Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas (Tree Explanation)

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas (or happy holidays) to every  Reign Of Blood player! I hope you've liked all the festive features and the extra turns and blood this week. I hope you don't eat and drink to much today! (Who am I kidding?)

Dead City Christmas Tree
At the start of the week the Dead City Christmas tree opened. There was no explanation of why and what the money was for, people were left guessing, feeling uneasy,  what were they throwing their money at. Did you take the plunge and donate something? To scared it was for nothing?

Well, was it for nothing? Yes and no. Christmas is supposed to be a time of giving, and I wanted to test the players of Reign Of Blood who was willing to give something for nothing on this festive occasion.

In order to test the givingness of our players, I am rewarding this with giving myself. The total money donated to the tree was: $389,460,749.

For every $2million that was donated to the tree, I would donate $1 to the Make A Wish foundation. Make-A-Wish Foundation aims to grant magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening illnesses. £125 ($194) will be donated to their Christmas fund, to give some of them a bit better Christmas. What's going to happen to all that money? You'll see soon.

Promo code for everyone: xmas2011
Promo code for people who donated to the tree: xmastree2011

View the fundraising page and the money donated right here. Click here to view the list of all the players that donated to the tree.

All that said and done, hope you all have a great day!

P.S Don't get forget today's advent calendar.

Merry Christmas!


Sunday 18 December 2011

Holiday extravaganza week

Xmas feature #5
The final Christmas feature is a holiday themed quest! You can find the link to this quest at the Christmas area of the Dead City.

Christmas pack?
So many people have got their hands on one of the Christmas packs and unlocked the hat icon next to your name. For all those who have bought one (and to the ones who do during this week) you get +5 extra turns an hour, for the rest of the week!

More turns...
If you want more turns an hour for the rest of the week, there is another new Xmas goodie package which gives you extra +10 turns an hour for the rest of the week. What's even better, is 10% of the revenue from this pack will go into this months WWF charity pot.

And for everyone... +50% extra PvP battle blood!

All of the above will end on the 27th December (Just over a week, actually)

Have a great week,

Friday 16 December 2011

Xmas features #4 & plasma special!

Profile update
All profiles now have 2 more variables for you to show off. Blood drained from battle today, and you're collected collectibles! They are displayed on both v1 and v2 of the profiles.

Xmas feature #4
Candy canes are back! You can collect sugar from battle and use it to turn into beautiful tasty candy canes, which give you a boost of energy to increase your stats! Because I'm such a nice guy, you all start off with a free candy cane.

VIP & Plasma special
After being asked several times when the special will be up, it's now up! All special packs now come with extra candy canes. There is also a new special pack that can add to your collectibles collection. For all vampires who have all 3 of these collectibles will get a special extra prize on Christmas day. The ultimate game card now come with candy canes too!

On the VIP & plasma gifting page, the special xmas packs are now available to gift to your loved ones on RoB. Christmas is all about giving, after all.

Wallie Replacement
Progress for a Wallie replacement is now well under way, after the amount of security checks this new company wanted to do, its now finally over, I've been sent some of the document to start setting up. I'll have to spend some time learning their API and getting it up and running, more on this soon.

1 more Christmas feature to come next week.


Monday 12 December 2011

Xmas features #3 & new competition

Xmas feature #3
VampSant's gift shop! Everyone gets one free gift to start off, and there is currently only one way to get these gifts, more ways to get them will come soon.

November competition winners
Thanks for all the motto entries in last months competition, there were so many good ones, I chose 2 that I'm going to use for 2 different places. Keep your eye out to see which mottos won, the winners have been given their few plasma. Thanks to everyone for taking part.

December competition
Getting into the festive spirit this months competition requires a little bit of thinking. Last month many people based their mottos on popular Christmas quotes but with a RoB twist. And that's exactly what this months competition will be, except, you have to re-think any Christmas carol, but give it a RoB twist. Think you have what it takes? The top 3 win 10 Santa Gifts each. Post your songs here.

Have a good week, more to come.

Thursday 8 December 2011

Xmas feature #2

Xmas feature #2
The Christmas tree is now standing in the Dead City! It's purpose is not entirely clear yet, but its definitely worth you checking out!

More to come!

Sunday 4 December 2011

RPG of 2011, Advent calendar & referrals frozen

Advent Calendar
If you've been paying attention to the Dead City, you'll notice the Christmas celebrations have started already, first of all, an advent calendar! A free gift for everyone just for logging in.

A new referral system is in the works, so this is a notice that you must spend any earned refpoints NOW, as something new will replace them. (Money from link clicks is still active).

Roleplaying game of 2011
It's that time of year again when we are nominated for favourite roleplaying game!  We've won it the last 2 years, think we could win it a third? Prizes for all if we do! Head to the voting page to cast your 3 votes a day!

More soon!

Monday 28 November 2011

Charity donations to date ($1338 raised!)

First off, I want to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who has bought any of charity packs or Trik's potions since our charity campaign started. Although even kindness has obstacles, I think overall it's good to help out others in need, even if we're playing as blood sucking vampires.

2012 will be a different year
I have no plan on stopping charity support, but next year we're going to do things a bit differently. Instead of a different charity every month, we're going to take the whole years pot of money and let the players who added to the pot choose the top 5 charities it should equally go to. It will be a lot easier to organise and run, and will give you the chance of having a say of who we support. I hope you agree with this change.

How much have we raised?
We have a raised a total of $1348 (£885)

Action Aid [ Fundraising page ]
£250 + £120

British Red Cross

Cancer Research  [ Fundraising page ]

Help For Heroes [ Recent donated image ]
£80 + £50

Save the Children 

WWF (tiger)  

Here's what some of our players say about our charity support:

"And R.O.B is definitely setting the standard, paving the way, leading by example by donating to various charities"

"It`s an honor to be apart of such a diverse and generous online community that is willing to give to the various charitable organizations"

"I've never played a game with the owner who cares about the world around them"

"My aunt died of cancer last year and it made me so happy that the online game I play was supporting a breast cancer charity"

"This makes me even more proud to be a ROB player"

December Charity
Decembers charity, and the final month of the year, will be WWF again. They have a new snow winter pack, which goes to support penguins, snow leopards & polar bears. I want to raise the $200 (£125) needed for this donation.

