Saturday, 31 October 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Nom nom candy!

It's the last day of candy :( How will we cope? Make sure you eat all your candy by midnight tonight game time. The VIP/Plasma offer also ends at midnight so make sure you get all the extra VIP candy you want before the day ends.

Everyone has been given 3 free candy to munch on as its Halloween and all!

Lastly, the final green pumpkin is now in action. Click here for info, it's the same rules as the past week or so, find a green pumpkin, report it, and win! The first person to find each green pumpkin will get 5 plasma, there is a total of 10 hidden today. Gotta be quick though because a lot of people will be looking for them. Because of the volume of people searching they will come up at random places, so just because you went on a page and it wasn't there does not mean it isn't there! If you havn't taken place in the previous days hunt, this one you'll want to get involved with.

The Halloween quests will be taken off at midnight also.

On a side notice I am away for a little break between Monday and Friday
(Taking some holiday time =D) so all Google Checkout packs will be added when I get back on Friday.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!


Wednesday, 28 October 2009

So close to halloween...

On the 31st October there will be 10 green pumpkins hidden around the site EACH giving 5 plasma each! For all those not taking part at the moment head over to the Halloween 2009 forum board to read up on how it works.

Remember also that ALL candy will have to be eaten by the end of the day on 31st October. If you do not eat it by then you will lose it :(

I decided to go PUMPKIN CRAZY. For the last 3 days of the offer, if you buy ANY vip/plasma pack from now on you'll get the Pumpkin icon next to your name in chat.

EVEN MORE - The top 3 candy munchers (listed on equipment page) will get EXTRA candy on HALLOWEEN! (So make sure you login and eat them). I will also give everyone who login on Halloween some extra candy too!

Have fun!


Sunday, 25 October 2009

More upcoming halloween stuff and voting site changes.

I hope you're all enjoying the Halloween hunts and candy! Tomorrow I will be hiding more candy around the site, so keep your eyes peeled. The green pumpkin hunt is going well with lots of people taking part which is good, the green pumpkin hunt on October 31st will give 5 plasma per find. As well as that there will be even more candy given away for players logging in and playing on October 31st.

I am in the process of going through and removing some of the poor quality voting sites. A couple of voting site owners have got on my bad side so we wont be supporting them. But not to worry, extra turns will be added elsewhere and more better quality sites added. Vote sites that are overloaded with ads will benifit them more than us, the idea of us voting is to get more players for RoB isn't it? If they are OVERLOADED with ads very few people will see the actual sites voting because of being overwhelmed by ads. I am going through my analytics reports and finding out the quality voting sites. More turns will be added to the active ones as i take some away. So don't worry, you won't be losing out =D

Oh, and i've already thought up Novembers competition.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Halloween event 2009! Halloween quests, plasma hunts, plasma special and loads more!

To kick off Halloween this year I've done a load of stuff which should be fun for you all!

Plasma Special
First thing, the usual plasma special - All purchases also gives you a pumpkin head next to your name in chat etc. Head over the the BUY VIP page to see what offers are running.

Halloween 2009 Quests
Before i have added Halloween quests and just left them there, this is different, you have until 1st November to complete them and at that date they're getting removed. Head over the the quest page to start them. More quests will be added throughout the week so make sure you check back every day.

Halloween Candy
At random places of the site are hidden pumpkins full of candy treats. The treats can be seen and eaten on your equipment page. There is VIP Candy on all Halloween packs which have slightly enhanced effects. Everyone is given 1 candy because i'm nice :)

Halloween 2009 Plasma Hunt
Every day until the 1st November i will be hiding 5 special green pumpkins around the site.  I have not done anything like this before so hopefully it'll work out. Basically at midnight (game time) I will hide 5 green pumpkins around the site, if you run into one of the pumpkins you must as quickly as you can go to that days forum post in the forum (will make a dedicated board) and post the FULL URL into a reply. The first person to post the URL of the pumpkins will win a plasma.  So if you're plasma hunting you'd want to keep the forum page open, search in a new tab that quickly copy the URL and post it. Further rules are posted in that forum. Every day at around midnight (game time) i'll make another thread on the board and it starts again. As i am on during the day i will update the thread post if any are left that day or not. (obviously i cant be on 24/7). Head over to the forum board for more info. This has started NOW. 5 green pumpkins are waiting to be found right now  for todays hunt.
1 plasma will be given to the first person who finds EACH pumpkin first (who posts it first). That`s a total of 5 free plasma a day for 5 quick posters!

