Sunday 29 May 2016

RoB Mobile & Little Things

Reign Of Blood Mobile

Reign Of Blood mobile is finally getting to the point where its a legitimate alternative to the desktop version. The things that were missing I've now started to plug. This includes:
  • Ability to upload profile pictures, avatars etc have been added
  • Beginners tutorial and signup installed
  • Several fixes and optimisation has been carried out
  • Re-designed the welcome and login page (with game updates)
  • Re-designed to-do list and added more content
  • The heal link no longer appears on top unless 1) the notification is up or 2) you're on a page that requires being healed
  • Updated the design on the home login page
  • Check on the homepage added if you connect via a mobile device, which gives you the option of logging into the mobile or desktop version
As always you can report any issues on this thread. Navigate to through your mobile device to be given the option to login into Reign Of Blood Mobile.

Little Things

Sometimes its the little things that make the bigger things great. Today I have done a whole bunch of little tweaks, fixes and additions for your enjoyment. Here they are:
  • Updated look of the logged out idle page
  • Updated the look and moved some things around on the To-Do page
  • After finishing the tutorial, the To-Do page is recommended to new players
  • Added several different Floyd bank interest news variations
  • Updated the look of the bank and altered the interest payment layout
  • Updated the look of the news page
  • You can now sell back faith stones
  • You can now sell back rage stones
  • Updated the look and flow of the Portal, including making the images clickable
  • Karma stat on forum posts now links to giving that player karma
  • View profile link added after a PvP battle
  • 'Jump To Your Purchased Potions' link added to Trik's potion shop
  • Increased the spacing between items on Trik's and power potions
  • Change email page now partially shows your current account email
  • Updated the look of the battle arena pages


Tuesday 10 May 2016

Part 3 - Faith Stones

New Equipment Type: Faith Stones

Our waists are so empty and lonely. So, I figured it's time we utilise this wasted body space and get some benefit out of it. What do you say?

On your equipment page, you'll notice a new box across the middle which is currently an empty belt. Everyone has a belt equipped. But to make the belts actually useful, we need to take full advantage of the 4 slots available on your belt.

What goes into these slots? Well, that's Faith Stones. (Created and sold at Dead City).

You've been praying hard for many years now. Many, many years. Now it's finally time to put some use to that good or evil flowing inside you. Each slot has an alignment requirement, as well as other requirements as the slots progress. Funnel your good or evil into Faith Stones and equip them into your belt for a choice of several different boosts.

The Faith Stones
The Faith Stones themselves give a variety of boosts. Kindly enough, you can choose what boosts you want. The boosts range from PvP Blood, PvP Coven Exp and NPC Blood. It's totally up to you how you want to arrange your boosts. Keep in mind, your faith stones require some attention, which are detailed below.

Belt Slot 1
The Faith Stones that can be equipped in slot 1 only require hitting alignment milestones.

Belt Slot 2
In slot 2 they require alignment and mission completion milestones.

Belt Slot 3
In slot 3 they require alignment and reputation milestones.

Belt Slot 4
In slot 4 they require alignment and 'Finish Them' milestones.

Your Faith Will Be Tested
Faith Stones don't run on love (or hate) alone. You need to keep them powered up by praying at the Dead City statue. Yes, that is something the majority of you do every day, but that's part of the fun. The result of prayer determines how much power your faith stones get. Once you've done your daily prayer, the faith stones will be active until they end of the day. When tomorrow comes, pray again and see what happens!


Over the last couple months we've seen several updates to our equipment range here at Reign Of Blood. Starting with adding "sharpness" to our equipment, to give an optional boost should you keep up with the repair of your items. A whole new bunch of shields added, the ability to equip a shield in your old weapon slot 1, the option to fuse rubies into shields, and finally a brand new equipment type that utilises alignment, Faith stones.

Of course over time it will all continue to be tweaked and enhanced with feedback, and of course added to the mission lists.


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