Friday 31 July 2009

What's underway & coming up

The new weapon and armour system is well underway, if you've been following us on Twitter or Facebook you would have seen some previews on what's coming up! Not following us?


Remember - The competition, you have just over 2 weeks left to enter in and win either:
  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

For more info:

Thanks for your all your support and lets look forward to a faster more popular ReignOfBlood.


Wednesday 29 July 2009

At last... an update on the new servers. & don't forget about the competition!

So I've been talking with the new hosts and have finally got a result on the new server. Basically the money I spent in like April on some new servers had a bit of a cock up. Then the company sold to another and it just went to a big mess. They new guys basically can't get the servers I paid for back from the old guys to give to me because of some wierd issues I don't know about. But anyway the new guy has been playing around with some settings on servers they already have with RoBs database and he was saying with the setup I've paid for (4 servers working together) the way RoB is going its not very cost efficient because it will only allow so much growth before hitting the limits again.

So he priced up one of those big web servers for RoBs database to sit on as well as one of the Quadcores to run apache. He discounted me what I've paid so far (thank god) against the new server, the spec for those interested is:

Two quad core 2.13GHz processors, 24GB of RAM, 4x73GB 2.5 inch 10,000rpm SAS disks in hardware RAID10

As you can see a lot more power, and allows a lot growth and MUCH FASTER PAGE VIEWS, which is my main concern. It's going to be installed in 2-3 weeks, and I'm really looking forward to it.

As for cost, let's just say it cost me quite a few thousand dollars to get and will be that to run each year. So I appreciate anyone helping out by buying VIP/plasma and entering the current competition.

On the competition note, you have just over 2 weeks left to enter in and win either:
  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

For more info:

Thanks for your all your support and lets look forward to a faster more popular ReignOfBlood.


Sunday 26 July 2009

Win 2100 Microsoft points, $25 iTunes voucher or $25 voucher

For a limited time only I have added a $10 plasma pack. You get 6 plasma in each pack, so this is good for people who just want to spend a small amout on getting a few plasma. Another great reason to get this pack is each purchase gives you 1 entry into our competition to win either:

  • 2100 xbox live points voucher
  • $25 iTunes Voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $25 voucher (£15 in the UK)
  • $100 plasma pack
2nd and 3rd place gets a free $25 plasma pack.

You can enter has many times you as you like, for example if you buy 10 x $10 competition packs you get 6 plasma for each pack and 10 entries into the competition. Please note only the $10 competition pack will give you an entry into the competition.

The competition will end on the 15th August where my computer will randomly pick the winner. (more entries = higher chance of winning). Then the 2nd and 3rd place will be randomly chosen after to win $25 plasma packs.

More good news is that you can enter with all payment methods, Paypal, google, and all mobile payments.

If this turns out to be popular, I'll add things like this more regularly with better prizes, so if you like this idea, support RoB by entering and having a chance to win and the chance for better prizes in the future!

Good luck!

Q: If Someone else buys the pack, but has it sent to me, who gets the entry?
A: The person who the pack is bought for gets the entry.

Saturday 25 July 2009

New quests & upcoming features

Good evening,
As most of you would have noticed I've pretty much been adding quests every single day the past week, I hope you have enjoyed them and I also hope that a couple were a challenge. Would you like to see regular quests added? Because I could easily spend a bit of time each day making some up, for production of 2 or 3 a week maybe.

Dark August has pretty much finished the new equipment system images so that's going to be my next focus as well as the little normal updates here and there.

Also a question to you all, how many of you have an xbox360 and play online? Just comment this blog i want to get a feel of people who do for a future project I have in mind.


Sunday 19 July 2009

Quests Quests Quests

I haven't added new quests in a while now, so i decided to reorganise the Quest log, theme it & give it a tidier layout. I have split up the old quests into "Quest list 1" and all the new quests into "Quest list 2".

There is a total of 8 new quests so far, I plan to add more regularly as quests seem to be the thing people want these days.

Hope you like :)


Wednesday 15 July 2009

RoB Sign competition results! Who won?!

I'll get straight to the point, upon reviewing the results i picked 3 out of the top voted 7 to win the $250 prize. And here they are...

THIRD PLACE ($50 plasma pack)

Namine (150132)
I chose this as third because it's completely different than the others. She took that twilight dude, which keeps it themed, made RoB out of the message on the mag and added her own little message. Thanks Nam ;)

SECOND PLACE ($100 plasma pack)

VampyreKane (188735)
I chose this as second because lets face it, what's better than a GROUP of people showing their love for RoB? Not quite sure what the dude in the middle is about though. Thanks!