I have started a big advertising campaign for this Halloween event also, so watch out for all the new players pouring in.

Have fun and have a great Halloween =D


Tuesday, 20 October 2009

New Blog URL and $10 competition winners.

I have set up a dedicated domain for the RoB-Blog, it is :

Catchy, don't you think? This is a lot easier for you to remember if we have any downtime and you want to check the blog to see if I've made any announcements etc. Also changed the look a little, i've been playing some templates and they're all naff so i've just slighted edited this. It's the blog after all, you don't have to look at it much.

As for the competition, a big thank you to everyone who took part. The winners were chosen at random and they are:

1st - Erella (157800) - Ms points, itunes voucher or $250 plasma pack
2nd  - Trent D`Oreb (73679) - $100 plasma pack
3rd - Sekem (193152) - $50 plasma pack

I have also given everyone who took part an extra plasma. Thanks again.

Over the next couple of days the Halloween celebrations will begin! Lots of cool stuff to keep you all buzzing and running around for the week.

Post again very soon ;)


Monday, 19 October 2009

Last chance with the $10 competition...

I'm just heading off to bed (4am, bad I know) but when i wake in a few hours i'll be removing the competition and declaring the winner!

Hopefully everyone is back with us yeah? Anyone else having problems accessing RoB?

Lots of fun stuff coming up....


Saturday, 17 October 2009

Domain host screw up

For SOME reason the name-servers got changed back to their default from when they were bought, not quite sure why this happened, but it seems like every year it needs to be confirmed you still want it pointing here or something. I don't know yet, waiting on a reply. But what happened was when it got changed, around the world it started to cut out RoB and send you to the default IP (which it got changed to), i don't have hosting set up there (because i use them just for domain hosting) and thats why it went to a server not found page. Obviously over here in the UK it didn't update here yet, which is why it's been working here.

But all that is important is that it has been updated. And within the next 24 hours everyone who cannot access will be able to access again (obviously the quicker we sorted it the less people it would cut off)

Sorry for the mess up, it's no-ones fault and everything should be back to normal by tomorrow.

It wont happen again :)


Current downtime for some members

Some members are having trouble getting access to the site. We are looking into the problem and finding out if its our end or ISPs end. It seems to be only effecting some people in the USA. We are running tests on the server overnight to verify if it is or is not us.

It might just naturally fix itself, but if it doesn't and you're still having trouble in 24 hours please comment this blog.

Please pass this message on to the people who cannot access to the site.

Thank you,

Friday, 16 October 2009

Only a few days left of the $10 competition...

So get your entries in now, $10 a shot.

For more info (if you don't already know) :

I have this weekend COMPLETELY FREE. So expect to see some more updates over the weekend :)

One more thing... a RoB staff member is hosting a contest for all members of RoB to participate in to celebrate her birthday. First prize is 500k! Click here for information on how to enter and win.

There is also next months FREE official RoB competition coming up too!

Keep your eye on the updates :)


Saturday, 10 October 2009

Reputation at last!!! And Co-op Quests.

A feature suggested a while ago was the idea of having Co-Op quests, i tried out a few ideas and see what i could get to work. Now, i have a system set up (and it took longer than i thought it would) of a way where to co-op quests could work.

If you do the 'find a vampire' quest it'll walk you through how it works and how to them. Reputation is earned for you helping someone else complete a co-op quest. It's not trade-able, has no other use AT THE MOMENT, it's currently just a status thing.

If it's liked and works well i'll add them as often as the regular quests!

Click here to post any bugs, your feedback and comments.

& don't forget, 10 days left of the $10 competition!


