallie are running a promotion for the US & Canada players only. Details are as follows:

Wallie is a prepaid card for online games, available in over 10 countries and now also in Canada at ExxonMobile, Canadian Tire, Pioneer and about 15,000 other shops. The shops can be found on In the USA Wallie is available at various petrol stations and at over 30,000 other shops to be found on

On all Wallie-cards bought in the USA and Canada 10% extra is added for free, so for example a card of 10 Canadian Dollar contains 11 CAD value.
In addition to this, the first 1000 users will receive a free code if they register their email address and Shopping Card ID at or

Canadian outlets can be found here:

Further information on the promotion:

Players in the US will not see a Wallie link on their VIP page, if you want to take advantage of this offer then go straight to

Thanks guys & enjoy your weekend!


Sunday 31 October 2010

Happy Halloween! Goodies & pumpkins inside!

First things first, last night (as some of you have noticed) we (the UK) changed back to GMT from BST. So you don't need to post that the servers are an hour out, they're not, we've just moved an hour ;) So it would appear in your news around 1am that you would have been attacked twice, this is not correct as the clocks went back at 2am to 1am. So 1am last night happened twice.

Secondly, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Everyone gets 3 free candy and the promo code Halloween2010 to use.  Also every can be VIP for the day!

All your candy must be eaten by the end of tomorrow (1st November) as all uneaten candy I will steal back! The plasma special also ends at this time too.

October competition results are in. A really good selection of entries, some of which did not include your ID so was unable to enter you into the contest (Made this very clear on two blog posts). Thank you to everyone who entered. Was really hard picking the top 3.  The winners are as follows:

First Place: Aislinn (54285)

Second Place:  ~BlaCk >^.^< KaT~ (166846)

Third Place: WTF Another Damn Raven (66455)

And some of my favourites (each get 3 plasma each!):

Now all together now....

On a different, tomorrow is when I start negotiations for a new server! Will let you know how it goes later in the week.

Happy halloween! Hope you enjoy a spooky day :)

Friday 29 October 2010

Last few hours of downtime

Unfortunately the server did go down whilst I was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Seems to only happen that way, right? I apologise. Need to get the new server ASAP.

Promo code for downtime: omgserveralwaysgoesdownwhenashsleeps

Above promo code is available to use until Halloween.

I posted a blog yesterday, if you haven't read it, you can do so here.

Enjoy, and sorry again.


Yes Server is down

Being fixed asap

Thursday 28 October 2010

Last bit of candy pleasure and last call for October competition & plasma special

So Halloween candy is coming to an end :( I have hidden 3 more candy (the last batch) and you have until the 1st November when the Halloween events end to find them and eat them. The chance to get a treat is now 90/10! Only a few days left so enjoy it whilst it lasts.

This is also the last call for the October Competition which ends the early hours of October 31st (this Sunday).  I will post the winners & some of my favourites on a blog along with a Halloween surprise. There has been a couple entries where your ID is not in the picture, if you are one of these people, re-submit it before it ends with your ID somewhere on it. (Not photoshopped on). If it doesn't have your ID, you cannot win.

For those that missed it, I added a new points company where you can fill out offers to get free VIP & Plasma.

The Halloween VIP/Plasma will end November 1st. So get in your cheap plasma and candy before it runs! From now on also, you can now longer get a bad candy! All candy now is the really good stuff and all will taste really good :)

As I said on the last blog I had some pumpkin fun (never done it before). Here's my first 3 ever pumpkins i've carved:

The one of the left is my fave! I look forward to seeing the rest of yours.

Oh, I bought the coolest Halloween album just now, it was just £3!

Enjoy, and see you on Halloween!

Monday 25 October 2010

Coven wars V2.0.1 & new points company

Thanks for all the feedback so far with V2.0. We are reading your feedback and coming up with more updates in V2.1. As for now, I've updated the current status to V2.0.1. I was going to wait until V2.1 to make this update but it seems it cannot wait. The rounds now reset HALF PAST each hour. This means it gets them out of the TOH, TOH will be faster and less 503s should appear.

On the 503 note, this happens because the SQL server is overloading at peak times during TOH. A new server upgrade is needed, hopefully we can raise enough with these specials. More on that later.

