Sunday 10 July 2011

Project RAHP completed & downtime info [Updated]

Edit: Downtime
Sorry about the downtime last night folks, at around 2am game time the server crashed and didn't managed to get fixed until around 7am. We had some fun over on Facebook, but I can't apologise enough for it taking that long. You can enjoy the promocode: 11julydown

Sorry again!

That was one hell of a bloody weekend. Check out the top blood suckers from the last couple days:

1. AoN|Aelfric the Mercenary has sucked 1,152,133 blood
2. AÓN ZEPHYR has sucked 676,479 blood
3. AoN Panthera Chantrieri has sucked 647,901 blood
4. AoN Mißbrauchtes Kind has sucked 541,241 blood
5. Misha Keates has sucked 534,873 blood
6. Lothar Blackfang has sucked 524,829 blood
7. Kalia Le Doux has sucked 508,386 blood
8. CeCe has sucked 477,834 blood
9. Knyf Marx has sucked 457,669 blood
10. Crimson~D~Butterfly has sucked 414,517 blood

1. Eli has sucked 1,304,999 blood
2. AoN|Aelfric the Mercenary has sucked 928,354 blood
3. AoN >^.^< KaT has sucked 786,891 blood
4. AÓN ZEPHYR has sucked 631,581 blood
5. AoN Panthera Chantrieri has sucked 456,809 blood
6. Lothar Blackfang has sucked 429,490 blood
7. Atar of Mesopotamia has sucked 416,365 blood
8. Macabress has sucked 404,755 blood
9. Moonshine has sucked 390,872 blood
10. AoN Starrynight has sucked 384,620 blood

Project RAHP was a success, it was really liked & I'm glad most of you enjoyed it. Saturday was the most active day on Reign Of Blood since it opened, great news! But, it won't happen too often, but the odd weekend RAHP will be cool for a chance to get some extra blood. Thanks for all the great feedback.

Remember if you buy a charity pack or some of Trik's potion credits, you can have a say which animal we turn vampiric and adopt next month:

Plasma special
As you're probably aware we have a summer plasma special on at the moment. Ive had a few people come to me with requests, so I'm just putting this out to everyone. If you want to pay with Ultimate Game Card/Wallie for the regular  paypal/google offer packs (the normal ones) you can! Just send me a blood letter with the card numbers of whichever pack you want and I'll do it manually for you. What else? Is that if you have a Western Union store near you, I can also accept payments using that (this will be useful for those who don't have a credit card and can't get hold of the prepaid cards). Just send me a blood letter if you're interested and I'll give you the details.

Double Points
Double points is being extended until tomorrow (Monday night) so go get some double points now! The double blood has now finished, thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoyed it.

I look forward to the next blood bath.

More to come this week, stay tuned!



†Juggalette Izabetta Xeo-Nervengift† said...

Wow, this had to be the best weekend on RoB ever, double blood and RAHP, double the awesomeness. Great job Ash.

Anonymous said...

LOVED RAHP!!! Spent all weekend killing! Thanks for the extra blood <3 Mikkala

Raven Blackrose said...

Woooo YEAH! Thanks by the double blood...=3

Anonymous said...

Crap happens..Thanks for the promo code Ash.

Westmoreland said...

:( I wasn't even on during the Weekend....

Anonymous said...

How about PERMANENTLY resurrecting everybody on the half hour or a truly radical thought, every 20 minutes ..... it could really help with the blood shortage .... bad shortage from R60 to R450 ..... alternatively perhaps a thousand Blood Bots from a neighboring planet ??? ... anyway fun w/e .......

Starrynight said...

I'm not crazy about making revives more frequent except as a special occasion sort of thing but introducing a number of blood bots sounds like a workable idea; the number could even be allowed to grow as RoB grows.

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