Thanks again for all your support!


Thursday 24 November 2011

Black Friday weekend celebrations

Ye olde plasma sale
The majority of the world are celebrating discounts today, so why not us as well? Great offers on plasma packs, head to the Buy Plasma page for all the details.

Black Friday plasma rewards
So you've just got a great deal on some plasma, want to be rewarded more? Excellent idea! Head the to Black Friday plasma rewards page at Dead City, where you can get even more rewards for supporting the game this weekend. (The first 2 deals are open to everyone!) Paypal, Google & Ultimate game card special packs add to your Black Friday plasma count.

Black Friday quest
Can't celebrate a weekend without a little quest, right? A nice simple *shopping list* type quest for you to complete for a tasty little reward.

Black Friday double turn weekend
Just to top this all off, we're going to have a double turns weekend too!

ALL of this will end Sunday night, enjoy it whilst it lasts!

Oh, and happy thanksgiving to all the Americans!

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday 21 November 2011

New VIP Subscriptions [updated]

New subscriptions - Never run out of VIP again! [UPDATED]
An idea that has been suggested several times, more targeted at the vampires that prefer less effort, is VIP subscriptions. Well, finally, they are here! And what's even better the plasma ones come with better rates. Click here to check them out!

Unfortunately, this feature is only available with Paypal, as they are the only payment system that currently offers this service. Our payment terms page has been updated to accommodate the terms with subscriptions.

[UPDATE] I've had some teething problems with multi-currency subscriptions (the first few that subscribed would have noticed this, as I had to add your packs manually). I closed new subscriptions down all the day yesterday until I could call Paypal this morning, which I have just done. They found a fix to the problem (although it's really long winded) and I have escalated a feature request to their tech team which would make things a bit easier (my end).  All current subscriptions are active, although if you don't get your stuff when your payment is taken next month, let me know right away. If you have any concerns or questions about your subscriptions, please send me a blood letter. All new subscriptions from now on will be fine, so feel free to subscribe to any pack.  There are still free gifts to be earned for people who subscribe, and they'll all be giving out at the end of the week.

And the other updates from yesterdays blog if you missed it...

New VIP Page
I have completely re-designed the Reign Of Blood upgrade store. Hit the BUY VIP/PLASMA link to check it out. It's broken down a lot better instead of everything just listed on one page.

Thank you for your patience with the change over from Wallie. My application to a new provider is still being processed, will let you know when it's ready as soon as possible.

Ultimate game card
I've had reports of people finding lots of retail stores in Australia that now sell the Ultimate Game Card. So I've happily added it to RoB!

Can you guess?
Our 2000 day old celebration blog included a little competition. The answer I was thinking was : The base price for VIP has always been based on $5 USD. Congratulations to Lust~N~Desire (519885) for getting it first.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the above updates.

Have a great weekend!

Saturday 19 November 2011

New VIP SUBSCRIPTIONS (with offer) & page layout

New VIP Page
I have completely re-designed the Reign Of Blood upgrade store. Hit the BUY VIP/PLASMA link to check it out. It's broken down a lot better instead of everything just listed on one page.

New subscriptions - Never run out of VIP again!
An idea that has been suggested several times, more targeted at the vampires that prefer less effort, is VIP subscriptions. Well, finally, they are here! And what's even better the plasma ones come with better rates. Click here to check them out!

Unfortunately, this feature is only available with Paypal, as they are the only payment system that currently offers this service. Our payment terms page has been updated to accommodate the terms with subscriptions.

The first 20 people to subscribe to any pack will receive a free random gift!

Thank you for your patience with the change over from Wallie. My application to a new provider is still being processed, will let you know when it's ready as soon as possible.

Ultimate game card
I've had reports of people finding lots of retail stores in Australia that now sell the Ultimate Game Card. So I've happily added it to RoB!

Can you guess?
Our 2000 day old celebration blog included a little competition. The answer I was thinking was : The base price for VIP has always been based on $5 USD. Congratulations to Lust~N~Desire (519885) for getting it first.

Please let me know if you have any problems with the above updates.

Have a great weekend!

Monday 14 November 2011

New forum update, blood letter changes & more

Good afternoon vampires! I've spent my time today going through the suggestion forum and started implementing some features that you guys want!

Relationship Forum
[ Thread ] With complaints of the last forum posts flooded with marriage and family threads, I have decided it is indeed needed to have a dedicated forum board for the family finding needs. You'll find a link to this new forum board on the "other forums" section at the top of the main forum page.

Coven pages changes
[ Thread ] Coven stats & relic information are now fused into one page.  Your coven war tier & war information is also now also displayed on the coven stats page. The coven members page now has a quick blood letter option link.

Name colours
[ Thread ] When you change your chat font colour, or your chat name colour, the colour is now displayed on the confirmation page, so you don't have to go post something in the chat to see what it's changed to. I've also added a link to w3schools, which has a large variety of hex colour codes you can choose from.

Blood Letter updates
There have been a few blood letter suggestions, so here are the ideas I've deemed suitable:

- You can now delete items from your sent messages notification list
- Search sent blood letter notifications with subject or vampire ID
- You can now save message templates (up to 5)
- You can now quickly send a blood letter to anyone on your friends list
- (A blood letter link has been added to the coven members lists)

War loophole
It seems someone found a good loophole in the wars to annoys their enemy. How do you do this? By disbanding a coven whilst in a war! A bit extreme, but this loophole has been closed. If you want to ever disband your coven, you now have to wait until any active wars are over.

Lottery Jackpot
Saturday night saw Reign Of Blood's biggest lottery jackpot ever, reaching over $1billion. Congratulations to the winners, spend it wisely.