I got contacted by a new points company, and I've decided to try them out. Probably no better than the others, but if they have better converting offers, I'll keep 'em. Head over to the points page to check it out. As you can now see there are 4 points companies. So there's plenty of offers to dig your teeth into.

5 days left of the halloween special (and candy) and the October competition. I'll be buying a couple pumpkins tomorrow, I will submit mine (of course I won't be able to win), I'd like to be in on the action as I've never created my own pumpkin before! From now on you get a candy every time you get the QOTD correct, and the chance of getting a treat has increased to 70/30.

Thanks guys,

Saturday 23 October 2010

Coven Wars V2.0 Beta

The idea of a brand new coven war system was very well received a few months ago. It is a big jump from the simple *Click* of the old system. As good as we thought they were, a high majority didn't like the flaws in the system. Of course no system we implement can be completely fair or make everyone happy, but we want to get as many people happy with it as we possibly can.

I present the next (and hopefully better) version of the coven wars. V2.0.

There has been a discussion on the forum for a couple weeks now on suggestions on how to make the coven wars even better. So I've taken your ideas, worked on them, and made the fit into the game.

Here's how they now work...

- They now work on a round based system. Each war lasts 50 rounds, each round lasts one hour. (So these new wars in theory are 2 hours longer than the old)

- A kill to the enemy coven gives you +1 war exp (there are no bonuses, 1 kill = 1 war exp)

- The winner of each round is determined by your covens total war exp / active members in the enemy coven. (Active players are determined by players who have logged in at least once in the last 14 days). The same is done for the other coven, their total points/your active members (over rank 5). Whoever has the highest score wins that round! At the end of the 50 rounds, whoever has the most round wins, wins the war!

- The correct number of active members that are classed as "Active" in the wars  is displayed on the top of the coven page.

- Another downside to the old system was people didn't want new player in their coven because they were a liability. Well, in order to take part in the wars you need to be rank 5+ and 7+ days old. That means that their kills won't give any war exp, and their deaths won't give any war exp to the enemy until the hit a week old and rank 5.

- The tier structure and exp taxes remain the same as follows:

Tier Diff:      EXP:
0 diff = 100% of the exp
1 diff = 75% of the exp
2 diff = 50% of the exp
3 diff = 40% of the exp
4 diff = 30% of the exp
5 diff = 20% of the exp
6 diff = 10% of the exp
>7 diff = 1% of the exp

Tier 1: 1-10 members
Tier 2: 11-25 members
Tier 3: 26-50 members
Tier 4: 51-75 members
Tier 5: 76-100 members
Tier 6: 101-150 members
Tier 7: 151-250 members
Tier 8: 251-500members
Tier 9: 501-750 members
Tier 10: 751-1000 members
Tier 11: 1001-1500 members
Tier 12: 1501-2500 members
Tier 13: 2500+ members

- Your coven still needs to be a week old in order to start warring. Tier 1 covens can still only attack other tier 1 covens

- The red war box now just shows winner of the last 1 hour round & how many rounds are left
- Everyone's total collected War Exp, coven war stats have been reset, and will be reset again after beta (for obvious reasons)

- The coven war leaders page now shows the total win rounds after a war instead of total collected war exp. The layout of this page will be updated after Beta

Everyone has been given a war (whether they've used theirs this week or not) to go and start a war and start testing out this new system.

I will be keeping a close eye on it and I'll let it run for a couple weeks and address any changes then. Make sure you report any bugs and give your feedback on this forum thread. Post any questions you have on this thread too. If you ask questions in the comment section they probably won't get seen & answered.

Thanks & enjoy!

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Coven wars closed & more candy!

Good afternoon,
A couple small updates to hit you with. First off, I have hidden 3 more candy around ReignOfBlood! Go fetch.

Secondly, I've now added a "Complete all daily quest" daily quest. Which is basically an extra reward for those who complete all of the daily quests in a day. Easy, right?

Lastly, coven wars are now closed whilst we work on V1.5. Oh the fun times ahead.

Remember that there is 9 days left of the October competition, get your entries in, it's fun :)

Some questions have popped up about the Trick Or Treat page. You have a 50/50 chance of getting a trick of treat. I have updated it so now you have a 60/40 change of getting a treat :)

Last thing, I've had a few requests about using the Wallie and UG Cards with the current special. During the specials I will allow the normal Paypal/Google special packs to be bought with the wallie/UG Card. If you want to do this, send me a blood letter. Otherwise there is a special offer pack on the page, but it has no candy.