Friday, 9 October 2009

VIP/Plasma price increase conclusion

I have finally just got off the phone with a VAT specialist and here is the result:

All non-EU players (so all you Americans and Canadians) are exempt from VAT, meaning you don't have to pay VAT at all.

All EU (Uk & Europe) players will be charged VAT.

BUT there is better news, you have to have $x revenue before you have to start to charge VAT. And that limit is made up on ONLY VATable revenue (i.e UK and Europe). As 90% of people who play and pay for RoB are American i am nowhereeeeeeeeee near that limit meaning no1 will have to pay VAT until RoB gets like 10 times bigger (Which wont happen anytime soon but when it hits this limit it will be UK+Europe people only who pay VAT, but when that time comes i'll work out a way where you get extra stuff to make up for the VAT you pay. but don't worry now!).

Sweet huh? All this legal crap gives me a headache.

oh reputation? Hmmm


Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Spam notice / link posting in blood letters

I have come across a load of spam and link posting via blood letters. When i do my next scan i'll be jailing accounts, there is no need for it. I have recorded all those who have been and they're being kept an eye on.

Just a heads up ^_^


EDIT: Sites like myspace, photo bucket, xat etc and in game links (for coven info etc) is fine. Just OUTSIDE sites that are not like the just listed. & i do not go through reading peoples blood letters, please don't misinterpret it as that. I simply search through blood letters with URLs etc that has been reported as spam and do other checks on blood letters with URLs in them to check they're okay. I do not sit and read through your mail, they are private, don't worry!

Monday, 5 October 2009

New layout tweaks update & other updates.

We have taken aboard all of the feedback of the new layout, overall it was positive which is great! Over the next few days we will be making tweaks to make sure all the pages are correct, make a fix for the profiles and try to cut some off the header. Dark Is going to re-work the top image a little so it's not as large on lower resolution users. If you have any other issues with the layout, things not aligning properly please blood letter me a screen shot.

If you don't like the layout feel free to go back to the original by going to the accounts page and activating RoB-Lite.

Please be patient as we continue to tweak the layout and make it perfect!

To read into the other updates today, public profiles, the new competition, click here.


New layout, public profiles, RoB-Lite and the comeback of the $10 competition!

It's time to start rolling out the start of this months updates...

New in-game layout! Dark August has created a matching in-game layout from the homepage, pretty nice huh? But don't worry! If you're on of those people who don't like it, that's okay, because you can switch to RoB-Lite. Which is the old layout basically, this is also suitable for mobile devices and people with low connection speeds. it's totally up to you. Some like the old, some will love the new.

Public profiles are just a little thing that people requested a while back, basically if you go the account options page you'll see a new link there about setting them up. Just choose a name for your public profile and voila! You can show your friends your Rob profile without them having to login. Of course on that page the green link at the top has your referral link in it, so showing people your link will get you refpoints if they sign up. The profile URL look something like: (that's mine of course)

Due to the popularity of the last $10 competition, i have increased the stakes. The winner will receive either:

- $250 plasma pack
- 4200 Microsoft points
- $50 (£25) Amazon Voucher
- $50 (£25) iTunes Voucher

2nd and 3rd place will get extra plasma too!

All you have to do is buy a $10 plasma competition pack to get 1 entry (you also get 6 plasma). Navigate the buy VIP page to get yours. ENDS 20th October

Please report any bugs with these new updates here.

Thank you & enjoy!

Friday, 2 October 2009

It's been a mental week!

This week has been the most action packed with not much output, how annoying! For those taking part in the VIP/Plasma discussion it does seem that'll only be Europeans who have to pay VAT. Which is better than everyone! But have to see a VAT specialist next week to get a final answer on this.

Dark August has made an improved in game layout which is finished BUT I am also go to make RoB-Lite version, which will basically be as it is now, just a little lighter for those who will detest the new layout and more friendly for mobile devices, i'll be doing the tests on my iPhone.

October is going to be a BUSY MONTH! So much going to happen and new features added! It's going to be good.


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