Wallie Card
Wallie, as of tomorrow, is not being sold anywhere anymore. I had a letter through the post with all the details. All current Wallie Cards are valid until January 2012, but here at Reign Of Blood we'll be removing Wallie completely in the next couple weeks.

We have a replacement lined up, a bigger prepaid card company (that sells in all the places Wallie does & then some). More info on that soon.

Blog link changes
All links on this blog now open in a new window/tab. I didn't realise they didn't before, and I know that can be annoying, but they all now open in a new tab :)

Big update?
There are several updates already coded that are linked to the new upcoming big update, which is a bit frustrating! It's a lot more work than i thought, but I'm dedicating a lot of my time at the moment (as well as these other smaller updates) and getting it done as fast as I can. It's going to be a lot of fun.

Enjoy your week!

Thursday 10 November 2011

Reign Of Blood is 2000 days old

Here's to the next 2000
Not a normal milestone, but one worth noting nonetheless. Reign Of Blood was opened 2000 days ago today. That's a long time! And what a journey it's been...

Promocode: 2000days

(To quickly use your promo code, on the RoB toolbar, hit "top links" then "[promo codes]", otherwise go to the game updates page)

Can you guess?
There is one thing (I'm thinking of) which has NOT changed in the last 2000 days of RoB's existence. 1 plasma to the person who first guesses correctly what that thing is. Click here to visit the thread, one post each.

Social Networks
If you're not following us on the below social networks, you should be!
- Our Facebook page
- Our Google+ page
- Our Twitter page

Thanks to everyone who has supported the game in the last 2000 days, and here's to everyone who supports it in the next 2000!


Tuesday 8 November 2011

Reign Of Blood's Official Google Plus Page

Offical Google Plus page
[ Click here to view our Google+ page ]

Google+ have officially opened up pages for Google+ users. So I've decided to make one for RoB. Click the link above or image below to check it out.

So everybody who is on Google+, please follow and +1 us :)

Lottery Rollover
The lottery rollover jackpot for this weekend is over $550mil. There's going to be a few richer vampires in the Dead City this week. It's probably worth getting a few tickets, even if you don't usually buy any.

The Reign Of Blood toolbar has been updated with the new Google+ page link. Firefox and IE users can get the toolbar here for free.

More to come, enjoy the rest of the week!

Friday 4 November 2011

Double points weekend, November competition & charity

October Competition Winner
The best RAHP rap was done by Jagerbong (486781)

Rap is crap, we ain`t down with that, 
But Rahp attack is a effin blast! 

Twice revived, yeah twice alive, 
gettin a piece of that apple pie.

Every 30 minutes best prepare to die, 
when my zeon blade comes down from the sky. 

So get on your knees, it`s time to beg Ash please,
give the rob community what it needs.

Just 1 more day, just one more time,
Revive at half past puts us in overdrive. 

Everyone who entered properly will now be sent a plasma just for entering, thanks for taking part!

November Competition
November's competition is to think up a motto for Reign Of Blood's Christmas advertising campaign next month. I know, i know, it's the start of November. but if the supermarkets already have entire isles dedicated to xmas, surely it's okay for us to start a little early too?

The motto should be no more than a sentence long, it could arrange from serious to silly-funny. The winner will get 10 plasma, and for every other one that I like / amuses me, will get a plasma too.

Head to the competition page for more information.

November charity

To celebrate remembrance day this month, the charity will be Help For Heroes again, supporting the soldiers who get wounded defending our countries.

The lottery has finally rolled over again, it's been a while since it has. The jackpot is over $200million, and I'm sure it'll be higher before tomorrow nights draw, good luck to all those who have entered.

Double Points weekend
Earn double points again on all points offers. This will end Sunday night.

Halloween events & specials
The zombie slaying even is now over, the VIP and plasma special will continue until Sunday night. Thanks for taking part and all your support.

311,706 zombies were killed in total, good job!

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday 1 November 2011

Halloween is over for another year :(

I hope you all enjoyed this years Halloween events. The zombie slaying will continue for a couple more days, and the plasma special will last until the end of the week. Can't wait to get more updates done for you guys soon.

Enjoy the week!

Monday 31 October 2011



More Halloween Celebrations
Overall the Reign Of Blood vampires have killed over 229,015 zombies in our Halloween zombie slaying event! That's pretty awesome. But we're not just going to stop there, you'll be glad you logged in today!

Spring Valley Trick Or Treat
If you kept an eye on our Facebook & twitter pages, you'd notice I gave out a hint the other day to save some Spring Valley stamina, don't panic if you missed it though! A trick or treat event is happening right now over at Spring Valley, where you can use your stamina to trick or treat rather than hunt. You can trick or treat JUST today, with a cap of 300 trick or treats.

Haunted House
There's also a haunted house that's appeared at Spring Valley too, you should go find the silver key and check it out.

Double Blood
For today only, enjoy double blood! This will go well with all the extra turns you'll be earnings with these events. (With the zombie bonus & using potions, this is going to be a lot of blood)

VIP/Plasma special
The special will last for 6 days longer (until this Sunday) so get all the cheap plasma and brainzzz in whilst you can.

Event ending times
All today's new Halloween events will end first thing tomorrow morning, the zombie slaying will continue for a couple more days, but you'll be able to trade your brains until the end of the week when the special ends.

Other updates
If you've been keeping up with our game updates page, you'll notice a few small updates this week.

- Donate all armour button added to covens.
-  [ Donate all in hand money ] coven option added.
-  Blood letter notification now disappears when you open a message.
- Highest power, NPC skill, coven exp & war exp earned added to top vampires page.

Clocks changed!
The UK clocks changed last night, I'm not entirely sure when the rest of the world changes theirs, but the reset may appear an hour out :) Keep an eye on the RoB clock on every page to keep updated with the server time.

Halloween Profile Competition
So many good Halloween profiles this year, well done everyone! I couldn't pick just three, so I spread the prize out to all of the below.