Thursday 14 October 2010

2010 Halloween events begin!

So it's almost that time of year again. The time of year you get kids knocking on your door wanting your hard earned candy. Well, unfortunately, your gonna want to keep the candy for yourself!

Pumpkin Punch Plasma Packs (thanks knyf, noob)
As always there is a delicious amount of VIP and Plasma specials, check out the Buy VIP page for more info. You get candy with all the packs, nom nom candy.

Daily Trick-Or-Treat
Head over to the Dead City to find the Trick-Or-Treat house where once a day everyone can pick up a treat (or trick if you're unlucky mwhahaha).

Candy Hunt
That's right, there are 5 candies hidden around RoB! Find them, go to your equipment page, eat them! Nom nom nom. More will be added within the next 2 weeks. Oh, and everyone starts with 1 candy to eat for free! (I'm too nice)

Halloween Quest
There is a dedicated Halloween quest which wants you to go around RoB and collect pumpkins. They come up randomly, so the more you play, the more you'll find!

QOTD Candy
You have a chance to get a piece of candy each day just from getting the QOTD correct.

That's all for now... more to come though!


Tuesday 12 October 2010

250 likes = Another promo code!

Hey guys!

Got 250 likes!

Promo code: 250likes

Facebook like page:

Excited about the Halloween events? I sure am!


Thursday 7 October 2010

100 facebook likes = promo code

Thanks to everyone who took part in getting the 100 likes! That was a lot quicker and easier than I thought it was. I'll up the game next time :)

Check out the facebook fan page for the promo code!

Like us on Facebook:
Add our Facebook group:
Follow us on Twitter:

For the last time, if you've missed the October competition and recent updates blog, you can check it out here.

I'm excited for the Halloween events starting next week!


Wednesday 6 October 2010

Facebook like for promo code & quick random competition

Hey guys!

Running a quick Facebook thing... basically I just posted a status on the Facebook fan page, and if it gets 100 likes I will issue everyone a promo code to use!

Pretty simple, login to Facebook (if you have one or want too), like our page, then like the status "100 likes on this status and I'll issue a promo code!" If the status gets 100 likes, I will issue a promo code!

Facebook like page:
Whilst you're at it, don't forget to follow my Twitter too :

Quick 3 plasma competition has been won! I'll think of something harder next time.

If you missed the last blog about some updates the October competition, you can read all about it by clicking here.

Good luck!

Monday 4 October 2010

October competition & couple other updates

Good evening,
A few changes so far, more to come.

For those who have not noticed, I have updated the ROULETTE game at the Dead City Casino. I see a lot of you have been playing, I've got quite addicted to it myself. Currently overall players have won more than what has been spent! Good to see so many lucky players.

Last weeks lottery with the same person first & third, was not meant to happen. I have patched up the problem & will keep an eye in-case it comes up again. This is the reason why features like these have to run in BETA for so long. I get a lot of people complaining that they didn't win when they bought $20,000 worth of ticket against someone who bought $10,000,000 worth of ticket. The lottery system works of a very simple random system. To help people understand ticket purchases of other players after a lottery draw is complete, you can now view the top ticket purchases. As I'm not here this Saturday I ran the lottery TONIGHT to test this, it will run again on Saturday as normal. You can now see all the current ticket purchases for this week. Lottery is now running V2.2 Beta.

Few people have wanted to be able to control how many posts are viewed on a thread page. Well over in your account options you can now change this. The maximum is 100. This will apply to the normal forums, coven forums & roleplaying forums.

Blood letters
As per your requests you can now turn off blood letter smilies. You can now also view your SENT messages. Only messages you send from NOW on will show as a link in the sent messages page for you to view. There is also a quick delete link for you to quickly delete the blood letter notification.

This isn't really a change but there are rumours flying around that there will be more marriage achievements/quests. This is NOT true. There will no further marriage achievements or quests!

With the Halloween events only a couple weeks away, lets kick it off with a Halloween themed competition!

