Monday 21 December 2009

More Candy and thanks for support so far!

That's right, I have hidden 5 more candy canes around the site. Go get 'em! I also hear people are struggling with with 10th one? Good luck because you aint got long to find it and complete the quest ;)

To some peoples love and hate, I have doubled the amount of candy you get in the Xmas packs and added couple more plasma until the offer ends *hides*

Remember that we have been nominated for BEST RPG of 2009! Vote for us @ - To get the turn bonus from voting go onto the vote page. There has been some confusing the prize listed on their site about 3 candy, this is a new player offer, just to clear things up. If we win a prize will be given to everyone, so vote for us each day! It ends Jan 7th 2010 *crosses fingers*

Thanks for your support!



Anonymous said...


Blood Shard said...

awwww,,,Thank you so much,,
ha,,the 10th one,,awww,,come now,*smiles*
little help,,
I vote every day ,no problems,,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year,,,

SlayerXIII_Boudiccas_Line said...

Feeling quite full of yourself cuz of that last green pumpkin eh Ashmas? *giggling prfusely* Well ... gonna search high and low for that one last present. :D Thanks again Ash ... way to go!!!

The Truth Hurts said...

... Which translates into Ash hasn't gotten enough x-mas $ yet, and he still has shopping to pay for, so he is making the offer more attractive to loosen the bankrolls! lol At least you'll be getting a little more "sweet" deal this way lol.

DarkAsh said...

I finished my xmas shopping weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

lol it was a JOKE old friend... a JOKE :) lol

Anonymous said...

candy I love RoB's candy

Anonymous said...

I also made up a song called rob is awesome

rob is awesome and I like playing it everyday. but sometimes I like to just go and kill some vamps just to make my day. Oh rob rob rob is great dark ash is so awesome and I feel like baking cakes lol

DarkAsh said...

I know it was a joke, i was replying with an answer ;) I love sweet deals. Nice song... lol

NemesisAlien said...

Doubled the amount of candy?
Does that mean those of us who buy early going to get more candy?

bayleaf said...

thank you
love that candy

Anonymous said...

I wish I could donate for Plasma but, It's bad enough We won't be having much of a Christmas here this year. 4 days away, not one gift for anyone, and no money coming amytime soon.
I asked Santa for a job this year. :(

Gabriella DeathWish said...

Do we get candy for voting on the BBG site, like it says on there once you sign in after voting ? or is that for the new people that end up joining the game for the first time? Because, I haven't gotten my c.c.'s for voting? Was just I vote reguardless. I love seeing the game in the number 1 ;)

Anonymous said...


Guildythewicked said...

Ash thank you so much for making the holidays special. And for adding regular VIP in with specials. :) You're the Best. hehe

Pinch-of-Grinch said...

Yay Ash for clearing that shit up thanks [kiss]

Gabriella DeathWish said...

Thanks Ash for these holdiay quest and search, even though the one quest will never be completed...lmao j/k(no 10th prezzie for me), I still love them makes things so much more festive, not to mention so much
I'd love to have a lil' hint LOL ;)
Thanks for everything seriously, your AWESOME! <3333333333's the game and you. :)

Anonymous said...

oh and dark ash thanks for the reply comment
from vampire genesis

p.s you gave me bad candy :( lol ::::hate you lol joke.

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