Saturday 31 October 2009

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Nom nom candy!

It's the last day of candy :( How will we cope? Make sure you eat all your candy by midnight tonight game time. The VIP/Plasma offer also ends at midnight so make sure you get all the extra VIP candy you want before the day ends.

Everyone has been given 3 free candy to munch on as its Halloween and all!

Lastly, the final green pumpkin is now in action. Click here for info, it's the same rules as the past week or so, find a green pumpkin, report it, and win! The first person to find each green pumpkin will get 5 plasma, there is a total of 10 hidden today. Gotta be quick though because a lot of people will be looking for them. Because of the volume of people searching they will come up at random places, so just because you went on a page and it wasn't there does not mean it isn't there! If you havn't taken place in the previous days hunt, this one you'll want to get involved with.

The Halloween quests will be taken off at midnight also.

On a side notice I am away for a little break between Monday and Friday
(Taking some holiday time =D) so all Google Checkout packs will be added when I get back on Friday.

Hope you all have a fun Halloween!



Danno said...

All quests done :)
Nice work on this Halloween Ash.
Happy Halloween!

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

Thanks so much Ash for having made this a great week full of fun and fattening candy! Have a wonderful and ghoulish Samhain and also, have a terrific holiday! :D

Gabriella DeathWish said...

Happy Halloween Ash! Thanks for the great holiday give aways.;)
Have a wonderful Halloween your self...Happy Haunting=D

Lady Althena said...

Awesome Week Thank you :)

Bella said...

Its what allot of fun and thank you for making it fun big hugs Ash! From a friend

Lukas Cytes said...

Yes it was great fun! Sucks I'm going to miss my VIP candy. My pack will probably be added to my account at game reset tomorrow... still the 31st over here but not over there... lol! But the candy concept is awesome... are we going to see gingerdead cookies and candy cains at Christmas? Great stuff Ash!

Jessamine said...

i found one yestersay just before midnight and i coudnt report it!

Anonymous said...

yeah a bit of fun

Semera Bloodlust said...

Thanks for all the Halloween fun, Ash! :) *munches candy*

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