Wednesday 30 December 2009

Xmas is over... 2010 please?

I hope you all had a good holiday & I hope you enjoyed the events here at Reign Of Blood. Your candy fix is now over (for now) I might have to open a rehab for all those who start getting the shakes =D

For the competition winners if you missed it are put here:

I had this pointed out to me a while ago...

How cute is that? People are actually trying to search Google for RoB Cheats xD (bet 90% of you will now go and do that to see what comes up, which is nothing by the way, there are no cheats for games like this).

If you haven't noticed I've put up a promo page on your 'home' pages, this will be used more in the future, mainly for new players but sometimes I'll give codes out for extra goodies. If you want to head over there and use the code "THEFIRSTCODE" you'll get a little treat.

I hope you all enjoy your new year celebrations, the updates will start on the 2nd (or 3rd depending how hungover I am).

Lets make 2010 better than the amazing 2009 we've just had!


Monday 28 December 2009

Xmas competition winners & plasma special/candy info!

You think you've seen it all until someone puts a picture on their profile of a Xmas tree, cuts my face from one of my pictures and sticks it as the angel at the top.

After lots of half naked chicks and seizure profiles, I have the winners. It took a while to go through and choose the winners due to all the issues etc that cropped up with it.  A big thank you to all who took part. 

There are lots of factors I looked into, it was really hard to choose because many of them were at the same quality. I had to throw in more factors to choose the winners.

Now remember, there are NO LOSERS in ReignOfBlood... but here are the people who DIDN'T lose:

1st: ~.Dentellai~Mistyque.~Koi (150 plasma)
2nd: Caislyn Struevre (50 plasma)
3rd: Dark Silent Night  (25 plasma)

I also did a SECRET competition on most entertaining Christmas name. From the moment i put mine as "Ashmas Tree" i logged all of the xmas names i liked.

The one that made me chuckle the most was: ReignDeer Of Blood (56502)
10 plasma for you ;)

The plasma special will end on gametime midnight 29th (Tomorrow). You have until this time to eat your candy as well! Thank you all again for taking part and hope you had a good Christmas, bring on 2010!!


Friday 25 December 2009

Plasma special info and notice for you all social networking fans!

I hope you've had a good Christmas (I know for some of you It's still going on)! You can show off what you got on the forum thread I created:

The plasma special will end on the 29th December, so if you have some left over xmas money or just feeling plasma hungry and want some on the cheap, get some now! (Also for people are addicted to candy). This same date is when the Candy Canes will be removed so make sure you all eat it by then. (Will be another reminder for this on the next blog when I make the profile contest winner announcement).

For an update on RoBs/my social networks:

ReignOfBlood/My Twitter:
ReignOfBlood Facebook Page:
ReignOfBlood Facebook Group:

I have made a fresh MYSPACE ReignOfBlood page. So please join it:

I have also made a MySpace account public to everyone (I use Facebook for my personal stuff). So you can feel free to add me to your Myspace if you want:

Thanks & enjoy the rest of the holidays.


Wednesday 23 December 2009

Merry Christmas everyone!

This will be my last blog before Christmas, I'll be back on 27th where I will have the pleasure of going through hundreds of profiles to declare the winners of the Profile contest.

Just want to say a big thank you for all your support this year, and hope we can have enough great year next year. So Happy Christmas (or Happy Holidays as the Americans seems to like to say) to you all.

Oh, and I just did a check and NOBODY has found the 10th candy cane. After a few seconds of giggling to myself i figured some of you are prolly pulling your hair out, but before you pull too much I thought I'd be a nice (ha) and give you a small hint on where it is. And well, It's in the underground.

Have a great Christmas and I look forward to 2010 with you all!


Tuesday 22 December 2009


Hey guys, the server will be down for up to an hour because they're doing some software updates, sorry for any inconvenience.

They'll get it done ASAP.

Thanks for your patience!


Monday 21 December 2009

More Candy and thanks for support so far!

That's right, I have hidden 5 more candy canes around the site. Go get 'em! I also hear people are struggling with with 10th one? Good luck because you aint got long to find it and complete the quest ;)

To some peoples love and hate, I have doubled the amount of candy you get in the Xmas packs and added couple more plasma until the offer ends *hides*

Remember that we have been nominated for BEST RPG of 2009! Vote for us @ - To get the turn bonus from voting go onto the vote page. There has been some confusing the prize listed on their site about 3 candy, this is a new player offer, just to clear things up. If we win a prize will be given to everyone, so vote for us each day! It ends Jan 7th 2010 *crosses fingers*

Thanks for your support!


Saturday 19 December 2009

ReignOfBlood nominated for Best RPG of 2009!! Vote for us...

BBGSite has contacted me and notified me of ReignOfBlood being nominated for Best RPG of 2009! How exciting.

How do we win? Vote your asses off! Winning this would give a lot publicilty to the game and be an awesome achievement!

Vote for us @ - Just click the vote link on the right hand side (the yellow button with a present picture on it). This can be done once a day and I will shortly add it to the voting list.

