Friday 21 October 2016

Halloween 2016

Halloween 2016

It is that time of year again! This Halloween event we have some old favourites, and a few new bits. For 10 whole days starting from Saturday 22nd and ending midnight Monday 31st, you can enjoy all the features of this year's event.

Seasonal Equipment: Witch Hat
The seasonal equipment is back again! This Halloween we'll be sporting some very attractive Witch hats. Complete your daily quests and earn seasonal tokens to upgrade the power of your hat.

Trick Or Treat
The daily trick or treat will once again plague the Dead City! Test your luck for free each day.

AP Cauldron
The witch's AP Cauldron is ready for your AP once more. Throw your AP into the Cauldron and see what magic happens.

Pumpkin Search
This year we have a delicious pumpkin search. Every one of the 10 days of the event, you'll be able to search for a hidden pumpkin. Once found, you'll get a little treat.

Halloween Chat Quiz Night
As I announced in the last blog post, we'll be having a general chat Halloween themed quiz night. This will take place on Friday 28th October. Win free Plasma and RED!

There is a nice little leaderboard showing the top players of this Halloween event. The leaderboards include top AP cauldron attempts, seasonal upgrade counts, and a trick or treat log.

Halloween Special
And finally, a fantastic VIP & Plasma special will available during this event.  Yes, you can use your RED to pay or discount your packs, and all packs do come with a small amount of RED also. Click here to check out all the special packs available.

The event will start on Saturday 22nd October!


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