Thursday 18 November 2010

Server update & couple other small things

Good evening vampires of the Dead City,


Just a quick update on the server. I was informed recently that there is a delay unfortunately, I don't know the reason, but as a "gesture of goodwill"  they have doubled the RAM in the server for FREE. I paid for 32GB and they're giving us 64GB. I'm happy waiting another week or so and getting that free upgrade. The delivery date is set to 24th November. Give it another few days after that for transporting it to the data center, getting it ready for installation etc. So hopefully we'll be up and running at the start of December.  Believe me, I want this baby installed as fast as you guys do.

Some of you have been asking about specs, I am more than happy to tell you the basic specs as its you fine people that help pay to be able to have these upgrades! This spec is the for the SQL server (which is being replaced), this does not include the 3 Apache servers which are running fine.

Current SQL server spec:

2x4x2.13GHz processors  (8 cores total ~ 12GHz total power)
4x73GB 10,000RPM SAS disks

New SQL server spec:
4x 12-core 2.2GHz processors (48 cores total ~ 105GHz total power)
32GB 64GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
4x73GB 6Gbps 15,000RPM SAS disks

Pretty beefy huh? If the write speeds that become a problem in the future (even though they're pricey at the moment) I do have the option trade in the SAS discs and get some SSDs.

Somebody has finally found all 30 screws! Still a long way off? Don't punish yourself, some people are more lucky than others. Look out for next weeks Bloody Herald to get this guys thoughts.

The 5th Bloody Herald edition will be posted in the morning (I have it all ready now). You've been spoiled having 2 a week, it won't be like that every week. Another big thanks to the writer, you're doing an awesome job!

Novemeber Competition
Not had many entries yet to the November competition, for 100 plasma, it's surely worth a shot! I may even choose a couple winners if there are some good ones. But I love having a huge selection to choose from, you've only got a couple more weeks to get your entries in. Have any questions about it? let me know! Check out the latest competition page for more information.

This week we passed 444.444 total accounts. Pretty cool huh? No promo code for this though. At 500k? Maybe.

Enjoy the rest of the week,


Mesayah said...

4x 12-core 2.2GHz processors (48 cores total ~ 105GHz total power)
32GB 64GB of 1333MHz DDR3 RAM
4x73GB 6Gbps 15,000RPM SAS disks

Jargon to me... but sounds fast :P

D.A. Deathsbane said...

444,444 accounts? RoB is growing pretty fast.

Undead Chaos Gnome™ said...

lol should boost game speed n have alot more space for account good job ashy ^_^

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why dont you have a plasma sale to pay for the better up grades

Anonymous said...

Oh sweet jesus what I'd to for that kinda power... Your a lucky man Ash.

Anonymous said...

they need to hurry up and do something because we cant even get into rob right now with all the 503s

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