Thursday 27 October 2011

200,000 zombie deaths needed

The vampires of the Dead City are doing a great job holding back the zombie horde, apparently if we kill 200,000 zombies, that will be enough to hold the city, as the remaining zombies will just fall over, drool, and caress the gates with their hands. Can we kill 200,000 zombies by the end of Halloween? A surprise for everyone who takes part if we do!

Also, make sure you login on Halloween for a couple more little bonuses.

Read all about the zombie Halloween event right here.

Enjoy the week!


Tristan Fidela said...

We'll make our last stand at the Winchester ;)

Anonymous said...

Love kiling Zombies,,, We shall overcome

~Most Unholy~ Alchemist (316707) said...

Rape & Pillage!

Isabella Night said...

Keel them all!

Anonymous said...

225,150 zombies have been killed so far!
and counting ;)

Anonymous said...

"A surprise for everyone who takes part if we do"

What was the surprise?

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