Saturday 31 December 2016

2016 In Review

Happy New Year!

Top of 2016

The top players of 2016 have been revealed! Here's a little extra for those at the top. The top 5 players of each of the 4 categories (pvp wins, blood, wheel spins & coven exp) will be rewarded with (Queenie will be rewarded with the most being high on them all):

1st Place Prize: 500 RED, 20 WP, 50 QP, 10 Plasma,  #1 2016 Collectible
2nd Place Prize: 250 RED, 15 WP, 30 QP, 8 Plasma,  #2 2016 Collectible
3rd Place Prize: 100 RED, 10 WP, 20 QP,  6 Plasma, #3 2016 Collectible
4th Place Prize: 75 RED, 5 WP, 15 QP, 5 Plasma,  #4 2016 Collectible
5th Place Prize: 50 RED, 3 WP, 10 QP,  4 Plasma, #5 2016 Collectible

Top 30 players in each category will also get 10 RED, 2WP, 10 QP, 2 Potion Credits (remember, these rewards stack, and if you're on multiple top 2016 leaderboard, you'll get these multiple times). Thanks for playing this year, and enjoy the rewards! Click here to view leaderboard.

2017 Begins

2017 has now begun, and that means a fresh new top of year leaderboard. The Current Top Players page will now display the top of players of this year going forward.

RED Lottery Results December 2016

The RED Lottery results for December 2016 have now been drawn randomly. The jackpot at the end of the month was 2048 RED. There are a total of 20 winners, and top 5 were:

1st place was Alegna McClellan (520460)  winning 682 RED
2nd place was Devereux Tantalus Nex (680995) winning 341 RED
3rd place was ~Mad Vlad LaVey~ (463334) winning 256 RED
4th place was †ÆÐELÞRYÐOM† `Xii (316141) winning 155 RED
5th place was Lady Death (5) winning 103 RED

To find out if you were in the top 20, click here to view the full draw information.

The jackpot has been reset ready for this new month. Another draw happen at the end of January, so start shopping on Amazon through Reign Of Blood this month to add to that jackpot.

2016 In Review

2016 is over, but before we look ahead to 2017, lets take a quick look back over 2016 and highlight just a small selection of the changes/updates for the year. 458 updates were posted throughout the year on the game updates page.

  • Loads of new equipment updates including sharpness bonuses, luck stat, and new ways to use shields with weapons, using rubies in shields, and new Faith Stones.
  • 'The Weekly' quest added to further reward those who do daily quests every day.
  • RoB Mobile had a load of upgrades and new features over the year.
  • New random WP rewards for being on the Activity Feed.
  • Over 100 new missions.
  • Coven overhaul including new look, quest streamlining, VIP features, management & more.
  • Game store updates including the new RED universal currency.
  • Plasma Boons feature added, and brand new subscription packs and payment method.
  • Gym updates including more motivation.
  • Loads of RP and RP character updates and enhancements.

I look forward to what 2017 brings us, and don't fret, the pipeline is tasty.


Monday 26 December 2016

Christmas Event Roundup

RED Lottery

Did you get Amazon gift cards for Christmas? Don't forgot to use them through Reign Of Blood to add to the RED Lottery prize at the end of the month.

All players that login on the 29th, 30th, and 31st will get to claim a free entry. All those who have claimed Amazon purchases will get extra entries which will be shown the RED Lottery page. The draw will take place and results posted when I do the year's roundup.

Secret Santa

189 gifts were given in this year's fresh new Secret Santa feature. That's 189 very generous vampires. All the gifts have been randomly given to all the other vampires who gave a gift.

The most generous gifts given in each category were:

Alegna McClellan (520460) gave 20 Plasma
†Annie†Smith† (708095) gave 300 RED
Dimitril Aerinil (203351) gave 30 AP
Alicia De Winter (691240) and Bituin Apolake Malicsi (537467) gave $10,000,000

Turkey Fencing

The top turkey fencing in the ego, wins and level categories will be rewarded with:

1st Place: 10 Plasmalympic Gold
2nd Place: 8 Plasmalympic Gold
3rd Place: 5 Plasmalympic Gold
4th Place: 4 Plasmalympic Gold
5th Place: 3 Plasmalympic Gold

Everyone on the leaderboards get 2 Plasmalympic Gold for all 4 categories.

You have 5 days to claim your gold (until Jan 1st). View the leaderboard here.

The year is very nearly over! I hope you enjoyed this year's Christmas event.

RED Lottery Reminder (Your Amazon Gift Cards)

RED Lottery

A lot of people received Amazon gift cards for Christmas yesterday, and remember if you live in the USA or the UK, you can shop through Reign Of Blood and your Amazon sales will be increase the RED Lottery jackpot which will be happening before the end of the month.

Go to the Red Lottery page at Dead City to start shopping.

(Or go straight here and shop on amazon if you're in the USA, or here if in the UK)

I hope you had a nice Xmas, I'm still winding down but will get back into the swing of things soon. The special and event will at midnight tonight (26th).

Enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Thursday 15 December 2016

A Reigning Christmas

Christmas Event

Welcome to this year's Christmas event. I'm mixing it up this year and bringing back the Plasmalympic games, as well as a couple favourites. The event will last 10 days from Friday 16th December to the end of Boxing day 26th. Enjoy, and have a great holiday.

Seasonal Slots: Santa Hat

The seasonal slot graces us once more. And as it is Christmas, the awesome Santa hats are back out to play. They are my favourite.

Christmas Tree

The DC Christmas tree has been fully erected once more, check it out daily for free stuff.

The Plasmalympic Games

It's been a while since we've had a Plasmalympic games event, so I thought it would be great to bring it back with a delightful Christmas theme this holiday season.

Elves Weight Training
The Elves are so small and weak and they are tired of being ridiculed. In order to increase their street credit among the Christmas community, they've started doing some intense work outs. Train your Strength and Toughness with the daring Elves.

Santa's Sprint
Santa is already working off his holiday weight gain. His belly is dragging him down even before the big delivery day arrives. Train your Speed with him at Santa's Sprint.

Snowmen Shooting
Can you imagine anything more cruel than shooting at something that can't move and defend themselves? Luckily, most vampires don't have pity for such situations. So go and let out your anger at the snowmen.

Reigndeer Archery
Reigndeers, not to be confused with reindeers,  are much more plump, and quite frankly, much more delicious. Even though they're much more juicy, they can be harder to catch. But why waste energy? Grab a bow and shoot the beasts!

Turkey Fencing
There is nothing more amusing than the thought of vicious animals using actual weapons against each other. Evolution will eventually give us this, but probably not in our life time. Grab a turkey and fence against other turkeys for gold.

There will be extra gold given out at the end of the event for the top fencing players.

VIP/Plasma Special

Oh, yes! To go along with this Christmas event there is of course a delicious VIP/Plasma sale for you to sink your teeth into. Click here to check them out.


Tuesday 13 December 2016

RED Lottery Program

RED Lottery

I made a forum thread a few days ago with an idea to help further fund Reign Of Blood ads that won't cost anybody anything extra. The idea is Amazon shopping.