The task:
Pumpkins are great right? You always get people making funky pumpkins and this time you can get plasma for it! Go the your local store which sells pumpkins (I know they're selling them already). Carve out a really cool design & take a picture! To prove your picture is legit, you must write your ID on a piece of paper and place it somewhere in the picture before taking it. I've come to realise that people will Google pumpkins, write their ID on with MS paint and submit it. These are NOT allowed. My favourite pumpkins will win!

You get bonus points for making the picture RoB-Themed somehow. No photo-shopping allowed at all.

1st place: 100 plasma
2nd place: 50 plasma
3rd place: 25 plasma

All entries must be submitted to the ROB BOT by October 30th for display on the 31st. (Send a blood letter to ID 2 with the subject "October Pumpkin Contest")

EDIT: 1 Picture per player, but you can have as many pumpkins in that picture as you like.

Halloween events & more coming mid-October. More NEW features on its way this week as well as testing out a new coven war system. Lots to be excited about.

~ Ash

Lottery being manually run tonight

Adding a new feature to the lottery tonight. So I will be running a manual draw at about midnight. The jackpot is around $6million at the moment, and that will be the jackpot. The process will be the same and if all goes well i'll link in the new feature for you all to enjoy.


Wednesday 29 September 2010

Vampire Powers V2

Vampire powers were added back in December 2008 (Wow time has gone fast). This type of feature was highly suggested and it turned out to be a great hit. But that was 2008, this is 2010. So I present to you V2 of the vampire powers. Since January 2009 over half a million powers have been activated. That shows people like and use them!

Vampire powers now work to compliment your current stats.. V1 adds an exact amount to your stats (I.E +5, +50 etc). But that's changing. So I present V2.

What's different? Well stats are now added in terms of PERCENT%. MP cap has been increased, and you can now activate only 2 powers at a time.

Head over to the vampire powers page to check it out.

Here is a screenshot:

What about MP?
As you can tell the benefits are much greater now, so in turn the MP cost has increased slightly. Its up to you whether you want to unleash a mega attack every other day or so or use small powers more regularly. This gives you more room and options for your strategies.  The MP rate of 10/hour is still in place (VIP+ members get an extra 5 an hour remember). The cap has been increased to 400 for everyone.

Pretty cool huh? More powers and tweaks may be made (you've been warned), but we'll see how this runs to start with.

Remember that the lottery jackpot as I said last week will get an extra $10million on the already nearly $100million jackpot for this Saturday. It's going to be a good one.


Friday 24 September 2010

Crazy double & extras weekend! Couple tweaks & weekend plasma special

I'm feeling generous so lets run a DOUBLE WEEKEND!


That's right! Until Sunday evening you'll receive double points on all point offers. If a point offer says you get 10 points, when completed, you'll receive 20! Bank interest has been doubled for the weekend, so make sure you fill your bank up to your cap to get the most interest you can. And mostly importantly, double turns! TURN CAPS REMAIN UNCHANGED! Make sure you login regularly over the weekend to use your extra turns.

There is also 20% extra on all the regular VIP & Plasma packs (not bundle packs) when paying with Google Checkout or Paypal (UG card and Wallie are available, please blood letter me for instructions).

The premium gym (where you can get up to x4) is open for business again! Everyone has access until 8am tomorrow morning (8am 25th Sep game time). Buying a VIP pack gives you access until tomorrow at 10pm (10pm 25th Sep game time). Buying a plasma gives you full access until Sunday night 10pm when the offers end and double weekend is over.

As for the lottery WINNER this week, whoever wins will get an extra $10million to spend on whatever they want!

I have slightly increased the bank interest cap for now, you can head over the to City bank for the latest rates. Made couple changes to the new blood letters as you can already tell. I know the funky reply button doesn't work on mobile browsers, which is why i added a hard link at the bottom of the page for you to reply.


Wednesday 22 September 2010

Blood Letters V3, bank interest changes, Inventory & other changes

Been working on quite a few things the last week. Some new exciting features and some changes that some may not be too happy about, but necessary. Sitting tight? Here goes!

UGC Card changes
For those that use the Ultimate game cards you can now see some new packs as well as the monthly packs I added to the Paypal page a month back.

Metal Man II & V quest  II
As you've probably already noticed there is a new V quest (ha) and a new Metal Man (Grim) quest. I wonder what he's building?

Rank Up notice
You no longer level up automatically per se. When you complete a battle, hunt, quest etc it checks if you have more blood than your max and gives you a rank up notice and then ranks you up. The blood bar no longer stretches over the limit if you have more blood than blood max.

