Saturday 22 October 2011

ZOMBIES - Halloween 2011 Event

Halloween Event 2011

This year we're going a bit undead with our Halloween celebration. A zombie horde has broken through the gates of the Dead City, we must put our differences aside and fight together to stop these drooling zombies from destroying our city. Everyone has a chance to search & kill 100 zombies a day. When you do, you get a nice little reward! Hint : The battle protection potion may come in very handy here.

Plasma and brainzzzzz
The VIP & plasma special is ON. What's even better is that the special packs come with yummy brainzzzz. Click here to check them out. Ultimate game card and Wallie also have brain packs too. (An update on Wallie soon, Wallie cards are no longer sold after the 15th November, more info soon.)

Halloween profiles
I am now starting to see Halloween profiles pop up everywhere! If you want to be in for a chance to win 5 plasma for free, submit you profile on this thread, and the 3 best profiles I look at will all get 5 plasma each.

October Competition
Many have been rapping about RAHP. Remember, you have only 10 days left to get your rap into us, click here for more details.

Promo codes
We achieved 2 out of the 3 tasks on the last blog for promo codes. Well done! Use promo codes 22ndone and 22ndtwo.

Login problems?
I had a few reports of people having login problems yesterday, I can happily announce the issue has been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience.

Have a great zombie killing weekend =D


Gabriella said...

Halloween don't get any better than that haha Thanks Ash :)

Anonymous said...

Nice Halloween twist Ash.

Apophis said...

Which promo plans were successful?

Guildythewicked said...

Ash? Are the searches for the Zombies supposed to cost a turn? Or just the kill?

Anonymous said...

the combination of zombies, vampire and a jack'o lantern is awesome! :D
happy halloween...!!!

Εγω said...

loooooooove it

Anonymous said...

Happy Halloween everyone and have a bloody Zombie Killing weekend!!!

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