Sunday 30 January 2011

Enemy hitlist & battle arena updates

New enemy list!
Yeah, it's finally here, brand new enemy hit lists! It has an all new layout and listing options for VIP members. VIP members can list their listed enemies by ID, rank & power. Non-VIPs have the default listing of by ID. I'm sure this will make a lot of people happy :)

New battle arena layout
I've updated the battle arena layout and all the connecting pages too. I've been wanting to give these pages a face-lift for a while as they're one of the most viewed pages on the game.

What do you think of the new red table boxes? I think they're pretty neat.

Coven Wars
Okay so there has been a few discussions on the coven forum thread about different approaches to the coven war system.  Trying to make a flaw-free war system is difficult, but Alu's suggestion may just change that. His idea really does take the wars to the next level, although at first can seem a bit complicated, I assure you once you get it, it's pretty simple. I've posted his ideas and numbers on this thread, please go take a read and give us your feedback on it.

I hope you get a good weekend, enjoy what's left of it.

Thursday 27 January 2011

Bounty hunter changes & YouTube changes

Youtube Videos
I've had a few reports of YouTube videos not working on profiles anymore. I have checked YouTube out and it seems their default video code is now an iFrame (for some reason) and for security, iFrames are not allowed on your profile. There is an option, however, to select "Use old embed code", you should do that if you want to place a video on your profile :)

Bounty hunter changes (Does not apply to coven bounties)
To much my amazment, the bounty system is a HUGE hit!
Here are some updates for it...

- Plasma bounty market added
- 25 cap limit. All bounties over 25 have been reduced to 25 (I promise it wont get reduced again). Higher kill bounties take too long, especially with several vampires fighter over it, this in turn will just clutter up the bounty market. Smaller bounties with smaller cash are a lot more popular than bigger bounties with bigger cash prizes. You're free to keep posting more bounties on the same person after someone has completed it :)
- You can now remove yourself from any bounties you've accepted.
- You can now post up to 10 bounties at one time.
- Leader-boards will be added with a new update coming soon ;)
- Attack link added to the your active bounties page

Coming up
Loads more features still coming, although one of the next feature will be a "social" update. Some of the things a lot of people keep asking for, and then some more. More to come.

Spam attack
I love comments and feedback on the blog posts, however last week we had  bunch of spam comments, mainly consisting of if any of you would be interested in phone sex... So all comments have to go through an approval proccess, but I don't want this to stop you commenting :)


Sunday 23 January 2011

New Bounty Hunter System

So the last few days I've been working on setting up a bounty hunter system. The select few who've had a sneak preview are really excited about it. There are several ways I could have implemented this, but after much yapping and drafting, this is how RoBs bounty system works:

Regular bounty system

You can post up to 3 bounties at a time. You post the ID of the vampire you want the bounty to be on, the TOTAL amount of money you want to give for the COMPLETE job, and finally the amount of times you want them killed. So for example if you say you want to pay $10,000 to have RoB-Bot (2) killed 100 times, that money pays for 100 kills, not per kill.

Players can then accept the bounty and carry out the task. There is no limit to how many people can accept a certain bounty. BUT only the person who completes the task FIRST gets the money!

When a player has accepted the bounty and kills the person the bounty is on, the battle news is slightly changed as shown below:

2011-01-22 22:31:22 -  VidBot (3) killed you in battle [ Bounty by DarkAsh (1) ]

You can check the status on the 'your bounty' page to see how many more kills you have left to do, and there you will find the link to claim the money.  It's down to you to actively checking the bounty page. The idea is to get on on the bounties first and get kills before anyone else. If you see other vampires half way through the kill amount and you feel you would not be able to catch up, then simply do not bother and wait for the next opportunity.

Coven Exp bounty system
The coven exp bounty system works almost the same. Anybody in a coven can post a bounty for your coven to help gain exp. The bounty must first join your coven, then accept your bounty and earn whatever set exp you want. When they hit that, they can claim the prize and then leave the coven.