When shopping on Amazon through Reign Of Blood's link Amazon pay a small % for each sale. For every $1 that Reign Of Blood earns through your Amazon shopping, it will be spent on Reign Of Blood ads and I'll put 100 RED into the the RED Lottery program.

At the end of each month, active players who login with 3 days of the draw date will be given a free ticket to win a share of the RED. If you make larger Amazon purchases, you can submit the sale to me for extra entry tickets, see the RED Lottery page for more info.

This costs you nothing extra! Before you buy something on Amazon, go through the links on Reign Of Blood's RED Lottery page to add to the RED jackpot.

It is currently only available to USA and UK players, and I will also be looking at extending this to eBay and other online market places if this is a success.

You can check out the RED Lottery page using the link below. The jackpot will be updated every couple of days when the credit for sales is applied.

Click here to check out the dedicated RED Lottery page


Monday 5 December 2016

Some RP Updates

Today I have some updates that focus on the RP side of the game. I hope you enjoy them.

More Control Over RP Characters

Today I have updated your RP characters to give you even more control over them.
  • You can now order all the fields in any way you want
  • Added Nickname to the field list 
  • You can now make RP characters private, friends, or family only
  • Personal notes (only seen by you) added to RP characters, is searchable
  • View list of what forums your RP character is part of
  • Mass order character by name, last edited, created
  • Made it clear how to hide unwanted fields

Thanks to Karina for writing up new descriptions for all the fields, they have been added in.

Finally, you can now create folders and organise your RP characters into them.

New RP Panel

The RP Panel has been given an updated look to make room for these new features.
There is a new search bar which you can use to search character names and personal notes on characters. As well as quick access to your character folders and more.

Plasma RP Boons

I've had the idea of having RP VIP for a while, it's been suggested and talked about over the last couple of years, but I've never really been able to come up with a concept for it to be worth it. But last month I introduced Plasma Boons, and I believe that is a better system is tackle this approach.

Today, I am introducing a new Plasma Boon relating to the RP features of the game. All RP based Plasma Boons will all cost just 1 Plasma each. The new Boon is called 'RP Character Customs', which allows a further 5 custom RP character fields.

You'll find these Boons on the Dead City Plasma Shop page.

Blog Updates

I have added in the option to allow blog posts that are linked to your RP character, to show up as if your RP character had written them. If you want this, simply unlink the blog, and re-link it, and then the option for this will be displayed.

RP/Social Missions

I have also added 24 new missions which include profile rating, blog rating, RP character rating, and giving karma. That's a pretty easy 24 QP!

General Bug Fixes

  • If you have over 10 characters and no longer have VIP days, you'll get the warning why only 10 of your characters are being listed, and not all of them.
  • Fixed an error with the next 25 link on the character directory.

Please report any issues as always.

Monday 28 November 2016

Coven & Gym Updates

Coven Updates

One of the biggest suggestions made in regards to covens is to have the ability to save your progress and contributions to a coven, letting you leave for a while.

This is now a free option for everyone to use!

When leaving your coven,  you'll be given an option to save all your stats. This allows you to join another coven, mess around in there, and it not effect your previous coven stats. When you want to go back to your first coven, all the stats will be restored.

Gym Updates

The Dead City Gym is probably one of the most visited places in the whole game, so today I have made it a little better by making a few tweaks here and there.

More Motivation!
Firstly, I have increased the amount of motivation and added a new option to earn more. As you can see in the screenshot below, your basic free motivation is now 30, up from 25. VIP vampires get an extra +20,  and VIP+ vampires get another +20. Of course, there is the extra 25 if you have the new Gym Motivation Plasma Boon, and finally, if you got at least 100 PvP wins yesterday, you'll get an extra 25 motivation today.

Some of the other changes I have made to the Dead City Gym are listed below.

  • Refined and improved the overall look of the Gym
  • Added a brand new training guide page, showing all you need to know
  • Claim motivation page now gives full breakdown
  • Motivation now defaults to the motivation you have, not turns
  • New label below each training method to show what you're expected to result
  • Added 24 motivation based missions (count starts today)
  • Motivation claimed added to Misc Stats page

I have manually reset everyone's motivation for today. So if you have used it already, you can go use it again! The early bird indeed gets the worm.

Token Reminder

I know some of you are rather forgetful. And that forgetfulness can sometimes lead to frustration. I'm talking about your quest tokens. If you're distracted, you may miss the deadline to claim them and then they're gone forever. Your grandmother could be cooking a delicious dinner, your favourite football team could be scoring the winning goal, you come back to RoB and completely forget to cash them in. But now, at 11pm game time, you'll get a notification to remind you to use your credits before the hour is up. This is completely free.


Thursday 17 November 2016

Game Store Updates (Part 3)

Part 1 & 2

If you missed part 1 of this update, where we updated the game store, introduced the new currency RED, you can click here to read about it. If you missed part 2, where we introduced brand new subscription packs and payment options, and Plasma Boons, you can click here.

RED Updates

To start with, I've made some small changes and tweaks to RED and the RED related pages.

  • Added the ability to sell RED for Plasma on the Auction Market
  • Added the ability to give RED as coven quest rewards
  • If you're in the EU, packs now show at the correct inclusive VAT prices
  • Various bug fixes and label errors have been fixed

Subscription Updates

Thank you for the positive feedback on the new subscription packs and new payment method. I've made more changes and enhancements based on feedback so far.

  • Subscriptions can be now be initiated through the mobile site
  • You can now setup subscriptions for other players (not via Paypal)
  • Paypal option has been added along side the new payment option

I know a lot people who are happy with using Paypal, so I've taken the time to add the option to subscribe though Paypal again. So there are now two payment options you can use to subscribe to any of our subscription packs. You can now subscribe to packs for other people, although that's limited to the new payment method due to Paypal limitations.

Click here to check out the new subscription packs and the rewards you get <

Apple Pay 

For those who are on the latest version of Safari on a Mac, or play using an iPhone. Apple has released the ability to use Apple Pay over the web, and I've teamed up with our current provider, Xsolla, to accept Apple Pay here on Reign Of Blood. If you're on a Mac or iPhone, you'll see Apple Pay option pop up on the list of payment methods on your basket page. From there, you can choose Apple Pay as an option and quickly pay using your iPhone fingerprint or your Apple Watch. Android Pay has yet to be released for the web, but I'll be sure to add it if they ever do.

Xsolla/SMS Changes

Xsolla have updated their payment systems, and I've spent a while setting it up for Reign Of Blood. The new system has a brand new look, and is much easier to navigate through all the payment options. The new system is mobile compatible, and even more secure.

Because of the mess SMS charging is, the way I had it setup was you buy RED with SMS and then use that to buy packs. With Xsolla's new system I can happily now let you just buy packs as standard with SMS, rather than having to use the previous more awkward method. I know some people who live in certain countries will be happy with this, as its their only payment option.

They also politely, but firmly, asked to update their logo on the payment page. Better oblige!

New Plasma Boons

4 new Plasma Boons have been added. Power Hour Warning and Power Hour Spy have been added to go along side the current Power Hour Log. Also Gym Motivation 1 and Minion Hunger Notice. Click here to see view the Plasma Shop for more information.