It ends 7th January.

If we win I will give out prizes too ALL players! Lets win this =D


P.S Also got a new shortcut for our Facebook fan page:

Thursday 17 December 2009

Dropping a blog about my new site!


Hey guys, I was saying a while ago about a site I was in the middle of setting up, well it's finished! It won't be for everyone, but if you're really bored waiting for turns you can check it out and play some funky flash games. There is over 1600 at the moment, and I'm buying in around 500 more so there is plenty there.

Check it out at

I've also added a small link at the bottom of each page if you ever forget and fancy having a play over there.

Last thing, thanks to everyone who is entering the contest, it's going to take a longgggggg time going through them all but I'm looking forward to seeing your artistic skills.

I will be adding more CANDY CANES this weekend, I'll post a new blog when that happens.

Enjoy your weekend! (When it starts)


Monday 14 December 2009

Competition info & quest ideas!

2009 Christmas Competition 1 - Profile Contest

Okay for this years Xmas competition I decided to go for a profile contest. The person who creates the best Christmas themed profile (Which is not tacky) will win 150 plasma!! Click here to enter your profile into the contest. Ends December 27th where the winner will be declared shortly after.

I am going to allow players (such as yourselves) to suggest and discuss possible ideas for quests! This will help me come up with more original and fun quest ideas for you all to complete. The forum post can be found here.

At the end of the week I will be hiding more candy canes, so keep your eye out!


Thursday 10 December 2009

Christmas Has Come Early! Check it out.

Christmas has come early on RoB! The celebrations HAVE begun! So what's in store this year?

- Plasma/VIP special of course! And the santa hat icons in chat which come with that are back too.
- A Christmas Tree is the Dead City has appeared! Go there each day to collect a free gift.
- 4 Christmas quests.
- CANDY CANES. Get your sugar fix with candy canes. 10 are hidden around the site and more may be added ;)

Okay for this years Xmas competition I decided to go for a profile contest. The person who creates the least tacky, awesome profile that is all Christmas-y will win 150 plasma!! (Ends Xmas day) More information on where to submit your profile will come soon! So just start designing it now, on the next blog will be more details on how to submit.

Good luck!

Oh, and if the tree says you've been bad. You've been bad.


Wednesday 9 December 2009

Awesome stuff!

Thanks for all the great feedback for the layout idea, was surprised so many of you like it, just popped into my head. It'll take a lot of work changing it around but if it's wanted I'll definitely start doing that.

All the BIG updates are planned to be released throughout January (some of which are complete, I'm just holding out ;) ) The Xmas stuff will start at the end of the week which will include a plasma special as people keep asking me. I will also add new quests throughout December also.

Keep your eyes peeled!


Sunday 6 December 2009

Making ReignOfBlood more colourful.

Red is not my favourite colour. Even though I do like the black/red theme. I am aware this could be the case for other people too. Red does indeed fit the whole vampire theme but what if you wanted your RoB experience to be say... blue? Blue  is not really related to vampires, but if you wanted a blue layout because its more appealing to you (pushing the theme aside), would you want that?

Today i was playing around with some colours on the banner ads:

Pretty cool I think. What if you could change the colour (new layout only) of the layout in RoB to fit different colours which fit your taste? Of course red would be the default because we're vampires and love red after all. But do you think it would be worth me re-colouring the images to give you the option to change the colour of the layout?

I mean its nothing major, it could look tacky, but the option is there, and people love to customise.

Tell me your thoughts.


Friday 4 December 2009

November Competition winners

Thanks for everyone who posted their public profiles everywhere. Keep it up =D The 3 winners (35 plasma each) I have chosen are:

 - Odd Ball Ebony Rose (129183)
 - One Of The Four (45901)
 - LordBevan (118943)

And the 3 Facebook winners are: (25 plasma each)
  - Starwine (159099)
 - Pinch-of-Grinch (213752)
 - Eden Cælia Night (157815)

Thank you for taking part and keeping the competitions active each month. The december Christmas competition is currently being thought up and will be set up and announced within the next couple of days.


Thursday 3 December 2009

Plasma inflation.

There has been lots of complaints about the sudden inflation with Plasma prices. I notice that now the cheapest price they're selling at is $740,000. I personally think Plasma is worth around $400,000-$500,000 at most.

Why is it inflating so much? It's doing this because the competition has increased in the game (which is a good thing). Players fighting over each other to get ahead, they would rather use any AP/Plasma they have rather than sell it.

BUT the inflation is down to YOU. If people are putting Plasma on at $700,000 and people are buying at $700,000 people will keep selling it at that  price, (and of course they'll always add a little extra on top each time they sell it). But if you could sell plasma at $700,000 why would you add some at $400,000? You'd be stupid too. So that's what's happening. If you want to stop the inflation, stop buying at high prices so sellers will be forced to drop the price. (Remember they lose 1% if they don't sell so they will rethink next time they add it).

Just thought I'd explain it, saves replying to many forum posts :)


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