FIRST PLACE ($250 plasma pack)

Yuai (42168)
I just saw this and went "Wow". It's dark, fits in with the mood and theme of the site, the message not written on just plain paper. A lot of thought it appears went into this picture, and is my favourite. Thank you!

What you guys didn't know also is that the winner gets a place on my office wall...

I have also given everyone who got to the voting stage 5 plasma for entering. Thank you for your support through the competition, I will set up a new one soon :)

Thanks again!

Friday 10 July 2009

Next couple weeks...

I have today moved into my new apartment. I will be setting up broadband tomorrow, and usually takes around 2-3 weeks before its set up, which is extremely annoying. I will be coming back to this place (my student accommodation) because I'm paid here til the end of the July to use the internet. Which means RoB will not come to a stand still! I will be on only a limited amount of time during the two weeks. I've got a big job coming up too so im going to be busy busy busy. I'll make sure I'm on daily to deal with the usual requests and add the Google Checkout VIP etc. Dark August is working hard on the weapon and armour names (from the suggestion thread) and images still!

Other than that, I'll keep you updated, have fun :)

Tuesday 7 July 2009

Gravemarket upgraded!!

That is right, RoB now has a new improved gravemarket. There are 7 total ReignOfBlood companies where you can invest your money in, which are:

- Ghost town
- Dead City
- Spring Valley
- Demeters
- Rob Dungeon
- Lottery
- Plasma

You will now be thinking about what is happened to your old stocks? Don't worry! The amount of stocks you had bought in the previous gravemarket has been transferred to the Ghost town stock, which has started on the price that was currently displaying on the old one. Which is $2.

What's changed?
- Obviously it's more in depth as there are 7 different stocks you can buy.
- They reset every 6 hours instead of daily (not set in stone)
- You can own 15,000 stocks total in each company. (Of course the ghost town one will be higher if you had over 15,000 stocks previously, this will not change, it will just sit there saying 50000/15000, this just means you cannot buy anymore)
- You can only sell a TOTAL of 5000 shares a day.
- The gravemarket pages shows the last 7 updates for each company. (Most recent at the top)
- Quick and easy buy and sell system.

I'll let it run for a couple weeks, if the loss or profit is TOO high i'll reduce the numbers and maybe make it update less or more as i see fit. It is BETA so things *could* change. The new one is always completely random, it is not based on anything, it has the same chance of going up as it does going down, so it's up to you to use common sense in where to invest money.

Hope you like it :)


Some crazy stuff happening on RoB earlier (more good news)!

I'm upset I was asleep when all the crazy stuff was happening, the host emailed me saying he would be setting up the 2nd server, but i was asleep so could not close the site. Basically after it was installed there was duplicate entries which pretty much screwed it up and make RoB go crazy for a while. I hope you enjoyed it, but it's all fixed now. We are now also apparently running of 3 servers, I'll check again at peak times to make sure its taking effect, let's hope it does....

Also for those who missed the last blog, i reset RoBs daily reset manually because it didn't go off at midnight because of downtime.


No daily reset today

There was no main reset today because the guys were working on the server, i didn't realise until i just woke up from some kid screaming outside, checked my email and said they began work at 11pm. Read in the forums it didn't happen so I've ran a manual reset now. Of course around that time i was zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. I'll post again when the server is ready, shouldn't be anymore downtime.


Thursday 2 July 2009

Sign Competition results & possible downtime soon.

Okay. Just want to say a big thanks to everyone who submitted something for the competition, indeed an interesting selection of signs. There were some illegal or 100% photoshopped signs, which of course as the rules states, are not allowed. (Please don't message me or comment this saying you were not sure etc, it's closed now, the rules were there and could easily message me if you didn't understand, there will be another competition soon you can try =]). So it got boiled down to about 21 entries. Now, I am not sure if I should just choose the top 3, or stick them all on a page and let you guys vote for the best? The only problem with that is people trying to cheat it. Let me know your feedback on this blog and I'll think about the action i want to take. I wanna give the $250 plasma pack to someone who deserves it!

Good news on the server! Until MY servers actually get sorted with the old hosts they have put a spare in to help with the loads until mine are ready (same spec). The hardware is installed and they're spending tomorrow (as far as i know) sorting the software out and doing what they have to do to share the SQL load between 2 servers instead of 1. (The new server will do this also, but with 3!)

There will be some downtime when this happens, maybe an hour, maybe 2. Can't even give you a date or time at the moment, but when i know i'll post it here and flag this blog as updated.

Have fun =]

*Update* The downtime has happened, wasn't too bad? Took a second backup of everything. Crazy time in the Xat chat though. The 2nd server will be set up in the morning which will not require anymore downtime as far as I'm told. I'll update you again when i have more news.

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