Wednesday 27 July 2011

NPC and Pet updates!

NPC werewolf arena changes
Thanks for all the great feedback so far. Here are some changes I've made:

- The stats of the NPC are no longer visible, what is displayed is the "Power".
- Stat randomisation. The NPCs stats now have a slight random factor added in. They can have their stats increased by 5% or reduced by 5%. There is a 50/50 chance whether their stats will be lowered or increased. Keep in mind they can also get +2%, -3%, +4% etc.
- Fixed a bug that made the page layout mess up for some IE users.

Pet Updates
Thanks again for all the pet feedback so far too. Here are some updates:

- Pets are now displayed on your profiles (v2 only), this can be turned off.
- Pet name  / pet ID search
- You can now add a bio to your pet
- Kill your pet has been added, but will be unlocked next month
- Quick stats box across the top of the arena pages
- Fixed a bug that made pets appear they had 15 minute protection.
- Work place added to Mount Tilia (if you run out of cash to use the portal)
- Wins from being attacked no longer counts towards your "wins". Your wins is now labeled as "attack wins", meaning wins you have earned through attacking. This is because of the abuse of having another pet constantly attack you and lose, in order for you to be able to earn more QP. These wins are still counted in your "total wins" count.
-  The monthly pet reset script is now in place and ready for midnight 31st July.
- The win milestone to earn QP will be tweaked at the start of next month.

The end of the round is coming in a few days. It will be good to see what people have learned about the system this month, and what stratagies they'll use next month.

End of month approaching
The July competition, the VIP/plasma special, the chance to vote for next month's charity animal adoption, the summer surprises, all end this weekend! (You have until Saturday night to use your surprises)

Enjoy the rest of the week!


Anonymous said...


~Most Unholy~ Alchemist said...

Good work Ashmeister

Shadow Stalker said...

Kill your pet has been added, but will be unlocked next does/will this work in gameplay? Pets are a nice addition though

Anonymous said...

Someone was cheating for their pet...Seriously? Now that is really sad....

DarkAsh said...

Nah, nobody was doing it. I just saw that it was possible when I was testing the new features :)

Anonymous said...

"Possible", yes, but if someone is stupid enough to waste the turns for someone else, then why not let them? All they'll end up doing is losing out on QP and training.

DarkAsh said...

Plenty of reasons :)

Anonymous said...

i think each pet should have a unique name (i.e. there shouldn't be multiple pets with the exact same name) and that each change in pet name should cost like 100 turns or something

Anonymous said...

Using others name - copying- is just lame and a hidden coward way of cheating the system. I've never heard of someone getting into a comp and then changing names "during" the comp. It should be a heavy cost-charge just like the comment above said.

The rest, pretty awesome "new" feature.

Isobel Lynn Bellator said...

I have a question, Ashie: How the heck do we turn off the pet display on our Profiles??

DarkAsh said...

Mount Tilia > Options/help >> disable profile

Anonymous said...

Have you gave it any thought to restricting how much lower level than your own pet one can attack instead of raising The milestones? Some just farm low level pets for the kills rather than same lvl or close for the blood and leveling.. Some don't find it fun killing pets 20 levels lower just for kills to get the qp and instead we train or wait till there 5 mins is up. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

kewl :D love being able to have pet on profile now .. Thanks

hope in future that multiple pet names are not allowed shouldnt be able to use same names as others have seen several name pets the same as others .
hope in future that multiple pet names are not allowed shouldnt be able to use same names as others have seen several name pets the same as others .

Guildythewicked said...

I love the new changes. :)

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