Tuesday 9 November 2010

UGC in Canada, Pre-Paid card offers, server info & November competition

UGC for Canadians and pre-paid card offers
It has been brought to my attention that the Ultimate Game Card pre-paid card is appearing more commonly around Canada now. Maybe because their competitor Wallie is flooding it? Anyway, because of this, you Canadians will see two options for pre-paid cards, Wallie & the Ultimate Game Cards. You're so lucky.

On the subject of Pre-Paid cards. As I said in the previous blog Wallie are running a special for all US & Canadian Wallie card purchases gets 10% extra. Now the Ultimate game card company are doing a competition too.

On the subject of payments, remember we've got a new awesome mobile phone payment company. Really easy to use and adds your stuff right away, it's been a real hit. VIP starts at just $2.

Server information
 I've been getting lots of questions about the new server, and quite frankly, I didn't want to give much info on it until it came close to it being installed. I've got a estimated installation date, the 20th November. There will be *some* downtime during the installation. At this point in time I don't have a clue how long. Who would love to know the monster spec of the thing?

The Bloody Herald
In-case you haven't noticed The R-Paper has been re-named to the "Bloody Herald". Much more fitting right? I've talked to the writer and we plan to release an edition every Monday. So you will see at least 1 edition a week. Some weeks you may be lucky and get 2 a week, if that's the case the 2nd edition of the week will be uploaded around Thursday. A big thank you to the writer for the great work so far.

November competition
Not going to go all out this month with an awesome competition. It's quite simple really, some of you may remember this:

Pinned up beautifully on my office wall. Now, there's a space for another. That's where you come in! Want to be on a poster on my wall & earn some plasma? This is your chance!

The winner will receive 100 plasma. Prizes will be given to all valid entries too.

The rules:
- Must submit to the RoB-Bot by 30th November. Subject "Nov Comp".
- Picture does not have to have you in it, although preferred.
- It can be all photoshopped, but ALL must be your own images. Images just stolen off google and used will not be entered.
- Needs to be dark and in the theme of RoB.
- Needs to be of the same quality as the one above.
- No anime
- Must be very high resolution, it does not matter if the file size is huge

I hope to find a good enough one to go on my wall :) Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Keep a copy of the image on your computer, don't delete it.



Anonymous said...

ahh cool gray~ghost here

Anonymous said...

hmm I might do this, justtt maybeee lol

~M~ said...

Awesome :D

B said...

*Starts looking for a pic befitting Ash's wall >.> *

Kitkara, White Tiger said...

Yes, I want to hear the monster spec.

Kelsey Grey Diluculo said...

Awesome changes Ash.

Anonymous said...

Just went to check out the new Canadian opportunities... Clicked on Canada and continue and the same screen kept reloading! :P Excited about the changes. Thanks Ash.

Riz said...

Interested in the monster specs of the server

Drakenette (288421) said...

Awesome comp, might actually involve myself in one. Loving the Bloody Herald, could be shortened a bit. Thank you for bringing Wallie Cards into Canada Ash! 'Bout time I might add! ;)

Anonymous said...


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