Saturday 30 July 2011

Watch the pets! End of the month is coming...

Watch the pets
Although every pet round will probably be different, but, for an upcoming pet related feature this weekend, you might want to copy/paste or memorise the top pets this month. I'm not going to say why, but it may be we wise to keep a note, as they will not be available when the round is reset Sunday evening. Click here to view the pet leaderboards.

End of the month
The end of the month is this weekend, which means the July competition, the VIP/plasma special, the chance to vote for next month's charity animal adoption, the summer surprises, all end this weekend!

The toolbar campaign is still active, although we haven't hit our target yet. When we do, I will still release the juicy promo code. I know a slight hinder in this is that it's not available on Chrome yet, I've asked the developers, and they say it's coming. When? We're not sure yet.

Surprise pack
Some of you last week may have noticed the limited edition summer surprise pack. If you were around and managed to get one, what did you think? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend as I code new stuff =)

Have fun,

Wednesday 27 July 2011

NPC and Pet updates!

NPC werewolf arena changes
Thanks for all the great feedback so far. Here are some changes I've made:

- The stats of the NPC are no longer visible, what is displayed is the "Power".
- Stat randomisation. The NPCs stats now have a slight random factor added in. They can have their stats increased by 5% or reduced by 5%. There is a 50/50 chance whether their stats will be lowered or increased. Keep in mind they can also get +2%, -3%, +4% etc.
- Fixed a bug that made the page layout mess up for some IE users.

Pet Updates
Thanks again for all the pet feedback so far too. Here are some updates:

- Pets are now displayed on your profiles (v2 only), this can be turned off.
- Pet name  / pet ID search
- You can now add a bio to your pet
- Kill your pet has been added, but will be unlocked next month
- Quick stats box across the top of the arena pages
- Fixed a bug that made pets appear they had 15 minute protection.
- Work place added to Mount Tilia (if you run out of cash to use the portal)
- Wins from being attacked no longer counts towards your "wins". Your wins is now labeled as "attack wins", meaning wins you have earned through attacking. This is because of the abuse of having another pet constantly attack you and lose, in order for you to be able to earn more QP. These wins are still counted in your "total wins" count.
-  The monthly pet reset script is now in place and ready for midnight 31st July.
- The win milestone to earn QP will be tweaked at the start of next month.

The end of the round is coming in a few days. It will be good to see what people have learned about the system this month, and what stratagies they'll use next month.

End of month approaching
The July competition, the VIP/plasma special, the chance to vote for next month's charity animal adoption, the summer surprises, all end this weekend! (You have until Saturday night to use your surprises)

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Saturday 23 July 2011

Main reset problems & summer surprise in specials

Main reset problems
We are aware of some of variables not resetting properly, I am spending the next few days working on optimising the database and getting this fixed. I am sorry for the inconvenience, for the trouble, a promo code you can use: mainresetbugged
Suprise pack
For those on the other night, you would have seen the awesome rare surprise pack, they sold pretty fast! There maybe more to come in the future.

One week left
There is one week left of the July competition, where you could win up to 1000 plasma. There is also one week left on the vote for next month's adopted animal. The tiger is currently winning, but not by far! Get a charity pack in the next week to be able to vote for the animal we adopt with next month's charity revenue. Remember that the money raised this month goes to the RSPCA.

Plasma special
All special packs sold (from now) has  "summer surprises" added to them. You get x amount of surprises in each of the packs, then you can go to the Dead City and redeem them for a extra free gift!  Click here to check them out. What's better, is everyone gets 1 free summer surprise!

This special will end 1 week from today. (Next Saturday night)

Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday 16 July 2011

Fake RoB hack video warning. COMEBACK FEATURE #2: NPC & other updates

This is a warning to all Reign Of Blood players, there is a video going around about a hack to get extra points. It's fake. The download link to "get it", is a virus. I did a scan on the file which says "get it now", it's nasty. Check the general forum for a further explanation.

Moving on... you thought there was 1 comeback feature? There's 2!

NPC Werewolf Arena
Got some extra turns you don't want to train or explore the underground with? Awesome, you can now visit the NPC werewolf arena and fight some imprisoned werewolves (Yeah we've been hiding these from you.) Werewolf blood has never tasted as good as regular blood, but it's still a nice bit of extra blood you can get. By using the NPC arena you earn "NPC Skill", which, similar to Spring Valley, just increases your chance for bonus blood. (Effective only rank 10+ NPCs)

It works a bit like the new pet system, when a NPC werewolf is attacked and killed, it needs 60 seconds (subject to change) to regenerate to be attackable again. There are several wolves added in each rank, but you can 100 npc attack credits every day. This may or may not change, ways to earn more may come soon too. NPC blood does not count towards your daily blood drained.