Snow Bitch™ (309053)
Sinene Van Strauss (491602)
Sathyr Amaranthus (92445)
Raptors in the Kitchen (155172)
Little Sister (475381)
~*~SexyNurseGeGe~*~ (185423)  
Elizabeth Bathory (376116)
.†.Deamon†Whispers.†.- (163379)
Ominous Unknown™ (93371)   

Enjoy your free plasma!

Have a great Halloween!

Thursday 27 October 2011

200,000 zombie deaths needed

The vampires of the Dead City are doing a great job holding back the zombie horde, apparently if we kill 200,000 zombies, that will be enough to hold the city, as the remaining zombies will just fall over, drool, and caress the gates with their hands. Can we kill 200,000 zombies by the end of Halloween? A surprise for everyone who takes part if we do!

Also, make sure you login on Halloween for a couple more little bonuses.

Read all about the zombie Halloween event right here.

Enjoy the week!

Saturday 22 October 2011

ZOMBIES - Halloween 2011 Event

Halloween Event 2011

This year we're going a bit undead with our Halloween celebration. A zombie horde has broken through the gates of the Dead City, we must put our differences aside and fight together to stop these drooling zombies from destroying our city. Everyone has a chance to search & kill 100 zombies a day. When you do, you get a nice little reward! Hint : The battle protection potion may come in very handy here.

Plasma and brainzzzzz
The VIP & plasma special is ON. What's even better is that the special packs come with yummy brainzzzz. Click here to check them out. Ultimate game card and Wallie also have brain packs too. (An update on Wallie soon, Wallie cards are no longer sold after the 15th November, more info soon.)

Halloween profiles
I am now starting to see Halloween profiles pop up everywhere! If you want to be in for a chance to win 5 plasma for free, submit you profile on this thread, and the 3 best profiles I look at will all get 5 plasma each.

October Competition
Many have been rapping about RAHP. Remember, you have only 10 days left to get your rap into us, click here for more details.

Promo codes
We achieved 2 out of the 3 tasks on the last blog for promo codes. Well done! Use promo codes 22ndone and 22ndtwo.

Login problems?
I had a few reports of people having login problems yesterday, I can happily announce the issue has been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience.

Have a great zombie killing weekend =D

Thursday 20 October 2011

Free promo codes (ish)

So Halloween is soon upon us, I wonder what kind of celebration the Dead City will have for it this year., if any. There are some pretty big updates in the pipeline, which I am really looking forward to getting polished off.

In the mean time... let's try and earn some promo codes shall we?

Promo code 1: Get 200 Facebook likes on this status
Promo code 2: Get our Facebook page to 3000 likes
Promo code 3: 300 Twitter followers

Hit those targets by the weekend and up to 3 promo codes will be issued.

I look forward to the weekend!

Friday 14 October 2011

Double blood & points weekend

Hey everyone,

My apologies for appearing a bit AWOL lately, I've had some weird dizziness & bug and not been feeling great.  On a positive note, I've decided to treat you all once again to a double weekend. This time it's double blood, and it's for everyone!

What makes it even better, is you get double points on all the points offers as well!

I'm looking forward to bringing this new feature to you guys next week, it's going to be pretty cool.

We're almost at 3000 legit Facebook likes too, that's pretty awesome.

Have a great weekend,

Sunday 2 October 2011

New charity & October competition

Extra turns weekend
I hope you enjoyed the extra turns weekend! The extra turns have now stopped, I hope you look forward to our next weekend event.

October Charity
It was great to support ActionAid again last month, but this month we're going to support Save The Children. Which means 20% of all charity packs & Trik's potion credits this month will go to them directly.

A new page will be setup soon (along with a blog post) with all the charities we've raised money for, thanks for everyone's continued support in our campaign. On this page we'd like to quote some player feedback on what you think of us, as an online game (one of the very few) doing this. Click here to post your review.

October Competition
Let's RAP about RAHP!
Whether you love or hate RAHP, we want to hear what you think about it, in rap form. We want you to write a rap about RAHP. The funniest & most clever rap (whether positive or negative) will win 50 plasma. Runners up will win plasma prizes too. Send your entries to the RoB-Bot. Good luck.

The update is starting to look really good :)

Friday 30 September 2011

Extra turns weekend & a pet change

Phantom Press 
First off, some bad news for some, the Phantom Press edition 9 is the final edition in this round of the PP. We'll be looking soon to find a fresh team of writers to continue as we give Kitty a break. We'll enjoy a hiatus and come back soon better than ever.

Extra turns weekend

Our Facebook fans have spoken, having a turn event this weekend is the winner! So, from now on until Sunday evening, everybody will get +10 turns an hour. Want an EXTRA +10 turns an hour? Buy the 5 plasma charity ($10) pack found on the buy VIP page. Although it'll tick over the end of the month, the proceeds will go to ActionAid still until I announce the new charity next week.

September Competition Winners
Thank you to everybody who took part, the plasma will be coming your way!

Pet changes
You can always tell when something is getting good when you have to make few changes to it. As we go into this new pet round, the changes:

- 10 minute protection has been reduced to 5 minutes!
- Pet leaderboard pet links now link to public profile again
- Delete players pets no longer come up with ()

The update
This new cool update will be ready to launch next week, can't wait to see what you guys think of it.

Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday 29 September 2011

Profile changes & upcoming new features

September Competition

Only a couple days left of the September competition. It's easy plasma. Click here to check it out.

Profile changes
Every now and then I do some general security updates, I have applied a new one which may have messed up the profiles of those who don't quite know what's going on. Basically I have stripped out being able to add comments to your CSS (you don't really need them). So if you have any /* comments */ in your code, remove it all including the comment, and your profile will be back working again.

New updates!
A pretty sweet new feature is in the works, I'm looking forward to it!

Enjoy what's left of the week

Friday 23 September 2011

RAHP weekend & new top vampires page

New top vampires page
As all of you already know, the top vampires page is slow and painful mess. Fear no more, I've made it a ton more better. Using the same "top vampires" link at the Dead City, you will now see a brand new leaderboard system.