Mobile Updates

As I have said previously, you can now subscribe to your subscriber packs on mobile. Both payment methods are available on there, just like the desktop, as well as Apple Pay for the regular packs if you're an iPhone user.

And what's more, I've added a direct debit/credit card payment option to mobile, using the same company as the subscriptions, as the company I'm using on the desktop don't support mobile on their current system.

And finally, as I have upgraded to Xsolla's new payment platform, which is mobile compatible, I have added the ability to pay with Xsolla on the mobile site.

Other Changes

I've made a bunch of small tweaks and bug fixes. The basket summary now reflects correctly what pack you're getting, especially for VAT packs. I've also made very clear that all payments are secure and that we don't see or store any of your payment details. (I have no desire getting into that!) I have also fixed that annoying glitch when taken to the desktop thank you page when on mobile.


Friday 11 November 2016

Blood Thirst 8 Coven Special

Blood Thirst 8

It's time for another Blood Thirst contest. But this time, we're going to have a coven special. Head over to the Dead City to enter the contest. The Blood Thirst contest will run as normal, but you will earn coven exp as well as all your other rewards for the coven you're in.

The contest will begin at Tuesday 15th November and last for 48 hours. You must enter before Sunday 14th, as that's when the teams will be assembled.

This will be last Blood Thirst in this format, as the next time we have one, I'll be shaking up the format a little bit to try and introduce something new and fresh.


Wednesday 2 November 2016

New Subscription Packs (Part 2)


I am glad to see people settling into the new RED currency. A currency that can be used to purchase game store packs, get money off game store packs, that can be easily traded, given away and distributed.  If you missed the last update where I introduced the RED currency, you can click here to get caught up.

This post is part 2 of 3 of introducing changes to the game store. Today we'll be focusing on the Plasma Shop and subscriptions.

Plasma Shop Updates

The Dead City Plasma Shop has been given an updated look, and a few new options. I have tried to consolidate all things plasma into the plasma shop, so you know all of the things you can spend your precious plasma on.

There is also a new section of the Plasma Shop dedicated to Plasma Boons. Plasma Boons are convenience extras you can buy, which are all one-time. Head to the Plasma Shop to check those out.

Subscription Updates & New Packs

We have many subscribers to our special subscribe only packs, and today I'm happy to announce new packs, and a new payment method available to everyone.

The hurdle currently with subscription packs is that it was available only if you had a Paypal account. Not everyone has one, not everyone wants one, and people have been asking for some time if there was a way to subscribe without the hassle of a Paypal account. And today I can happily announce there is! I have teamed up with a new payment provider who specialises in developer friendly payments and subscriptions, and from now you can signup to one of the new Reign Of Blood subscription packs with any credit or debit card, no Paypal account required.

What's even better, is that I know some people who buy packs during the month as well as their subscriptions coming in, sometimes feel they have too many VIP days. Well, you no longer have to feel that way! There is a new option where you can temporarily have the RED value of your payment instead of your subscription pack, to use on something else! Pretty cool, huh?

Click here (new window) to check out all the new subscription packs!

Why Subscribe? (More Rewards!)

Well, firstly you get a choice of any great subscribe-only packs, and there are now brand new reward tiers you get at the start of the month if you are subscribed. All the information can be found on the rewards page.

These bonuses include a collectible for every month (up to 12) you're subscribed, extra Plasma and Vials. And these are on top of the monthly VIP and VIP+ rewards you already get. Click here to see the full list of rewards you have access to.


So today we've seen a couple more Plasma uses and a brand new subscription system with a new payment method. Once again, I have written up a forum post to further explain some of these changes, and the thoughts behind them. I suggest you give it a read after you're done with this blog post, especially if you're subscribed already, click here to see it.

Finally, I have added SSL to all the payment pages, just to add that bit of extra security.

Part 3 will be coming soon!


Saturday 29 October 2016

Quiz Night Results

Quiz Night

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the quiz night last night, and thank you to all the staff who helped out. It was a big turnout once more. 25 questions were asked and fought over, and below are the winners.

Plasma (first place) Winners
Brennan Rego Malik (602429) x6
Mireille Fiore (210419) x4
Morti-Kitty (293358) x3
Darion Lancaster  (203259) x3
WINONA (707634) x2
Sunshine (353331) x2
Don Quizote (648041) x2
Lars Nyght  (167413) x2
Woonton (449150) x1

10 RED (second place) 
Darion Lancaster (203259) x3
Luna (704433) x 2
Sunshine (353331)
Brennan Rego Malik (602429) x2
WINONA (707634) x2
Woonton (449150) x2
Mireille Fiore (210419) x2
Death of Silence (570523) x2
Lars Nyght (167413) x2
His Angel Hellsing  (230121)
Lord Vladimir Dracovich (704399)
Reltz (533863)
Don Quizote  (648041)
Morti-Kitty (293358)
Zombiralda (701990)
Enoch Caitrin (319393)

5 RED (second place) 
Zombiralda (701990) x4
Enoch Caitrin (319393) x3
Darion Lancaster (203259) x3
WINONA (707634) x3
His Angel Hellsing (230121) x2
ÆÐELÞRYÐOM (316141) x2
Don Quizote  (648041) x2
Sunshine (353331)
Amayia (Nyx) C. Nex (677073)
Alegna McClellan (520460)
Luna (704433)
Death of Silence  (570523)
Pharaoh (710379)
Dagan Vinx Fidela (96270)

Finally, there's a Halloween surprise pack now available. The general Halloween event will last until the end of October 31st. Enjoy the rest of the event.


Friday 21 October 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

It is that time of year again! This Halloween event we have some old favourites, and a few new bits. For 10 whole days starting from Saturday 22nd and ending midnight Monday 31st, you can enjoy all the features of this year's event.

Seasonal Equipment: Witch Hat
The seasonal equipment is back again! This Halloween we'll be sporting some very attractive Witch hats. Complete your daily quests and earn seasonal tokens to upgrade the power of your hat.

Trick Or Treat
The daily trick or treat will once again plague the Dead City! Test your luck for free each day.

AP Cauldron
The witch's AP Cauldron is ready for your AP once more. Throw your AP into the Cauldron and see what magic happens.

Pumpkin Search
This year we have a delicious pumpkin search. Every one of the 10 days of the event, you'll be able to search for a hidden pumpkin. Once found, you'll get a little treat.

Halloween Chat Quiz Night
As I announced in the last blog post, we'll be having a general chat Halloween themed quiz night. This will take place on Friday 28th October. Win free Plasma and RED!

There is a nice little leaderboard showing the top players of this Halloween event. The leaderboards include top AP cauldron attempts, seasonal upgrade counts, and a trick or treat log.

Halloween Special
And finally, a fantastic VIP & Plasma special will available during this event.  Yes, you can use your RED to pay or discount your packs, and all packs do come with a small amount of RED also. Click here to check out all the special packs available.

The event will start on Saturday 22nd October!


Thursday 13 October 2016

Halloween Chat Quiz

While I'm hard at work preparing for our Halloween event this year, I have decided to give some extra notice of a Halloween Chat Quiz night we're going to run in general chat this year. It's been a while since we've had a quiz night, and I think running it along side the Halloween event will be great.

