Saturday 29 October 2016

Quiz Night Results

Quiz Night

Thanks to everyone who turned up to the quiz night last night, and thank you to all the staff who helped out. It was a big turnout once more. 25 questions were asked and fought over, and below are the winners.

Plasma (first place) Winners
Brennan Rego Malik (602429) x6
Mireille Fiore (210419) x4
Morti-Kitty (293358) x3
Darion Lancaster  (203259) x3
WINONA (707634) x2
Sunshine (353331) x2
Don Quizote (648041) x2
Lars Nyght  (167413) x2
Woonton (449150) x1

10 RED (second place) 
Darion Lancaster (203259) x3
Luna (704433) x 2
Sunshine (353331)
Brennan Rego Malik (602429) x2
WINONA (707634) x2
Woonton (449150) x2
Mireille Fiore (210419) x2
Death of Silence (570523) x2
Lars Nyght (167413) x2
His Angel Hellsing  (230121)
Lord Vladimir Dracovich (704399)
Reltz (533863)
Don Quizote  (648041)
Morti-Kitty (293358)
Zombiralda (701990)
Enoch Caitrin (319393)

5 RED (second place) 
Zombiralda (701990) x4
Enoch Caitrin (319393) x3
Darion Lancaster (203259) x3
WINONA (707634) x3
His Angel Hellsing (230121) x2
ÆÐELÞRYÐOM (316141) x2
Don Quizote  (648041) x2
Sunshine (353331)
Amayia (Nyx) C. Nex (677073)
Alegna McClellan (520460)
Luna (704433)
Death of Silence  (570523)
Pharaoh (710379)
Dagan Vinx Fidela (96270)

Finally, there's a Halloween surprise pack now available. The general Halloween event will last until the end of October 31st. Enjoy the rest of the event.


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