Instead of loading everything at once (which is how it was before) it's now broken into categories and you can choose which leaderboard you'd like to view. It's a lot more tidy, faster & more customisable, as you can now set the player limit of each leaderboard.

New leaderboards added include:
- Bounty leaderboards
- Greenwood/SpringValley/VadenHill leaderboards
- Casino leaderboards

RAHP Weekend
It's time for another RAHP weekend! From now until Sunday night everybody will get revived at half past the hour too.


Wednesday 21 September 2011

Upcoming Wallie card changes

It's been brought to my attention that Wallie Card has sold out to PaySafeCard. I've not actually heard of PaySafe, but they promise to have even more outlets around the world to sell prepaid cards. I gave them a call, and have not yet been given a date of the swap. But they have told me all current Wallie Cards will work, and will continue to work after the switch. After the switch of course, wallie cards will be no longer available and you'll have to buy PaySafe cards. I'll update the page and announce it when the deal is done. As far as I'm told, Paysafe cards will actually work now through the Wallie system. (They both use the 16 digit pin system)

Doesn't make too much sense to me why they'd destroy the brand quite well known among games. Also some of you may not have known that the Ultimate Game Card actually got bought out by Visa a few months ago, but they're keeping the brand and cards the same. Who knows, they know better than me, of course.

10 days left of the Sep competition, it's really simple & a great easy way to earn a few plasma.

Mainly been working on bug fixes (more to come) and some other secret stuff.

More to come :)

Thursday 15 September 2011

Points competition winners & a few coven updates

Points competition winners
Thanks for taking part in the points competition last weekend, here are the winners:

1. [1000 points] AÓN Z€PHYR (279182)
2. [548 points] Rilee Rae Price (275708)
3. [399 points] Legion Sinclair (212997)
4. [312 points] Jason Deveroux Balthazar (514075)
5. [254 points] Zoey the Goddess Wolf (530165)

Your plasma is on the way!

So I've started to go through the suggestion forum, here we go...

Coven quest logging
When a player completes a coven quest, it is now placed into the coven news, this is so coven owners can get a brief overview of who's finishing them.

Online coven member search
On the coven search page, there is now an option to choose to only select players who are online.

Active covenless vamps
A list of active covenless vampires are now listed on the online players page.

Coven rankings
You can now choose up to 500 player limit on the coven rankings page.

Coven co-owners
Coven co-owners now have access to the following. Please note, if you don't trust your co-owner enough with these powers, best you remove them ASAP ;)

- View Inactive Members
- Coven member Killing Options
- Edit hitlist panel
- Edit Quest
- Coven Status

Enjoy the weekend :)

Thursday 8 September 2011

VIP+ special & points competition [this weekend only]

Good afternoon vampires.

Yummy VIP+
Give your VIP+ a boost this weekend. This weekend  get 45 VIP+ days for the price of 30! (Or equivalent % difference depending on currency) This offer ends on Sunday night, so head over to the VIP+ page to check it out. (Not including mobile first, but includes all the pre-paid cards).

Points competition
I'm feeling generous this weekend, so I've decided to run a points competition. It's pretty simple, from now until Sunday night whoever earns the most points will win extra free PLASMA. Here are the prizes:

1st place: 25 plasma
2nd place: 15 plasma
3rd place: 10 plasma
4th place: 5 plasma
5th place: 2 plasma

The top 5 points earners will also get a rare collectible!

If you head over to the Dead City, you'll see a link at the bottom which links to how many points you've earned this weekend, and to the offers where you can earn points. Please note buying points off the market does not add to your total for this competition. All 4 points companies , and each of the options on the points page  to earn points are eligible for this competition.

Enjoy the weekend =D

Tuesday 6 September 2011

August competition results & September competition information

August competition winner
Until July 31st, how much total blood has the new NPC arena paid out? The correct answer is 16,839,007. (Total to today is 48,654,555!)

Nobody got it exactly, so the 25 plasma goes to: Bayomorf (536854) for guessing 16,657,912. (Good to see a new player win something)

September competition
This month's competition is a bit different. I want you to review RoB in a creative/interesting way. Basically, the task is to post a blog (not on RoB) about your thoughts of RoB, but be creative/interesting as you can (being creative isn't compulsory) & then just stick your link at the end of it. The top 5 blogs that are submitted will get 10 plasma each, but everyone who qualifies will get 1 plasma just for posting.

For the full rules and more information how to submit, head to the competition page.

Enjoy the week!

Thursday 1 September 2011

Blog updates, pet updates & round 3 begins

Birthday celebration over
Thanks to everyone who celebrated the RoB e-party with me. I hope you enjoyed the presents and the AP rage boost perks, they were pretty cool. I've decided to let the plasma special run until the end of the week. Would you like to see something like this again? The AP boosts will keep going though until tomorrow midnight reset.

Blog updates
I've made a few updates to the blogs.

- You can now post a blog and have it PRIVATE, PUBLIC or FRIENDS ONLY.
- Changed the layout a bit
- Edited the order of the blog comments
- Made a blog directory, giving people more browsing options.
- Fixed a bunch of bugs, including deleted user mess ups

Pet round 3
Pets round 3 is up and running! Here are some changes for this round:

- 33.3% the QP rewards trophies are now based on level, the other 66.6% is based on wins. This is to even out the people just slaying level 1s.
- The top cap wins needed has been reduced.
- Pet leaderboard now shows top pets from previous rounds & amounts are formatted.
- Reduced the wait time for you to attack again to 1 minute.
- Increased the protection from 5 minutes to 10 minutes.
- Jump to [level] box added to pet battle arena
- Fixed a bug that told winners they got more plasma than they actually got (what you got is correct)
- If there is a tie on the top level at the end of the round, whoever has the most BLOOD will be put ahead [this was implemented just before the round reset]

Keep the feedback coming :)

Pet betting
Pet betting shop has been closed. There are very few features after releasing I dislike enough to discontinue. The "most win" winner (mega congrats on that one bet) and the "highest level" bets will be paid out manually soon.