The quiz night will take place in General Chat on Friday 28th October.  We will look to begin preparations at 11:30pm game time, ready to start questions shortly after that.

The prizes will include Plasma, and for the first time, RED.

For more information, check out this forum post.


Friday 7 October 2016

Changes To The Game Store (Part 1)

I hope you enjoyed the week of free boosts after the AP rage event!

It has been a long, long, long time since I've updated or touched the game store, including VIP and Plasma. So recently, I've been given it a lot of thought and how we can improve the system for everyone. This is quite a big update and a lot to take in, so it's broken down a few parts. This is part 1.

An Updated Look

Firstly, I've gone through and streamlined and updated all the game store pages. All the back buttons work as they should, and there has been some general housekeeping over there. You'll notice the biggest change on the page you choose the payment method (image below).

Introducing The New Currency: RED

Introducing RED. One of the main hurdlers I've seen is the ability to freely and easily trade to get the packs you want. At the moment we can trade the currency of plasma, VIP credits and packs themselves. But, paying for them is tricky because everyone wants different things in return. I saw a demand for a new universal currency, which can also be used to buy any special or surprise packs too.

RED, which stands for RoB Enterprise Dollar,  which also works well with the colour of the site, and the colour of that delicious liquid stuff.

Each pack on the Reign Of Blood store now has a set RED price too. For example, the 30 day VIP pack ($5) has a price off 500 RED. Having RED worth small amounts makes them easy to buy, trade, earn and give away.

How Does RED Work?

When you add the packs from the game store you want to your basket, and then click go to checkout, as you'll see in the screenshot above, an option to pay with RED will appear. This works exactly the same as paying with real money.

RED can be bought from the game store, located below the VIP and Plasma packs. The price of RED will always stay the same, as we don't want a fluctuating currency on both ends. There are ways to earn and win RED too, stay tuned.

RED is totally flexible. You can use it to buy any of our game store packs (for you or someone else), use it to reduce the cost of the packs, you can sell it on the market, you can give some to other players, and you can also donate it to your coven. Coven owners can give it out their players as freely as they like. You can also sell them on the auction market for in game cash or AP, and there's also a spot on the wants market too.

Earning RED

There are some ways you can earn RED in game too! They will also be special events that pay out some RED. I'll dive deeper into that in part 2 of this update in the coming weeks.

Points, mCredits & VIP Credits Merging to RED

With the introduction of RED this means that I will be retiring Points. Points will no longer be rewarded for the offers and surveys, they will now pay out RED. This also applies to mCredits (which is what is used to purchase packs via mobile via Xsolla), and also VIP Credits. For the few of you who still have VIP Credits, you can still go to the VIP Credit page (link on its FAQ) to trade them for VIP. The same goes for Points. That option won't go away. RED is displayed on the left sidebar, which you should see now.

The points page will be taken down today and tomorrow while I do the transfer of currency.

Vial Changes

To help simplify Vials, there are now only 4 vial colours.  Plasma packs give multiples of blue Vial to easily show you get more in higher packs. If you owed any of the colours that were removed, I have given you that same quantity in blue vials so you're not being shortchanged.

Final Words

This has been a lot to take in, I know. And there's still more to come!  I have also made a forum post that goes into a little more detail if you have any concerns or are interested. You can click here to read that forum post.


Tuesday 4 October 2016

Openbucks (sort of) being discontinued

OpenBucks Changes

As you read last week, the currency "points" will be ending soon with an upcoming update, but today I must announce that the contract between myself and Openbucks will be terminated this month. For those who do not know, Openbucks (USA only) allows you to buy Subway gift cards, Burger King gift cards etc and use them as real debit card to buy packs on Reign Of Blood.

Due to apparent "increased service costs" on their end, they are imposing a $100/month fee to use the service, on top of the ~20% fee on all transactions. Openbucks isn't a widely used option, but it's good for people who can't or don't want to use a debit/credit card, as you can pick up most of the accepted gift cards when you go grocery shopping.

Due to this change it is no longer sustainable to have a direct contract with them, so it will be terminating it this month.

The good news is, Openbucks is accepted through Xsolla, and I have talked to Xsolla to make sure Openbucks is available on the platform. Even though there is Xsolla fees on top of the Openbucks transaction fees, the option is still there if you want to use it, but you must now go through Xsolla, rather than Openbuck's own system like you have to date.

I will try to make this clear on the payment pages soon.


Tuesday 27 September 2016

Ending The "Points" Currency

Ending Points

Due to the upcoming updates, I am giving some warning about the Points currency which I will be retiring next month.

Points have for a long time been rewards for completing offers and surveys, and then can be converted into Plasma or VIP Days.

To be clear, the ability to complete the offers and surveys are not going away. It is just the Points currency that is. The daily turn reward for completing one is not going away either.

This will make room for what is coming up. Early next month, the offers will no longer pay out Points, which will make Points a dead currency. I will not be simply wiping everyone points. The points that remain will always be there, but will not be shown or displayed anywhere. When this switch is made, you'll be able to access the points shop to spend any points you still have left over through the Points help FAQ page.

It'll all make sense soon, and it'll be glorious.


Wednesday 21 September 2016

Superior Support

Waiting for things suck. You have to wait in the dentist office, for Space Mountain, even have to wait to pay a parking ticket. You also have to wait for me to get back to you when you have a question, query or bug report. I check my blood letters and tickets a throughout the day, but there have been times when you might have sent me one just after I checked, and your problem can go unsolved for hours, even more so if its bed time for me. (As most of your are American, the time zone difference can be a pain for some. Just remember game time is my time.)

I do spend the majority of my day in front of the computer screen, but when I'm in the zone coding or thinking, I tend to focus on that until my mind snaps out of it. Then I'll check my blood letters.

I hate it when I have to wait. So now, it'll happen less to you.

Whenever I get a blood letter or a new ticket is submitted, I get a little tap on my wrist. So within seconds (as long as I'm not asleep or otherwise impaired), I know your blood letter or ticket is waiting for me, and the next available moment I have, I'll check it out and get back to you.

Edit to add: I have also added this functionality to when coven or house mass blood letters are sent. This will get the approval times reduced also.

This will allow me to get back to you as soon as possible, keeping wait times down.


Wednesday 14 September 2016

Back To Business

As I said in my the last blog post that I'll be taking a little holiday for my birthday, I'm now back and in full swing. So to get started, lets do a summary of the AP Rage event.

I have a lot of blood letters and forum posts to go through, so keep an eye out for the game updates page for when I fix and make changes that needed over last couple weeks.

AP Rage Summary

An amazing 54,332 AP was used during the AP Rage event. An all time record! As promised, you can go to the Dead City to collect your rewards.

Starting  Friday September 16th, the reward of a one-week event will begin. A new post will be made on the game update page to what the boost is for that day every midnight of the week.


Sunday 28 August 2016

AP Rage Event & Special

It is that glorious time of year again when the AP gets flowing. We had a record amount of AP spent on the last AP rage event, and I want to beat that record this time! The end of August I celebrate another year of my life, and pass that high spirited generosity in a form of an AP event to you guys. I am going to go away for my Birthday, but I'll be available to contact for support as always. But I'll leave you with this AP rage event in the mean time.