Drop down menu edits
There has been a couple very small changes to the drop down menu, one of which is explained below.

For reasons explained below there is now a new inventory section. Which in its first stage, doesn't do a lot.  You know when you send gifts to each other? Well now you actually get the gift. They'll be stored in your inventory. In the future more things can be added to store in there & quests can be spawn from this. You can hold up to 50 items at this time.

Bank Interest changes
I've made some changes to the bank interest system. Because of abuse of the interest system I've made the interest rank based. The interest is still 1% a day, and every day at the main reset you get the 1% added with the new caps (explained below) and a news notification to let you know how much you earn. Oh, and you must have at least $100 in your bank to get any interest.

Rank          Interest Cap
1-9            $1,000 (First $100,000 gets interest)
10-19        $10,000 (First $1,000,000 gets interest)
20-29        $20,000 (First $2,000,000 gets interest)
30-49        $30,000 (First $3,000,000 gets interest)
50-74        $40,000 (First $4,000,000 gets interest)
75-99        $45,000 (First $4,500,000 gets interest)
100+         $50,000 (First $5,000,000 gets interest)

please note this is the first version, changes may be made soon

For example, if you're rank 20 you'll be in the 3rd tier, which means you'll get a cap of $20,000 interest a day. Which means that if you have $100,000 in the bank you'd get $1000 interest. If you had $10million in your bank you'd get $20,000 because only the first $2million earns interest.

VIP members get a  + 20% bonus after caps
VIP+ members get an extra + 10% bonus after caps
(25% total if you have both VIP days and VIP+ days)

So using the example above and you're rank 20 (and you have VIP and VIP+ days) with $10million in the bank you'd earn $20,000, then + 20% ($4,000) and then +10% ($2,000) which gives you a grand total of $26,000 daily interest.

So the maximum interest you can earn (being rank 100 and having VIP and VIP+ days) is $65,000 a day.

This will also give another incentive to rank up. Obviously a lot of people won't be happy with this because the majority of people will be getting less bank interest. But at the end of the day, its FREE money you're getting from the system. So some better than none right? Rank up and get more :)

Blood Letters V3
Blood letter changes! A complete overhaul of the blood letter system that will come to a shock to start with (it is different!) but once you play around with it for a while you'll learn to love it like we do. Sitting tight?

Blood letters v3 works on a 'thread' system similar to the forum setup. When you send someone a blood letter for the first time it creates a new 'thread' between you and the person you just sent a blood letter too. The message than appears on the blood letter homepage as it always has, but when they click it will it take it to the thread you started. At that point they can reply to the thread that adds a message into the thread itself which then sends you a notification (like before) of a new message where you can view the reply. The messages you send will have a dark background and the messages you receive will be a lighter coloured background so you can quickly and easily tell the messages you sent.

Blood letter homepage works like the news page, the messages you see are not the actual message like before, they are just notifications of a new thread or new messages in a current thread. If someone adds 3 messages to a thread before you get chance to look at it again you will get 3 notifications on the blood letter homepage even though its 3 messages added to one thread. In this scenario when you click on one of the unread notifications it will mark all unread notifications linked to that thread as read. Notifications on the blood letter page can be deleted but the actual thread messages CANNOT be deleted. They are deleted automatically after 30 days of inactivity (subject to change). So it does not matter if you're not using the thread anymore, just delete the notification link to it and forget about it.

Saved messages work the same, threads cannot be saved but individual can be, click the save image next to the message itself.

Sent messages has changed a bit, they work on the notifications, you can still see if a message has been read or not. You can no longer mark a message as unread, but you can flag them by clicking "Flag messages" when viewing a message thread. You can now longer view the message that was sent, only the subject and whether its been read or not. Messages will no longer disappear if the receiver deletes the messages, although you won't know if they deleted it, it'll stay marked as read.  Unfortunately, you can longer search by message

The old blood letters can still be accessed via the link at the top of the page for a couple weeks. Unfortunately saved messages cannot be transferred over. So if you have any messages of importance, you'll have to transfer them over manually. Some of the automated services (i.e. new player welcome bl) will be transferred to the new over the next day or so.

