Wednesday 19 January 2011

2010 in a nutshell & new hangman game.

New hangman game
I was searching around the net for some free "game" scripts to expand the Casino (which has now been renamed to Casino & Games). I found this awesome fun little open source free Hangman script! I was playing around with it for a bit and got really addicted! So I decided I'd share it with you all, and to earn some money from it. For just 1 turn per attempt you can guess the word that appears. I have added over 700+ words and more will be added as time goes on. There are some average difficulty words and some hard ones ;)

2010 in a nutshell
2010 was a damn good year for RoB. Here are just some of the highlights:

- New server & hourly backups of the game
- New points offers
- RoB wins Favourite RPG of 2009
- Wallie Pre-Paid card accepted
- New weapon system with rubies
- Coven Advertising system
- New lottery
- Achievements list 0.5 and 3
- New help ticket system
- New forums & role-playing forums added
- Vadenhill was created
-  More new servers
- Gravemarket mess up April fools joke
- Lottery system upgraded to 3 winners a week
- Ultimate game card now accepted
- ReignOfBlood turns 4 years old
- Added VIP+
- Coven forums updated to new system
- Wants market added
- Introduced Story quests
- Gems added to the underground
- Daily quests added
- Coven Wars system
- Hit 400,000 signups
- New voting system
- New homepage design
- HUGE new server
- Blood letters V3 (with threads)
- Bank interest changes
- Inventory
- New gift system
- New weapon ranking system
- Accomplishment medals
- VIP/Plasma gifting system (to be updated)
- As well as all the double weekends & new quests!!

So far in 2011 we've had:
- New portal with RoB world map
- New Location: Greenwood
- New images to represent each of the locations
- Dead City layout updated with hover over help

There is SO much planned for 2011! I have a feeling it's going to be an even better year.  Next update will be geared toward you hardcore killers ;)

Have a good one!


Aidric said...

Woot nice blog lol

Ravencrest said...


Anonymous said...

Keep up the momentum, Ash... well done overall.

Shardy said...

You been a busy man,,
Great work btw ,,I do like the new stuff
an pics. ,,being in incarcerated here ,
me missed a lot of new things,, catching up now,,lol

Hang man ,,should be hang woman,I so hung myself,,lol

I do like the game though,,:)

Ty Ash ,, ~hugs~

Boudica_Iceni_Queen said...

Woooohooooo!!! Nice Ash ... and I am proud to have been a part of all that happened in 2010! :D I totally agree ... 2011 is going to be even better! Rock on RoB!!! *dances with joy* I also think we're going to win those "Bests" again this year! ;)

Duke Danse Macambre said...

Finally I get to hack and slash in style.
Please be a awesome revamped combat system! :D

Ambrosia said...

Thank you for all that you do Ash!

Anonymous said...

All of that obviously doesn't fit into a nutshell, Ash. Well done!

Rozzie said...

Well done Ash...

204519 said...

Well 2010 was also the year we had plenty of the so called corruption and that's in a nutshell

Anonymous said...

i've been on ROB for almost 2 years so obviously i think its a gr8 game.good job at keeping things for hangman,i'm sure it will keep the kids happy...

Anonymous said...

Well done Ash...Keep it up

Rez said...

Hangman sounds OK, as long as all the words are checked for spelling ;)

Anonymous said...

Will the words in hangman be in British English or American English? I.e. Colour or Color?

Sinara Dominor said...

Rez, I said the same thing! :p But yes, they're checked for spelling. I asked. :p

As for the British vs. American English spelling, I'd just be prepared for anything- it's totally about vocabulary knowledge and sometimes pure guess- so I think any legitimate word can and may be included.

And for the above poster.. nobody is forgetting, but really.. stfu and drive on already.

Anonymous said...

Awesome ^_^

DarkAsh said...

There could be German words in there :P

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