AP Rage Event Overview

For those who do not know, the AP Rage event is an event usually ran no more than twice a year. The AP Shack opens up at Dead City where you can trade your AP for stats (just like normal) and get extra free boosts in the process. The boosts range from extra blood, coven exp to more stamina and turns. You can head to the AP Shack now, but it won't open until the event begins.

Extra Rewards

If the whole game hits the total AP use numbers below, extra rewards will be given out at the end of the event to everyone who took part (and spent at least 25 AP). The rewards have been increased from last year!

10,000 total AP used: 10 QP
25,000 total AP used: 2 Free Potion Credits
50,000 total AP used: Special 7 Day September Event For All
100,000 total AP used: Collectible

VIP/Plasma Special

A delicious special is of course available full of Plasma, AP and collectibles. You can check out what the packs have to offer right here. They'll only be available for a week!

The AP Rage event will start on Tuesday 30th August and end 5th September.

Enjoy, and see you soon

Tuesday 9 August 2016

Summer Blood Thirst Contest

Blood Thirst 7

Summer is upon us (in the northern hemisphere) and those closest to the equator are really feeling the pain. While a lot of things are still going on in the background, I think it's time for another Blood Thirst Contest.

The Blood Thirst page has opened up at Dead City ready for you to enter.  You must enter and get at least 50 PvP wins in order to qualify for prizes. The cut off date for entering will be Friday 12th August. The teams will be assembled on the 13th August, and the 48 hour Blood Thirst will begin Sunday 14th August.

View the dedicated Blood Thirst page for more information on the event.

Best of luck to all that enter!

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Activity Feed Rewards

I'm currently working hard bringing some changes to way VIP etc is traded in the game, as well as some other cool stuff. It's coming along well and i think you'll love it. But for now, here's a juicy update in the wake of wearing those deliciously attractive metal hats.

Activity Feed Rewards

As many of you know you can earn WP from placing in the top of the daily leaderboards. Today I am going to add another!

Each day the Activity Feed is filled with...activity. And to spice it up a little more, I will be throwing in some WP lite into the mix.

At the end of every day, 10 people chosen at random who have had anything posted into the Activity Feed will be rewarded with free WP Lite.


Friday 22 July 2016

Missions & MM Event

Happy Friday vampires of Reign Of Blood.  I am sorry it's been a small while since any updates, adding missions takes a hell of a lot of longer time than I thought, seeing as now each mission has to be added 4 times.

New Missions

Today I have a bunch of new missions for you all. 66 to be exact. All are extensions to the current missions for those who have powered through them. I have also added  a brand new mission  category which has 12 missions based on the new coven quest: Death+

These are of course added to the plasma mission lists too.

Metal Man Appreciation Event

The Metal Man, Grim, has been with us for quite some time. Sitting comfortably in Ghost Town collecting the metals required to build... something. He's been working hard for many years, and I think he deserves a special appreciation event.

Today there is a brand new Metal Man quest: Metal Man IX

Along with the new Metal Man quest, we're going to have a 5 day mini-event to celebrate the efforts of the Metal Man. Head to the Dead City for full information!


Sunday 10 July 2016

Revisited: Covens

Welcome to another issue of the Reign Of Blood Revisited series, where I go back to older features and give them some love and attention to bring them up to modern standards.

Covens have been around since the dawn of Reign Of Blood. Today, I'm happy to announce some further tweaks and updates I have made to them.

New Look

As you've probably noticed, a lot of the coven pages are starting to look a bit dated compared with the newer features of Reign Of Blood. So I have gone through them all and given them a fresh new and updated look. This includes formatting, spacing and tidying up, as well as sorting out all the back links.

Quest Streamlining

We have 2 types of coven quests. One that is pre-set, and one that your coven owner has complete control over. I've made some changes to the quests, hopefully for the better.

All coven quests are now streamlined into one page with 2 categories.

Firstly, we have the "Fixed Coven Quests". These hold the (now 3) fixed quests that you can do once per day.

Quest 1: Death  (Kill 100 vampires that give over 3 coven exp per battle)
Quest 2: Death+ (Kill 250 vampires that give over 20 coven exp per battle)
Quest 3: Feeds (Give 40 Vadenhill humans to the coven)

And then we have the "Custom Coven Quests" which remain unchanged.

What has changed though, is the ability to complete the fixed quests and the custom quests in the same day. The only restriction put in place, is you can only have one fixed quest active at a time. The quest page itself is organised much better now, too.

Coven VIP

Covens have had a VIP option for a while now, but today I've made some changes and additions. Firstly, I've re-designed the coven VIP page, making it much more tidy and clear. Secondly, I've added two more VIP features:

  • Have up to 10 custom quest parameters
  • The ability to upload a VIP avatar icon which displays around the game

This adds to the great  VIP features of sending mass blood letter to all members, 10% off relic costs, and stand out features like coloured and bold coven name on lists.

Lastly, I've changed the way you can purchase coven VIP. The cost for coven VIP has always been 2 VIP Credits.  But today I've added one more option, which gives your coven +31 VIP Days for 1 VIP Credit and 5 plasma.

Coven Asset Management

One of the biggest chores of owning a coven is the difficulty of getting rid of equipment you don't want. I'm happy to announce today that I've built a reselling store directly into covens. So now, using a new link on the top of the coven armoury, coven owners and equipment staff can easily sell off equipment they don't want for half their cost, just like the regular reseller store.

I have also added a new option, which i'm sure will be very handy, to add a custom message when lending funds or equipment. The message appears in the vampire's news feed. This removes the need to send a blood letter follow up to explain any reasons for lending or giving funds/equipment.

Coven Hall

I have made a couple changes to the Coven Hall page too. I have tidied up a little, and added a order by table at the top of the active covens list. This gives you the option to order the coven list by name, level, VIP days, activity, status and selling point.

Selling point is a new feature that allows you to just write a sentence or two to describe what your coven offers. It is displayed on your coven's info & requirements page.

This coven lists now show VIP coven's avatars. So you VIP coven owners should get one uploaded!

Top Covens 

At Dead City we have a 'Top Covens' page which shows the total stats of all the covens. Today I've added one more which focuses more on now. On this new page, which is also listed at Dead City, will show the players who are earning coven exp today, and the top ones yesterday.

Small Things

As always, there is a small things section which lists smaller (but not insignificant) changes and tweaks made to the covens. I hope you appreciate these, too.
  • Coven announcements box no longer appears if its empty
  • Jump down to links area link added to the top of the main page
  • Potion storage now orders potions by name
  • Edit quest link on the quest page itself for owner/staff
  • Quick links on coven VIP page to use those features
  • Coven VIP now shows colours and avatar on relic page, and member profiles
  • VIP coven owners can quickly click avatar on coven page to quickly change it
  • Tokens to spend and power relic status added to the main coven page
  • New coven forum option to switch staff boards to non-staff boards, and vice versa
  • Coven co-owners now have full access to edit coven forum boards
  • Almost doubled the amount of coven exp humans get from Vadenhill
  • When searching coven news, you now have the option of adding a keywords along with the vampire ID you're searching for. (For example search for ID 1 with the keyword "donated" to list all the donations that vampire has made.)
  • Link added to your coven's enemy list on your personal enemy list
  • Coven daily quests link added to your daily quests page
  • Ability to add a selling point added to edit info & requirements page
  • The member count on coven homepage now links to member list

I hope you enjoy these coven updates, I've opened up a dedicated thread for any questions or bug reports.