New Charity
I have decided we are going to support ACTION AID again this month. I'm so pleased with the work they do and how they've appreciated our past donation, we're going to support them again this month.

Competition update coming soon...

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Last few presents & AP rage further explanation

More presents
3 more presents have been hidden around the site! Go find them and head over to my shack in the Dead City to get some juicy AP.

More presents in plasma packs!
Today only - get an extra few presents in each of the special packs!

Pet round end
So the 2nd round of the pets will be ending in a couple days. Which means any unclaimed QP from last month WILL be lost if you don't collect them. Stay tuned for updates.

August competition
August competition ends in a couple days too, make sure you get your guesses in.

AP rage boosts
In regards to the AP boosts... you're NOT trading your AP for the boosts, you are still using the AP increasing your stats and getting the boosts for FREE! There is just a couple days left on the AP rage, I'm glad so many are enjoying it :)

Don't worry, I'm not going to be working much more today, promise :D Oh, and thanks for the Birthday messages here, here and most of all, here :)

Enjoy the rest of the week,

Thursday 25 August 2011

Ash's Birthday extravaganza - RoB's biggest BLOOD RAGE

So it's my birthday next week (Tuesday), so I thought I'd have a little e-celebration on RoB. Why not? You all get to benefit from my good mood on this awesome occasion. So what's going on this week?

7 Day Plasma Special
As well as celebrating my birthday, and a nice big server bill to pay this month, there is a juicy 7 day plasma special, which ends on the evening of the 1st September. This becomes even more awesome when you keep reading.

Ultimate game card and Wallie users get in n the action too, check the buy VIP pages for each payment type out to see your exclusive packs too.

Head over to the Buy VIP/Plasma page for more information.

Battle AP Rage
This is going to be the biggest blood bath RoB has even seen. I hope you've been saving your AP, because things are about to get violent.

+10% battle blood for everyone during this birthday celebration period

On top of that, simply using AP gives you even more boosts. I won't post the table here, but you can head over to the AP shack at the Dead City to check it out.  Your potion boosts still add ON TOP of these AP boosts. AP and Plasma are selling like hotcakes at the moment on the market, it's the best time to buy and to sell.

The way to look at this, is free boosts for using your AP as you normally would.

Can't have a birthday celebration without presents, right? So if you find any wrapped presents for me around the site, head to my shack in the Dead City, and I'll give you half whatever is in there. Birthdays are about giving, right?  No point trying to keep them for yourself, only I have the spell to get them open.

All of this will end/taken off on the 1st September.

I hope you enjoy it! And let the blood bath begin!

& thanks to everyone who supports the site during this special!

I will be hanging out in Help chat for the next few hours if you want any immediate questions asked about this blog, otherwise, post on the forum :)


Monday 22 August 2011

Save your AP!

Good evening vampires,

Just a friendly heads up, if you will, that you should probably not use your AP over the next couple days. You *can* still use them, but it might be worth your while to hold on to them, just for a couple days :)

Oh, and there are 4 new quick story quests added. More to come of course...

Missed the Roleplaying characters update? Click here.

Double turns and coven exp ends tonight, enjoy it for a couple more hours.

Take care!

Saturday 20 August 2011

New roleplay features & double turns weekend [coven exp too]

New roleplay features
So far this year it's all been about the game updates, but, I've taken a step back for a second and decided to put a bit of focus on the players who love to RP too.

A new create a character feature
Everybody can now create a character! Even if you don't RP, this is still a nifty little feature I'm sure many of you will enjoy. I won't bother explaining it, you should just go ride ahead to the character creation page to read up about it. Keep reading...

The characters you create now show on your profile, just like your family & friends etc.

Roleplaying Panel
Okay so on our "home pages" we have a game panel and a social panel, well now we have added a roleplaying panel too! This is a nice little place where all the RP features put together nicely on one page. This is also the place you go to create your characters.

Forum Updates
The RP forum has been updated too, made a few slight layout improvements and changed the character system. Instead of creating a character for each thread, you now use one of your characters you've created in the new character system. When you go to join a thread, all you do is select which character you want to use, and add it to the thread. This means you don't have to make a new character for every thread, you can use one character over multiple threads.

Don't forget to get give feedback on the RP forum updates on the "give feedback" link at the top of the RP panel page. Thanks to Sin for help setting up the character variables.

Please note that non VIP members can have up to 10 characters, VIP members can have up to 50. So when using the characters in the forum, and you hit your limit, you will have to delete a character in order to create a new one for a new thread.

Double Turn Weekend
August is my favourite month of the year by far. You'll find out why very soon if you don't already know. Everyone will now get DOUBLE turns until MONDAY night!

Double Coven Exp
For an extra bit of double fun, help out your coven and get double coven exp from your battles until MONDAY night by purchasing the selected charity pack this weekend.

Phantom Press
As you can see we've yet again made an update to the Phantom Press layout, it's getting to look more and more like an actual paper, and I'm really pleased of the content Kitty & the writers are writing up.

I've been going around fixing a few bugs here and there, there is also something I'm working on a little bit, which a lot of you would like, but it's going to take a while. I think I'm going to try and develop it in a different way than I have anything else on RoB before, we'll see how it goes, stay tuned.

Enjoy the weeeeekend!

Monday 15 August 2011

RAHP weekend over

Random payment questions
Over the last few weeks I've some questions about buying VIP/Plasma etc on RoB.

First of all, the pre-paid cards are a great success, of course the majority of you know they charge us high fees for their convenience (of course, because the retailer wants a cut too) but we do NOT take that fee amount out of your purchase. We try are best to match the dollar to dollar amount to what we offer with Paypal etc.

The other question is taxes, there are NO taxes to be paid. Lucky for you, the majority of players are based in the USA. As I am based in the UK, you have no sales tax to pay on your purchases. If you see a pack for $50, it'll only cost you $50. The first time I went to America, saw something for $10, went to the counter, and they wanted $11.20 or something, I was like huh? (UK VAT tax is already added to all the products here). So you don't need to worry about the tax cost when you go to purchase, this is the same for every country, what you see, is what you have to pay.