Promo codes
I'm getting a LOT of questions about promo codes not working. Downtime promo codes last for 24 hours after the downtime actually happens. It's to reward people who were on at the time of the downtime. The most recent Phantom Press edition shows all the promo codes that are no longer valid.

Phantom Press
The writers and I had a meeting last week to discuss a new layout for the Phantom Press, so I introduce the new Phantom Press layout. If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to the Dead City.

Coven warnings
I get quite a few blood letters from people saying they can't quit their coven. If I find covens are using CSS to block the quit button, CSS will be disabled! Please try and play by the rules and not be nuisance to players, thanks!

It's the weekend soon!


Sunday 10 July 2011

Project RAHP completed & downtime info [Updated]

Edit: Downtime
Sorry about the downtime last night folks, at around 2am game time the server crashed and didn't managed to get fixed until around 7am. We had some fun over on Facebook, but I can't apologise enough for it taking that long. You can enjoy the promocode: 11julydown

Sorry again!

That was one hell of a bloody weekend. Check out the top blood suckers from the last couple days:

1. AoN|Aelfric the Mercenary has sucked 1,152,133 blood
2. AÓN ZEPHYR has sucked 676,479 blood
3. AoN Panthera Chantrieri has sucked 647,901 blood
4. AoN Mißbrauchtes Kind has sucked 541,241 blood
5. Misha Keates has sucked 534,873 blood
6. Lothar Blackfang has sucked 524,829 blood
7. Kalia Le Doux has sucked 508,386 blood
8. CeCe has sucked 477,834 blood
9. Knyf Marx has sucked 457,669 blood
10. Crimson~D~Butterfly has sucked 414,517 blood

1. Eli has sucked 1,304,999 blood
2. AoN|Aelfric the Mercenary has sucked 928,354 blood
3. AoN >^.^< KaT has sucked 786,891 blood
4. AÓN ZEPHYR has sucked 631,581 blood
5. AoN Panthera Chantrieri has sucked 456,809 blood
6. Lothar Blackfang has sucked 429,490 blood
7. Atar of Mesopotamia has sucked 416,365 blood
8. Macabress has sucked 404,755 blood
9. Moonshine has sucked 390,872 blood
10. AoN Starrynight has sucked 384,620 blood

Project RAHP was a success, it was really liked & I'm glad most of you enjoyed it. Saturday was the most active day on Reign Of Blood since it opened, great news! But, it won't happen too often, but the odd weekend RAHP will be cool for a chance to get some extra blood. Thanks for all the great feedback.

Remember if you buy a charity pack or some of Trik's potion credits, you can have a say which animal we turn vampiric and adopt next month:

Plasma special
As you're probably aware we have a summer plasma special on at the moment. Ive had a few people come to me with requests, so I'm just putting this out to everyone. If you want to pay with Ultimate Game Card/Wallie for the regular  paypal/google offer packs (the normal ones) you can! Just send me a blood letter with the card numbers of whichever pack you want and I'll do it manually for you. What else? Is that if you have a Western Union store near you, I can also accept payments using that (this will be useful for those who don't have a credit card and can't get hold of the prepaid cards). Just send me a blood letter if you're interested and I'll give you the details.

Double Points
Double points is being extended until tomorrow (Monday night) so go get some double points now! The double blood has now finished, thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoyed it.

I look forward to the next blood bath.

More to come this week, stay tuned!


Saturday 9 July 2011

Project: RAHP & Double blood/points weekend

In case you missed it a few days ago, the pets were released, there's a new July competition, a new charity for this month & even more! If you've not read that blog yet, you should do so by 
[ clicking here ]

Thanks for all the great feedback with the pets. I'm glad so many of you are liking them. Please keep the feedback coming on the thread, I am working my way through implementing the suitable suggestions :)

Double Blood/Points Weekend!
Oh yeah, it's time for another double blood weekend. All PvP battle kills will now give double blood until Sunday night. What else? Points too! All offers/payments on Points Offers 1 will give double the points advertised. This will last till Sunday too.