Monday 4 July 2016

4th July & The EU

Happy 4th July

Happy 4th July to all Americans who are celebrating it. As you'll probably be busy today, we'll have a double day when you get back to normal on the 5th July.

So on Tuesday 5th July enjoy:

  • Double Blood
  • Double Coven Exp

The EU Referendum 

Speaking of independence. As some of you may have heard, the UK shocked the entire world by voting to leave the EU late last month. What damage will that do? We'll have to wait and see. In regards to Reign Of Blood (as we're based in the UK) there won't be any changes on how VIP etc is sold to our European friends. I imagine we'll continue to be in the EU for a couple years yet while the negotiations go on, but hopefully they'll be  no hurdles effecting what goes on here. There is nothing to worry about, at least in the near term, it's "business as usual", as they say. If you do have any specific questions, you can send me a blood letter and i'll do my best to answer.


Friday 24 June 2016

Summer Special & Double Sunday

Taking a break from the shocking news around the world this morning, I decided that we could use some positive. And who doesn't love a bargain and free double days?

Summer Special

For the next 9 days (until July 3rd) there will be a delicious summer sale. Click here to check out the packs that are available. There are two collectibles in with the packs, too.

Double Sunday

This Sunday (26th June) everyone can enjoy free:

- Double Turns
- Double Blood
- Double Coven Exp


Thursday 16 June 2016

Daddy Vs Mummy

Daddy Vs Mummy

It's been a while since we had a good Boys Vs Girls contest, so let's have one! What's even better, we'll give it a little theme seeing as its Father's day on Sunday.

You won't need to enter this time, we'll simply tally up all the kills and blood over the 48 hour period and see who comes out on top.

The event will begin Sunday 19th June and run for 48 hours.


Sunday 29 May 2016

RoB Mobile & Little Things

Reign Of Blood Mobile

Reign Of Blood mobile is finally getting to the point where its a legitimate alternative to the desktop version. The things that were missing I've now started to plug. This includes:
  • Ability to upload profile pictures, avatars etc have been added
  • Beginners tutorial and signup installed
  • Several fixes and optimisation has been carried out
  • Re-designed the welcome and login page (with game updates)
  • Re-designed to-do list and added more content
  • The heal link no longer appears on top unless 1) the notification is up or 2) you're on a page that requires being healed
  • Updated the design on the home login page
  • Check on the homepage added if you connect via a mobile device, which gives you the option of logging into the mobile or desktop version
As always you can report any issues on this thread. Navigate to through your mobile device to be given the option to login into Reign Of Blood Mobile.

Little Things

Sometimes its the little things that make the bigger things great. Today I have done a whole bunch of little tweaks, fixes and additions for your enjoyment. Here they are:
  • Updated look of the logged out idle page
  • Updated the look and moved some things around on the To-Do page
  • After finishing the tutorial, the To-Do page is recommended to new players
  • Added several different Floyd bank interest news variations
  • Updated the look of the bank and altered the interest payment layout
  • Updated the look of the news page
  • You can now sell back faith stones
  • You can now sell back rage stones
  • Updated the look and flow of the Portal, including making the images clickable
  • Karma stat on forum posts now links to giving that player karma
  • View profile link added after a PvP battle
  • 'Jump To Your Purchased Potions' link added to Trik's potion shop
  • Increased the spacing between items on Trik's and power potions
  • Change email page now partially shows your current account email
  • Updated the look of the battle arena pages


Tuesday 10 May 2016

Part 3 - Faith Stones

New Equipment Type: Faith Stones

Our waists are so empty and lonely. So, I figured it's time we utilise this wasted body space and get some benefit out of it. What do you say?

On your equipment page, you'll notice a new box across the middle which is currently an empty belt. Everyone has a belt equipped. But to make the belts actually useful, we need to take full advantage of the 4 slots available on your belt.

What goes into these slots? Well, that's Faith Stones. (Created and sold at Dead City).

You've been praying hard for many years now. Many, many years. Now it's finally time to put some use to that good or evil flowing inside you. Each slot has an alignment requirement, as well as other requirements as the slots progress. Funnel your good or evil into Faith Stones and equip them into your belt for a choice of several different boosts.

The Faith Stones
The Faith Stones themselves give a variety of boosts. Kindly enough, you can choose what boosts you want. The boosts range from PvP Blood, PvP Coven Exp and NPC Blood. It's totally up to you how you want to arrange your boosts. Keep in mind, your faith stones require some attention, which are detailed below.

Belt Slot 1
The Faith Stones that can be equipped in slot 1 only require hitting alignment milestones.

Belt Slot 2
In slot 2 they require alignment and mission completion milestones.

Belt Slot 3
In slot 3 they require alignment and reputation milestones.

Belt Slot 4
In slot 4 they require alignment and 'Finish Them' milestones.

Your Faith Will Be Tested
Faith Stones don't run on love (or hate) alone. You need to keep them powered up by praying at the Dead City statue. Yes, that is something the majority of you do every day, but that's part of the fun. The result of prayer determines how much power your faith stones get. Once you've done your daily prayer, the faith stones will be active until they end of the day. When tomorrow comes, pray again and see what happens!


Over the last couple months we've seen several updates to our equipment range here at Reign Of Blood. Starting with adding "sharpness" to our equipment, to give an optional boost should you keep up with the repair of your items. A whole new bunch of shields added, the ability to equip a shield in your old weapon slot 1, the option to fuse rubies into shields, and finally a brand new equipment type that utilises alignment, Faith stones.

Of course over time it will all continue to be tweaked and enhanced with feedback, and of course added to the mission lists.


Monday 25 April 2016

Reign Of Blood 10th Birthday

Happy 10th Birthday, Reign Of Blood!

On the 27th April 2016 Reign Of Blood will be celebrating 10 years of existence.  That's a really really long time for anything to exist, especially a game website. I again thank you all for allowing me to continue to do this and for supporting the game in the many ways you do. Wouldn't another 10 years be magical? Can't wait to watch it grow and expand even more.

Starting the cool 10 theme, I today have for you...

Achievement Lists 10

For all you old timers, achievements list 10 is now active for your completion. You'll find a link to it on the other achievement list pages. This should keep you occupied until the start of next year. There a few achievements with a new twist this year, so check it out.

10th Birthday AP Rage Event

I think its time again for the infamous AP Rage Event. It only comes once or twice a year and really gives you a way to boost absolutely everything. The AP rage event will begin at midnight tonight and start from Tuesday 26th April all the way until Tuesday 2nd May.

The AP Shack is located at Dead City where you can use AP (and still get the stats) but get loads of battle bonuses and boosts for free along with it.