Coven wars
I decided against adding a bounty system just to benefit war exp for the coven war system. Main reasons being as we go through testing different methods, things will change. You can still use this system to benefit a war, just set a coven exp amount for your coven during a war period. You can even contact the bounty and ask him if they will target the opposing coven.

Hopefully from this, people will build relationships and continue working with people outside of this system, of course doing it through this system is more secure as well as the benefit of the bounty battle news message.

Head over to the market area in the Dead City to check it out.

Please give any feedback or bugs found here.

Thanks & enjoy!

Wednesday 19 January 2011

2010 in a nutshell & new hangman game.

New hangman game
I was searching around the net for some free "game" scripts to expand the Casino (which has now been renamed to Casino & Games). I found this awesome fun little open source free Hangman script! I was playing around with it for a bit and got really addicted! So I decided I'd share it with you all, and to earn some money from it. For just 1 turn per attempt you can guess the word that appears. I have added over 700+ words and more will be added as time goes on. There are some average difficulty words and some hard ones ;)

2010 in a nutshell
2010 was a damn good year for RoB. Here are just some of the highlights:

- New server & hourly backups of the game
- New points offers
- RoB wins Favourite RPG of 2009
- Wallie Pre-Paid card accepted
- New weapon system with rubies
- Coven Advertising system
- New lottery
- Achievements list 0.5 and 3
- New help ticket system
- New forums & role-playing forums added
- Vadenhill was created
-  More new servers
- Gravemarket mess up April fools joke
- Lottery system upgraded to 3 winners a week
- Ultimate game card now accepted
- ReignOfBlood turns 4 years old
- Added VIP+
- Coven forums updated to new system
- Wants market added
- Introduced Story quests
- Gems added to the underground
- Daily quests added
- Coven Wars system
- Hit 400,000 signups
- New voting system
- New homepage design
- HUGE new server
- Blood letters V3 (with threads)
- Bank interest changes
- Inventory
- New gift system
- New weapon ranking system
- Accomplishment medals
- VIP/Plasma gifting system (to be updated)
- As well as all the double weekends & new quests!!

So far in 2011 we've had:
- New portal with RoB world map
- New Location: Greenwood
- New images to represent each of the locations
- Dead City layout updated with hover over help

There is SO much planned for 2011! I have a feeling it's going to be an even better year.  Next update will be geared toward you hardcore killers ;)

Have a good one!

Play Hangman on ReignOfBlood!

Afternoon everyone,

I was searching around the net for some free "game" scripts to expand the Casino (which has now been renamed to Casino & Games). I found this awesome fun little open source free Hangman script! I was playing around with it for a bit and got really addicted! So I decided I'd share it with you all, and to earn some money from it. For just 1 turn per attempt you can guess the word that appears. I have added over 700+ words and more will be added as time goes on. There are some average difficulty words and some hard ones ;)


Saturday 15 January 2011

Chat & forum rules updated & record lottery jackpot

Double coven exp ended
I see this was a great success! A lot of death occurred as everyone scrambled for those precious kill. I will do this again at some point :)

Chat & forum rules updated
The chat & forum rules, re-written by the team leaders, has now been updated. No further action is required on your part, although it's probably in your best interest to give them a read again. The RP chat rules have not yet been updated, they will be updated soon.

Would you like $30,000 for free?
There is a new points offer,  I'm not sure if all countries, but in US/UK/CAN I know it is where you just watch a 2minute lego video and you get 1 point! You might think 1 point, who cares. But points are selling on the market for around $30,000. Click here for the points page.

Lottery jackpot
New record is being set tonight with the biggest jackpot EVER. The ever increasing jackpot of over $650,000,000, 3 people are going to be rich tonight. People are gambling a lot of money into it, I hope it pays off for you.

Some new stuff next week!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend (I know the lottery winners will enjoy theirs)

Thursday 13 January 2011

Double coven EXP friday has started!