If you have a pre-paid visa card (which only Google Checkout accept) and your payment keeps getting declined (and there is money on the card), your card may not be setup for international purchases. Be careful of the cards that say "For use in USA only", as Google will not accept these.

RAHP Weekend over
The double revive weekend is over :( never fear though, I'm sure there will be another one soon.

Hope you enjoyed the weekend,

Friday 12 August 2011


RAHP Weekend
Yeah, that's right. I think it's definitely time for another double revive weekend. Until Sunday night, everyone gets revived at half past the hour, as well as on the top of hour as normal!

Some cool updates to come next week, stay tuned.

Enjoy the weekend!

Thursday 4 August 2011

Pets round 2, new pet betting shop, competitions & more

Pets Round 2
Round 2 of the pets is in full action. You can also now kill your pet if you wish. Sorry for the delay and the recent server hiccups, gotta love teething problems!

Promo Code
Have the promo code for the recent hiccups: Aug4th

Pet Betting
Have an idea who will win either most wins or highest level this month? Then go to the Dead City pet betting shop to place your bets. Bets are priced at $2,000 each and you can bet on any amount of pets as much as you want. You will only be able to bet on pets within the first 5 days of the month, so you can watch the pets a little and see who's steaming ahead to get your bets in. (Because this round started late, the betting time will start for 5 days from now)

July Competition Winner
The total amount paid out on lottery is: $6,081,195,000. Nobody got it exact, but the closest person was Duke Danse Macambre (85239) with the guess of $6,174,292,000, 25 plasma is coming your way!

August Competition
Another simple guessing competition. The NPC arena arrived back in the Dead City just over 2 weeks ago. But how much blood do you think it's paid out so far? (Until July 31st).  Click here to have one free guess. Get it exact you win 200 plasma, if nobody guesses exact, the closest guess will get 25 plasma.

August's adopt an animal
Thanks to everyone who bought a charity pack last month to help us raise money for the RSPCA. Here are the results for the adopt an animal poll:

Panda:  5.71%
Polar Bear:  22.8%
Dolphin:  14.2%
Tiger:  28.57%
Elephant:  5.71%
Rhino:  2.85%
Leopard:  2.85%
Turtle:  2.85%
Penguin:  8.57%
Jaguar:  8.57%

As you can see, the winner is TIGER. So all money raised this month will be donated to WWF's Tiger campaign.

Thanks & enjoy!

Saturday 30 July 2011

Watch the pets! End of the month is coming...

Watch the pets
Although every pet round will probably be different, but, for an upcoming pet related feature this weekend, you might want to copy/paste or memorise the top pets this month. I'm not going to say why, but it may be we wise to keep a note, as they will not be available when the round is reset Sunday evening. Click here to view the pet leaderboards.

End of the month
The end of the month is this weekend, which means the July competition, the VIP/plasma special, the chance to vote for next month's charity animal adoption, the summer surprises, all end this weekend!

The toolbar campaign is still active, although we haven't hit our target yet. When we do, I will still release the juicy promo code. I know a slight hinder in this is that it's not available on Chrome yet, I've asked the developers, and they say it's coming. When? We're not sure yet.

Surprise pack
Some of you last week may have noticed the limited edition summer surprise pack. If you were around and managed to get one, what did you think? Let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend as I code new stuff =)

Have fun,

Wednesday 27 July 2011

NPC and Pet updates!

NPC werewolf arena changes
Thanks for all the great feedback so far. Here are some changes I've made:

- The stats of the NPC are no longer visible, what is displayed is the "Power".
- Stat randomisation. The NPCs stats now have a slight random factor added in. They can have their stats increased by 5% or reduced by 5%. There is a 50/50 chance whether their stats will be lowered or increased. Keep in mind they can also get +2%, -3%, +4% etc.
- Fixed a bug that made the page layout mess up for some IE users.

Pet Updates
Thanks again for all the pet feedback so far too. Here are some updates:

- Pets are now displayed on your profiles (v2 only), this can be turned off.
- Pet name  / pet ID search
- You can now add a bio to your pet
- Kill your pet has been added, but will be unlocked next month
- Quick stats box across the top of the arena pages
- Fixed a bug that made pets appear they had 15 minute protection.
- Work place added to Mount Tilia (if you run out of cash to use the portal)
- Wins from being attacked no longer counts towards your "wins". Your wins is now labeled as "attack wins", meaning wins you have earned through attacking. This is because of the abuse of having another pet constantly attack you and lose, in order for you to be able to earn more QP. These wins are still counted in your "total wins" count.
-  The monthly pet reset script is now in place and ready for midnight 31st July.
- The win milestone to earn QP will be tweaked at the start of next month.

The end of the round is coming in a few days. It will be good to see what people have learned about the system this month, and what stratagies they'll use next month.

End of month approaching
The July competition, the VIP/plasma special, the chance to vote for next month's charity animal adoption, the summer surprises, all end this weekend! (You have until Saturday night to use your surprises)

Enjoy the rest of the week!

Saturday 23 July 2011

Main reset problems & summer surprise in specials

Main reset problems
We are aware of some of variables not resetting properly, I am spending the next few days working on optimising the database and getting this fixed. I am sorry for the inconvenience, for the trouble, a promo code you can use: mainresetbugged
Suprise pack
For those on the other night, you would have seen the awesome rare surprise pack, they sold pretty fast! There maybe more to come in the future.

One week left
There is one week left of the July competition, where you could win up to 1000 plasma. There is also one week left on the vote for next month's adopted animal. The tiger is currently winning, but not by far! Get a charity pack in the next week to be able to vote for the animal we adopt with next month's charity revenue. Remember that the money raised this month goes to the RSPCA.

Plasma special
All special packs sold (from now) has  "summer surprises" added to them. You get x amount of surprises in each of the packs, then you can go to the Dead City and redeem them for a extra free gift!  Click here to check them out. What's better, is everyone gets 1 free summer surprise!