Birthday Special

And of course, to top it off, a delicious VIP & Plasma special, which you can find right here.


Tuesday 19 April 2016

Blood Thirst 6 Results

Blood Thirst 6 Results

The results are now ready for the 6th Blood Thirst contest.

I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for taking part. You can claim your prizes right here.


Wednesday 13 April 2016

Blood Thirst 6

Blood Thirst 6

It is time for another Blood Thirst contest.  This time we're going to merge all 3 categories we've played with. PvP Wins, PvP (and NPC) Blood, and PvP Finishes. For full information you can visit the Blood Thirst page. It will run for 48 hours on Sunday 18th April and Monday 19th April. You must enter by midnight on the evening of Friday 16th April.

VIP+ Special

For the next 48 hours, there will be a limited time special on the $10 VIP+ pack. Get free plasma and potion credits for each one purchased. See the VIP+ page for more information!


Monday 28 March 2016

The Weekly Quest

Easter Event

The Easter event is in full swing and will continue to run until the 30th. If you missed the last blog post telling you all about it, click here to get caught up. It's egg.... you know what, I'll skip the witty wordplay. Don't let any baby eggs go to waste!

Organise Organise Organise...

As its the Easter weekend I've decided to take it slow and do some organising. As I said a few posts back there is plenty of cool stuff in the pipeline, and today I've gone through and sort of made a priority order of everything. So now I have a much clearer vision of the updates to roll out over the course of the year. Of course next is part 3 of the equipment updates, which will include a brand new equipment type. But first...

The Sunday Daily

Today I have added a new 'The Weekly Quest' quest. This quest, counts all of the quest tokens you've spent during the week, and gives you an extra free quest token boost depending on how many quests you've completed during the week on each Sunday. Pretty generous, eh?

Enjoy the rest of the Easter event,

Wednesday 23 March 2016

Easter Event 2016

Easter Event 2016

Easter is with us a little earlier this year it seems, and a little close to St. Patrick's day.  That doesnt meant I'm going to ignore one of them! The variety pack was crazy popular, a big thanks to who bought one of those, but now its time to enjoy Easter. So let's start the celebrations!

Quests For The Golden Eggs

There are 3 big beautiful golden eggs available that are filled with even more beautiful baby eggs, which you can trade for delightful boosts. Crack open a golden egg by completing the Easter quests each day. The golden eggs also increase the power of...

Bunny Ears

That's right fellas, it's time to strap on a gorgeous pair of bunny ears. You can buy a pair from Dead City and increase their power by completing the standard daily quests.

VIP/Plasma Special

And of course a fantasmic VIP & Plasma sale is on offer, and this will run throughout the event. You can view the full list of offers by clicking here.

The event will be begin from midnight Thursday 24th March (Wednesday evening) and end Wednesday 30th March. There will be game update notifications as to when this goes live.


Tuesday 15 March 2016

St Patrick's Mini-Event

St. Patrick's Event

It seems that St. Patrick's and Easter are crazy close this year, so to stop too much of a clash, this year's St. Patrick's event will be a mini-event, and Easter will be a the larger standard one.

The Green Bar

The Green Bar is again open for all those who want to enjoy a delicious treat. You can buy drinks with Gold Coins which can be earned from searching Greenwood, clovering (that's right) and from the special pack below.

Clover Bashing

Smash other vampires with a clover (which happens randomly) and get rewarded some gold coins.

Variety Pack

To celebrate St. Patrick's day with a special, there is a Variety Pack available. Get a bit of everything, including a rare collectible, for a bargain price. Click here to see the details.

The event starts right now and will end on Sunday March 20th.


Monday 7 March 2016

Equipment Update Part 2

Equipment Update Part 2

This blog contains part 2 of the recent equipment updates mission.  You'll find part 1 right here, where I added the ability to allow you to equip a shield in your primary weapon slot if you'd prefer extra defence over damage. I added sharpness and luck to your equipment, and gave the equipment page an updated look. Part 2 is listed below, which is the smallest, but maybe the biggest impact of all 3 updates. Part 3 will be following very soon!

Rubies In Shields

Recently I enabled the ability for you to equip a shield in your slot 1 instead of a weapon. For some that love defence, realised one flaw in doing this. And that's missing out on ruby bonuses.

You've never been able to put Blood Rubies into shields because it simply made your block % be way too high. But after the recent update allowing you to have a shield in your slot 1, there is a sacrifice of a Blood Ruby bonus if you have it there instead of a weapon.

So from today, you can bind Blood Rubies into shields. But keep in mind, they will only be active if you have a shield in slot 1. This will allow you to increase your block% up another 36%, to make up for the loss of 36% critical% rubies. The path of attack, defence or balanced are now all viable.

Part 3 coming soon,

Saturday 27 February 2016

Leap Year Bloodbath

Leap Year Bloodbath 

This is one of those fabulous years where we are blessed with an extra day, so lets pretend this day doesn't actually exist and go a bit crazy! What do you say?

During the 24 period on Monday February 29th everyone will get:

  • Double PvP Blood
  • Double PvP Money
  • Double Turns
  • Double PvP Coven Exp
  • Double NPC Blood


Friday 19 February 2016

Valentine's Wrap Up

Valentine's Wrap Up

17% of you voted that you hated Valentine's day, while 83% of you love it. Compared to last year's 29% and 71%, it seems some of you are warming up to the yearly tradition.

Most Loved

[ 18326 ] Loved Dizzi `lilfox` Sainte (215182)
[ 16101 ] Loved Erilia S. Satori de Sade (306213)
[ 3397 ] Loved lovebites™ (120636)
[ 3040 ] Loved Karina Nex™ (82837)
[ 2444 ] Loved Jynx Catherine Skovia (190159)
[ 2071 ] Loved Chaos Nex V. Nightlocke (667743)
[ 2069 ] Loved Brunette Nightlocke (646032)
[ 1894 ] Loved Paulie`s Penguin Isi (350376)
[ 1763 ] Loved makilak (648041)
[ 1625 ] Loved Angelique (676509)

People spent a total of $846,872,000 on giving love. That's some good lovin'.

Most Heart's Ripped

[ 512 ] Ripped Hearts Sybian (176585)
[ 499 ] Ripped Hearts Brunette Nightlocke (646032)
[ 343 ] Ripped Hearts †•I`m•Your•Heart•Ripper•† (298209)
[ 336 ] Ripped Hearts RoZziE the Heart Master (283088)
[ 335 ] Ripped Hearts Demetreus D`Spartan² (612013)
[ 297 ] Ripped Hearts Sandy D`Spartan² (697298)
[ 290 ] Ripped Hearts Mrs. Queenie Dark (218258)
[ 289 ] Ripped Hearts Chaos Nex V. Nightlocke (667743)
[ 289 ] Ripped Hearts WarCloud (375195)

A huge total of 29,812 hearts were ripped during the event.

Top Couples

The top 20 couples are listed below. First place 30 QP, 5 plasma & 3 WP each, second place gets 20 QP, 4 plasma & 2 WP each, the rest of the top 20 get 10 QP, 3 plasma & 1 WP each.

