Tuesday 4 October 2016

Openbucks (sort of) being discontinued

OpenBucks Changes

As you read last week, the currency "points" will be ending soon with an upcoming update, but today I must announce that the contract between myself and Openbucks will be terminated this month. For those who do not know, Openbucks (USA only) allows you to buy Subway gift cards, Burger King gift cards etc and use them as real debit card to buy packs on Reign Of Blood.

Due to apparent "increased service costs" on their end, they are imposing a $100/month fee to use the service, on top of the ~20% fee on all transactions. Openbucks isn't a widely used option, but it's good for people who can't or don't want to use a debit/credit card, as you can pick up most of the accepted gift cards when you go grocery shopping.

Due to this change it is no longer sustainable to have a direct contract with them, so it will be terminating it this month.

The good news is, Openbucks is accepted through Xsolla, and I have talked to Xsolla to make sure Openbucks is available on the platform. Even though there is Xsolla fees on top of the Openbucks transaction fees, the option is still there if you want to use it, but you must now go through Xsolla, rather than Openbuck's own system like you have to date.

I will try to make this clear on the payment pages soon.


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