Gift Shop changes
As said above, gifts are now sent to your inventory with a news notification instead of just a blood letter, so you'll no longer see blood letter notification of gifts from the gift shop.

The bank interest, inventory & blood letters are running in BETA just in-case any bugs find their way to the surface or I have to make any necessary changes.

As you can see, lots of changes! Gonna relax now and have a drink. Next month will be a cool month, with lots of Halloween events. Next month hopefully we'll do a review of the coven wars & a couple other features that need improving.

Post feedback or ask questions on any of these updates here
Post any bugs here

Thank you!


Thursday 16 September 2010

Server changes & competition winners

We've made some server changes which included a re-install of the OS on one of the hard-drives & a new cable because the cable was dodgy. All servers should now be in fully working order, so we've done some more work on the way the servers handle your sessions (Which is why you all got logged out earlier). This should have also fixed the rank jump bug. If you're still getting this from NOW on, please report it in this thread.

I apologise about the mix up with the August competition, had loads more last minute entries! Here are the new and final winners:

1st place: Lady Of Moldovia (390361)
2nd place: Squall (330173)
3rd place: Pikelets [Tass]™ (309053)

A big THANKS to everyone who entered!  I will give everyone else who entered a free plasma (only if you sent the blood letter with the correct subject).

I can confirm there will not be a competition this month, a new one will be set for October. Still working on a couple new things and a couple changes. They're in the last stages and should get them out to you ASAP.

Not long till the weekend, can't be bad, right?


Wednesday 15 September 2010


We plan to reinstall the OS & the software on one of the web servers this morning to help fix some of the server glitches. I've been told the work will start at around 10AM game time but it could vary. It'll be down for a few hours. As far as I know the other web servers will remain open but as everyone is piled onto one it will probably be quite slow. This is the quietest time of day so hopefully it'll be okay, but this needs to be done.

Will update you if there is anything to update.


Tuesday 14 September 2010

Paypal changes

Just a heads up that Paypal has changed their checkout layout. I went to purchase some advertising and this new Paypal layout came up, I thought it could have been some phishing attempt or something. I went and clicked the 'Buy VIP' link on RoB and the Paypal page it takes you is the same as I had. Checked the SSL etc and it's all legit. I know some of you get a bit thrown off when changes like this are made who are concious of security online, you don't need to be alarmed by Paypals change.

(I prefer the old one to be honest, don't like it when it goes gray and the spinning loading thing comes up)

Always keeping a watchful eye out,

EDIT: We're doing some extra server logging to help squeeze out some problems, so things might be a little slower overnight.

Friday 10 September 2010

2 days left of August competition, bug fixed, promo code & more

It's good to be back! Excited to get back into the motion making RoB better.

Earlier today I posted the results for the August competition, I had in fact realised that i said the 12th end date not the 10th. All prizes to the 3 winners have been recalled. Sorry! In 2 days time i will announce the winners again with any changes to better videos being submitted in the next couple days.

If you don't get know about it, click here for information and entry details. There are not many submissions, and I still have to choose 3 winners!

Moving on, there has been a lingering $0 equipment bug. What I've done instead of manually updating all the effected equipment, I've made it so that if the reselling value of any equipment is $0 it will shows as half the cost price as the reselling value. (Prices may vary if you buy a weapon bought from a VIP member buying equipment at VIP prices because of discounts).

Couple changes to 2 current features coming soon, one you'll like, one you probably won't like as much.

P.S. Use promo code ASHISBACK from some free goodies!


Bug fixes, August competition winners & more

It's good to be back! Excited to get back into the motion making RoB better.

*post removed, please see later blog*

Moving on, there has been a lingering $0 equipment bug. What I've done instead of manually updating all the effected equipment, I've made it so that if the reselling value of any equipment is $0 it will shows as half the cost price as the reselling value. (Prices may vary if you buy a weapon bought from a VIP member buying equipment at VIP prices because of discounts).

Couple changes to 2 current features coming soon, one you'll like, one you probably won't like as much.

P.S. Use promo code ASHISBACK from some free goodies!


Sunday 5 September 2010

I'm back!

I am now back at home! I'm not that jet lagged i don't think, it could kick in later. Going to go for dinner and have an early night and start catching up on stuff tomorrow!

I had a great time and it was good to get away. Back to work now though!

I am extending the current competition to September 12th FYI!

Have a good evening.

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