[ 793 Hearts ] Vixxy Beatrice Ashflesh (253724) and Sybian (176585)

[ 788 Hearts ] Chaos Nex V. Nightlocke (667743) and Brunette Nightlocke (646032)

[ 632 Hearts ] Sandy D`Spartan² (697298) and Demetreus D`Spartan² (612013)

[ 521 Hearts ] †•I`m•Your•Heart•Ripper•† (298209) and Gideon (392232)

[ 516 Hearts ] WarCloud (375195) and Shadow Sevenfold (575824)

[ 515 Hearts ] RoZziE the Heart Master (283088) and Atar of Mesopotamia (258957)

[ 484 Hearts ] DarkMessiah (9908) and Mrs. Queenie Dark (218258)

[ 475 Hearts ] Angelique (676509) and makilak (648041)

[ 472 Hearts ] Naz Asrai (243761) and Marja Bellator Sainte (100728)

[ 471 Hearts ] Theli (683201) and Mimik (684621)

[ 463 Hearts ] lovebites™ (120636) and Erilia S. Satori de Sade (306213)

[ 462 Hearts ] Alicia De Winter (691240) and Alexander Morbus (608490)

[ 461 Hearts ] The Silent heart bandit™ (570523) and The Indy Heart Bandit™ (699969)

[ 444 Hearts ] Natsume Medlock Dílseacht (384590) and Riddles C. Dílseacht (618064)

[ 442 Hearts ] Brooklyn Alexus (582373) and Nightshed (540327)

[ 436 Hearts ] Vladina Geronimo`ette (477343) and Stone Victorio (416818)

[ 433 Hearts ] Aurora Kitten Fidela (449556) and Aiden Reeves Fidela (309260)

[ 418 Hearts ] †Kol Mikaelson† (694447) and Anastasiá Mikaelson™ (589940)

[ 417 Hearts ] Z£þH¥®~AoN INVI©TUŠ_ (279182) and Gypsy Alderson™ Greymark (390348)

[ 407 Hearts ] David Bugsy (620629) and Little Bleeder (683322)

Free Stuff

An extra reward for those who ripped at least 20 hearts can claim something right here. Which includes a little extra bonus if you took part in the Couples Contest.

Thank you for taking part, and I hope you enjoyed this year's event.

More coming up,

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Valentines Event 2016

Valentines Event 2016

It's that time of year again. Love is all around, and the killing is even more brutal. This years Valentine's will include old favourites and some new treats.  Are you ready?

The Reigning Couple

As I posted a couple days ago, the Reigning Couple will be alive in this event. Grab a partner and take part, and the top couples will win roses at the end of the event. Every couple will get a rose for taking part too, of course.

Seasonal Equipment

You might remember that back in Christmas 2015 I introduced a new seasonal equipment slot. Now, as a new event is upon us, it is time to further take advantage of this awesome feature.

This Valentine's seasonal equipment type will be Heart Lockets.  Purchase and upgrade them in the Valentines event section of the Dead City.

Ripping 'earts

The heart ripping is back! Battle other vampires to have a chance to rip their hearts out, and then trade those hearts for more turns or roses.  Delicious. You can then trade roses for more rewarding rewards.

Give Love

Where would Valentines be if you couldn't show your love to another? Well, once again you can. Go to a vampire's profile and give love until you go blue in the face, (or your bank account dries up).

Annual Love/Hate Vote

The big vote is on. Do you love or hate Valentines? Cast your vote for a free prize.

VIP & Plasma Special

Once again you can get your mitts on a deliciously tempting plasma special.  There is also a lovely little couples special pack with a unique collectible colour variant as well.

This event will run from the 11th to the 18th, starting right now.


Tuesday 9 February 2016

Valentines Event (Part 1)

Valentines Reigning Couple

The Valentines event is just around the corner. In fact, it'll begin on the Thursday 11th February. We will be once again having a Reigning Couple event throughout the Valentines period, and it is now open for entry. Go to Dead City and find someone to pair up with to tear hearts of your opponents. Prizes will be given to the top couples at the end of the Valentines event. The heart ripping count will begin on the 11th, but i'm giving you time to get prepared.

Pancake Today

Happy pancake day everyone. Make sure you've got 'pancake' in your name, and keep it there tomorrow to get yourself a free collectible.

See you soon,

Monday 8 February 2016

Pancake Parade

It's that delicious time of year again when we consume more pancakes than we probably should. To celebrate pancake day (9th Feb) in all its glory, we want to spread the pancake joy across Reign Of Blood.

Put the word "pancake" in your username somewhere, and you'll get a free collectible! Keep it in your name until the morning of the 10th when I will do the check and give them out. I'll announce on the game updates page when the prizes have been given and you can go back to your old self.

Let's be creative, shall we?


Wednesday 3 February 2016

Looking Ahead In 2016

What's next?

I'm going to take some time to just mill over some thoughts in my head, and try to lay them out here. So, looking ahead into 2016, as I've said before, part 2 of the new equipment system will be coming up soon.  It's taking longer than expected, damn RL, but it's coming along nicely. I'll be doing some more research on the part 1 updates and see what people are doing with that, and make any changes if required. A few other things I'd like to take the time to mention are as follows.


I do try and fix reported bugs as soon as possible. I keep an eye on all newly posted forum threads and my BLs throughout the day. But sometimes, bugs can slip through the cracks. Either because I missed them being reported, can't replicate the error, or my mind betrays me. If you know of any bugs, and think you've already reported, and they've not yet been fixed. Please re-post them or send me a BL. Sometimes I just need a couple bangs on the head.

My To-Do

My to-do list is huge. I am going to work tirelessly to get it empty before 2016 ends. You might say that's a long way off, but my list really is huge. It's amazing just looking at some of them as they can be huge features themselves. The things on my list include new stuff to all parts of the game. New features, RP features, social features, the whole spectrum. It's just a shame I don't have 10 pairs of hands. 2016 will be the year I get RoB up to a much more solid level, I can't wait.

Suggestions From You

Just because my list is huge, it doesnt mean I don't add to it every day. And believe me, after I do my daily rummage through the forum and my BL's, I'm always adding ideas into my 'potentials' list. But I love doing that. If you have any ideas, please post a thread, or send them to me directly if you don't want the public spotlight. I'm doing this for you, so if there are ways I can make it better, please tell me. This applies to both suggestions and bug reports, I'm not scary. I don't bite. You can talk to me. I've had people tell me they don't always want to make suggestions because people think i'm some sort of unapproachable scary thing. If you have something to say, I want to hear.

I look forward to the rest of 2016.


Friday 22 January 2016

FINISH THEM Blood Thirst Event

Finish Them Blood Thirst

While we wait for Part 2 of the equipment update, I think it's time to have a little unique Blood Thirst competition. This time, its a battle of FINISHING. Once again all entered vampires will be split into 5 teams, and the winner will be the team  who scores the most points from the 2 scoring categories which are: Total Finish Them tally, and total blood drained from Finishing Them.

You can enter on the dedicated Blood Thirst page, but you must enter before Tuesday 26th January, as the competition will begin on Thursday 28th for 3 days.

Once again prizes include plasma, QP, potion credits, collectibles and more.


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