Coven double exp has now ended!

The lottery jackpot is almost hitting $500,000,000. Someone is going to be very rich this weekend (on the basis it doesn't rollover, eek!)

Knyf Deviaviator is running a contest on the forums where anyone can join for just $1000. It involves just guessing what day we hit the big 500,000 accounts here on ReignOfBlood! The winner will get over $2million (and growing), it's well worth a $1000 gamble! You can view the contest details here

I've slightly updated the homepage too, what do you guys think?

Missed the last blog about the new Greenwood location and world map? Check it out here.

It's almost the weekend, up to anything exciting?

Hope you have a good one!


Tuesday 11 January 2011

Introducing GreenWood! City changes, new world map & so much more.

Let's start 2011 off with a bang, shall we?!

A new location has been added, and it's called Greenwood. An underground-type forest for you to earn some cash without using your precious turns. Although this will not be appealing to older rich vampires (until I make you), it will mainly appeal to new people and for people missing out on a bit of cash due to the bank interest changes. Of course it's in beta, so the money it gives may decrease or increase as I watch it. "Energy" works the same way as Spring Valley's stamina. You get 2 energy every 5 minutes as long as you're located in Greenwood (you don't have to be alive but this could change & remember that you don't get stamina or energy on the top of hour reset). There will be no quests for GW until I get the money balance right.

Spring Valley changes
Due to Greenwood, stamina now gives at the same rate as Greenwood energy. You now get 2 stamina every 5minutes.

Dead City update
The Dead City has had a major face lift! New funky font headers, new image and cool hover over help. You can turn off the hover over help in the account options, as most of you already know what everything is. I also know you hate change, but a few of the locations in the Dead City have been moved around a little, the new headers will explain this.

And the others...
Ghost town, Vadenhill & Spring Valley now all have new images to represent them.

World map
Mr. Sirus has been working hard making the world of ReignOfBlood more visual. The portal now shows the ReignOfBlood world sepia style world map. I've added mouse overs on the cities for quick info on that location. This also makes it so easy to expand the ReignOfBlood world. I think it's really cool & I hope you do too. Go to the portal to check it out!

Story Quests
 As you've noticed I added 3 new story quests this week, there are more to come! There will of course be a story quests on Greenwood soon for those interested in that backstory.

The QOTD link is now located under the "government" section of the new Dead City. The link now only appears when a staff member has posted a QOTD, which will save you refreshing the page to see if one has been posted yet.

Lotto Jackpot
After 2 rollovers in a row the lottery jackpot is over $250,000,000. Someone's going to be rich this weekend (if it doesn't rollover again).

Double COVEN EXP Friday!
Friday I am going to run a double COVEN EXP day! From 10pm Thursday (13th Jan) until 10pm Friday (14th) all battles will earn double exp for your coven.

You can give feedback to any of these new features here!

Hope you like!

Wednesday 5 January 2011

Nice simple January Competition!

Good afternoon everybody.

January Competition
A simple competition this month, the R-Paper bot needs a new name. When the name of the R-Paper got changed to the Bloody Herald the name of ID4 never got updated! We're stumped on what to call him, so we're giving you the change to come up with an awesome name. If you suggest the name we choose you'll win 25 plasma! All you have to do is head over to this thread.

Few cool features in the works, some taking longer than expected. And with these new features comes re-branding with some of the current features connected with it. I can't wait until it all gets released for you guys.

Enjoy the rest of the week

Saturday 1 January 2011

Happy new year!

Happy new year everyone :)

2011 is going to be a great year for RoB! Here are just a taste of things to come...

1 - wijven zend! i ise tils meen sand
2 - meyy tom wake em a rozon
3 - web nurd an it sec

This is also your 24 hour warning for the plasma special, to eat your candy, to use your sugar & the rest of the Christmas features.

Looking forward to a great 2011 with you all!


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