Project RAHP
I've seen a couple people guess right. It does indeed mean Revive At Half Past. Until Sunday night (to go along with double blood) everybody now revives at half past the hour as well as on the hour. It's gonna be one hell of a blood bath. I hope you've ready for it. (Please note the war reset as moved back from half past to 28 past during this) Please also keep in mind, there will be no more turns given at half past, the turn rate of 15/20 hour still stays.

Please note: If you have the forever dead potion activated, it will not revive you at half past (at no extra cost). It is normally designed not revive you until you hit the hourly reset after you've had one protected. The half past reset will not revive you if you have this potion active, but it will still not revive at the next top of hour as described.

Enjoy the bloody weekend!

Wednesday 6 July 2011

Pet system released, plasma special, new charity, competitions & loads more

Hey vampires,

This is a pretty long blog as there is lots of cool stuff happening! I hope you're sitting comfy.

4th July fireworks
Hope you liked the fireworks, a total of 12,534 turns were giving out yesterday.

Pet system released
That's right vampires, you can go get your hands dirty. This months round begins right now, it will be only 3ish weeks instead of a full month. I hope you'll all take part in using the feature, report bugs, give feedback & make suggestions to make it even better. Want to know how it fully works? Read the FAQ posted on the pets page (must be located in Mount Tilia to view).

Just to clear up a few questions not on the FAQ:

- The VIP days are not taken from you, you are just required to have that many days to have that pet. If your get the 200 VIP day pet, and then your VIP days slip down to 199, that doesn't matter, you still get to keep your pet. Only if you discard your pet (coming soon) you will need 200 vip days to buy it again.

- I know there there wont be many kills to start with, as there are around 750 pets at the moment created, after this month, i'll make any necessary changes to accommodate the way pets work.

I have a couple more features to add to the pets... but for now, we'll run it this month with what we have. The QP wins needed, the battle timer limits etc may all change, we'll see how it goes. (This includes adding extra security)

There will never be any Paypal interference that will give you any game advantage in the pet system. Everyone has an equal chance to get prizes and QP.

New Charity!
In order to celebrate the release of the pets this month, it only seem fitting to have this months charity in aid of animals. 20% of the revenue from the charity packs and Trik's potions will be donated to the RSPCA. Thanks for everyone's support with the Help For Heroes campaign last month.

August Charity!
I know I'm getting a bit ahead of myself here, but to keep on the pet spirit, the August charity will be an adopt an animal campaign. Whatever it made from the packs will be spread out over a year to adopt an animal. But which animal? You get to choose! By buying a charity pack this month (includes potions) you get to have your say in what animal we adopt next month. When you've got an RSPCA charity pack, go to the Dead City under "government" and cast your vote.

New Dark Ruby Pack
As you probably know, each weapon and armour has 3 available ruby slots. Due to popular demand, I have added a Dark Ruby VIP pack which includes 3 sets of both (saves time of people having to buy the pack 3 times separately), there is also a bit of discount by doing this as well.
June Competition Winners
The top 3 dirt finders were:

1 - 1657 grams Aislinn (54285)
2 - 1633 grams Darren Iceshard (245670)
3 - 1598 grams Misha Keates (208044)

Congratulations.  Thanks to everyone who took part. If you had over 50 grams of dirt, you get a free QP!

July Competition
This month's competition is a nice and easy guessing game. The new lottery system opened on the 21st February 2010 (Can you believe it's been that long?) The winner of this month's competition is the person who guesses closes to the TOTAL amount of money that has been paid out. (Until July 3rd 2011). Everyone gets one free guess by posting on this thread, if you guess dead on, you will win 1000 plasma. If nobody guesses dead on, the closest person will win 25 plasma. No guesses will be counted if they're posted past the end of the month.

Plasma special
Due to several requests, there is a 2 week summer plasma special! (Don't forget to put on your sunscreen) All packs gives you a sun image in chats & forums too. Go get your hands on some cheap plasma & VIP!

And for those who pay by mobile phone...

I've heard & listened to your requests, and now offering special packs using phones too. Head over to the mobile phone packs page for more details. This will last for 2 weeks also. The specials are still up for ultimate game card and Wallie too, these will be taken off after this special too :)

This weekend (PROJECT RAHP)
This weekend I'm going to be doing something I've never done before, it won't be a permanent feature (as though many would like it) but every now and then won't hurt, right? Stay tuned to find out what Project: RAHP is.

Hope you enjoy =D

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