Thursday 20 October 2011

Free promo codes (ish)

So Halloween is soon upon us, I wonder what kind of celebration the Dead City will have for it this year., if any. There are some pretty big updates in the pipeline, which I am really looking forward to getting polished off.

In the mean time... let's try and earn some promo codes shall we?

Promo code 1: Get 200 Facebook likes on this status
Promo code 2: Get our Facebook page to 3000 likes
Promo code 3: 300 Twitter followers

Hit those targets by the weekend and up to 3 promo codes will be issued.

I look forward to the weekend!


Gabriella said...

Kk clicked and done. *sits and waits patiently, spreading word to those I see*

Anonymous said...

Off to give the facebook wizard a kick in the derriere !!! :-) twitter too of course !!!

Anonymous said...

Re Promo Code 2 :D
About - A free vampire based RPG
like this

3001 Likes right now!! woo hoo!

Anonymous said...

Done all three now just to sit and wait...

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