This special will end 1 week from today. (Next Saturday night)

Enjoy the weekend!

Saturday 16 July 2011

Fake RoB hack video warning. COMEBACK FEATURE #2: NPC & other updates

This is a warning to all Reign Of Blood players, there is a video going around about a hack to get extra points. It's fake. The download link to "get it", is a virus. I did a scan on the file which says "get it now", it's nasty. Check the general forum for a further explanation.

Moving on... you thought there was 1 comeback feature? There's 2!

NPC Werewolf Arena
Got some extra turns you don't want to train or explore the underground with? Awesome, you can now visit the NPC werewolf arena and fight some imprisoned werewolves (Yeah we've been hiding these from you.) Werewolf blood has never tasted as good as regular blood, but it's still a nice bit of extra blood you can get. By using the NPC arena you earn "NPC Skill", which, similar to Spring Valley, just increases your chance for bonus blood. (Effective only rank 10+ NPCs)

It works a bit like the new pet system, when a NPC werewolf is attacked and killed, it needs 60 seconds (subject to change) to regenerate to be attackable again. There are several wolves added in each rank, but you can 100 npc attack credits every day. This may or may not change, ways to earn more may come soon too. NPC blood does not count towards your daily blood drained.

Promo codes
I'm getting a LOT of questions about promo codes not working. Downtime promo codes last for 24 hours after the downtime actually happens. It's to reward people who were on at the time of the downtime. The most recent Phantom Press edition shows all the promo codes that are no longer valid.

Phantom Press
The writers and I had a meeting last week to discuss a new layout for the Phantom Press, so I introduce the new Phantom Press layout. If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to the Dead City.

Coven warnings
I get quite a few blood letters from people saying they can't quit their coven. If I find covens are using CSS to block the quit button, CSS will be disabled! Please try and play by the rules and not be nuisance to players, thanks!

It's the weekend soon!


Sunday 10 July 2011

Project RAHP completed & downtime info [Updated]

Edit: Downtime
Sorry about the downtime last night folks, at around 2am game time the server crashed and didn't managed to get fixed until around 7am. We had some fun over on Facebook, but I can't apologise enough for it taking that long. You can enjoy the promocode: 11julydown

Sorry again!

That was one hell of a bloody weekend. Check out the top blood suckers from the last couple days:

1. AoN|Aelfric the Mercenary has sucked 1,152,133 blood
2. AÓN ZEPHYR has sucked 676,479 blood
3. AoN Panthera Chantrieri has sucked 647,901 blood
4. AoN Mißbrauchtes Kind has sucked 541,241 blood
5. Misha Keates has sucked 534,873 blood
6. Lothar Blackfang has sucked 524,829 blood
7. Kalia Le Doux has sucked 508,386 blood
8. CeCe has sucked 477,834 blood
9. Knyf Marx has sucked 457,669 blood
10. Crimson~D~Butterfly has sucked 414,517 blood

1. Eli has sucked 1,304,999 blood
2. AoN|Aelfric the Mercenary has sucked 928,354 blood
3. AoN >^.^< KaT has sucked 786,891 blood
4. AÓN ZEPHYR has sucked 631,581 blood
5. AoN Panthera Chantrieri has sucked 456,809 blood
6. Lothar Blackfang has sucked 429,490 blood
7. Atar of Mesopotamia has sucked 416,365 blood
8. Macabress has sucked 404,755 blood
9. Moonshine has sucked 390,872 blood
10. AoN Starrynight has sucked 384,620 blood

Project RAHP was a success, it was really liked & I'm glad most of you enjoyed it. Saturday was the most active day on Reign Of Blood since it opened, great news! But, it won't happen too often, but the odd weekend RAHP will be cool for a chance to get some extra blood. Thanks for all the great feedback.

Remember if you buy a charity pack or some of Trik's potion credits, you can have a say which animal we turn vampiric and adopt next month:

Plasma special
As you're probably aware we have a summer plasma special on at the moment. Ive had a few people come to me with requests, so I'm just putting this out to everyone. If you want to pay with Ultimate Game Card/Wallie for the regular  paypal/google offer packs (the normal ones) you can! Just send me a blood letter with the card numbers of whichever pack you want and I'll do it manually for you. What else? Is that if you have a Western Union store near you, I can also accept payments using that (this will be useful for those who don't have a credit card and can't get hold of the prepaid cards). Just send me a blood letter if you're interested and I'll give you the details.

Double Points
Double points is being extended until tomorrow (Monday night) so go get some double points now! The double blood has now finished, thanks for taking part and I hope you enjoyed it.

I look forward to the next blood bath.

More to come this week, stay tuned!


Saturday 9 July 2011

Project: RAHP & Double blood/points weekend

In case you missed it a few days ago, the pets were released, there's a new July competition, a new charity for this month & even more! If you've not read that blog yet, you should do so by 
[ clicking here ]

Thanks for all the great feedback with the pets. I'm glad so many of you are liking them. Please keep the feedback coming on the thread, I am working my way through implementing the suitable suggestions :)

Double Blood/Points Weekend!
Oh yeah, it's time for another double blood weekend. All PvP battle kills will now give double blood until Sunday night. What else? Points too! All offers/payments on Points Offers 1 will give double the points advertised. This will last till Sunday too.

Project RAHP
I've seen a couple people guess right. It does indeed mean Revive At Half Past. Until Sunday night (to go along with double blood) everybody now revives at half past the hour as well as on the hour. It's gonna be one hell of a blood bath. I hope you've ready for it. (Please note the war reset as moved back from half past to 28 past during this) Please also keep in mind, there will be no more turns given at half past, the turn rate of 15/20 hour still stays.

Please note: If you have the forever dead potion activated, it will not revive you at half past (at no extra cost). It is normally designed not revive you until you hit the hourly reset after you've had one protected. The half past reset will not revive you if you have this potion active, but it will still not revive at the next top of hour as described.

Enjoy the bloody weekend!

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